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"Lessons" From My Professor

A forbidden fling sparks between a student and her professor on a research trip for school.

By XO SamPublished 10 months ago 16 min read

There was really no good reason to pack lingerie for a research trip with my professor. It definitely had nothing to do with what we were studying- the ecosystem of a secluded lake miles away from campus. It was remote, and perfect studying material for our Ecology class. Only a handful of students in the program had qualified for the trip, and somehow, despite Professor Reaves’s apparent dislike of me, I had excelled enough in class to make the list.

My stomach twisted as I rubbed the lacy material of the corset between my fingers. It makes no sense to pack this, I thought. But before I could toss it into a forgotten corner of my dorm room and hurry off to the bus, an intrusive thought crept into my mind- Professor Reaves’s hands.During labs last week he had felt the need to correct me publicly again. He was always calling me out in front of class and making an example of my errors- no matter how well I did or how many times I came in after class to ask questions. But what I remembered instead of his irritating constant criticism, was the feeling of his breath on the back of my neck as he leaned over me, and his hands brushing mine as he corrected my work. I’d dreamed about it again last night, but his hands didn’t stop when they brushed mine. They moved down, down, down… sliding over my breasts and inching towards my inner thighs…

I shouldn’t be thinking about him like that, I told myself for the hundredth time. But at the last second, I packed the corset and thong into my bag- tucking it carefully under my denim and hiking boots. I zipped my suitcase closed and quickly dressed in a loose t-shirt and tight leggings and left for campus, hoping for a good seat on the bus.

I boarded early, right as the bus arrived, and took a seat in the very back by the window. I was fine keeping to myself during this trip. None of my friends from class had made the list, which meant it would be a lonely trip, but hopefully one that would give me some good experience. And maybe even some time alone with Professor Reaves…

No. This was purely educational. And if I spent any time at all with him, it would be to try and improve my student-teacher relationship with him. Nothing else.

Soon, the other students boarded, filling every seat except the one across from mine. Finally, Professor Reaves boarded. I sucked in a breath on seeing him- he was dressed down and more casual than his usual class attire. And I had to admit that he looked good.

He wore a simple long sleeve, rolled up to his elbows with his backpack slung over one shoulder. He wore a baseball cap pulled over his slightly tousled, impressive head of soft brown hair peppered with gray. It was no secret on campus that he was stupidly hot, especially for a man his age. He was probably in his late forties, but he had an athletic build and youthful leanness. He had a long, straight nose and intelligent green eyes. His skin was a healthy tan- rare for a professor in the science department, but it seemed that his love of ecology was constantly taking him outside.

He addressed the students from the front of the bus, naturally attracting everyone’s attention with his smooth, strong voice. “Congratulations for making it on this trip! If you’re here, it’s because you’ve proved your work ethic and abilities in class.”

His eyes darted to mine, then away again. I would have missed it if I’d blinked. But his expression had been one of…frustration? I shifted in my seat.

He continued, “Please be respectful of one another and listen up for any instructions I might give. Alright, let’s get out there and have a good time!”

A few students clapped and whooped. Professor Reaves scanned the seats for an open spot. He met my eyes before quickly darting his gaze away again, looking desperately for another spot. But they were all taken, all except the seat across the aisle from mine.

He looked disgruntled as he made his way to the very back row, where he sat across from me, busying himself with his backpack. The engine rumbled as the driver started the bus and pulled away from campus.

“Hello, professor,” I attempted to sound polite.

He didn’t look up. “Hello, Katie”, he said in a low voice that sounded deliberately uninterested.

Why does he dislike me so much?

I kept my overly polite tone. “I just wanted to say thanks for getting me on the list, I really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to the experience I’ll get on this trip.” I said.

“Well you’re certainly persistent, aren’t you?” He said with flat sarcasm. “It would have been difficult to keep you from coming with how you… insist on questioning me at all hours of the day.”

“Excuse me?” I asked.

He sighed, meeting my eyes with an intense stare, his jaw clenched. “Listen, just don’t mention it, okay?”

What is with this guy?

I met his stare with one of my own, lacing my voice with frustration as I spoke even though I knew it was risky speaking to a professor this way. “Look, I don’t understand what your issue is, Professor. All I wanted was to thank you for this opportunity. But I’m not going to apologize for just trying to be a good student.”

He made an exasperated sound, but dropped his eyes and said nothing more.

I shoved in my headphones and cranked up my music, drowning out the rumbling of the bus and trying not to think how stupid I was for packing lingere on this trip. What was I thinking? I kept my eyes firmly trained on the view from the window, even when I was tempted to look over at him.

I watched as the city roads slowly turned into town and country roads, until eventually we were deep into the forest and well away from any houses or buildings. Night fell, and the woods around the bus grew dense, only the treetops lit by the moon. The bus was completely dark, except for a couple of dimly lit screens from a few students who were watching something on their phone or laptop.

