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Taboo Section: Chapter 2

An Erotic Aunt and Nephew Fantasy

By T.D. ChroniclerPublished 3 months ago 10 min read


Adam was mesmerized. The sound of his Aunt’s voice both terrified and captivated him. He had hoped when she had first proposed the idea, she was implying a horror movie marathon. However, he now believed no amount of A, B, or C list talent could compare to Ellie’s narration. It was as if she could slip from character to character at will. Only a subtle inflection here, a cockney accent there, and you were sitting in the front row in these tragic creatures' lives.

His eyes never left her plump pink lips, yet he saw only the Good Doctor, who promised his patients that they would be cured with only a few more days of treatment. This same man would then dawn his black beaked mask, whose eyes reflected the grotesque horror of the patient as he cut and snapped and rearranged their bodies in a helpless paralysis. Or the lithe figure of the seductress. Delighted at having tempted her young and ignorant victim to share her bed, only for him to awake as she sacrifices him to her malevolent goddess in return for eternal youth and beauty.

“And she watched. Basking in his sudden revelation. Her companionship had been the bargain, yet his innocent soul was the prize.”

Ellie looked up to see Adam’s expression, and her heart burst with delight!

“Oh, come on! The poor guy just wanted to get the girl! He didn’t have to go out like that,” Adam lamented, burying his face in his hands as he threw himself back on the couch.

“I believe the author was trying to convey the perils of coveting the affection of mysterious older women,” Ellie replied pointedly.

“I mean, yeah, but it must have been some bombastic sex. Oh, my bad, sorry,” Adam said—a not-so-convincing smile on his sandy brown face.

Ellie chuckled, “ I don’t know which is more appalling, the fact that you think good sex is worth losing your soul or the fact that you used the term bombastic! Aren’t you a little too young for that?”

“ Hey! I listen to Shaggy! I mean, at first, I just liked the flow of the music, but you listen to it long enough, you start to catch on to his lyrics”, Adam stated, raising a conspiratorial eyebrow.

“Boy, you don’t know half of what my generation listened to!”

“I know enough to tell you that you all thought y’all were some freaks! Almost every major genre was sex, drugs, and heartbreak, or both.”

Ellie made to argue but quickly realized the truth in his words. She was surprised by how quick-witted Adam was. “Ok, Mr. Know-it-all, I’ll let you have this one. Oh wow! I can’t believe nearly half the day’s gone! We need to get your application done. We should probably figure out what we’re doing for dinner today, too.”

Ellie stood outside the door. At first, she chided herself for eavesdropping on Adam’s interview, but when he answered Mr.Trudell’s questions and described his work ethic, she could not leave. It seemed to her more and more that the little man she once adored was gone. Replaced by this mature and responsible jaw-dropper. The image of his morning wood stood out proudly in her memory.

She bit her lower lip, her mind merging the Adam from her dream with the one no more than 3 feet away. A voracious longing soon took hold of her. She wanted to be used, made filthy by this taboo, and then wanted to be absolved by the passion which she had witnessed in her dream. She stepped away from the door quietly. She had to get a hold of herself!

Ellie made her way to her bedroom, the titillating images of her and Adam dancing through her mind like an obscene play from Gothic times. She could see herself, the mature, busty countess, given guardianship of her strapping nephew on the cusp of manhood. In his eyes, Ellie beheld both fear and a yearning for her. She relished in the hold she had over him. Her presence summoned his gaze and held it firm upon her, even long after she departed. Such notions made her heart sputter and her sex moisten ever more heavily.

Ellie made it through the doorway when she overheard Adam thank Mr. Trudell before calling out to her, “ Aunt Ellie! I got the job!”

“That’s great! I knew you would. I’m so proud of you! Hey, I’m going to hop in the shower; go ahead and decide what you want for dinner, my treat. And if you’re still interested, we can get a movie line-up for our Night of Horror. I shouldn’t be too long.”

“Ok, sounds like a plan, Auntie! Let me know what you want, and I’ll order it.”

Upon confirming she would tell him once she was out, she closed the door hurriedly. Her breathing was rapid, growing heavier with unabating urges. She needed to get it out. She decided the shower was, in all sense, a great place to do just that. She removed her Lady of the Lake t-shirt, relishing the sensation of the fabric brushing against the swollen nubs of her dark nipples. Taking off her moon-embroidered Pajamas, she noticed the sizeable damp area in the crotch. The sight only further excited her. She wondered if Adam had noticed it forming as she read to him. His eyes, casually inspecting her from head to toe as he lost himself in the various tales of terror and suspense. Or was he losing himself in the thought of her?

A small gasp escaped her then. She remembered the feeling of Adam’s budge brushing against her each time they hugged yesterday. At first, she believed it was just adolescent male anatomy, yet a small part of her clung to the depraved hope that she sparked that hormonal chain reaction within him. It was so wrong, so very, very wrong. She had no clue what had come to possess her since seeing her nephew again, but whatever it was stoked a fire in her that she could not fight!

