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By Aboki GodfreyPublished 3 months ago β€’ 15 min read
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❣❣❣❣❣❣EPISODE 02 ❣❣❣❣❣❣




"Mother, for the last time I promise to come to

your annual summer banquet," I mumble

through the phone. I open the fridge and pull

out a gallon of milk, pouring it over my frosty

flake cereal. I'd just finished getting ready for

school when my mother called. She always

seems to call me at the most inconvenient


"Honey, that's what you said last year and the

year before, remember? I was looking forward

to introducing you to my colleagues, but then

you never showed up. I understand not

attending the dinner, but you didn't show your

face during the auction or after-party. You

already know how important this event is for


"Yeah, I know mom. I apologize that I couldn't

make it these past few years and I have my

reasons. But I promise you I won't miss this

year." I reply taking a big bite of my cereal.

From the other end, she sighs loudly in

distress, "Fine, but I'm holding you to that

promise. I expect you to be there."

"I swear, I'll make it this year. I'll be there." I

respond taking one last bite. Looking at the

clock I see that it is already 7:10, if I don't

leave soon I'll be late. "Mom, I have to go."

"Ok. Have fun at work today."

"Thank you, I will."

I am about to say bye when my mother

speaks, interrupting me, "Erin darling, please

come home and visit us sometimes. We all

miss you dearly."

I freeze in my chair as I contemplate her

words. The last time I saw my family was

more than five months ago. It is true that I

have been busy with school since I am trying

to get everything done before the end of the

school year, but sometimes I wonder if I use

that as an excuse to avoid my family.

"I'll try mom," I respond half-heartedly before

saying bye and ending the call. I didn't have

the courage to say the words I promise;

because it is a promise I can't keep. Although

I love my family, I somehow feel that right now

I needed time for myself.

I grab the keys off the counter and head out

the door.

As I am driving, I think about my mother's

annual summer banquet that I promised to

attend. It is an event that I have no desire to

join, but I don't want to disappoint my mother

more than I already have. Because I know how

much the banquet means to her.

Every year my mom throws a large summer

banquet to support one of her favorite

charities. Usually, over 500 people attend the

event, from CEOs to business owners, and

sometimes there are even famous people that


The banquet is held at one of the biggest and

most famous hotels in town. Throughout the

year my mother would collect items or people

would donate valuables to be auctioned off at

the event. After the auction, there is usually an

after-party which everyone attends and


I had always enjoyed the auction, but I was not

very fond of the after-party. Unlike me, my

younger sister Grace loves to attend those

events. I usually hide away in some dark

corner until it's time to go home. I don't blame

her for enjoying those parties, mostly when

she's usually the center of attention of every

available bachelor there.

However, my dislike of events is not the

reason why I didn't attend the banquet for the

last two years. No, it was something else that

I would like to forget and erase from my


I pull up into the parking lot and into my usual

spot, as I wipe the unshed tears from my

eyes. This is no time to cry and reminisce

about the past. In about ten minutes I will be

greeting each child as they enter the

classroom, and there is nothing else I want to

show them except a warm smile for their day.

I slap both my cheeks lightly and plaster on

what I hope is a "good-enough" smile.

Grabbing my purse, I run towards the school.

Happy that I make it just in time, I put my

purse in my desk before standing by the

doorway. Soon one-by-one the students slowly

file into the classroom. By the time the clock

strikes 7:50 am, most of the students have


Still standing at the door I shout into the

classroom, "Students, please take your seats

and start your journal for the day please."

"Good morning, Ms. Cooper," says a small

voice from behind me. I turn and glance down

to see Kale smiling.

Mirroring his smile, I reply."Good morning,


"Good morning Ms. Cooper," says the low soft

murmur. My grin quickly disappears, and my

body stiffens for a brief second. I know that

voice. My attention shifts from Kale to the

handsome man standing behind him. One look

and I nearly groan in pleasure. It doesn't seem

real, but he looks more handsome than he did


It takes all my willpower not to close my eyes,

reach my hand towards Caden, and trail my

fingers down his hard chest. Praying that he

doesn't hear the desperation in my voice, I

muster a simple response, "Good morning to

you too, Mr. Williams."

Shaking his head, he chuckles, "Oh no we can't

have that, you're making me feel old, Ms.

Cooper. Mr. Williams is my father's name.

Please, call me Caden."

Giggling, I answer, "Alright then Caden, please

call me Erin."

"Erin," he repeats softly, almost like he is

testing the name on his tongue. I feel myself

shiver from delight. Did I just sense a sexual

vibe from him? I look up at Caden again and

know instantly that I was being delusional.

There is no way someone so handsome can

be attracted to me.

