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Shared with my Best Friend and her Girl

An FFM erotic fantasy

By T.D. ChroniclerPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 15 min read

“Thanks again for helping with the studio setup. You really are my hero today!” Erica said as I walked in with the last box.

“Hey, some heroes wear capes, others simply pick big things up and put them down.”, I chuckled. “But, seriously, it’s nothing. I owed Al a favor anyway.”

Al, or Allison, was my good friend and former partner back when I was a cop. Her girlfriend Erica had just recently opened up a new Ballet/ Yoga studio, and since Allison had been assigned to Special Assignments, she wasn’t able to help with the studio’s setup since her shift wasn’t over til late that night. So, just like in the good ol’days, Al had radioed me for backup.

“No, I’m so serious Bryce, you saved me on this one. I’m a tough bitch, you know that…”

“Phew! I’m glad you said it”, I teased setting down the box of desk supplies. Erica waited til I stood back up to jab me in the arm.

“Ow! Hey, that’s worker’s abuse! Don’t damage the help”, I laughed again, pretending to rub my wounded bicep.

“Oh, stop being such a wuss! Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…” She looked at me pointedly, not able to hide her bright smile as she did so, “ I’m a tough bitch, but honestly, Allison does most of the heavy lifting. She’s strong, you know that, but you literally got all the big stuff in and set it up! That would have taken us two or three days, and you got it done in a few hours. I really couldn’t thank you enough.”

I laughed awkwardly, not used to so much praise, at least not from someone like Erica. The slender brunette was the fantasy of any man: a petite-toned figure, bubbly personality, competitive, but personable, gorgeous crystal blue eyes, perky B-cup breasts, covered in tattoos, all topped off with a round, firm ass. A sure compliment from her years of yoga, CrossFit, and ballet.

“ I mean, I’m not above a little compensation for my…exceptional efforts”, I grinned trying to play it cool so she wouldn’t realize I had just been eye-banging her for the past couple of minutes. I knew it was wrong. Allison was my close friend and former partner. But, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t jerked off a few thinking about her and Erica. Together, alone, all three of us together. Allison was a catch, all her own. Even with her butch haircut and ‘One of the Bros’ demeanor, she had her girly moments. It didn’t help she had a naturally beautiful feminine face, chubby in all the right places body, a peach-shaped ass, and plump full breasts. Just thinking about her made me hard, and with that came a disgusted shame. One not powerful enough to curb my erection.

“What would you consider sufficient payment for my services?” I asked attempting to keep my mind off the lewd thoughts I was currently having about two of my friends.

The fun-sized yogi crossed her arms and thought for a moment. Cocking her hip to the right, causing me to momentarily eye the alluring way her dark pink yoga pants outlined her taught, yet, oh so feminine muscles. For a split second, I couldn’t help myself imagining what it would feel like to have them wrapped around my face as my tongue explored her further.

Coming to my senses, I jerked my gaze up to her eyes, praying I had been subtle enough that she didn’t notice. Her expression told me she was still considering, however, there was a brief moment I could have sworn she had grinned and even winked at me. I could hear my heart beating a little louder now--fear pumping more blood into my body. To my dismay, it was heading to the last place I needed right now.

“I don’t suppose my undying gratitude and friendship would be enough to cover the balance?” Erica said almost as if she knew my response.

I sighed, switching my weight from foot to foot, giving my best impression of weighing her offer, “ Tsk, tsk, tsk. I’m afraid that will only cover the cost of me showing up. Labor, plus a small hero’s fee, will run you a lot more than that. I’m not some cheap date, honey!”

Erica had started to act offended at my rejection but burst into a small fit of laughter at the way I had told her of my worth, “ Oh, I’m so sorry. You’re so right, girlfriend! Well, I guess you leave me no choice. Beer and pizza it is.”

“Damn, you drive a hard bargain. You got yourself a deal! But, I got to head home first and shower. Carrying this team caused me to break a sweat.”

“No worries. I can just meet you there. I got to stop by the house and check on the kids”, she said referring to her and Al’s German Shepherds.

I stepped out of the shower, enjoying the sublime feeling of being cleaned and refreshed. Noticing my woody, I’ve been half tempted to jack off before Erica arrives. Thought of her tight, athletic body filling my head I left the studio. I knew there was no chance of fulfilling my lured desires, her plan for the other team, and being my best buddy’s girlfriend. But it truly was agony not to think about dragging my tongue, all along her nude fairy-like body.

“God I really need to get a girlfriend“, I sighed. It wasn’t that I was unattractive, at least, I hope that wasn’t the case. I have been on a few dates, and made out with some really gorgeous women, but none seem to really click with me. sure they were beautiful. Some could even carry an excellent conversation, but one way or another, nothing really panned out or even led to the next level. It has been years since I last got laid, and while porn did the job, it was an inadequate substitute for an actual woman.

