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❣❣❣❣❣❣EPISODE 04❣❣❣❣❣❣




Burning . My whole body is on fire.

The way Caden stares at me, his green eyes

never wavering from mine, makes my body

burn and tingle as it has never done before. I

want so badly to look away, but I can't seem

to turn my head. Without touching me he is

holding me captive, like a bird locked in its

cage with no way out.

I should be scared even terrified and yet, I am

not. Just the thought of being held captive by

him inflames me. From the corner of my eye, I

can see the rise and fall of my breasts with

each large breath I take, still glad I am taking

air into my lungs.

Just having Caden this close to me is making

me lose all sense of reality. I have never been

like this with any man, not even with Derek.

But no matter how much Caden's closeness is

a distraction or how my body is burning from

the inside out, all I can do is think about how

red my face is at the moment. Because right

now, I can literally die from embarrassment.

Caden is right, I was reading an erotic

romance book, but what he doesn't know is

that I was in the middle of reading a juicy sex

scene when he approached my table.

I was already hot and bothered, but now having

Caden just mere inches from me makes me

want to experience all the naughty things that

were happening in the book. I can just imagine

it, Caden pulling me in for a wet steamy kiss,

ripping my clothes off, bending me down

against this table with my legs spread wide

apart and letting him take me right here right

now in front of all these ---

Mentally slapping myself I break away from my

sexual thoughts. What has gotten into me? I'm

like some horny teenager. Heck, I'm probably

worse than that, Caden hasn't even touched me

yet and here I am fantasizing about us having

sex in the cafΓ©. I blame the damn book for my

dirty thoughts. I'm never like this.

However, this doesn't erase the fact that I am

practically drooling for the guy in front of me,

while he probably thinks I'm a lonely single

teacher who comes to a cafΓ© at night to drink

tea by herself. If that is what he thinks, at least

he isn't wrong.

Should I lie and tell him that I wasn't reading

an erotic romance book? For all he knows I

could just be reading a regular romance book

with no hot steamy sex scenes. No, his eyes

see too much, if I lie he would know, my face

would tell it all. I've never been a great liar


My eyes drop down breaking our eye contact. I

turn slightly away before answering a quiet,


When I don't hear an instant reply, I turn back

glancing in his direction.

I am surprised to see a devilish grin on his

face like he is excited and satisfied with my

answer. But why would he be?

Caden pulls away from me and leans back

against the chair, his arms crossed. "I'm glad

you like those type of books."

Once again, why? Call me a coward, but I was

afraid to ask, I'll rather not know the answer at

all. Maybe it's because I fear what his answer

might be or the fact that I am currently too

embarrassed to continue with this awkward

subject. So, I did what I usually do when I get

stuck in a sticky situation, I take a detour. In

this case, change the topic.

I give him my best half-smile, "So Caden, what

are you doing here tonight?"

I am glad he takes the hint and changes the

topic. "Well, I was actually on a blind date."

"Oh really?" I'm not sure if I should ask how it


"It didn't go so well though," Caden says

chiming in.

Relief washes over me. Relief? Was I glad that

Caden's blind date didn't go well?

Before I could ponder over my own question

Caden continues. "I wasn't expecting much

from this date anyway. It's always like this

whenever I go on a blind date with a woman

my mom picks out for me."

"I see, so your mother makes you go on all

these blind dates?"

"Yep," Caden nods, "My mom equates my

happiness to settling down, living in a large

house with five kids. She drives me crazy


Taking a sip of my tea I nod in agreement, "I

totally understand, my mom makes me crazy


"Does your mom also make you go on a blind

date twice a week and calls you 4 to 5 times a

day too?"

Laughing loudly, I answer, "Well when you put

it that way I don't feel so bad about my mother

anymore. My mom is not that extreme, she

just forces me to attend events which I have

no desire to go."

"So, I assume you're not a party girl, huh?"

I shake my head, "Not one bit."

"Well, that's alright, you must use that time to

spend it with someone special. Maybe a lover

or significant other?"

