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Romancing the Wild

Natalie wants to find love, but first, she has to uncover her destiny and find out who she is.

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago 9 min read
Romancing the Wild
Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash

Natalie was running. She had no idea that she was running, but she did know this happened every time there was a full moon. She ran through the forest, taking in the scenery of dark trees, following every scent, and jumping streams and rivers. She ran for hours; she was tired, but her instincts told her not to stop. She covered 12 miles of forest, then suddenly she stopped behind a tree, feeling exhausted. She was just drifting off when she got a sudden overwhelming feeling that somebody was watching her. She could sense it, both in her mind and in her body. The feeling was overwhelming to a point where it woke her up, and she started running again, even though all she wanted to do was sleep. She used all her senses, checking every single nook and cranny of the forest, but she couldn't see anyone.

"Fuck!" she cried out loud. She had hit a river, but the reflection staring back at her wasn't her own. She looked away, then back at it again, but she still couldn't see her own reflection in the waters. 'That is not me!' she said to herself, feeling completely startled by what she saw. She looked all around her, to see if she could see what was showing in the reflection that was supposed to be her, and looked back into the water. The same reflection was still there, but it wasn't her! The reflection wasn't human, it looked like a huge white wolf, but Natalie knew she wasn't a wolf, to her knowledge. She had heard wolves existed in Cherry Town where she lived. Her grandma and grandpa had told her of them. They told her the myth that these wolves looked for mates who they could team up with, and form their own packs. The wolves weren't dangerous to people in general, but they always guarded their own against others who tried to attack or kill them. Natasha had never come across wolves in Cherry Town, so she thought that it was just a myth, despite hearing about humans who changed into them. To her, those were just fairytales made up by the folk who lived there

Crack! A branch snapped loudly from behind her, making her jump. The fear was overwhelming her now, and she had to find out who was there. She could feel the hairs rising on her back, even though she was pretty sure her back wasn't hairy. Her heartbeat had quickened and her pulse was rising faster than normal. She looked behind her, no one! She wanted to run fast, but she felt compelled to stay where she was, and her feet wouldn't move. She could sense the scent of an animal, but she could not see anything near her at all. The scent was strong, and she didn't sense this scent unless she was running. She was confused and exhausted. Since there didn't seem to be anybody around her, she reassured herself that she was safe, and she fell fast asleep.

Jamie hid in the trees. He was feeling frustrated, and the sexual tension was intense. He wanted the female wolf, but he couldn't reach her! He wondered if the female knew she was a wolf because he had seen her reaction after observing her watching her own reflection in the water. 'Damn it!' he thought to himself. There had to be a way to get the female, but if she didn't know who she was, how was he going to do that? he sighed and relaxed, turning back into human form, something he really hated because of the pain. He arched his back, and let out a huge 'howl!!' The pain of turning back into human form was excruciating, but it only lasted for a minute. Finally, his transformation was complete, and he started to relax. He hid behind a tree and pulled some clothes out of the bag he was carrying. He was grateful to himself for remembering to carry clothes with him, as when wolves transform, they always end up naked with their clothes torn from their backs. Once he dressed, he decided to head to the Talisman Pub. Natalie had managed to get back home safe. She was still feeling highly alert, so she decided to shower. She had so much pain in her back, which she assumed was from running. She couldn't remember much about her ordeal, all she remembered was that she was being watched, and she couldn't figure out by who. She let the warm shower water run over her naked body, enjoying the way it soothed every inch of her skin. She stayed in the shower for an hour and a half soothing her senses. Whilst in the shower, she had a vision, something that happened often though she had no idea where they came from.

Natalie ran and ran through the forest, but she tripped and hurt what she thought was her foot. She had sensed the scent of an animal behind her, but she had no idea what it was. The animal growled loudly as it got closer to her. Suddenly the animal transformed into a naked man, right before her eyes. Natalie was instantly attracted to this man in front of her, but she wasn't sure he was a man. She was still terrified, but she let him touch her breasts and move his hand all the way down her body. The feeling sent them both to the ground, where they masturbated each other, and she could feel his hard cock pressing against her clit. She wanted this so bad, and the more fear she felt, the more exhilarating it was. She eventually found her sexual confidence, going down on him, and taking every inch of him. The man sucked her nipples and licked her. Then he put his cock inside her, causing them both to come hard together. When the sexual contact ended, Natalie's whole body felt like had melted to jelly. She couldn't stand up. The man helped her up and thanked her. However, when Natalie stood up, the man had transformed into a wolf.

Natalie was shaking from head to toe. "What the fuck had just happened? It can't be...wolves don't exist!" she told herself. There was a sudden knock on the door, but Natalie didn't want to answer it. She needed time to work out what was going on in her mind. "Am I crazy?" she asked herself out loud. Shit! she had forgotten to lock the door! The man had let himself in and was stood in her bedroom.

"How did you get in here?" Natalie asked him, forgetting she had remembered she hadn't locked the door.