I made my way to my bedroom, only to be stopped in the hall just a few feet from the door.

“Oh my God! Dude! Ever heard of a towel?”, Erica shouted covering her eyes as she turned away. I hadn’t even heard her come in. I was a deer in headlights, just stuck there in my birthday suit not sure what to do.

“Jesus, fuck Erica! I didn’t even know you were here!”, I barked, embarrassment making my voice frantic.

She chuckled as she kept turning back to me, hand over her face, yet opening her fingers to get a look at my nakedness, “ I knocked and even yelled when I came in. You know for a former cop and soldier, you leave the door unlocked a lot.”

“I don’t normally plan to be ambushed as I’m walking out the shower!”, I laughed finally scuttling into my bedroom and shutting the door.

“See there in lies the problem. What if I had been an assassin?”

I felt my eyes roll as I considered the ludicrous thought, “ If you’d had been an assassin, you’d be filled with holes by now.”

“Sweetie, I was born with those”, She retorted.

I nearly tripped putting my pants on as her words registered in my chaotic mind. Was she hinting at what I think she was or am I just really horny? “What did you say?”

“Oh nothing, I don’t know what you’re talking about”, She teased.

“ Oh no, we’re not letting that one slide! Tell me what you just said.”

“I said you’d be caught with your junk all out and the pizza would get cold! Now hurry up and get out here, I’m starving.”

“Yes ma’am”, I said playfully.

“That’s what I thought, now chop chop soldier”

After getting my Dark Angels t-shirt on, I stepped out to find Erica on my couch with two bottles of beer and a box of Angelino’s Pizza next to her. She had swapped her yoga pants for Daisy Duke-style jeans showing off her heavily tattooed thighs. I felt the uncomfortable pressure of my erection against the material of my underwear, I don’t know how I’m going to keep it together with this girl around looking like that. I walked over, trying my best to ignore the irritating obstruction caused by my hard-on. Taking a seat on the love seat I grabbed a beer and a slice of delicious sausage and pepperoni. I moaned with starving satisfaction as I devoured Italy’s greatest creation.

“Jeez, Bryce! It’s just pizza, you ain’t got to jizz in your pants over it”, Erica giggled at my bliss.

“Just pizza? JUST PIZZA?! My dear, this is an art form, a divine gift! Second only to the blessed bitter taste of a good cup of coffee. How dare you besmirch the delectable treasure that is Angelino’s?” I teased.

Her laughter was so beautiful, so singsong it should have belonged to a siren, “I swear, you must have been a drama kid in school! You break into epic character too easy.”

“For your information, I was a gaming nerd, and I was homeschooled. Drama club was unfortunately not on the curriculum”, I laughed before sipping my beer.

“So nothing has changed”, she quipped , “Wait did you say homeschooled?”

“Yeah, yeah I’ve heard it all before.”

“Heard what?” She gave me a quizzical look, making me pause before uttering my response.

“Well…you know. What people always say about homeschooled kids”, I said growing a little embarrassed.

“Such as?”

“Like…um…ok next subject!”

Erica leaned towards me now, fully intrigued. I had to struggle not to look at the open neckline of her grey t-shirt which hung open enough for me to glimpse at the milky white skin of her cleavage. I became exceptionally aware that she was not wearing a bra!

“Oh no! You started this, tell me!”

She started to poke at my side in hopes of forcing a confession. I jerked, weaving my body away from her playful touch, laughing as I did so, until the unthinkable happened. Erica, with the grace of an acrobat, leaped from her seat to straddle me as she held me down, demanding I tell her my secret. I could have easily knocked her off, but I was entranced by the weight of her atop me. I felt the denim-clad region of her sex brush against my raging hardness. The action--so subtle, yet powerful enough to make my heart kick up its pace several notches. The room around us evaporated, leaving only the connection of our bodies aware to my senses. She felt so light, so warm. The scent of her was intoxicating. It was almost like I was in a dream. Still engulfed in the steam-filled confines of the shower.

Finally, our eyes met. I realized she had stopped interrogating me moments ago. From the look on her face, she too was locked in the spell of our proximity. Her lips were slightly parted, in her eyes, a look of contemplation, a question. Before I could move her off and find a way to erase the awkwardness of this situation, her lips pressed against my own.

Our mouths wrestled vigorously as if all the pent-up desire could be released in those short, blissful moments. All sense of propriety had been thrown away. All manner of shame forgotten. We gave ourselves over to our desires. My hands explored the soft skin under her loose shirt, caressing and gliding as if to secure the physical image of her gorgeous body. The sound of our lips and soft moans filled the room. Erica’s hips began to grind, the rugged fabric of her crotch hugging that of my solid bulge. I felt the hungry pressure of her hands along my neck as they came to grip my shoulders. I squeezed the surprisingly squishy round of her butt, half tempted to lift her up and pin her against the wall as I had my way with her.

“Take your pants off” Erica demanded in a tone that brokered zero argument.

