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I'm Not Dating You!


By Carol TownendPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
I'm Not Dating You!
Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Kelly's bus was late.

Buses were never on time nowadays, and it annoyed her. She had been standing at the bus shelter for over 13 minutes, and she was feeling fidgety. She turned on her iPod and flipped through the songs until she found a really good metal song. She wasn't keen on metal music, but it was better than yawning while waiting for the bus. She sighed and leaned against a window pane.

She never understood why bus shelters had windows, especially when there was a great big gaping hole in front of her!

A tall, brown, curly-haired man with round glasses joined her. He was stocky built, with a thick stubble but he seemed nice enough. She needed the company anyway,

it was boring waiting for buses!

"Been waiting long?" he asked her.

Kelly rolled her eyes, and replied,

"What? Do you mean like waiting for the snail to beat the train in a snail race? Yes, I've been waiting forever!

The man chuckled, then introduced himself,

"I'm Denny. I work in a computer shop on Benton Road in Bellford."

Kelly didn't like making conversation. She usually kept herself to herself. Most men who attempted to talk to her turned into total weirdos! She remembered the man who tried chatting her up last week,

all he ever talked about was demons.

It was like talking to a television character instead of a real person. He drove her crazy, and in the end, she made up a million excuses to get away from him.

"I'm Kelly," she finally told him her name.

"Well, it is nice to meet you, Kelly. Do you fancy meeting me for a drink after I finish work?

Woah! Not so fast, computer guy. I'm a woman, not a fish that you pulled out of the sea!

"You have gorgeous legs!" Denny tried complimenting her.

"Excuse me? We have only just started talking, and you are already commenting on my body parts! What am I? Your latest car? Kelly retorted.

"I'm just trying to make conversation!" Denny explained.

"Well, Denny! If you're looking for a hot date, there is a top fishmonger down the road!"Kelly threw back at him.

Denny was a little taken aback by Kelly's response. It had been over 6 months since he had dated anybody, and he hadn't had sex since Christmas. He honestly thought that Kelly was beautiful.

She really did have beautiful legs. They were long and very sleek, and he loved the way her gorgeous Auburn curls curled around her neck, and her eyes were a very dark lusty brown. That was just how he liked his women!

The bus finally arrived an hour later, and Kelly made her way right to the back of the bus, hoping that Denny wouldn't follow.

She really didn't like his attitude toward women, and how dare he compliment her legs during their first conversation! This was a man who wanted to dip his dick, and not a man who wanted to date her!

To Kelly's surprise, Denny followed her to the back of the bus. Kelly made an excuse about feeling sick, and he followed her again.

Kelly wasn't happy.

"For fucks-sake Denny. Is this how you pull women? And you wonder why you can't get a date. I mean come on, chocolate tastes sweeter when you treat it with respect!" Kelly snapped.

"Please, Kelly; I just want to talk to you. You are very hot, and I just want to get to know you!" Denny pleaded.

Kelly screwed up her eyes and covered her ears. She had never known a man so intent on following her.

If he had any respect, he would have done as she requested and left her alone, but no! This guy wanted his own way, and he wasn't getting it!

Maybe if he stopped eying her like an object, and made real conversation with her, then she might have given him a chance; but he decided that her legs should be the start of the conversation and she wasn't having it!

"Nice chest!" Denny complimented her again, trying to make conversation.

Kelly had had enough, so she got off the bus at an earlier stop.

Denny followed.

"Please, Kelly. I'm sorry. I just want a date!" he pleaded, once again.

Kelly had had enough of his remarks. She decided to give him what for.

"Oh yeah, you really want a date don't you, you sex maniac? You couldn't take no at the bus stop, and you can't take no now! Do you really think that I want a stalker and that I want a man who thinks women are objects? Think about your attitude Denny; no woman wants a man who just treats her like an object. Now, please fuck off!"

Denny looked down at his shoes, feeling shocked and embarrassed by his actions; though it didn't stop him from trying again.

"Come on Kelly, I'm not that bad," he replied while trying to put his arm around her.

Kelly bit down on his arm, hard, and gave him one swift kick in the nuts.

"Look, there are plenty of fish in the sea who would fuck a wet fish like you. Now fuck off Denny, you desperate male whore! I have more respect for myself than to date a man who thinks that women are toys, and I'm not dating you. Not now, not ever!"

Denny made a bolt for it, and he never saw Kelly again. However, it did make him think about his attitude toward women.

Women never stood up to Denny. They often took it on a plate; but now, Denny knew that was wrong and he accepted therapy to help him change his attitude.

Five years have passed since this event took place, and Denny is now happily married to a wife who he treats with respect, and who loves him.

Denny learned that women are not toys. He learned to stop treating them like sex objects, and now his relationship with himself and women is better.

Denny feels more human for it, and he now encourages women to respect themselves. He encourages other men to respect women too.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    I liked this one! Great!

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