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Solo Satisfaction Chronicles

Pleasure Odyssey

By Lilli LamoreuxPublished 7 days ago 3 min read
Solo Satisfaction Chronicles
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I woke up on the couch in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep. The room was spinning, and my head was throbbing.

I felt so horny; I needed to cum, and I needed it now.

So I got up and made my way to the bed. I stripped off my clothes as I went, leaving only my panties on. I climbed under the covers and pulled the pillow over my head. I needed to cum, and I needed it badly.

I started to rub my clit, and within minutes I felt the first pangs of a massive orgasm. I moaned, squirmed, and bucked my hips as waves of euphoria consumed me. My whole body was on fire, and I couldn't stop shaking for almost five minutes. My mind was spinning as I continued to gyrate against my fingers. I'm so close, so close, so damn close. I quickened my strokes and squirmed a little more until I couldn't hold on anymore.

"OHHH," I moaned out loud as I came hard. When I finally managed to get a grip on my breathing, I looked down at my handiwork. I had a massive orgasm, and it was beautiful. I was gasping for air and trying to swallow my pride when I looked down at what I had done to myself.

I had made a mess. My fingers were covered in my cum, and my hand was covered in cum. The sight of my cum made me horny again. I started to stroke my clit.

I rolled over to my nightstand and opened the drawer for my little pink friend. I pulled out my favorite vibrator and set it to medium speed. Once I heard the little vroom of the motor and the vibrations between my fingers, I placed the rod on my clit. It didn't take long for my body to be on fire. Oh, the sensations against my clit.

My mind wandered to the billionaire CEO I had just interviewed a few hours ago. His dark brown hair slicked back, and his hazel eyes blazed into my soul. He towered over me when he entered. I could tell his body was chiseled under his suit. Adrian. What he did to me during the interview would make any woman wet.

I looked down at my vibrator, sending sensations to my core.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming," I moaned, and with that, I arched my back and increased the vibrations against my clit.

My thoughts wandered to Adrian, pinning my ass against his hard-on. I could feel his massive rod hard against my ass as he pushed me against the side of his mahogany desk. His hands were quick, moving my pleather skirt towards my waist until my black lace thong appeared. He didn't bother being polite with my thong, shoving two figures into my pussy with my panty still on.

"Ohh," I panted, taking the assault. Adrian knew the way around a woman's pussy, his fingers sliding and gyrating into every little crevasse, making me moan and wiggle for more.

"Do you like how that feels, Tara? I know you do. You're so wet down here."

There was no use in lying. I was fucking loving his fingers in me.

I screamed and bucked my hips as I returned to reality. I threw my head back, and I came with a scream. I came so hard that I cried, "I'M FUCKING CUMMING, I'M FUCKING CUMMING", over and over again. It was the best orgasm I have ever had, and I have had some doozies.

When I finally managed to calm myself back to Earth, I looked down at my still-naked body and saw the stains on my bed. I smiled and slipped my panties back on.

I walked over to the bathroom to rinse myself off. I stopped momentarily to close my eyes and inhale the scent of the night before resuming my trek to the shower. After my cold rinse, I collapsed and slept a few more hours.

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