Mentally shaking my head to clear myself of

unnecessary thoughts, I give Caden a slight

nod, "Well Caden, thanks for bringing Kale in

this morning. Will you be on time this

afternoon to pick him up?"

"Yes, I swear I'll come on time today. Sorry

again for yesterday."

"No problem at all," I answer just as the bell

rings signaling the start of class. "Well, that's

my cue. Have a great day."

"And the same to you," he replies as he turns

to leave. I can't help but notice the swagger in

his stride as he walks away or how nicely he

filled those jeans he had on. I have to muster

up the extra strength within me just to look

away, and clearly, I wasn't the only one who

noticed the handsome uncle.

I caught the looks of the other two young and

single teachers Jean and Nicole; whose rooms

were across from mine. Now, those where the

types of girls that matched Caden. Attractive,

thin, and confident ladies who were worth his

time. Not me.

I'm embarrassed at myself for acting like a

teenager facing their first crush. I need to face

reality and fast.

I bring my hands together and slap my cheeks

a little harder than I anticipated. Taking a deep

breath and composing myself I return to the



Another school day is officially over and this

time just as Caden had promised, he was on

time to pick up Kale. He even stayed to talk to

me. He asked me casual questions like if I

was from Wisconsin and how I got into

teaching. They were simple questions and yet

a part of me was happy he was interested

enough to ask.

I am about to ask Caden a little about himself

too, however, it seemed like Kale wanted to go

home early and watch this new show he found

on Netflix, so I don't get the chance. But

maybe it is better off that way, the less I know

about him the better.

Hearing the vibration of my phone on my desk,

I look down to see a text from one of my best

friends, Cherry.

Cherry: Erin, where are you? Julie and I are at

the usual spot. Hurry, I'm hungry.

Me: Sorry, had a staff meeting after work today.

Be there in 10.

Every Wednesday I meet up with two of my

best friends and we have dinner together.

Grabbing my purse off the desk I sling it over

my left shoulder before exiting out my

classroom door and the school building. Ten

minutes later I arrive at a diner next to a small

cafe and a few other businesses. I can already

smell the mouthwatering aroma of different

food and spices drifting from the diner.

"Erin, over here," my friend Cherry calls, waving

her right hand. Cherry looks as beautiful as

always. Her long blonde hair is curled and

flows across her shoulders. Her makeup is

flawless, and she is wearing the latest outfit

issued in last month's VOGUE magazine.

Cherry has the perfect body and she looks

incredible in anything she wears. The large

fake glasses she has on can't hide her natural

light blue eyes.

Cherry is a fashion designer and owns her own

private company. She only specializes in

special orders and designs. She had been

approached multiple times over the years by

large agencies, but she always declined their

offers. Cherry always told me that what she

enjoys most is designing an outfit dedicated

and unique to only one person.

Looking around, I slide in the chair across

from her. "Where's Julie?"

She glances up from the menu. "She went to

the bathroom. What are you going to get?"

"What I always get." I shrug, ignoring the


"Gosh, Erin." Cherry crosses her arms, "Don't

you want to try something new? I can't believe

you don't get tired of eating chicken Alfredo

every Wednesday night."

"Can't help it, this place has the best chicken

Alfredo in town. I wouldn't know what else to


"But look at this menu," Cherry points to the

column of food listings, "There is so much to


"I couldn't agree more." We look up to see

Julie approach. "They do have the best chicken

Alfredo here."

"Yes," I exclaim throwing a small fist pump in

the air, "Julie understands me."

Julie is a shy redhead with light brown freckles

on her cheeks. Tonight, her long curls that

usually flowed down to her hips are tied into a

nicely shaped bun. The black glasses she

wears are a little too big on her which causes

her to constantly push them up. The long

black skirt she had on ends at her ankles and

they match perfectly with her white blouse.

Like me, Julie is a little more on the bigger

side. Regardless, she is one of those girls who

are big but gorgeous.

As for me, I'm just big. I don't have the beauty

that Julie has. She just chooses to hide her

loveliness underneath layers of clothing that

are too large for her. Like me, Julie also has a

passion for children. She is currently a well-

known author for children's books. In fact, I

read a lot of her books to my students in the


"I was actually thinking of getting some too,"

Julie adds taking the seat next to me.

"Fine," Cherry pouts. "I guess I'll get my usual

too then, a double cheeseburger with extra

onion rings."

The waiter comes to take our orders.

Julie and I shake our heads, "And yet she never

gains a single pound."

"Don't you just kind of hate her?" I frown

turning to Julie.

"Yes, extremely," she nods in agreement.

