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Room Service

by XO Sam 5 days ago in nsfw
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A maid and a mysterious hotel guest meet secretly

It was the last hour of my shift at the luxurious Hotel Argent when I received the handwritten note left for me at the front desk. I didn’t have to open it to know who it was from.

I immediately went to the maid’s private quarters to prepare myself. Once I entered, I found a gift waiting for me at the vanity mirror.

It was a square gift box, wrapped in fine black silk. A card sat on top. It read:


Wear these for me under your uniform. I expect you to be in my room at 8pm. Don’t be late- or there will be consequences.

Mr. M

I felt a nervous fluttering in my chest. I opened the box to find a pile of neatly folded black lingerie wrapped in delicate paper.

I undressed and slipped the lingerie on. It was a daring set- tiny straps criss-crossed, wrapping my upper thighs perfectly. The middle piece covered my nipples just barely with carefully placed bands of fabric, pushing my breasts in place and accentuating my cleavage. More clever straps of fabric ran across my waist and back, pulling in my figure like an hourglass.

Mr. M always planned our meetings perfectly, down to the very last detail. He controlled every aspect. But for a man who made so many decisions for me, I hardly knew him.

I had never even seen his face.

We played games together, him and I. It started with a simple request- that I tend to his room during his stay. He would order up room service or call in small favors. He always spoke to me, back turned, or sitting in darkness. I knew he was a man, fairly tall with a fit build, likely middle aged, but I never saw him well enough to know more than that. One day six months ago he invited me to stay with him for the evening. He offered to arrange the rest of the night off for me with the hotel. The offer was explicit. I accepted.

He always planned these games meticulously- but it wasn’t the instructions themselves that challenged me- it was our wills. His over mine, trying to bend me. The fun for him was my struggle.

I arrived at his door at 8pm sharp, wearing my maid uniform and the lingerie set underneath. Hanging on the handle where a “do not disturb” sign would normally hang, was another handwritten note.

Come in Ava, It read.

I opened the door to the grand suite. One of the finest rooms in the hotel, it was lavishly decorated with expensive furnishings, every last detail a luxury. It was spacious, with an enormous, pillowy king sized bed, and a hidden balcony.

The room smelled faintly of him, but he was nowhere to be seen. Usually he waited, his back turned until he could apply the blindfold that covered his face from my sight.

The lights were dimmed to a low warm glow. The massive bed was still made, red rose petals scattered on the surface. Another gift sat on the nightstand- this one rectangular and slimmer, with another note by its side. I walked over and picked the note up. I took a breath, trying to still my nerves- we were about to begin.

You know where to put this. Lay still. Put the headphones in. Be good for me.

I opened the box. There were two devices inside. The first was one of those remote controlled vibrators. Missing the remote, of course. The other device was a pair of ear pieces. I stripped off my clothes, leaving them on the floor.

My bare feet on the soft carpet, cool sweet evening air on my exposed skin, I slipped the vibrator under my lingerie, where it was barely held in place by the thong, lightly gripped between my skin.

I obediently laid down in the middle of the bed and put in the ear pieces. At first I only heard silence, the slight humming of the room.

Then his voice filled my head. Low, rough, suggestive. I could hear every slight intonation, every small breath. It was as if he was right above me.

“Well done, Ava,” he said.

My lips turned up in the corners in a hidden smile. It had only been a month, but it felt like too long since I’d heard his voice. My practically naked body quivered on the sheets, ready for whatever Mr. M had in store for me.

“You followed my instructions very well,” He said.

“Thank you, sir.” I said quietly, oh so polite.

“Good girl,” He praised. The vibrator pulsed twice gently.

I sucked in a pleasantly surprised breath. I let out a little “Oh”.

His voice turned to a low whisper, “do you like that?”

“Yes, sir.” I said quietly back.

“Do you want more?” He asked.

“...Yes, sir.”

He clicked his tongue at me, chiding. “That’s not polite enough.”

“Yes, please, sir.” I breathed.

“Hmmmmm,” he purred. “Better.”

The vibrator pulsed again, three times gently. I could already feel my body waking up, tuning in to any slight movement. I wasn’t ready for it to stop.

“Mmmm…” I moaned softly.

I heard him breathe, slow and heavy. “Ohh, you do sound so lovely in pleasure like that,” he said. “It would be so nice if we just continued this way, don’t you think?”

I hesitated before answering enthusiastically. It was never that simple with Mr. M. He was playing with me.

“.... yes, sir.” I said.

“What, that’s not what you want?” He asked, a teasing edge to his voice. “I thought you were enjoying this, Ava.” I could hear a slight smile creeping into his words.


“This is what’s going to happen,” He began. “You’re going to touch yourself, play with yourself. I want you to explore. Every time you do something I like, you will be rewarded. Do you understand?”

So he was watching me. The thought made me nervous, but also excited. I wondered how close he was, where he was watching from. My nerves pricked up. What would a man like Mr. M want to see?

