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Taboo Section: Chapter 1

An Erotic Aunt and Nephew Fantasy

By T.D. ChroniclerPublished 3 months ago 16 min read

Adam laid back on the plush surface of the navy blue bed, unsure how to process his current situation. He felt like he had been abandoned, dropped off at his aunt’s doorstep like an unwanted puppy or something. He stared at the ceiling, wrestling with his emotions, when a gentle knock came from the door, followed by, “Adam? Hey, it’s me. Can I come in?” His Aunt Ellie’s voice broke him from his loathful wallowing. Sitting up and breathing, the remnants of his irritation bid her to enter.

As his aunt walked through the door, her usual cheery face bore a look of concern.

“Is everything ok, Auntie?”

“Oh, um yeah, is everything alright with you?” she said, looking uncomfortable. Her caramel hair was in a messy bun, with two long black pins in place. She wore a dark velvet nightgown under a violet robe. She pushed the large Harry Potter-style glasses up off her nose. Adam wanted to smile at his aunt’s noticeable nerdy quirks but only managed one-half as warm. “Yeah”, He sighed.

“You know, if you want to talk, I’d be happy to listen. I mean…urm.. if you don’t, that’s ok too. You don’t need to feel like you have to tell me what bothers you if you don’t want to,” Ellie sputtered frantically.

“Auntie, you know you’re a little strange, right?” Adam chuckled.

“Yeah, I know I get that a lot,” She said, plopping down on the bed’s foot, “Sorry, I’m not used to this kind of thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“ You know, the wise-comforting adult thing! I mean, sure, I comfort kids all the time. I tell them stories about how to be brave or how things only seem scary until you learn more about them, except snakes. They’re scary no matter what”, she said, looking down at her finely manicured hands. “But when it comes to teenagers - excuse me, young adults. They just don’t care much about what I have to say. Some of the girls do; they’re delightful, but most of the young men who come into the library are either too boneheaded— literally— or get everything they need from Google. So, I don’t have much experience in this situation.”

Her tone was so demeaning Adam cursed himself for not thinking of it earlier. His aunt was a 42-year-old spinster. She had never had children, and her last husband was an abusive prick. She was just as uncomfortable with the situation as he was. Besides, as a kid, Ellie was his favorite person other than his parents. She would call him her “Little Man” and ask if he would protect her from the monsters in the dark. How could he be so self-centered when the very woman who helped him conquer his fear of the darkness was too dealing with the massive inconvenience that was his dad’s job? Finally, he resolved to be Ellie’s little man again and make the best of the situation. “What I meant to say is… that you are strange but in the coolest way.”

She turned to look at him over her shoulder. She opened her mouth to say something, but Adam stole the moment from her. “You’re my very nerdy, very smart, very driven, very loving, and most of all, my very beautiful Aunt Ellie! I’m sorry I’ve been so closed off since I got here. I’m just bummed, is all. Not about staying here with you, no, that’s the only good thing about this situation. I’m bummed because ever since Mom died, it’s seemed like Dad’s been itching to get rid of me. I know that’s probably not what he’s doing, but that’s how it feels. I know he loves his work, but I mean, couldn’t he have waited till I graduated? I don’t know, I just feel… well abandoned.”

Ellie wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him close. He wanted to hug her back but could not take his mind off the warm, plush feeling of her breasts pressing against his chest. Adam was paralyzed, not knowing how long they sat there. An exotic blend of rain, warm milk, and spiced honey enveloped him. He had never smelled anything so bewitching before. To his shock, he felt the agonizing pressure bracing against the fabric of his jeans. Did his aunt really turn him on? He shifted slightly, causing Ellie, unaware of his newfound awkwardness, to break the embrace.

“Thank you! Oh, Adam, you’ve always been the sweetest. I hate how this makes you feel. I know this is rough for you, but try not to be so hard on your dad. Derek was never good at dealing with his emotions. And his way of dealing with them was usually to distract himself with something. He wants to be there for you but doesn’t know how to, at least not just yet. Give him time. I’m sure he’ll be done playing Indiana Jones in a few months and be right back here to see you graduate!” She said, placing a smooth hand on his face. The gesture, although meant to be reassuring, made the bulge in Adam’s pants throb with agony.

“Until then, think of mi casa as su casa! I won’t try to be your parent because I’m not. But I can still do my best to live up to the very illustrious titles you’ve so graciously bestowed on me”, she preened playfully.

“There you go, being strange again,” He chuckled. “Thanks, Aunt Ellie. Now…um, if you don’t mind, I think I’m going to head to bed. It’s been one emotional rollercoaster of a day, and I need to recharge.”

“Oh yeah, no problem, rest up,” she patted his leg as she rose from the bed.

Adam watched as she walked to the door, feeling saliva pool in his mouth as he took in her enticing figure. The image of his sweet, dorky aunt, now being replaced by a sultry milf bookworm whose hips swayed as she walked, causing her purple-clad rump to jiggle in a hypnotic rhythm. Before shutting the door behind her, Ellie leaned in to let Adam know if he needed anything to just come to her room. If Ellie had noticed her robe open up, displaying the tantalizing outline of her plump cleavage show, she did not say. Nor did she say anything when she saw the look in Adam’s eyes, a look of lustful astonishment. No, she merely smiled lovingly and wished him goodnight before shutting the door, leaving Adam sitting with thoughts of what those warm, voluptuous breasts would feel like around his throbbing cock.

