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Lustful Fantasy

by Rose 2 years ago in erotic
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Masturbation Fantasies

Lustful Fantasy
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Lust has taken hold, by the light of the full moon I feel bold and un-robe. Stood in front of the mirror I watch my clothes fall to the floor leaving my body naked and exposed. I want to feel alive, feel seen, I want to be able to scream with pleasure into the beautiful night. I look at my reflection and see the ample curves of my body, my humble peaky breasts, responding to the cool air wafting in through the window and leaving my nipples erect. I let my fingers trace my collar bone and send shivers down my spine. I wish I had someone’s hands on me now, holding me close to them, so that I can steal their warmth, feel their own growing euphoria and lust at the sight of my naked body.

I imagine their hands reaching down to my sensitive parts to find me dripping wet and I touch myself to that thought, wishing that instead of my hands it was someone’s tongue lapping and sucking at my clit whilst pinching and flicking my erect nips.

Waves and waves of euphoria wash over me as I lose myself in my own erotic fantasies, dreaming now of a woman’s bouncing breasts to be in my face, so that I can kiss and suck and grope.

My hands circle my clit at a slow teasing pace wanting to revel in my own lustful dream a while longer, to prolong the enjoyment of feeling myself up, to build and build up so much tension that the climax is overwhelming and my whole body shakes with the exciting pleasure of release.

I want to be penetrated to feel someone’s hard cock pulsing in and out of me, to feel their balls slapping against me with every thrust. I want to feel them pounding deeper and deeper filling me up, I want to be used to be pleasured to be enjoyed, to be relished in.

I want to be fucked in all the naughty, dirty exciting meaning of the word. I want to be fucked by a man as enjoy the soft lips of a woman on my mouth and in between my thighs. I want to make him cum inside me filling me up with all of him and then watch as she eats me out, watch as she licks up his cum from my soft cunt and then takes a mouthful of mine. Tasting my sweet juices, tasting my climax and swallowing it all.

My moans can be heard now deep into the night, I’m sure it is keeping my neighbours up but I don’t care; I want to enjoy myself and thinking about whoever is next door getting off to my own self indulgence only turns me on more.

As I think about some tall dark and handsome fucking his wife to the sounds of my moans, imagining how riled up I am, picturing my naked body, imagining how good my boobs would feel in his hands, I grow more and more frustrated. The movements of my fingers against my clit grow more and more vigorous, I want to cum now, I want to feel the hot release of my orgasm.

I want someone to scream out my name to turn me over and spank me, fucking me from behind and whispering dirty things into my ears, telling me how much of a ‘good slut’ I’m being taking in their big dick and grinding on it.

I can feel my climax approaching and begin thrusting two fingers in and out of my sopping hole at a pace to be marveled at, I circle and circle my clit rubbing it none stop, scared to ruin the orgasm that I’ve been waiting for all day and finally with a loud moan of ecstasy I reach my release. And fall back into my bed ready to do it all again in the morning.


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Hi, I'm 21 and this vocal media profile is dedicated to giving you the pleasure freedom and inspiration you deserve. Read my stories, subscribe and let yourself relax.

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  • Blake O'Connor2 months ago

    This has me hot and bothered 🥵

  • David Thomas2 months ago

    This is probably one of the best erotic and poetic writings I have heard in a long time.

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