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Smutty Pulp Novels are worthy of reading

Romance Novels are most enjoyable

By Shanon NormanPublished 3 days ago 2 min read
Red tends to be a passion color

When I was a teen, my two best girlfriends and I would write romance novels in our composition books. Each time we'd finish the next chapter we'd get together and read it to each other. We'd pretend that we were the main characters and we'd really get a kick out of seeing how the stories would unravel from each writer. We all three had our own ideas of what was "romantic" and how plot should unfold. It was a lot of fun and I wish I would have been able to keep all those old stories in those composition books because some of those ideas and notes were much more sophisticated than one might expect from your average teen.

Some people don't think that formula romance novels (aka paperback smut) is worthy of classifying as intellectual book reading. They put that kind of novel writing in the same gutter category as a hot article that might be written for Playboy or Hustler. I understand that writing about romance and sexual passion is like cooking up a recipe for lust (which could lead to some untort behavior) but that doesn't mean that the writers or books should be deemed any less worthy than a classic.

My favorite romance novel writer is Johanna Lindsey. My girlfriend as a teen introduced me to her novels as she was a fan first. She had most of her books lined up on her bookshelf and I wanted to catch up so I began reading them. I found her Mallory collection the most enjoyable. I didn't just like the books because Fabio modeled for the cover (although I must admit that had a great visual appeal) - her writing was exceptionally romantic! Other intellectuals will argue about the barbaric nature of her romantic formula and even call it misogynistic. I disagree. Even if the formula includes a man who is arrogant and extremely rough, that doesn't mean it's misogynistic. It just adds to the passion and the lure when the tough independent woman finds her soft side in his great strong protective arms.

I have wanted to finish reading her novels, the ones I haven't read yet. I shouldn't have to feel embarrased about that while I'm in the so-called "smut" section at Barnes and Noble. I should be able to say with pride that I also write romance novels and I think these novels should be lifted in status and view in our culture.

What would life and society be without real romance? Boring, lifeless, and passionless.

Perhaps some readers or writers think that the formula for romance is too cheesy. But the mere fact that the timeless formula still works to warm the hearts of romantics means it is classic. Jane Austin's "Pride and Prejudice" was probably the first popular romance novel to begin the long following tradition.

I will eventually go back and read those novels and I will eventually go back to writing those wonderful romance stories. And when I do, I will do it with pride, regardless if they get published, and regardless of what society wants to classify it as. At least the genre is correct: Romance Novel.

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