He stood before her in naked majesty. Her eyes wandered about his steamy frame, bringing images of ancient Homeric heroes. Men whose aura radiated power, beauty, violence, and, most of all, SEX! Where their skin was bronze, his was sandy gold. He had to be a young man, but something told her he had the vigor of 20 his senior. She felt a jolt course through her abdomen as she watched the lean muscles of his body tense; she knew he waited on her command—knew he would only seek to fulfill every dark and carnal whim. She removed the sheet from herself slowly. Wanting to take in the sight of her, to know what awaited him. She relished the sight of his rise. He wasn’t huge, at least not length-wise. One would say he’s slightly above average. But what he lacked in length, he more than made up for in girth. She feared he would tear her in two just getting past the tip alone! And that very thought brought delicious moisture to both her lips.

She rose from the bed and made her way toward him. She marveled at the heat coming off him as her hands explored his body. She looked toward his face but could not make out its features. It was as if a shadow hung over him. His eyes were the only part she could make out, a churning pool of arctic blue. They made her knees quake in their exhilarating gaze. The tip of his rigid member pulsed against the skin of her thighs, leaving hot, glistening streaks of pre-cum. She longed for a taste and knew he longed to feel her lips around him. She eased herself down to her knees. Her eyes, slightly hooded, stared at the oozing tip of young masculine meat before her. Gently, her fingers curled around the base of him. Its animalist power made her breath catch throbbed in her grip. Ever so slightly, she leaned forward, parting the taught lips of her mouth. As the skin of his tip met the hot embrace of her tongue, she felt every ounce of morality flee from her being. The taste of his pre-seed, the texture of his imposing cock, and the faint groans of approval only further encouraged her debaucherous descent. She began to move rhythmically, working her lips back and forth, taking more of him with each lap. She felt the tiny droplet of warm saliva splash against the bare skin of her plump tits.

Unconsciously, her hands spread the liquid, massaging her hefty mounds. The man’s size was overpowering. Her nerves, unsure of what to do, sent signals, causing her throat to tighten. It aimed to dislodge the obstruction to her airway. However, its protests could silence the eruption of feminine desire that now took hold of Ellie’s entire being. She would not be denied the addictive pleasure of gagging on this Adonis’s cock until he was filling her with thick, powerful streams of his load.

His hand caressed the wet surface of her ravishing face. Pulling his hips back to deny her the gorging she had so eagerly been partaking. He held her chin reverently, basking in the glow of her slut fueled radiance. His eyes never left hers as he raised her.

Bending slightly, he laid his lips against her own. He felt her arms intertwine behind his neck. He drank her in, savoring the sensation of her lips, the taste of her passion. His hands, strong yet delicate, explored her—a leisurely quest to illustrate his regard for her affection further.

Like snow on the Ides of spring, Ellie melted at the silken touch of the mattress beneath her and the sensual attention of the man atop her. Their breathing hefted as they furiously displayed their passion. They locked together, and a burning contest of bestial adoration ensued until he relented.

Adam awoke to the mouthwatering aroma of coffee and what his groggy mind could only surmise was funnel cake. The scent was so powerful that Adam had found himself at the stairs landing without realizing he was only half-dressed. Echoes of slow dancehall flowed into his ears. He had expected to hear the soothing tones of coffeehouse jazz, yet from the chorus, he recognized the old millennial classic of I’m Still in Love by Sean Paul.

Adam, making his way down the stairs, began to picture Ellie dancing in the kitchen as she made breakfast—her swaying and rolling to the seductive rhythm in nothing more than an oversized t-shirt. The vibrant tendrils of her long, wavy hair shifted as she rocked her hips back and forth. In his imagination, her cumbersome bust would ripple under the confines of her makeshift dress. The skin of her bare of her cream-colored hips exposed themselves briefly to beckon him forth. He could hear the smoldering, sultry sound of her voice asking him if he was hungry as she propped herself on the countertop, legs spread seductively apart so that she may view his tantalizing feast.

“Adam! Are you awake? I made breakfast!”

Adam shook himself from the dream, feeling both disappointed and ashamed. Why was he fantasizing about his Aunt? She was three times his age, and worst of all, she was family! How fucked up does someone have to be to be horny for your Aunt? And why on Earth did the thought excite him even more?

“Adam? Oh! There you are, oh jeez! Put a shirt on, Magic Mike!” She giggled, turning away slightly and covering her eyes.

Adam, confused, looked down to see he was in nothing more than a pair of basketball shorts with a more than obvious erection. He didn’t even remember walking into the kitchen.

“Oh, crap! Sorry, Auntie! I’ll be right back”, He cried as he darted back up the stairs to his room.

