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Triangles of Love

One young lady's journey discovering a sexual attraction to both men and women, who then discovers they both want her.

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago 6 min read
Triangles of Love
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It was a really frustrating night, sat in Carmen's Bar with Leo and Tammy. Ruby could almost feel the heat radiating between her legs as she sat there. She was really confused by this feeling. She had dated both men and women, of whom she found very attractive, and she had even dated Leo on more than one occasion, thinking that she had fallen in love with him. But was she in love with him? That was a question that went through her mind more than once. She eyed Leo, then Tammy. Tammy was dressed in a very slinky red dress with a v-neck, showing her gorgeous breasts and delicate legs, complete with tiny red shoes that just let her dainty feet poke through. Ruby had always thought Tammy to be beautiful, but she felt like she never really noticed her until now. She felt that the women she had dated in the past had been some kind of experiment with her sexuality, and she had lost interest in them fast. They were gorgeous, but she couldn't connect with them on an emotional level. She tried to shrug the attraction to her friend off. 'we have been friends for years, and this has never happened.' She told herself quietly, still staring at her friend as she had never seen her before. Ruby needed an excuse to get out of there, this was getting far too much and the heat between them almost scorched her.

Tammy was confused. She was sure that Ruby had been watching her all night, but she thought Ruby was very much into Leo. She caught Ruby out of her eye when they were sat at the table, and she was certain Ruby had been eyeing her up. She finished the rest of the Red Wine in her glass and went to find Ruby who had gone to sit on a bench outside the bar.

"Leo was looking for you," Tammy told Ruby once she found her sat on the bench. Ruby nodded, but didn't speak.

"Ruby. Leo was looking for you!" Tammy repeated, frustrated by her friend's silence. She had never known Ruby to be so quiet, and she was worried about her.

Ruby finally answered, "Oh! I'll be back in five minutes."

Tammy was feeling concerned for Ruby. 'This is strange' she thought to herself. She told Ruby that it was ok, and headed back inside Carmens, still feeling very confused.

It took Ruby over ten minutes before she could find the courage to enter the bar. She headed back to their table where Leo was sat. Leo was looking really attractive in his Levi's and sports t-shirt, she could see the muscle rippling through his arms. Ruby blushed hard at that thought. She had really fancied Leo in the past, but now it was almost like she fancied both of them. She wanted to explore it, but she had no idea how they would feel about that. She began questioning her sexuality. She had always thought that she was straight but now she was confused, and what about those women she had dated in the past? the attraction was nothing like this, or maybe it was. Maybe it had always been there, and she had hidden it out of shame and embarrassment. Ruby shook her head, she was now even more confused. She had read about bi-sexuality on the web, but she thought it was just a taboo subject that would pass. How would her friends react? Would they be ashamed of her? She had no idea, and she really felt she shouldn't tell them.

Ruby needed a strong drink. She had been eyeing Tammy and Leo all night, and she needed a break.

"Do any of you want a drink?" Ruby asked both her friends, trying hard to divert her eyes.

"Please Ruby, that would be nice. It's a Scotch for me and a glass of Red wine for Tammy." Leo replied.

Ruby almost flew to the bar to get them. She had locked eyes with Tammy at the table, and she had been seen doing that by both of them. She stood at the bar puzzled. 'What the fuck?' she asked herself quietly. Tammy had stared back into her eyes, for like...5 minutes! Ruby wasn't sure why, but she was really embarrassed by it.

Tammy suddenly turned up at the bar.

"I know Ruby." she said.

"What do you know?" Ruby asked her.

"Come on! You've been eyeing me up all night! It's pretty obvious you like me isn't it?"

Ruby shrugged. She had no idea what to say. She couldn't exactly say Tammy was lying, but she needed more time to think straight. Then there was Leo, who she had dated in the past. Ruby didn't dare tell him! especially after the number of times she had slept with him.

Oh fuck, this was screwed! She had no idea what to do, especially now Tammy had picked up on her attraction to her. Tammy had been friends with Ruby for many years, and Ruby didn't want to destroy that by behaving recklessly. Leo must have noticed too, because he had barely spoken to her all night, and he was usually chatty, especially with her.

Tammy gave Ruby a hand carrying the drinks back to her table. Her hand had caught Ruby's and boy! it was so fucking electric. She had stared straight into Ruby's sultry chocolate brown eyes, eyed up her gorgeaus breasts, noticed the way her tight dress had cliched her hips showing them tasty curves, and she just wanted her there and then; but Ruby was into Leo, and Tammy thought she didn't stand a chance at all.

There was another girl talking to Leo at the table, and Tammy was concerned about how Ruby was feeling about that. Leo spoke to the girl like he had known her for many years, and he was looking at her body like she was something out of a magazine. Tammy was fuming. How could he do that to her? He knew how she felt. She glanced over at Ruby, who just smiled at her. Ruby started playing footsie with Tammy under the table, causing Tammy to go the colour of her bedsheets. She had no idea why Ruby had done that, but she liked it too much, and she couldn't bring herself to stop her.

To Tammy and Ruby's relief, Leo had let the girl go. The girl was 21, but she had a really screeching laugh, which was enough to give them both a head-ache. The girl wore far too much makeup, and she flirted like there was no tomorrow. Tammy and Ruby were glad she had left.

"Is it time to go yet? I have work tommorrow." Leo asked.

Tammy and Ruby jumped and quickly moved their feet away from each other out of alarm. Leo shot a puzzled look at both of them, he had no idea what they had done under that table! Tammy needed the ladies room, and to Leo's amazement, Ruby followed her.

Leo had been sat alone at the table for almost half an hour. In that time he had been thinking, and he realised he was attracted to both ladies. He had no idea how he had got here. He was now very confused by this feeling. He wanted both of them bad, but not at once! He felt he wanted to say something, but he didn't think that was a good idea.

Ruby stood in front of the mirror refreshing her mascara. Tammy had been watching her. All she wanted to do was touch her now. Ruby broke a smile, as she saw Tammy watching her in the mirror. Then something happened before she could stop herself, she grabbed Tammy and kissed her. She thought Tammy would push her away, but Tammy was enjoying it way too much. They reached for each other's legs, then breasts and even went down each others panties. They didn't stop until both of them climaxed hard. Afterwards, their cheeks were rosy and they were so exasperated.

"That was so fucking hot!" Ruby told Tammy. She had no idea how or why this had happened, she wanted to do it again, but neither of them could walk without wobbling. Tammy was beaming.

"I've wanted you for years," she replied

Both ladies headed back to the bar, where Leo was even more frustrated than ever. He had no idea where they had been and decided to ask them.

Tammy replied with "Wouldn't you like to know!"

Ruby grinned and said "Feel free to join us!"

Leo looked at them both confused and blurted all his feelings out.

Ruby looked at him and replied "I want that too."

Tammy agreed with Ruby. What happened when they got home, who knows?

I hope you enjoyed this saucy story. Its the first one I've ever experimented with. If you would like me to write more like this, remember tips are nice but hearts are heart-warming too. Thank you for reading!


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