I finally dared a look at the professor. He was leaning on his jacket against the window, asleep. His face was relaxed and handsome, much less intimidating without that look of disapproval he always seemed to reserve for me. The bus hit a bump in the road, tossing his backpack to the floor where a couple books spilled out from the bag.

I leaned over the aisle to scoop up the books, placing them back in the backpack and standing up to place his backpack back on the seat next to him. But when I lifted my eyes, I found that Professor Reaves was awake, and looking at me.

“Your bag fell,” I said, trying to keep my voice neutral. “Here you go.” I set it next to him. But his scowl didn’t return, and a look of pleased curiosity remained.

“Oh”, he said. “I must have dozed off. Thank you.”

“Yeah, no problem.” I said, moving back towards my seat.

I felt a firm hand grip my arm. “Katie, wait.” He said. His voice was softer now. He kept his voice quiet. “I, uh- I feel that I owe you an apology.” He said. “Can I explain myself?”

I sat down back in my seat, facing him. “Um, sure.” I said, shocked at his quick change in behavior.

“I know I haven’t made it easy for you in class”, He said. His voice remained surprisingly pleasant and sincere. He kept his eyes on me as he spoke. “I know I’ve given you a hard time, and, well, I’m sorry if I made things needlessly difficult for you.”

“I, um, didn’t expect this.” I said quietly. “But…I appreciate your apology. I’m glad you said something because, yeah, you’ve made class a pain in the ass. I felt like every day you were going to call me out for something.”

He took his hat off and ran a hand through his soft peppered hair, leaving it more tousled than before, like he just got out of bed. I found myself wishing to know what it felt like. He chuckled softly. “And I probably did, too. I definitely took it too far.”

I allowed myself a little hope. Maybe I would finally understand why he seemed to be so bothered by me. “Professor, can I ask…why? Did I do something wrong?” I asked.

He put his hat back on and shifted nervously. “Ah, no. Not exactly.”

“Then what was it?” I asked.

He dropped his gaze and rubbed the scruff on his cheeks. “Well, let’s just say you… challenged me, as a teacher. I found it…difficult to keep my composure.”

“Did I.. do or say something to challenge you?” I asked. “If I did something wrong I just want to know.”

He swallowed, and when he spoke he kept his voice low. “I wouldn’t worry about that, Katie. You were a model student. It was… more of a personal challenge than anything else.”

He met my eyes again carefully, but there was something in his expression that I could barely make out in the darkness that made my cheeks flush with heat.

“I look forward to improving our… professional relationship from here.” He said, slow and intentional.

A few moments of heavy silence passed between us, the only sound the revving of the bus engine up the steep rural roads.

I took a huge risk. I crossed the aisle and sat down next to him, close enough for our thighs to touch. This might be a big mistake, I thought. But the feeling pulsing between us was too strong to ignore.

“Katie, what are you…” He whispered.

I could smell his cologne- clean and masculine, wafting up from his broad chest. I could feel the warmth of his body next to mine.

“Professor”, I whispered into his neck. “Tell me about how I…. personally challenged you. I need to know… if we’re going to… improve our professional relationship.”

“Katie”, he whispered back. He gripped his hands to his thighs as if to glue them there. “I can’t… I need you to go back to your seat.”

“Professor, I want this.” I whispered, matching the intensity of my words with my gaze.

I could hear his breath get heavier as he slowly met my eyes with his. When his eyes locked with mine in the darkness, I felt the same desire and raw lust I’d been repressing echoed in his gaze.

“So, tell me.” I whispered. “How did I… challenge you?”

He swallowed before speaking, his voice low enough for only me to hear.

“I could hardly stand having you in class”, he said. “You…tempt me, Katie. I found it so, so frustrating that you performed so well, always keeping my attention when I was trying not to….” He sucked in a breath.

As he spoke I began trailing my hand up his thigh. I started at his knee, creeping up higher and higher until my hand met the bulge between his legs. It grew instantly at my touch, and I could feel him growing harder. I pressed my palm there gently, suggestively.

“Trying not to…what?” I asked innocently.

“Someone might see…” He muttered.

“It’s dark.” I said. “All we have to worry about is staying quiet. Now, what were you saying?”

He tried to keep his breath steady as he whispered. “Trying not to… think about you. I knew I shouldn’t.”

I smiled to myself in the dark. “I think we were having the same problem, professor.” I whispered, toying with his zipper, playfully tugging it down little by little.

“What do you mean?” He asked, breathless.

“I was… struggling with inappropriate thoughts about you, too.” I said, remembering the lingerie packed snugly in my suitcase with a jolt of excitement. “I kept having… dreams about you.”

I unzipped his jeans, maneuvering my hand beneath the fabric and into the warm folds of his boxers, where I felt his firm warmth beneath my palm. I then felt his own hand, graceful despite its strength, begin to tease up my thigh.

“Is this..?” He asked.