She slid off me to sit on her knees as I hurriedly stood and began furiously unfastening my belt and buttons, while Erica waited patiently. She had an expression of amused eagerness painted on her fair angular face. I stood, my pants and underwear kicked off to lay in crumpled piles at my feet. I was not sure what to do, whether to sit down or remain standing. Erica didn’t seem to notice my confusion. Her eyes had been fixated on my cock, which jutted like a spear toward the small vixen's face. She ran her hands along my thighs, guiding them up to stroke my concrete member. An electric surge sparked all throughout my body as her delicate fingers coiled around and massaged my shaft.

“Sit down”, she giggled, her grin nearly reaching her ears.

I did as commanded, my heart pounding in such anxious fury, that I could feel each pulse reverberate through the entirety of my being. Since taking my pants off, her gaze had not left my cock, but as she slowly stroked me, she glanced up at me. With the sultry grin of a miscreant, Erica leaned forward, her tongue dragging its hot wet surface from base to tip before wrapping her small pick lips around my head. I groaned as the sensation of her silk lips and satin tongue sailing back in forth on my pulsing dick sent me to Elysium. For a brief, conscious moment, I wondered how a lesbian could be so good at sucking cock. Just as quickly as the thought came, it was lost amongst the carnal heaven Erica guided me to.

Her eyes closed, one hand running along my left thigh, the other gently massaging my balls as she sucked my head, releasing it with an audible ‘POP’ before taking it deeper into her mouth. I could feel the pressure quickly reaching its boiling point. That tingling sensation warns of every man’s eruption. It took all I had to not suffocate Erica as she pushed me so deep into her throat that her tongue flicked the skin of my scrotum. She gagged slightly, the sound had an invigorating effect on me. It was like the depraved nature of the noise awoke a primordial creature deep inside me!

Erica gasped as she removed my now spit-covered cock from her mouth. Saliva and pre-cum trickled down her chin. She slid her shirt over her head, and at the sight of those mouth-watering, perky pale mounds, I lost control. As she stood, sliding her shorts off, I lifted her off the ground, pelting her neck and breasts with kisses. She giggled urging me to put her down, but I was having none of it. Placing her back against the wall, I sucked and nibbled on the flesh of her neck, revelling in the bestial moans escaping her lips. The warm dew of her wet slit dripped onto my pelvis as she wrapped her legs around my hips. My hands gripping her tight bubble-butt, I lifted her enough for her dark pink nipple to find its way in between my teeth. I felt her nails dig into my skin as I rolled sweet nubs in between my teeth before sucking long and hard. Erica moaned ‘Oh My God, suck it baby’ , before her breath caught as I slid my cock inside her tight slut tunnel.

“Ho- Fuck, I always wondered what you fel-- My God you feel so good, Fuck!”, Erica gasped in fevered ecstasy. I could only grunt in reply as I hammered into her. The warm squelch of her nectar transmuted me more into a lust-crazed fiend with every thrust into her smothering hole.

“Fuck! You’re so tight! I love it!” I growled as I thrust myself closer to climax. I didn’t want this to end early. I had been pent up for too long, I’d be damned if I finished a few minutes in. I slowed to a halt, carrying Erica to the couch before laying her down. With steady ease, and so much regret, I pulled my cock out from her vice-like grip. Seeing the look of ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ on her face, I grinned before reassuring her that we were far from done.

“I’ve fantasized about this moment for too long to end it now. I’m going to be a gentleman and return the favor”, I said lowering myself to the moist petals of her pussy. The scent of her juices was narcotic, and the taste…I could drown in her taste and die happy. My tongue ran along her entrance, the motion slow, savoring her sublime flavor. It flicked the swollen nub of her clit before circling, attempting to coax it towards her climax.

“Someone’s been studying, I don’t know any men who eat pussy this good”, Erica purred.

The praise bolstered my confidence. I began switching between focusing on her clit and flicking my tongue inside her. I could feel my jaw going numb, but would not stop. I was too drunk on the taste of her, too ensnared by the sound of her moans. I felt her thighs begin to tighten around my face. Her breathing grew heavier, quicker. As in confirmation of what was coming, Erica grabbed my head, burying it in her snatch before crying out as her orgasm erupted, covering my face in her delicious spray.

“You bitch!”

The sound of Allison’s voice broke through the carnal haze I had been so enraptured by. I looked up to find my friend standing in the doorway, arms crossed, eyes cold. I didn’t understand. She was supposed to be at the station. Erica languidly rose, the severity of the situation lost on her.

“Hey babe”, She said sleepily.

I was at a loss for words.

“Don’t hey babe me, you slut! I can’t believe you started without me.”

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Let me tell you a story. Something dark, dreadful, and gory. I shall weave you a world of pleasure and delights. Ones to accompany you on these ethereal nights. Join me as we voyage to lands unknown, some may just claim you as their own.

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