I laugh out loud to myself, I wish I had

someone. But I have already accepted that I'm

just one of those people that are not meant to

have a significant other. "Nope, there is no one

in my life right now. That's why I have my

books." I reply laughing sarcastically. Damn, I

must look like a complete loser at this


I'm 25, overweight, single and the last time I

had any real action with a man was years ago.

The closest things I have to sex are my erotic

novels and the toy that is secretly tucked away

in my nightstand drawer next to my bed. If

Caden feels sorry for me and thinks I am

pathetic right now, I won't blame him.

Looking up I was expecting a look of sadness

or possibly disgust from Caden but when all I

see is his adorable and sexy devilish grin

again, a wave of happiness hits my body.

Maybe he isn't feeling sorry for me after all? If

only I could tell what he is thinking.

"I see," Caden says, "Well, that's going to

change very soon."

Change? What is he implying? I swear I just

can't figure Caden out. Is he hinting that there's

going to be someone in my life soon? I highly

doubt it. Even if there is who would want to be

with someone like me? "What do you mean by


Caden's grin widens as his eyes sparkle with

mischief, "Oh nothing," He responds looking

down at his watch. Gazing up at me again he

sighs, "Unfortunately I have to get going.

Thanks for spending some time with me."

"Oh, it's no problem at all," I reply, "I'm glad

you stopped by to say hi."

"Of course, I can never avoid the chance to talk

to someone so beautiful."

My heart stills, did he just call me beautiful?

Am I becoming delusional and hearing words

that I want to from Caden's lips? It really must

be in my head because there is no way Caden

would see me as anything else but his

nephew's homeroom teacher.

I meet his eyes, "Well, I hope to see you

again." I pray that my voice doesn't hint the

desperation in my words.

He stands up from his seat. "Don't worry about

that. I'll make sure we see each other very

soon." Caden shuffles his feet so that he

reaches my side of the table, his face looking

across the room, away from me. "Oh, there is

one more thing." I attempt to look up but stop

when he gently places his left hand on my left


My whole body freezes.

The warmth of his hand spreads to my

shoulder and down my left arm. To make it

worse my fingers begin to twitch as his left

thumb lightly makes small swirls on my upper

arm. I shudder with delight.

He is only touching my shoulder and yet I feel

it to the very depth of my core. It's like he is

touching every part of me. I can just imagine

it, his large firm hands at my core touching it,

teasing it, and kissing it. How can this man

affect me this much, it's beyond scary?

Moving slightly and slowly so he won't notice I

cross my legs together trying to prevent myself

from reacting more to him more than I already

should. I can already feel the dampness of the

underwear and without a doubt, I know they

would have to be changed once I got home.

Still making swirls with his thumb he bends

down gently, his lips near my ear. They were

so close that I thought I felt the smoothness of

his lips on my skin. Ever so softly he

whispers, "Just so you know sweetheart, you

should enjoy your last days as a single lady.

Because soon, someone is going to sweep you

right off your feet before you know it."

Before I can utter a word, he is gone, but the

evidence of what he has done to my body


If I heard clearly, he said someone was going

to sweep me off my feet. I don't think I can

ever see that happening. I chuckle to myself.

There's no man that would have enough

strength to lift me an inch off the ground, let

alone pick me up. Caden must be delusional.

When I came into the cafΓ© today after meeting

with my friends, I wasn't expecting this

encounter with the roughly handsome Caden. I

just wanted a little quiet place I could read.

Caden reminds me of a dangerous storm. Just

like a storm that devours everything in its path

and then instantly it's gone, Caden is no

different. In less than twenty minutes he has

stirred up emotions and desires that I have

locked up a long time ago, and in an instant

made me experience them like I never had


He is a dangerous storm, one that I should


Hoping to get my mind off him I open my

book and pick up where I left off - the hot

delicious sex scene. But it is of no use, I can

only picture Caden's green eyes, rough hands,

and hard body the whole time.