Both of us turn to a pouting Cherry, then turn

back to look at one another and burst out

laughing. We have this conversation every time

we get together, and it never gets old. Our love

for food is one of the main reasons why we

remain such wonderful friends. Although, unlike

Julie and I, Cherry can eat a mountain of food

and never gain a single pound.

Believe it or not, we met each other five years

ago at my mother's annual summer banquet

and hit it off right away. Since then we became

great friends. We were all similar in age too,

Cherry being the oldest at 26 and Julie being

the youngest at 24.

Relaxing back in her seat, Cherry asks, "Erin,

your mother is hosting her annual summer

banquet soon, isn't she?"

"Yeh," I reply quietly swirling the straw around

in my drink. "I'm not looking forward to it at


Taking a sip of her soda, Cherry questions, "Do

you have to attend the event?"

I wait until the waiter is done placing all our

meals in front of us before answering, "What

do you think? Don't you remember how

disappointed and furious she was last year

because I never showed up? Plus, I didn't go

the year before either and that made her

angrier. She made me promise today to attend

the banquet. You know me, I just can't say no

to my mom, no matter how much I want to."

"But if you attend this year," Julie says chiming

in, "You might see him there."

"I know," I whisper looking down at my food,

my appetite gone.

"So, what if he's there," Cherry huffs, "That's

why Julie and I will be going with you. We'll

stay there all night by your side if we need to.

We're not going to let one guy ruin our night."

I felt Julie's hand wrap around mine and

squeeze it tight.

"Thanks, guys." I murmur sincerely.

"Enough of this gloomy stuff," yells Cherry. "It's

time to stuff our faces and regret it later."

I chuckle. Cherry always knows exactly what to

say to lighten the mood. Picking up my fork, I

take a bite of the yummy chicken Alfredo.


I pull up into my driveway and see a very

familiar car parked outside my apartment.

Parking my car next to it I get out and inspect

the vehicle next to mine.

"Grace?" I question knocking on the window. In

less than a second, my sister is out of her car

and in my arms for a hug.

"Erin, I missed you." She exclaims hugging me


Still, in her embrace, I ask with concern, "What

are you doing here and at this hour?"

Pulling back, she smiles, "I wanted to see


"You could have called. How long have you

been waiting?"

"Not long, just a few hours."

I shake my head in disbelief, "You're crazy.

Come on let's go inside." I lead the way as

Grace follows.

When we are finally inside, I take her to the

kitchen. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Just water please."

Grabbing a cold-water bottle from the fridge, I

set it in front of her. Pulling up one of the

kitchen stools; I sit on it and face her. I wait

until Grace is done taking a drink before I can

ask the question weighing on my mind. "Grace,

what are you doing here?"

Looking at me, she responds, "No particular


Somehow I just couldn't tell if she was telling

the truth or not. "Come on Grace, tell me

what's really going on?"

"I'm being honest; I came here to see you."

"That's it?" I ask, still not buying it.


"Then why didn't you call or text me?"

"Because if I told you I was coming you

would've probably told me not to come or said

that you were busy."

Darn, my little sister knows me too well. I

would have done exactly what she said. "So

that's all you wanted, to see me?"

"Yes," Grace answers crossing her arms. She

doesn't look too happy. "Erin, I haven't seen

you in over a month. It's not only me, but mom

and dad haven't seen you either. We are all

concerned about you. Are you by any chance

mad at us?"

I shake my head in denial, "Of course not, how

can I be mad at you guys?"

Grace frowns, "Then are you mad at me?"

Surprised by her simple statement I shake my

head again, "How can I be mad at you?"

She shrugs her scowl deepening, "Then why

don't you ever come to visit us anymore?"

I felt like a horrible sister at that moment, but I

know I can't tell her the truth either. I am not

ready to tell her the deep and painful secrets I

have locked away. I am not going to bother her

with my problems

Placing my hand on top of hers, I reply slowly,

"Sorry, I didn't know time apart from me would

make you this sad. How 'bout I promise to

come to dinner at least once a week? Would

that make you feel better?"

I watch as she contemplates my answer, the

wheels of her mind turning. I hope what I

offered was enough for her and my parents.

After a brief silence she nods, "Yes, I think that

would make us all feel better. Thank you, Erin."

"Don't you have classes tomorrow?"

"I don't have classes on Friday."

"O.K. then. Why don't you sleep in the guest

room tonight? Tomorrow I'll cook you some

breakfast before I go to work. Would you like


Her frown arches into a beaming smile, "Yes I

would," she replies softly but happily. Sliding

off the chair she pulls out her phone, "I'll call

to let mom know I'm staying over."

I watch as she enters the living room with her

phone and I wonder if the promise I made was

really the right decision.


To be continued.....

What secret do you think Erin is keeping from her sister?

Can you guess the reason she hates to attend her mother's event?

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