“Yes, sir.”

“Please me, Ava.” He said sternly.

I took a deep breath. I felt the soft, silky sheets under me. I spread my hands out, feeling the rose petals under my fingers, slowly closing a fist around them. I lowered my hand, sliding it down the sheets to my thigh. I slid it back up, trailing my hand up my inner thigh slowly, feeling my skin under my fingers. I brushed them over the lips of my vulva, only hovering them over but letting out a delicious soft moan before continuing them up, over my breasts where I paused to tease my nipple.

I heard another breath over the headphones. He liked that.

I brought my other hand up to my breast, both hands cupping them gently. I squeezed my hands lightly, playfully rolling and massaging them in my hands. The vibrator pulsed, one time, long and drawn out. Again, I wasn’t ready for it to stop. My clit was tingling, searching for more.

I massaged with increasing intensity, rolling my palms over my soft breasts and rolling my nipples between my fingers. I moaned softly, theatrically.

I heard a grunt escape through the breaths on Mr. M’s line. I hoped he was getting worked up, teasing himself to the sight of my pleasure.

That thought urged me in deeper. I knew what I wanted- I wanted to be grinding on his dick, and I didn’t want to wait.

I flipped over on my stomach and grabbed one of the rich downy pillows and shoved it between my legs. I began humping, grinding, pushing myself into its softness and squeezing it between my thighs. I moaned, thrusting into the pillow as if I was riding him.

I heard another groan- this one louder from the headphones. The vibrator began pulsing in increments, a maddening space between each delicious vibration.

“Bad girl,” He said, low and rough. “Ruining the pillows like that. I should have known better than to leave you in the room alone.”

How like him, I thought. He liked the degradation games. But I knew how to play.

“That’s right,” I said through my slightly labored breaths. “You can’t leave me alone for too long. You know how I get.”

He breathed out a laugh. “You’re going to have to do more than that if you want me to join you.”

My sexual frustration compounded with my frustration over his stubbornness. If he wanted more, I’d give it to him.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned into the empty room, playing it up with my heaving chest and making my grinding motion as smooth and seductive as possible, pushing my hips up and back, riding the pillow like I wanted to be riding him.

I stabilized myself on one hand and brought the other up to grip my breasts and tease my nipples as I kept grinding and humping.

His breathing got heavier. The vibrator picked up- still a low vibration but with less time between pulses. God, it was infuriating. I was teasing myself- arching my back and pushing my ass in the air before bringing it back down and squeezing the pillow for maximum firmness between my legs, aided by the soft pulses of the vibrator.

I moved my hand from my breast down between my thighs. I stuck my arm under the pillow, pressing it firm against my pussy, which was growing wetter by the second and soaking through the skimpy straps of the thong and on to the pillow, a cheap substitute for being fucked by him.

I heard his grunts fall in tandem with mine. “Mmmm..”

The vibrator picked up to full speed, a robust, generous vibration that felt incredible. I could just give in, grinding my way to orgasm like this.

But I would hate myself if I came without feeling him. I knew what I was missing.

I heard his heavy breaths and moans through the headphones. It was maddening, knowing he was stroking himself, withholding himself from me. I fantasized that he was sliding a condom on, readying himself for me. He always made a big point of using one, no matter how many times I assured him, or how many times I begged and begged for him to cum raw in me. Just another thing he had to control, I suppose.

“So, do I win now?” I asked, trying to focus while the vibrator brought warm waves of pleasure.

“I rewarded you, didn’t I?” He said.

“Not enough.” I said.


I picked up the vibrator from between my legs and tossed it across the room. Knowing he was watching from somewhere, I flipped over on my back, pushing the pillow aside and opening my legs in an invitation.

“I don’t want that. I want more.” I said impatiently.

He sounded displeased. “That was a gift, you know. And you just threw it across the room…”

I sighed, acting nonchalant while my heart was pounding in my chest. I knew how dangerous it was to tease him like this. "Oh, did that upset you? What are you going to do about that?"

He was in the room before I even heard the door open. In the low dimmed light, I only saw the outline of his broad shoulders, the fabric of his button down, and the suggestion of an expensive haircut. Once again, I didn’t have a chance to make out his features before he reached me. He handled me roughly, flipping me around on my stomach, face down in the sheets.

He yanked me back to tie the blindfold tight around my eyes. My vision turned to fuzzy black darkness. I was at his mercy now.

Unacceptable,” He growled into my ear, gripping me to his body. His scent enveloped me. The heat of his body made me feel weak. He pulled me into his chest.

“That’s not how you’re supposed to play.” he said, low and angry. He tugged my wrists together behind my back, and I felt him tie another strip of fabric around them, binding them there with no hope of me wiggling out. “You do as I say.”

He shoved me with force down onto the bed, while he knelt behind me. His roughness made my heart pound with anticipation.