Slamming my book close, I take out some

money to pay my bill before rushing out the


This won't do. I need to get home and clench

these desires burning within the very depth of



"Alright class, is everyone ready to do the


"Yes and yeahs," erupt from the children.

It is Friday and there are only two more weeks

left of school. To end the school year, we are

on our last big project, a class show-and-tell.

The children had a month to come up with

something special to them, bring it to school

and then share it with the whole class. Looking

around the room I see that many of them had

the item either hidden under their seats or in a

bag on their desk.

During the weekend before school started on

Monday, I was keeping myself busy by

decorating the classroom and preparing for the

end of the school year. I had streamers and

different multi-colored decorations hanging

from the ceiling, cut-outs pasted around the

room, pictures of each of my students on the

wall, and I lined each desk with construction

paper of different colors so they could draw on

it. It was a long weekend with lots of work, but

I enjoyed it greatly.

All my students were like my children and I'm

going to miss them dearly once school ends.

Plus, all those hours I've lost was worth it

when I see each child walk into the classroom

this Monday morning. Kale too, when he

noticed that the decorations he helped me to

make were spread out in the room his eyes

widened and sparkled as I've never seen


I ordered pizza and made cupcakes for lunch

which every child appreciated, now all that's

left for the day is for each child to present

what they brought for the show-and-tell.

One by one I call the students up to the front

of the classroom to share their item. One

student brought a souvenir from Japan, another

brought a photo album of their whole family.

One little girl brought an instrument that was

native to her culture, she even played it for us.

Looking at the roster I saw that Kale was up

next. "Kale," I call out. I see as he picks up

what looks like a large rolled up construction

paper tied with a thick green rubber band.

His tiny feet walk up to the front of the

classroom. Before he speaks I say loudly to

the class, "Class, see all the nice decorations

around you, do you like them?"

"Yes!" They all chime in unison.

Walking up to stand beside Kale I smile, "Well,

Kale here helped me with a lot of these

decorations and he did such a wonderful job at

it. Do you guys think you can thank Kale for

doing such a good job?"

In unison, all the students thank Kale for his

hard work. I glance down and see him smile

brightly, I can tell he is very happy. He looks

up at me with the same smile and I nod my

thanks to him as well. I guess it's thanks to

Caden for that beautiful expression on Kale's

face at this moment if he'd never arrived late

that day I wouldn't have seen such a grand

look from Kale. Nor would I have come to

know about Caden.

For the last couple of weeks, he has been

sending Kale to school and picking him up. He

also made sure to come a few minutes earlier

than the rest of the children, giving us time to

talk. Although our talks were merely no more

than a few "good morning," "how was your

weekend," and "how was your day." Yet, before

long I caught myself enjoying our simple

conversations every day.

I'm not going to lie I'm going to be sad once

summer begins, I will no longer see Caden. In

fact, there would be no other reason to see

him at all because Kale too will be moving up

a grade.

Stepping away from Kale I point to his hands,

"Now Kale, please explain your item."

Everyone watches in complete silence as he

slowly peels the green rubber band away and

carefully opens the large poster. From the way

he holds it in his hand, I know that that piece

of paper is precious to him. Grabbing both

ends of the poster he stretches it across his

chest as much as he can revealing to us what

is inside. Peeking at it closer I see that it is a

blueprint of what looked like a small house.

"This is a sketch of the tree house my uncle is

going to build for me," he says proudly, "My

uncle Caden is an 'art-chi-tek' and he designed

this treehouse just for me."

I grin when I see how hard Kale is trying to

pronounce the word "architect." Thanks to

Kale, I finally figure out what Caden does for a

living. I move closer to the design and see

that every component of the house is nicely

drawn and detailed. Just looking at it you can

tell he put a lot of thought and process into

this design. It is beautiful.

"I have a big tree in my back yard," Kale

continues, "And so my uncle and dad are

going to help me build my own very treehouse

this summer. I'm very excited. If you look

here," he points to a structure in the corner,

"This is where I'm going to put my sleeping

bag for when I want to sleep outside." He

points to the other side of the house. "And

here is where I'm going to have all my favorite

books and toys."

