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Some Tips For Having Sex In Water 💦

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By Artical MediaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Some Tips For Having Sex In Water 💦
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Couples must try out a variety of new things to keep the spark alive in their relationship. So if you are bored of making love in the bedroom every night then its time for you to head to your pool or bathroom for some wet, soapy and slippery action.

Making love in the water is really a fantastic idea that one should try out at least once. If you want to break away from the usual practice of having sexual intercourse in the bedroom you can head out and make love to your spouse in the remedies.

I agree the bathroom might be a relatively small place to have sex but you must give it a try so that you can experience the excitement of a slippery and wet sex. Listed below are several precautionary measures that a person should remember so as to experience the sex to the maximum.

Swimming pool Sex: A word of advice, make sure you do not try to make love where in the height of water is over your chest or shoulder level. Rather I'd advise you have intercourse with your girlfriend wherein the height of water is around your waist. The effect of buoyancy is less here and thus you can thrust your girl without having any difficulty. Also, you can sit on the side of the pool while she is standing inside water, and then ask her to go down on you.

Making love in a bathtub: While sex in the pool offers you a lot of variety and also leg space,a bathtub on the flip side is clumsy, congested and very uncomfortable. But bear in mind, the limited size of the bathtub doesnt necessarily mean that you can't have sex at all. You can definitely give your woman a fantastic orgasmic pleasure simply by fingering her, moreover, you may even ask her to ride you in cowgirl position.

To make the occasion romantic you can purchase few scented candles and put them at different spots in your bathroom, that should turn on your girl big time.

Shower sex: It is probably one of the most efficient "Sex in water" technique. In the case of love-making in a swimming pool or bathtub, the water gets into the vaginal canal and flushes out the natural lubricant therefore, making penetration painful. While in the case of shower the water runs all over you but however would not enter the genitals. However, considering that the passionate moves would be vigorous in nature there exists a possible risk of harm due to falling. To avoid it you should cover the flooring with anti-slip stickers.

With soap lathering all over your body the delight aspect doubles up and it becomes a lot more enjoyable than the normal sexual intercourse. If you want to enjoy standing sex then I would recommend you to install a bar that you can hold on to.

Sexual intercourse in open waters: If you are still not satisfied with the earlier mentioned three methods and wish to experience something exhilarating then you can any time proceed to some pond or a seashore for a nice session of intercourse. But I won't suggest this at all to anybody. You must make love in a location whereby no one can see you two. You don't want people to see both of you humping away, do you? Furthermore, having sexual intercourse in a public spot is a grave offence. Plus, this type of water is normally populated with bacterias, tiny insects and dirt. Compared to lakes and rivers, the sea water is more dirty and it also contains high amount of salt. Often the salt goes into the genitals of the woman and makes penetration an agonizing experience.

However unsafe and unhealthy having sex in open waters is, if you are an adventurous guy then you must try it once, obviously with all the necessary safety measures. But again, indulging in sexual activities in open spots is an offence

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