Reunited At Last

Love once lost.

Reunited At Last

Reunited at last.

As Katelyn stands, staring out the glass doors of her balcony, she had no idea that the man she had been in love with for years had even shown up to her housewarming party at her new apartment. She had gone up to the loft to get some air, as she was feeling overwhelmed by all the changes happening in her life. She had just recently left the tyrannical, psychotic man she'd been seeing for four years and started life alone for the first time. Up until this point she had been in a series of failed relationships and moving from apartment to apartment. She lets out a sigh and stares out the window wondering where she keeps going wrong. Suddenly she feels someone's hands land on her shoulders, a man's hands, strong hands. The mystery man asks "hey baby girl, what's wrong?" She recognizes the voice. All of a sudden a calm washes over her. Could it be the one man that she'd never been able to forget all these years later? The same man she avoided because she was scared of her feelings for him, the one man she loved?

She turns around to find Danny staring back at her with that same smile that always used to spark her fire every time. She lets out a gasp before asking him what he's doing there. He tells her he heard she was moving into a place of her own just around the corner from him through an old mutual friend. "Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to say hello and welcome you to the neighborhood," says Danny with a sly smile on his face. Katelyn still can't believe her eyes. She smiles, "God, Danny you don't know how good it is to see you, I've honestly missed you". Danny looks her up and down, realizing she still looked just as good as when they had dated, back when she was 18. "Damn, Katelyn, you haven't changed, you still look just as good as when you were 18," says Danny in a smooth tone. Katelyn laughs, "it's been 11 years, there's no way I look as good at 29 as I did at 18". But all she could think of was that he still had a gorgeous body too. She was honestly amazed at how he could still excite her just by smiling at her, he could still make her feel the heat run through her body with a single touch, how he made her wet just by looking at her like he was devouring her with his eyes.

As Katelyn smiled and looked into Danny's eyes she could swear he had the ability to read her thoughts, because as she looked at him a knowing smile creased his lips. "Oh those lips" she thought. Just then she realized she was now staring at his mouth, blatantly staring, wantonly staring. She quickly turns around and begins looking out the glass doors nervously wondering if he realized what she had been thinking or if the smile was because he was thinking similar thoughts of her. "Nice view, huh?" Katelyn asks as she stares out the window. Danny smiles again, now because he was staring down at her ass when she asked him about the view. "It's a gorgeous view," he says as he closes the distance between them, pressing himself against her. She gasps as she realizes that she can feel his length growing harder against her as he slowly presses her up against the glass door. "I've missed you, Katelyn" he seductively breathes in her ear as he places a hand beside her head on the glass door. She can practically feel her body melting at the sound of his voice and the heat of his breath on her ear. "I-I've missed you too Danny".

Suddenly she can feel his free hand as it dipped down the front of her top to tease her breasts. She gasps and breathes his name in a whisper, "Danny". He kisses her neck and then asks "how much did you miss me? Show me". He begins sliding his hand further down her body until the tips of his fingers are just toying with the top of her pants. He starts to undo her belt one handed because he is still using his other arm to keep her secured between himself and the balcony door. He begins to slide her pants down asking her, "would you do anything to show me how much you missed me?" "Anything for you, Danny" Katelyn breathes. She knew she would because her body was already reacting to his touch, she could feel the dampness and the heat between her thighs. She craved him as badly as he craved her. All at once he yanks down her pants and her silky panties. He finishes removing her clothing by pulling off her tank top and bra with one hand and then slides it all the way down her body until he can feel the heat and dampness from her womanhood. "Well, by the feel of how hot and wet you are I'd say you will do anything, won't you baby girl?!" He starts entering her first with his fingers to loosen her up and prepare her for his long hard rod to finally re-enter her silky sheath.

After he's toyed with her clit and had her dripping wet he begins just with just the tip of him, to remind her how it felt to have a real man enter her. He wanted her to feel every inch as he entered. He takes a hold of both of her wrists and pins her to the glass doors to the balcony and enters her slowly and seductively until his whole length is inside her before he starts making love to her, reclaiming her. He leans down close to her ear and asks her "whose woman are you, who do you belong to?" She replies "You Danny, it's always been you". Danny says "That's right and tonight I'm going to make sure you never forget that, I'm going to ruin you for any other men, when I'm done with you baby girl you'll never want anyone else". Just then he thrusts the last of his manhood into her, he was sheathed in her hot woman's center right to the hilt. He continues to thrust into her while keeping her pinned to the door. She moans and cries out in pleasure. He thrusts harder, deeper, faster with every moan and cry she makes. Finally when he is ready to erupt inside of her he gives one last thrust harder and stronger than before lifting her to her toes as his hot seed spills inside of her. They both make it to the bed in her room on very weak legs. They lay there together just holding each other with their legs intertwined. Katelyn gets up from the bed suddenly and begins getting dressed. Danny says "is something wrong?" Katelyn smiles and says "no, everything is amazing, you are amazing, but all my friends are still just hanging around enjoying the free booze so I'm going to go tell them all the party's over cause I want to go to bed". She winks at Danny as she closes the bedroom door.

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