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Sex club guideline for first time visitors

Going to a sex club for the first time? Here’s what you should know

By Electra OceanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Sex club guideline for first time visitors
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Online research of sex clubs is extremely difficult. Most of these clubs don’t have much online presence. If the club has an official website, you can read there about their rules and get the dates of the planned events.

What you probably won’t find on the internet is whether there’s gonna be enough hot people at the club that you can hook up with. And that’s because these clubs barely have any reviews online.

So how is one supposed to choose the right club? Here’s what I learnt from experience.

1. Word of mouth

The best way to get realistic advice on sex clubs is by asking people you know. Reddit and similar platforms may be helpful, but people that you actually do know will be way more likely to give you valuable advice.

Don’t get me wrong, but your experience in a sex club largely depends on your appearance, personality and the ones of your partner (if you visit as a couple).

Therefore you should always have in mind that someone that didn’t have a great time in a particular sex club, may not necessarily be because the club sucks.

2. Quality of the website

If the club you are planning to visit has a website, that will give you a good first impression. The websites sometimes have real photos of different events at the club.

Some club managers are very active in interaction and talk to you in a private chat after you register. That doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing though. A club manager talking to clients in a direct chat makes me think that the club doesn’t have enough customers.

3. Membership requirements

Most clubs require pre-authorization to get access. Some clubs offer online registration, while others require references from their existing members.

The toughest procedure I have experienced to get in, was a pre-planned video conference with the club manager that was questioning me and my ex boyfriend for a good 30 minutes (this should be a deal breaker unless it’s the only sex club in town).

Although all these formalities may sound annoying, you should favor the club that has membership requirements rather than open doors for everyone to walk in.

This is first and foremost for your safety. I feel way more secure knowing that the club has at least some information on the people that are visiting.

Second, you have some idea that the people having access to the club are from the swinging community and not just there to have an experience similar to a brothel.

Based on my experience the best clubs are the ones that accept new members only based on references.

4. Eligibility requirements

Some clubs only allow couples, while others open their doors to single ladies and even single men.

This talks about the male/female ratio you should expect at the club.

If the entry fee for single men is way too affordable for single men, chances are high that you’re gonna end up going to a sausage party.

5. Rules

Decent sex clubs have long lists of strict rules.

This hints about the club’s management caring about their reputation and their visitors’ safety.

And please, read the rules. You may end up skipping some important information like the club’s b.y.o.b. only bar or a particular dress code.

6. Events calendar

The frequency of past and future events announced on the club’s website should give you a good idea about the demand for the club’s services.

If a club has only quarterly or even monthly events, and at the same time is not open regularly, then you shouldn’t have high expectations.

7. Entrance fee

Price is not always a good indicator of service quality, however, if no other information is available, it should still serve for reference.

Serious clubs usually charge high membership/entry fees. Especially for single men.

8. Facilities

A list of facilities available at the sex club is probably something you should also consider when making a decision.

Solid clubs have dressing rooms with lockers and showers (this should be your minimum requirement), a separated area with no-clothes policy, thematic rooms (bdsm, dark room, glory holes, etc), swimming pools, jacuzzis, private rooms, bar, dance floor and many others.

By Alfonso Scarpa on Unsplash

Despites the rules of the club you are visiting, please remember to always be respectful and ask for consent every time. And don’t hesitate to demand the same from others. This will enhance your and other people’s experience at the club.

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