Ellie turned back as he fled out the entryway. Even though she had been hovering over the stove for the last half hour, she couldn’t recall being as hot and breathless as she was now. She tried to push the thought away but was helpless at the revelation that Adam’s body was even more impressive in real life. Ellie couldn’t remember ever seeing a body more gorgeous outside a 300-styled movie. “No, No! You can’t think like that! He’s your NEPHEW! He’s Derek’s son, for Christ’s sake. So what, he has the body of a Greek God? So what if he has…a massive…”

“Ok, I’m back, sorry. I think the smell of the food lured me down here in my sleep.”

Adam said, making his way to the island and seated himself on a bar stool.

“Oh, it’s no problem,” Ellie chuckled nervously, placing a mug of hot coffee and a plate of blueberry cinnamon pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage in front of him. “I enjoyed the show. Unfortunately, I’m fresh out of singles, but hopefully, this will be sufficient payment.”

A wave of horror shot through Ellie as she registered what had just come out of her mouth. She looked at Adam, praying he was not now staring her down with dagger-like eyes of disgust and disapproval. To her relief, he seemed oblivious to her panic, shoveling large forkfuls of pancakes into his mouth and washing them down with coffee.

“Hey, slow down! You’ll choke if you don’t take time to chew your food.

You’re supposed to chew it at least 20 times.”

“That’s impossible, this food is way too good! Seriously, these are the best pancakes I’ve ever had. And what is in these eggs? It’s like if Chipotle had its own breakfast bowl!”

Adam whooped in between bites, ending each with a satisfying “Mmm.”

Ellie bit her lower lip. She was not used to such a genuine appreciation of her efforts. The last man in Ellie’s life only made her feel small and unwanted. Even when she cooked for him, he complained her food was too ethnic or sweet. Nothing satisfied him. Adam, however, was not like that. She could hear every ounce of sincerity in his words when he described what he thought of her last night. Knowing the honest and charming man Adam was becoming made her heart flutter. At the same time, it made her sad.

“Hey, is everything ok? Aren’t you going to eat?”

Ellie, returning to reality, gave an unconvincing chuckle. “Oh right, yeah, silly me. I spaced out for a second. I’m so glad you like it! So, any idea what you want to do today?”

“I haven’t thought much about it, but it would probably help if I got a job. It would be a way to meet people around here, and I want to help out with my share while I’m here.”

Ellie was surprised. She knew most at Adam’s age would be hanging out at Reef or the community pool. She realized that the thought of Adam staring or flirting with the young, toned, supple girls from the high school made her more uncomfortable than she desired.

“Do you know of any places hiring that preferably don’t mind that I haven’t gotten my diploma yet? I’d prefer not a fast-food place, but I’ll take what I can get now.”

“Well…,” Ellie thought for a moment.

“You may be able to get the day shift at the Reef. It’s an Arcade Bar, but I don’t think they get many customers during the day. Though it is summertime… Oh, I got it! You can come to work at the Library!”

Adam didn’t share his aunt’s enthusiasm, “ Don’t you have to go to college to work in a library?”

“Not to be a Librarian Assistant, you don’t. Since you’ll be finishing your senior year of high school, you should have no problem. The Library will hire you part-time, so it doesn’t interfere with your studies. Only condition is you have to maintain a 3.0 GPA.” She beamed.

“That should be easy. I’ve never had a problem with my grades in my other schools. What would I do?”

“Oh, simple things,” she said, twirling her fork in the air.

“Mostly making sure the books are organized properly to their catalog, picking up books left between the shelves and the study area, tidying up the computer rooms. Nothing too strenuous.”

Adam was beginning to like the idea even more; the idea of spending more time around his Aunt made his thoughts swarm. He was curious about what she was like at work and couldn’t prevent the torrent of seductive scenarios that now paraded through his testosterone-filled mind.

“I’m sold! When can I apply?”

Ellie was overjoyed. She explained to him that she was off today but would call her boss to get the paperwork sent over to her for Adam to fill out.

“Sweet, so what do you want to do for the rest of the day? Speaking of which, what do you do for fun, Auntie? If I’m being honest, librarians do not strike me as fun people”, he chuckled as he sipped his mug.

“Hey! You know I’m not like that. I’m the Queen of Fun!”

“No, offense, Aunt Ellie, entertaining a seven-year-old and entertaining an eighteen-year-old are completely different things. Finger painting and reading me cutesy fantasy stories aren’t going to cut it anymore.”

Ellie put on a mask of playful disappointment, “Drat! Those were my secret weapons. Hmm… Oh My God, Yes! That’s perfect!”

“Uh, want to let me in on the big secret?” Adam was truly lost.

“If I remember correctly, you had a very sick fetish…”

At the mention of fetish, Adam nearly choked on his sip of coffee. He became mortified by the possibility that his dark desires had been discovered. He waited for the inevitable chastisement.

“For Scary stories.”

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T.D. Chronicler

Let me tell you a story. Something dark, dreadful, and gory. I shall weave you a world of pleasure and delights. Ones to accompany you on these ethereal nights. Join me as we voyage to lands unknown, some may just claim you as their own.

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