“You disobeyed me, Ava.” He said in a warning tone. “Do you know what I have to do now?” he asked with an edge while I heard him undressing behind me.

“Punish me?” I said sweetly from below him, belly down on the sheets. My body felt more exposed than ever, barely anything between my body and his. My bare skin tingled with vulnerability.

He leaned down over me, hovering his bare chest above my back. I felt something warm bounce on the backs of my upper thighs. I gasped, realizing it was his fully exposed, erect penis. The velvet soft lips of my pussy tingled with anticipation. He hovered his chest right above my shoulder blades.

You’re going to beg for me.” He whispered.

He lightly slapped his dick on my ass. It was heavy, and even the light slaps stung a little. I let out a little moan.

“You want that?” He demanded. “You want that in your sweet pussy?”


He pushed his dick between my thighs, right up against my ass cheeks, and started pumping it there, pushing in and out. I realized then that he had not been sliding a condom on earlier. I was feeling his bare skin on mine. And oh God, I wanted it. I was burning, trying to hold back my begging as long as possible.

“Ohhh, your ass feels so good,” He said.

He kept pumping between my thighs. I muffled my groan into the sheets.

“What’s that?” He teased. “You want it?”

He pressed in further, sliding a little between my legs, pushing through just enough to wet the tip of his cock.

I couldn’t take it anymore. “God, I want it!” I cried out, begging with everything I had.

“Mmmmm…” He pushed in again, further. Enough to press his shaft into my soaked pussy, teasing my clit as he lingered, rubbing himself against me. His bare skin on me was making my blood pump hot and fast. He leaned in close, pressing his chest fully against my back, pinning me down to the bed. I could hardly breathe.

“Not enough.” He said before letting up.

Please, I need your cock. I need it so badly.” I pleaded.

He pulled back, before pushing back in, this time pushing his head in just a little more. I moaned.

He whispered gently in my ear, “Apologize.”

Everything in me was begging for more. I felt it would only take a couple thrusts, just a few glorious thrusts from his raw cock. I couldn’t believe he was thrusting bare, just like I always begged him to. And it was maddening, how much I wanted it. “I’m….sorry.”

He pumped his dick into me once, hard, from behind. The intense feeling of his generous length took my breath away. I gasped.

He pressed down on me again, whispering “What are you sorry for?”

“Disobeying you.” I whispered.

He pumped again. This time the intensity of the first push faded into deep, immediate pleasure at having his member pushed inside of me so roughly.

“Say it again.” He said.

Breathless, I said dripping with sweetness, “I’m so sorry I disobeyed you, sir. Please, don’t stop using me.”

He grunted. “Good girl.”

He removed his hand from my neck and pushed apart my thighs, spreading them out in a welcoming position for his thrusting. The anticipation was killing me. I was breathing heavy there on the bed, tied up and blindfolded before him, ready to be fucked.

He slid his entire length in, again making me gasp with the intensity. He began thrusting, pumping rhythmically. He slid his hand under my hip, and I felt his fingers begin to work on my clit, massaging and rubbing his fingers.

“Ohhhhh fuck,” I moaned.

“That’s right, my little slut.” he rubbed faster, trying new motions before settling on a circular one. He was quickly working me to the edge. His thrusting was picking up pace. My entire body thrummed with pre-orgasm energy, right on the precipice.

“Oh, fuck.” I heard him say under his breath.

And then I realized that Mr. M, always collected, always sticking to his plan, was losing his patience. He was letting go, his thrusting getting rougher and deeper with each push.

Right before his touching could take me to orgasm, he moved his hands, bracing both arms on either side of my back to stabilize himself as he railed me from behind. He had never fucked me like this, never this intense. His thrusts were coming in quick succession, one after the other with almost no time to pull out. He was slamming into me, shaking my entire body.

He was grunting and moaning like an animal, slamming into me over and over, dick pushing deeper than I’d ever felt before.

“Oh, fuck, harder! You're gonna make me cum!” I cried.

My words seemed to throw him over the edge, and he yelled out, loud enough for the rest of the hotel to hear as his thrusts peaked, my body barely able to take his intense railing as I fully succumbed and orgasmed around his hard cock.

“Ohhhhh God, Ava,” he moaned as he finished inside of me, slowing his thrusts to gentle movements, pulling out gingerly.

To my delight, I felt drips of his warm, sticky cum dropping on my thighs. I panted while my body attempted to recover from the thorough fucking I’d just taken from my mysterious master.

“Oh, god.” I heard him say quietly as he untied the bindings around my wrists. I could swear he sounded just a little shaken as he said,

“I’m playing with fire during our meetings… I find it harder and harder to contain myself with you.”

“Is that such a bad thing?” I said.

“For the hotel’s sake, I think so.”


About the author

XO Sam

Hi, I'm Sam. Putting YOUR wildest fantasies into words is what I'm good at. Don't worry. Nobody will know except us. I hope you like it.

XO, Sam

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