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Roscoe Forthright Speaks with Two Wives

by Roscoe Forthright about a month ago in erotic

(wife no. 3, 4 and 5 have grown wearisome.)

[ Wives no. 3, no.4 and no.5 ]

Roscoe speaks to Beth

I have good reasons to save up my semen for you.

To hold back my orgasm, four, five, or six days,

sometimes even two weeks, stroking my little fellow

most every morning, kissing you while I stroke

those days you are available,

without one sacred ejaculation.

I save my cream, so when you are fully aroused,

after I have licked, sucked and caressed your pubis,

after you have driven your swirling purple vibrator

in and out, in and out, bringing forth your full

intensity, the intensity of your body

fueled by the intensity of love,

your love of pleasure,

your love for sharing pleasure,

fueled by your love for me...

Then, only then comes the best moment

to gush full bursts of semen onto your face,

into your mouth, or into your vagina.

We share those moments of orgasm,

savor our joy, immerse ourselves in joy,

Almost out of control like a puppy

running in circles in the backyard

so full of joy, the little fellow

can only express the joy

with loud, cheerful yelps

and non-stop kinetic action!

That is the joy of Oneness!

The joy of being serene in the world,

fear, anger, remorse, disappointment...

all negative forces conquered

by a deliberate act of will,

by a deliberate act of love

and deliberate intensification

of sexual pleasure

through a simple act

of self-restraint.

My holding back the orgasm,

raising my little fellow up,

and allowing him to rest,

to rest for days.

So when he is let loose

in the backyard.

His joy, my joy and your joy

are unstoppable!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Roscoe speaks with Kate

I ingest my joy slowly. Like eating a woman's pussy. There is

no need to rush. I savor the flavor. I savor the texture of each

pubic lip, and the texture inside. It is much like a leisurely

breakfast. Sitting in warm sunlight, in a quiet room. On my

plate are slices of Bosc pear, slices of Munster and Havarti

cheese. Two soft-boiled eggs without shells. Two slices of

sourdough toast, spread with rosemary olive oil. Next to my

plate is a hot mug of Ethiopian coffee, spiced with Arabic

spice and cinnamon. I nibble. I take small bites. I crush small

chunks of pear between my teeth, and let the juicy pulp linger

on my tongue. I close my eyes and concentrate my mind to

the sweet flavor of pear, and on the warm sunlight on my

closed eyelids. Likewise, I take a bite of Havarti cheese, and

let it dissolve on my tongue. I sip spiced coffee, and hold the

flavors of cheese and spiced coffee on my tongue. I take a bite

of toast, enjoying the crunch, and the softness soaked with oil.

I close my eyes, and enjoy each flavor and each texture.

When my mouth is on a woman's mouth, or on a woman's

vagina, I ingest my joy slowly. Just like eating a slow

breakfast in quiet sunlight. My tongue moves in slow circles,

around the outer edge of your vaginal lips. With lips and teeth,

I nibble your lips, suck them into my mouth, and lay my

tongue flat on your warm lips. I savor the flavor of your

viscous fluid, as if the fluid was Arabic spiced coffee, mixed

with the flavor and texture of soft bread soaked with rosemary

olive oil. I swallow your fluid, as I would swallow bread,

cheese, Bosc pears and olive oil. The sensual pleasure does

not end with taste. I savor the clean, fresh, uniquely personal

scent of you. There are no scientific studies on how to change

or improve the taste of a vagina. Some females rely on

pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, mangoes, and cucumbers to keep

their cleanly scrubbed vaginae tasting sweet. Soap and water,

and your own vaginal juices provide all the fresh taste and

flavor I require.

When I spurt semen into your mouth. I want your pleasure to

equal the pleasure I have licking your pussy. Move your

tongue over the texture of my full cockhead. Notice the

roughness, notice the smoothness, the warmth, and the salty

flavor as one drop of semen seeps from my small orifice.

Likewise, allow your fingertips to explore, to savor the texture

of my smooth-shaven balls. Enjoy the weight and firmness of

my balls, as you squeeze them and caress them.

Squeeze my balls, slowly, deliberately, with my full cock in

your mouth. Now, prepare yourself. You hear my panting

breath. You know I will come soon. Open your eyes to see me

smiling down at you. Then close your eyes, as my eyes were

closed in sunlight. Concentrate your mind on the full swell of

my cockhead. You can feel the moment of orgasm, the sacred

moment before semen gushes into your mouth, hot bursts into

the back of your throat. You almost gag, in surprise. The load

of salty, viscous semen spreads over, over your tongue. You

lick my still full cock-head, with my semen coating your

tongue. You suck my still full cock-head as you swallow my

semen. Swallow every drop of semen. Lick and suck every

drop of semen from my tingling cock.

Consider this the first meal of your day. A hearty, nutritious

breakfast. I will make coffee later. I will bring you Bosc pears,

munster, havarti, and cheddar cheeses, later. The sensual

pleasure does not end with taste. I savor the sound of your

moans, your sighs and your whispers, as you prepare to

orgasm. As my tongue darts and swirls in and around your

pubic folds. As your mind fills with pleasure, for the full

length of your arousal. I enjoy the sounds of your wet pussy,

and the sound of your moans, your sighs and your whispers.

Think about all these joyful things, as you watch me stroke my

erection for you. As I am fully aroused for you. For you, my

beautiful angel. For you, my beautiful love. Here. Here and

now. My rush of thick cream is for you. Come with me.

Come for me. Come. Come

Roscoe Forthright
Roscoe Forthright
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Roscoe Forthright

Erotic filmmaker and novelist. I use x-rated heterosexual short films as a tool for spiritual enlightenment. Laugh all you want. This actually works for many people. Fucking is universal! And very popular!

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