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Sex Positions for Smaller Penises

When using sex positions for smaller penises, all that will matter will be the number of orgasms, not inches.

By Lizzie BoudoirPublished 7 years ago 7 min read

According to a porn star's thoughts on penis size, “It’s not the size of the boat that counts, but the motion of the ocean.” While this may be true, we can’t forget that the proper position during sex holds great importance, as well. Sex positions for smaller penises vary and can be improvised to make it work best for you and your partner. Besides, it’s not all bad to have a smaller penis. And no, I’m not just trying to make you feel better. Men with smaller penises tend to excel in other areas, such as going down town! Men who feel like they can’t perform with their penis will find other ways to get their partner off. No complaints here! And it’s not even the women we are noticing the lack in length. It’s the men who are pointing out their penis perils. For the 45 percent of men who think their penis is too small, 85 percent of women are satisfied with their partner’s penis size.

So fear not my friends, I am here to help guide you through the best sex positions for smaller penises that will have you and your partner feeling all the right stuff. Combine the right position with the right ocean motion and you have a recipe for success in the bedroom, or the kitchen, or the back of the car, or the bathroom or wherever you choose to get off once you’ve mastered sex positions for smaller penises.


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The butterfly is a variation of the legs up position and a precursor to the X Factor. Women, lay down on your back on a bed or table. Men, approach her while still standing. Because your hips won’t be aligned, prop her up by holding her butt, hips, or use some pillows to get her to the ideal height. He will remain standing as she raises her legs and places one on each shoulder. Her being elevated allows for more range of motion while he is thrusting. For a tighter fit, he can grab both of her ankles together into his hand to press her legs together. Because this position produces deep penetration and stimulation, it is an ideal sex position for smaller penises, in addition to being a fun and adventurous choice.

X Factor

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A spin on the classic Butterfly position, X Factor is a sex position for smaller penises because it allows for deep penetration while controlling the tightness. Ladies, lay comfortably on a table or bed on your back. Men, enter her as you are standing, which will require you to most likely elevate her body. She will raise her legs in the air, cross them, and rest them on your chest.

Pack some pillows under her lower back or (if you’re man enough, which I’m sure you are) use her shins for some leverage. Ladies, feel free to grab onto the back of his thighs or his butt if you can reach, which can help make each thrust more powerful. Her crossed legs make for a tighter fit, and having your bodies aligned this way makes penetration easier, deeper and more effective!

Doggy Style Squeeze

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A twist on an old favorite and a staple sex position for smaller penises! Doggy style is great because it allows for a change in pace at a moment’s notice. Ladies, get on your hands and knees. Fellas, enter her from behind. Usually, the man’s legs go between the woman’s, but to improvise for a smaller penis, his legs should go outside of hers, with her legs firmly pressed together. By doing so, this will create an even tighter fit for him and her and for deeper penetration, which is the whole point right?! Doggy style allows for contact with the G-spot and also frees up the clit to be played with to create more sensation with a hand or a vibrator.

The Splitster

Image via Cosmopolitan

To allow him to get in nice and deep, one of the best sex positions for smaller penises is The Splitster. The woman will lay on her back and the man will kneel in front of her, straddling her unraised leg. The other leg will be lifted into the air and rest on his chest or shoulder, whichever is more comfortable. With him on his knees, he can control the thrusts and depth for which he enters and she can enjoy the full on penetration with her leg up in the air.

Sofa Sex

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Unless you have a sofa in your bedroom, this one should be done when no one else is around. Or if you’re into that sort of thing, more power to ya! Sofa sex is a useful sex position for smaller penises because it gives her something to lean against and push back on. Get onto the sofa and face the arm rest with her torso resting against it, bending at the hips. With both of you on your knees, the man will enter from behind and the armrest of the couch will act as a resting place for her body so he can really get in deep. Sex from behind is always a helpful sex position for smaller penises because it maximizes penetration, as well as leaves the clitoris available for stimulation. Utilize this position around the house for some extra fun, such as against a bed or on the staircase.

Reverse Cowgirl

Image via Cosmopolitan

The Reverse Cowgirl is a classic that many couples include in their sex regimen, but it is a helpful sex position for smaller penises because it puts her in control of what makes her feel best. Men, lay on your back comfortably and have her climb on top, facing away from you, resting either on her knees or her feet, whichever she prefers. In this position, the woman can control the speed, depth and motion with which she is stimulated, making her the keeper of her destiny. Reverse cowgirl, unlike the others, puts the woman in the position to be in control and decide how slowly or quickly she werks it, bringing herself and her partner to climax.

7 Up Legs Up!

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This position is similar to The Splitster so it is a no brainer that it is a sex position for smaller penises. The woman will lay on her back with her legs in the air and the man will kneel in front of her, resting both of her legs on his shoulders. Here, he can stay in an upright position or he can lean forward, moving her legs toward her head and resting his weight on his hands. Communication is key here. Ladies, be sure to let your man know your flexibility limits! In the legs up position, the bodies are aligned nicely for penetration and when he adds the pressure of his body (if she can handle it) she will feel even more filled, which will help with the smaller penis.

The Eagle

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Going spread eagle allows him to get in there and it is a sex position for smaller penises that can be intermixed with the legs up position to create a variety of sensations. Men, starting on your knees, have her lay back comfortably on a bed, floor, sofa, wherever! The man will enter her in the kneeling position and this time, rather than placing her legs on his shoulders, she will leave her legs out or bend them, whichever is more comfortable. During sex, either of you can place her legs onto your shoulders for a varied tightness which can switch things up a little bit. He can thrust by holding onto her thighs and she can reach for the back of this thighs to aid and create deeper penetration.

An alternative to this position is to have the woman lay on her stomach at the edge of a bed or table, with her hips hanging off the edge. The man will approach her from behind as he's standing, and enter her in the upright position. He can use her hips to aid in his thrusting as she holds her legs outright. This is a rear entry without both of you kneeling where she can, again, have her legs be spread out or close to his body for different sensations and tightness.

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