She quickly trotted to the bathroom, intently avoiding her reflection in the dual vanity’s mirror as she did. She was not going to allow her insecurities towards her body to rob her of a long-overdue orgasm. Turning on the shower, her body tingled with overwhelming excitement! How naughty she was being about to pleasure herself with the thought of her young nephew; it was so unlike her. Steam now filling the room, Ellie stepped anxiously into the shower. For a moment, she contemplated leaving the door ajar, thinking of how hot it would be for Adam to walk in. Ellie imagined the look on his face as he drank in the sight of her hands massaging her heavy breasts, water dripping seductively in large beads from her fingers as they pinched at her nipples. She thought of his aching boner as she braced herself against the stone-tiled wall, spreading herself so he could get a full view of her pink lips. She became so lost in her fantasy that she was unaware of her fingers teasing the swelling mound of her clit.

Her breathing became hurried and desperate. She could feel the climax reaching its height; this would be the big one. Her fingers were drilling into her now, crazed by the hypnotic mirage of Adam pounding into her. She groaned as she pinched and pulled her dark nipple in imitation of his teeth. God, how Ellie wanted this to be real! Wanted to feel him inside her so bad she had been tempted to leave the shower, still dripping wet, just to find him and fuck him till the sun rose the next day, but logic was able to whisper some notion of reason to her in this carnal haze she had fallen into. Before Ellie could chastise herself for being a degenerate, the long-anticipated moment finally reached its boiling point.

She clamped a hand over her mouth as the brain-melting energy rippled through her being! Her legs jerked and spasmed, nearly causing her to come crashing to the ground! It was by sheer luck that Ellie caught herself before sliding to the floor, trembling as she rode the exhilarating force to its very end.

As she lay there, her breathing still heavy and her body still vibrating with the aftermath of her intense orgasm, she thought she heard the voice of Adam through the fog of her mind.

“What do you want?”

Adam’s voice sounded muffled, heavy, like he was whispering to her in great gasps of breath. Ellie cooed, picturing him towering above her. The steamy mirage re-ignited her desires as she envisioned the water dripping down his young muscles to fall onto her supple flesh. Her fingers once again took up the task of massaging the lips of her pussy, opening them wide for his view pleasure.

“What do you want to eat?” His question was so familiar, yet, falling from his lips, they awoke a creature deep inside Ellie. One that had longed to be coveted and defiled.

“I want you. I want to be yours! Take me, claim me!” she spoke in fevered moans. The sensation of the warm rain from the shower mixed with the lewd fuelled hysteria of her dark desire became too much for her. She again began to play with herself, hungering ever more to make this dream a reality.

“What was that? I didn’t catch that. What did you want me to get you?”

Ellie’s body went rigid. Just as the flame of a match could be blown out with the tiniest gust, so too was her voracious excitement doused by the realization that the voice speaking to her was no dream. It was Adam, and he was right outside her bathroom! A whirlwind of emotions swallowed Ellie, paralyzing her. Could he have heard what she said? Her moans? Her orgasm? She was both ashamed and, to her own disbelief, still turned on.

“Auntie Ellie? Are you ok in there? Did you hear me?”

Ellie shook herself from the grips of her mental prison and tried to sound as composed as she could in such a vulnerable situation, “ Oh…Yeah. Umm… what are you getting?”

“A High Tide burger from The Reef. Wanted to know what you wanted.”

“Uh, I’ll have the Grilled Mahi plate with a side salad.”

“Ok, Ms. Fancy,” Adam chuckled, “ I’ll put in the order now.”

“Ok and um…Adam, sweetie…”


Ellie wanted to ask if he had heard anything but thought better of it. I’ll ask him later, maybe in the middle of a movie. Who knows? He probably didn’t hear anything. Oh God, I’m terrible, “Oh, never mind, I- I’ll be out in a sec.”

“Ok, I’ll get the movie list started,” Adam said before leaving the room.

Ellie sat on the floor, hoping the warm water could wash away the depravity that clung to her. She prayed that Adam was unaware of what she had been doing, that this would be the end of this sick fantasy that seemed to infect her usually rational mind. However, she could not help but hold out some small hope that it would come true. Without hesitation, a devious plot began to take shape in her mind. If she couldn’t fully satiate her incestuous thoughts, she could at least have a little fun in teasing her unknowing tormenter. Ellie rose to her feet and turned off the shower. Grabbing her towel and wrapping it around her, she went to her walk-in closet. Heading towards the back, she inspected her ‘revenge’ instruments. “Hmmm…let’s see if you still got what it takes to make the boys drool, El.”

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T.D. Chronicler

Let me tell you a story. Something dark, dreadful, and gory. I shall weave you a world of pleasure and delights. Ones to accompany you on these ethereal nights. Join me as we voyage to lands unknown, some may just claim you as their own.

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