“Please,” I whispered enthusiastically into his ear. I used my other hand to trace up his neck, into his hair. It was just as soft and sexy as it looked. I tugged on his hair, pulling his head down to meet mine. Our lips crushed together. I tasted a hint of salt on his skin, and his sweet musky scent. His kiss was tender and electrifying. While his lips were occupied on mine, I slid my hand under the remaining layer of fabric over his crotch, easily finding his firm, fully erect cock. His skin was hot and smooth under my fingers, and I struggled to keep a firm grip around his impressive erection. My lips muffled his moan as I began stroking.

Spurred on by my boldness, his hand slid between my thighs, pressing between my legs and making my head spin with desire. He began massaging me slowly at first. But as our kiss intensified, he gave in quickly- hungrily stroking my pussy over the thin fabric of my leggings. He brought his other hand up under my shirt, tentatively exploring my soft breasts. I felt his dick grow harder as his gentle exploring turned confident. His window glass began to fog up as our stroking and pawing became more and more intense, hidden under heavy darkness.

He slid the hand stroking over my leggings completely under my elastic waistband. Skin on skin, fingers gently and expertly circling my clit. I could feel his hand tremble eagerly as his fingers coaxed out my wetness. His dick was fully out of his pants as I stroked with increased intensity. Our moans were muffled by each other’s lips and tongues, twisting and teasing, only disconnecting to catch a breath before diving back in. The rumbling of the bus down dirt roads muffled the sounds of our pleasure that slipped out.

I needed more. I swung my leg over his lap, straddling him carefully as to not bump the seat in front of him. I pressed against him as close as I could, gripping the back of his seat for leverage, and started grinding my pussy on his crotch while both of us kept our hands trained on each other, stroking and teasing with growing hunger. Every part of our bodies that could touch were now pressed against each other. The feeling of our hands moving between us while straddling him was intense. The added pressure was ecstasy. I found that once I started grinding on him I couldn’t stop.

“Ohhh, Katie.” he whispered down my neck before he tugged my shirt down to kiss the tender skin above my breasts, still keeping his other hand occupied under my leggings. He brought his lips back up to my ear, alternating between whispering and sucking on my neck.

“I can’t tell you… how many times I’ve wanted this…God, you made it so fucking hard for me…every time you came in after class I just wanted to…”

A small groan escaped from my throat. “Careful, Professor”, I begged as quietly as I could. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay quiet if you keep that up.”

Unable to stop myself, I freed my hands and stretched the waistband of my leggings down far enough to make space just enough for him to fit. I gripped his cock, guiding it to barely graze my dripping wet clitoris.

We both groaned under our breaths. I locked my lips to his to stifle the sound.

I grazed his tip over my clit again. I felt his body tremble with pleasure under me.

“Katie,” He broke his lips away and managed to whisper. “Are you sure?”

“Shut up,” I whispered, enjoying the power I felt over him. “You’re my professor, aren’t you?” I whispered as I slowly and deliberately circled his tip around my clit. “You’re supposed to teach me, right?”

I circled my clit with his head again, adding just a little more pressure. I felt his thighs tense under mine.

“How am I supposed to learn unless you encourage me?” I whispered into his neck.

His body shook. His strong hands slid around my body, moving down my back and gripping my ass as I straddled him. He moaned softly. “That’s right…” he whispered, playing along. “I have so much to… teach you.”

I was already testing my self restraint to its limits, teasing myself like this with his dick. Then the bus hit another bump, and my hand slipped, dipping his head inside of me. We both gasped.

“Oh, God, Katie… ” He whispered. “Ohhh…” he moaned as I slid him in again, just burying his head. Any chance of holding back was gone now.

“Oh, fuck,” I whispered. This was better than any fantasy, better than I ever imagined it would be in my dreams. “You feel so good, professor.” I said.

“Ohhh….”, He moaned as I pulled him back out slowly, torturously. All I could think about was how good his entire length would feel sliding in all the way.

“… Fuck, no, don’t stop…” He whispered hoarsely.

I circled his head around my clit again, once, twice, each time pressing just a little harder…

I was lost in the feeling, so lost that I only heard the sound of the brakes squealing to a halt on the bus distantly.

“Oh, shit!” he whispered suddenly. “Oh shit, oh shit. We’re at the cabins!”

We quickly righted ourselves, adjusting our clothes and hair, zipping up and covering up. I sat down back in my seat across from his just as the lights turned on and the driver opened the doors.

He hurried to pick up his bag and walk to the front of the bus. I noticed his hair was still messy- no one else would know why except me.

He cleared his throat. “Students, we’re here!” He announced, clapping his hands to wake up anyone who slept through the lights turning on. “Grab your luggage and head down to the cabins- I’ll sort out everyone’s sleeping arrangements there!”

Before he left the bus, he looked at me one more time. His eyes said it all.

Tonight wasn’t over yet.

I would definitely be using that lingerie.


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Hi, I'm Sam. Putting YOUR wildest fantasies into words is what I'm good at. Don't worry. Nobody will know except us. I hope you like it.

XO, Sam

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  • Morbin’ 9 months ago

    I have to say this… was very exciting.

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