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Tease yourself first

by Rose 2 years ago in erotic
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we came together

Tease yourself first
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

I saw your smile and I knew that I wanted to be with you. To feel your lips, pressed against my lips, to feel your hands intertwined with mine.

That was the first day we met but now a few months after. The passion was burning stronger than ever and I was pushing you up against the door my lips pressed firmly against yours, running my hand up and down your body. I wanted you and you knew it. We were both grinning mercilessly, desperate to touch, desperate to feel each other. Both needing to feel that warmth, that closeness, that embrace. Both needing to be connected to one another as if every fiber every atom of our being depended on it.

I pulled off your top first exposing your perfect torso. Already beginning to feel closer to you now are bodies were touching skin to skin. I then moved down to your belt buckle and began to unfasten it slowly, keeping you waiting, keeping you longing for more. It was fun to tease you, to watch you squirm and gyrate, trying to get anything you can.

When your hard-throbbing cock sprung out from your underwear, I knew it would not be long before I completely gave in to my own lust and rode you until the sun set. I resumed kissing your mouth our tongues dancing with each other before I let my lips part from yours and leave a trail of kisses down your body, starting from your neck and ending at the tip of your dick. Your sweet moans were music to my ears and the fun had not even begun yet.

You became impatient and pushed me back onto the bed and began returning the trail of kisses I had so eagerly given you. You sucked a little and flicked with your tongue on my erect nipples and I let out a long awaiting moan.

Whilst you thrust your hard cock deep inside of my wet dripping entrance, waiting only for a moment to let me adjust. Before pounding in and out me rapidly. Your balls slapping up against me, only added to the intense pleasure I was feeling, no longer able to keep my screams of ecstasy at bay.

I had given in to my lust, given in to my desire, ready to experience pure pleasure. I gave in to you, let you take control of fucking me senseless. My body was responding to you every touch, shivering with excitement at your every touch. My lips constantly searching for yours, to have your kiss meet my kiss and provide a sweet bliss.

My hands roamed your body needing to feel as much of you as possible, to have as much of you inside my hands that I could hold. I loved the feel of your perfect bum cheeks in my hands, they were so sculpted, so squeezable and completely irresistible.

My breasts were pressed up against your chest, leaving little room between us but just enough that I could reach a finger onto my clit and make myself squirm a little bit more. I started of slow, though your thrust never tired. Your thick cock making me wetter by the second, whilst my fingers got work bringing me closer to a climax.

Our hips rhythmically rocked into each other both of us gyrating and moaning, delighting in each other’s pleasure. Both of getting more and more aroused by the sounds of the other, already beginning to think about round two.

I quickened my pace twirling and circling my clit, faster and faster, desperately wanting to reach my climax as your thrusts became more and more erratic.

Until at last, we came together.


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Hi, I'm 21 and this vocal media profile is dedicated to giving you the pleasure freedom and inspiration you deserve. Read my stories, subscribe and let yourself relax.

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