"The door was open. I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to talk to you," the man replied.

Natalie took a step back. She was faced with a stranger in her own home, and she was bewildered!

"I don't know you," she told him.

The man looked at her and replied, "Oh! but you do. You just don't know who you are."

"My name is Natalie!" Natalie replied feeling irate. How dare this stranger enter her house, and try telling her that she didn't know who she was!

"My name is Jamie. We met last night, in the forest." Jamie tried explaining, but Natalie was having none of it."

"Are you out of your fucking mind? I was running alone in that forest last night. I wasn't with anybody!" Natalie replied feeling angry and frustrated.

Natalie's senses were telling her to just take him! She couldn't do that though, after all, she had only just got to know the man! She barely knew who or what he was! Life can be a real bitch sometimes! she thought to herself. She took in his body, tall, athletic, strong long legs, and she was suddenly on fire. At the same time, Jamie was also eyeing her up, he took in everything, her long dark hair, subtle breasts, shapely curves, legs, dark eyes. He wanted to ravage her there and then, but he mustn't! 'She barely fucking remembers me! I can't just give her a quick fuck!' He told himself.

"come for a run with me Natalie," Jamie suggested. "I want to show you something," he added. He was desperate to make her see who she really was. He wanted her to remember him, and he had to get through to her somehow.

Natalie was desperate for another run, but she was hesitant. How did this man know her? Was he stalking her? There was a sudden loud CRASH! from her lounge window, two wolves had crashed into her room, and they didn't look very happy. Natalie froze in shock, she could barely speak. She knew she was told about the wolves, but until now, she had never seen them. They looked mad, and as if they were about to pounce her.

"Step away from him Natalie," The white wolf who had crashed into her room first demanded. Natalie backed up in shock, feeling terrified.

"Leave it, Jane!" I told you this was over." Jamie replied. He was so fucking mad, he wanted to change there and then. He didn't think that was a good idea.

"Like fuck it is!" Jane replied. You're giving up on me for a dumb wolf who can't even admit she is a wolf. The pack won't be happy with that now, will they?"

Jamie rolled his eyes in disgust, and snapped back with, "How do you think the pack will react when I tell them you slept with their leader behind my back!"

Jane was really mad now, she let out a huge growl and a fight broke out. Jamie transformed into a wolf much to Natalie's horror. She wanted to run fast and get away from her home, but Jane was ripping into Jamie hard, and she couldn't leave him there. The other wolves were snarling around him, but Jane was fucking fuming, and they didn't get a look in. Jamie managed to pin Jane down, but Jane lifted a heavy paw, leaving a deep slash down the front of his chest. Natalie saw blood, which angered her. 'How dare she!' she thought to herself, she was fuming now. Unknown to Natalie, she transformed there and then, and she flew for Jane, leaving a heavy gash down the side of her jaw.

Jane and the other wolves had fled the scene now. Jamie had transformed back into a man. However, Natalie had taken some time to transform back into a woman, because her anger was so high.

"Go look in the mirror, Natalie," Jamie told her.

Natalie did, and she was shocked at what she saw. She saw a huge white wolf in the mirror.

"No! No! No!' she cried out loud, unable to comfort herself. She had no idea what had happened.

Jamie walked over to her, offering a comforting hand. He told her that it was ok, and explained she came from a long line of wolves, and there was nothing to be afraid of.

"But you were fighting with that fucking wolf-woman!" Natalie retorted.

"Natalie, me and Jane are over. It is natural instinct to fight for the pack as a wolf. She was disowned by the pack because she slept with the pack leader. Pack leaders aren't allowed to sleep with just anyone, as a rule, their mates are chosen for them by the senior wolves.

Natalie took time to process this. She needed to run the frustration out because it was too much for her. She decided to ask Jamie to run with her as she felt safe with him.

Jamie agreed, and they ran together as wolves through the entire forest. The run was so exhilarating that both were feeling sexually frustrated. When they stopped, they sat behind a tree together, transforming back to humans. They had forgotten their clothes amidst what had happened, and they stood there mesmerized by each other. The heat running of Natalie was uncontrollable, she could almost feel herself climax without doing anything, and Jamie was feeling the same.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Jamie kissed her. Natalie burst her wolf and used her double wolf strength to climb on top of him. She played with him hard, teasing him, to a point where he nearly came one minute, then stopping him the next. She bit his nipples, and licked and sucked, like never before. Jamie groaned, he was at bursting point. He rolled her over and licked her clit hard while feeling her breasts. He rubbed his cock inside her while with her clit, and kneaded his thumb inside her at the same time. Natalie and Jamie exploded like never before. Afterward, Natalie got up and walked to the stream. She said hello to her wolf and finally accepted it.

"If I can be a wolf and be with you, then so be it," she told Jamie.

Jamie smiled, and they ran further into the forest, laughing, playing, joking, and having sex as they had never done it before.

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