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Selling Panties for Dummies

by Alexa 2 years ago in lingerie
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Making it a little easier for you!

Selling Panties for Dummies
Photo by Patrick Kool on Unsplash

Selling Panties for Dummies

Let's recap my previous stories.

I gave you links to my favorite sites and ones that work very well. I want you to be successful.

I will never stop telling you the biggest keys are determination and dedication.

In the beginning, it's not going to be all rainbows, gumdrops, and extended zeros in your bank account. It takes time.

By now, you should've already created your second persona and made all of your profiles. You go girl!

Depending on which site you're on, you're able to reach out to the members and initate a relationship. TalkToMe and PantyDeal come to mind. Most of the sites only dedicated to selling panties will look like a knock off social media platform.

Jump in and get your feet wet. Even if no one answers you or sends you messages first, don't get discouraged. There's many reasons that could be.

Girls are selling content and panties way cheaper than you (and not making any profit)

Other members are flashing their goodies for free and the scammers are flooding their messages.

Your posts aren't getting seen enough.

The profile you made probably gives off a newbie vibe or a scammer look.

This business takes EFFORT! Put some in and you'll see some progress. Make sure you're advertising, but not too often. Don't seem pushy or desperate.

A big thing I know for a fact you haven't done yet is follow other models. On most of these sites, members can choose to follow your profile and so can you. Follow as many models as possible until your hand gets numb.

They will follow you back and your rank will grow. You'll become more noticeable.

Get models to rate your profile and your content. It'll boost your sales so fast. (Send me a link too!)

Make sure you're sending out quality products. Your panties need to be sealed and air free.

That doesn't mean you need to go out and

buy a vaccum seal press. Those things start out at a hundred dollars and go up. I don't recommend buying one until you are absolutely certain you want to do this full time.

For now, just use Ziploc freezer bags, a little heat, and some tape.

Packaging does have a little bit of a hinderance on your customer's review, but make sure your panty quality distracts them from it!

The first year I started, that's all

I used and I made enough money to make it a full time job. Even though I do it full time, I don't splurge on packaging... Just be realistic about it. Use the bare minimum essentials.

Moving on... if you aren't interested in selling content along with your panties, you can skip this part.

I HIGHLY recommend including in your description that you will send exclusive content with the purchase.

This just means that you'll send a couple of pictures of you in the panties and a 10 second show off clip.

Again, you don't have to show your face, but it's recommended.

To end this article, I'm going to share a few examples of descriptions to use on your panty listings. I give you permission to copy and paste the descriptions, but make sure they match the product you're selling.

Brand new with tags. They will be worn just for you and to your liking.

After you purchase, message me with your request. Exclusive content is included with your purchase. Digital delivery only.

All worn items are sealed for freshness immediately upon removal and shipped within 24 hours in a discreet envelope.

Happy shopping! xoxo

Worn for 24 hours and sealed immediately upon removal. It was a normal day wear.

No extra activites done in the process.

Excessive content is included with your purchase. Digital delivery only.

They will be shipped within 24 hours in a discreet envelope.

Happy shopping! Xoxo

Sweaty gym session and grocery shopping.

These panties have enjoyed themselves.

They have soaked up all my sweet juices just for you! I removed them right before my nightly shower and sealed them tightly to ensure freshness. Exclusive content is included with your purchase. Digital delivery only.

They will be shipped within 24 hours in a discreet envelope.

Happy shopping!

These are just a few descriptions for panties that sell very well. It would be best to actually do the activities you list, but if you sweat by just getting out of bed, that is a plus! You can move inventory a lot faster!

You can change these descriptions anyway you'd like. Just make sure it's something very similar.

Some other parties that sell very well are the ones that mention your "dirty" extra curricular activities.

If you'd like me to view your profiles and give you some tips or rate your products send me an email with the link! I'd love to help in any way possible.


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