I scan the room and all I see is awe and

admiration from each student. It's not every

day a kid gets their very own treehouse. I can

just picture it now, Caden building that house

smiling with satisfaction. Just thinking about it

made me beam with happiness.

Kale continues to explain all the things he will

have in his tree house and what he plans to do

once it's built. Once he's done, he walks back

to his chair.

The rest of the day flies by and each child

comes up to present what they brought for the

day. All too soon the day is over and the

children are ready to leave.

My heart quickens as I think about seeing

Caden this afternoon. Our meeting this

morning was different than usual. He arrived

earlier and stayed until the bell rang, which he

never did before. It was like he was reluctant

to leave. But that wasn't what surprised me,

before he left he had gently tucked one of my

curls behind my ear, his fingers lingering on

my cheek. The small contact couldn't have

been more than a few seconds yet his lingering

touch lasted the whole day.

To calm my racing heart, I turn towards the

board and begin erasing the lesson for that

day. I was glued to the board when someone

calls my name.

Spinning around I came face-to-face with a tall

brunette with green eyes standing next to Kale.

It is Abby, Kale's mother. Her husband, Josh,

is a general surgeon and works at the same

hospital as my father. Abby and Josh are

regular sponsors for my mother's banquet. I've

met Abby a handful of times and she is indeed

a nice and wonderful woman. I've known her

before Kale became one of my students, and

yet I never knew she had a younger brother.

Setting the eraser down I walk up to them,

"Abby, it's good to see you."

"Same here," she replies pulling me in for a

light hug.

"Did you have fun on your trip?" I ask.

"Yes, I did, I had such a wonderful time. Also, I

heard that my brother was late to pick Kale up

from school. I sincerely apologize on his

behalf and I can't thank you enough, Kale said

you stayed with him until his uncle arrived.

Thank you very much."

"Of course, I was more than happy to stay with

him, and Kale is quite the helper." I reply

pointing around the room, "Because of him I

was able to finish my decorations in time. He

did such a wonderful job helping me."

Observing the room with me she beams

proudly, "They do look beautiful. Kale told me

all about it when I got home from our trip and

I'm happy I could witness his hard work with

my eyes." She looks down at Kale, "Good job


He grins happily from the compliment.

Abby gaze meets mine, "Erin, I wanted to ask

you a favor."

"Sure, I'll try to help any way I can," I say

removing my fallen bangs to the side of my


"I was hoping you'll come to Kale's birthday

party tomorrow."

"You want me to come to his birthday party?"

"Yes, Kale absolutely adores you and talks

about you all the time. I'm sure he will be very

happy if you attend." She looks down again,

"right Kale, would you like it if Ms. Cooper

came to your birthday party on Saturday?"

"Yes," he exclaims happily and cheerfully. He

moves from Abby's side and walks to stand in

front of me. Taking both my hands into his

smaller ones he grips them tight, "Ms. Cooper

you'll come, won't you?"

I should decline but as I stare down at the

bright green eyes full of hope I knew I couldn't

say no. Flipping my hands so that I was

holding his hands in mine instead, I answer,

"Yes, I would love to come to your birthday

party tomorrow."

"Yeah," Kale cries, giving me a tight hug before

letting go and turning back to his mom, "Mom,

Ms. Copper said 'yes'."

"I know dear," she chuckles patting his head.

"Thank you, Erin, it means a lot to Kale and

me. Please let your parents know too. Oh, and

please bring along your cute little sister, I

haven't seen her since last year's banquet."

With a nod of agreement, I say my thanks and

goodbyes to them.

Glancing at the clock above the board I see

that it is already 5 pm. I better get going if I

want to stop by the store to buy Kale a present

tomorrow. After that, it was time for my weekly

dinner that I have recently promised Grace. It's

going to be the first in months since I last

visited them. I wonder how it's going to go?


To be continued....


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