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Tales From The Bar


By E. E. LewisPublished 4 months ago 6 min read
Tales From The Bar
Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash

fiction of course…

I usually don’t go out by myself. I’ve always found it difficult to start conversations alone in a bar so I’ll normally go out with friends. Tonight was different though. I was a on a mission. Although I’ve never dated a man or been physically atttracted to them, I am sexually attracted to them. The thought of kissing a man does nothing for me. Chiseled abs? Nope. Big chest? Nope. But seeing a dick? I can’t get enough. I find myself sometimes lingering in a gym locker room a little longer than I need to, hoping someone is walking around naked so I can see what they’re packing. Any time I can find a bathroom without a divider, I sneak glances at the man next to me. I love looking at them, and tonight, I wanted to go a step further than just looking.

I decided to go to a well known bar in my city where a lot of gay and lesbian people hang out. I’d never been before and I also don’t know a lot of gay people, so I wasn’t really concerned that I would see anyone I knew in there. Now since I’ve never approached another man before with the intention of… well anything really, I had no idea how any of this worked. I sat at a high top table by myself and played on my phone for a bit and then decided that maybe I’d try my luck in the bathroom. I got up to get in line and there were a few guys behind me. I pulled out my phone and turned the brightness up a little. I logged into Twitter and started to scroll down my feed that was full of porn. My hope was that somebody in line would see me looking and approach me with the same end goal that I had. I would pause on videos of guys with massive dicks shooting big loads out. I would zoom into pictures of guys in the mirror showing off their boners. While I’m doing this, I can feel myself getting hard. I quickly glance behind me and catch a guy looking over my shoulder. He glances away just as quickly as I caught him looking. Bingo.

I go into the bathroom and stand at the urinal. There’s one urinal and one stall, and in order to get to the stall, you would have to walk past the urinal which was positioned in a way that you could see the persons side instead of their back. Ideal really for someone who was wanting to get a quick look at someone’s package and then keep going. I pulled my dick out and it was fully erect. I had my phone in one hand and started to slowly stroke my dick with the other hand. When I heard the door open, my heart started racing. The guy from the line entered the bathroom and looked down at me playing with my dick. He walked over to me and told me that he didn’t want to be too intrusive, but that he liked what I was looking at on my phone. I thought, dude you are standing 3 inches from me in a bathroom and my dick is out, that’s pretty intrusive, but whatever I didn’t mind. I told him it was okay and that I was hoping he’d look. He reached down and grabbed my dick. It felt so good in his hand as he rubbed the head and stroked it enough to where precum started to come out. He was wearing tight pants and I could see his bulge. I reached down and traced it with my fingers. He was huge. I told him to pull it out, but someone came in the bathroom and ruined the mood. We left the bathroom and he asked if I wanted to come back to his place. I told him that I would, but that nobody was getting fucked. He said he was okay with it, and I told him to send me his address.

We walk up the stairs to his apartment and we sit on the couch. We talk a little about sports and the bar we had just left and before I know it, his hand is on my crotch. I waste no time. I stand up, take off my shirt, and pull down my pants. He is mesmerized by my dick. He kisses me on my abs, works down to my hips, and then licks from my balls to the tip of my dick. He spits on it and starts to stroke it firmly, but not too hard. I can feel his tongue circling all over my dick when he puts it back in his mouth. I’m worried that I’ll finish too quickly so I tell him to let me have a turn. He takes his shirt off first and I can already see the fabric of his pants struggling to keep his huge dick in. When he pulls his dick out my eyes get wide. It is absolutely massive. Long, girthy, and beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. I get down on my knees and cup his balls in my hand while I start to stroke his dick. I start at the bottom and lick his shaft upwards. I circle around the slit of his dick before I attempt to put it in my mouth. His precum is sweet and I want it all. I take his dick as far as my throat will allow, which is roughly a third of it. My mouth fills with spit and he starts thrusting back and forth. I love it. I use both hands to jerk him off while I continue to suck his dick. He tastes so good, I never want to stop.

He tells me to lay on my back, so I do. He climbs on top of me and flips around so his dick is in my face and my dick is in his. I was worried about a 69 because I wasn’t sure how he would fit. I grabbed his hips and he slowly lowered it into my mouth. He started to go up and down, picking up the pace slowly but surely. Eventually he was full on fucking my face and I couldn’t get enough. I felt it in the back of my throat. Meanwhile, he was deep throating me with ease. I don’t have a small dick at all, but it was nothing compared to him. He sucked it faster than before and his mouth was wet and warm. He massaged my asshole with his finger and I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I came in his mouth almost immediately. He stroked it even faster when I was cumming. It felt amazing. He spit the cum back onto my dick and then licked it off again and swallowed it. He turned around and sat on top of me so that our dicks were touching. Mine was still hard, wet, and leaking cum. He started to rub the heads together. I was shocked at how nice this felt. He continued this and eventually started jerking us off at the same time. “I’m about to cum for you,” he moans. I lean forward and help him finish with my hand. He shoots cum all over me. His warm load covers my dick and my abs. I love watching it leak out of him. I go to suck it one last time while it’s dripping. I feel his dick throb in my mouth as he lets out another smaller load. I swallow it and love the taste. “See ya next time,” I tell him as I’m putting on my clothes to leave.


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