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Queen of Hearts

Part 2

By R.R. MichaelsPublished 4 months ago 33 min read
Part 2

Queen of Hearts - Part 2

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©2024, Riley Michaels

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Monika, Arsène, and “Max”

“What next?” Monika thought, until she realized that Arsène, the red-haired Master of Ceremonies, was now nude and standing above her head. His formerly flaccid cock was now rock hard, and she trembled when she realized, that while it did not appear terribly thick, the head was pressed tightly against his stomach well above his belly button.

Her eyes grew wide as she realized his intent and he slowly approached her face.

“I can't possibly...” She thought and felt a tinge of panic when the head of his cock touched her lips. She had an urge to resist and kept her mouth closed, but Arsène just began gently rubbing the tip of his cock across her lips and cheeks... smearing his already flowing precum liberally across her face. She felt fingers pinching her nipples again and when she gasped in a curious mix of pleasure and pain, she parted her lips, and she felt the man's cock slide into her mouth.

“Breath through your nose,” She heard Clarisse instructing, “You'll be fine... Arsène is an expert.”

Realizing reluctantly that she was right, Monika tried to relax and as she did, she felt Arsène's cock slide even deeper into her throat with each slow stroke.

“My god, I'm doing it!” She thought to herself.

As Arsène continued fucking her mouth, Monika could not see the huge fat man walking down the steps toward her carrying a machine of some kind. Had she been able to see, she would have notice that his cock was restrained in a steel cock cage. Once he reached Monika, he set the machine down and began positioning it between her legs. It turned out to be a large fucking machine and he installed a long realistic dildo on the end of a long shaft. When he finished this the man looked toward Mark who nodded. The man smiled, knelt, and began gently licking Monika's dripping cunt.

“What now?” Monika thought to herself, “another person eating my pussy. Well, that's not so bad.” She relaxed even more and felt Arsène's balls slap against her nose. The musky scent distracted her from the tongue between her legs and she felt a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“My god,” She thought, “his cock is buried to the hilt in my throat... And... I like it. Hell... I think I love it!” And she began sucking harder each time he pulled out.

During one of Arsène's plunges into her throat, the man licking her stopped and Monika felt the head of a cock resting on her cunt mound just above her slit. Feeling this, Monika realized she was about to get fucked again, and feeling a momentary rush of panic, she briefly thought about screaming “Red,” but decided her curiosity and desire were stronger than her fear.

“How big is the cock that's about to fuck me?” She wondered though.

Arsène continued to thrust slowly in and out of her throat.

“My Queen...” She heard Clarisse begin, feeling something being placed under each of her hands, “what you feel between your legs is not a man, but a machine. We call him Max. Max is a fucking machine. The objects you now have under your hands are his controls. He is at your, and only your, command. The control under your right hand controls the speed and the control under your left controls the depth. Max's dildo is positioned right up against your tummy now. Can you feel it?”

Monika nodded, realizing with a small measure of disappointment, that Arsène had stopped fucking her mouth while Clarisse was speaking to her.

“Good... Turn the speed dial clockwise a little.”

Monika turned the dial, and she felt the dildo sliding up and down on her tummy slightly.

“Now turn the left control up some.”

Monika complied and felt the dildo sliding farther back and forth.

Clarisse continued until she was sure that Monika understood everything, including the fact that pushing down on either dial would act as an emergency stop in case she lost control.

Clarisse appeared between Arsène's legs and stole a couple of licks on his balls. “Are you ready?” She asked Monika.

Monika nodded and she felt the tip of the dildo being slid slightly into her cunt. Clarisse cocked her head and Monika turned the speed dial. The dildo began sliding in and out and she turned the depth dial and adjusted the depth until it was comfortably plunging to a perfect depth and never quite pulling all the way out before plunging in again.

Monika's eyes were locked on Clarisse's face as she sat behind Arsène slowly stroking his cock and playing with his balls as she adjusted the machine until it was to her liking.

“I want your cock back in my mouth, Sir” Monika announced suddenly, as Max slowly fucked her, opening her mouth wide, and watched Clarisse aim Arsène's cock at her mouth whereupon he slowly thrust until he was balls deep in her throat again.

Monika turned up the thrust depth.

Arsène pulled out and thrust again.

Monika turned up the speed.

Arsène pulled back and paused torturously with just the head of his delicious cock inside her lips.

Monika felt herself straining to draw his delicious cock back into her mouth and with a grunt Arsène plunged back in and Monika slowly turned the depth dial all the way up.

“Oh my god!” Monika mumbled, feeling the Max’s dildo sliding into her innermost depths.

Once both cocks were inside of her, she began slowly varying the pace and depth of the machine. Somehow, Arsène was able to sense the depth and speed of the machine and fucked her mouth in perfect synchronization. Eventually, she'd turned both dials all the way up and left them there reveling in the feeling of both cocks pounding her mercilessly. Soon she felt her body beginning to vibrate and she knew she was on the verge of coming. Seconds later she felt Arsène's cock begin to swell and harden even more and she knew he was about to cum.

“My god, I want his hot cum!” She screamed silently, “Cum damn it... CUM!!!”

Suddenly, Arsène froze, his cock buried balls deep in her throat, and she felt him pulsing as he groaned. Monika held his erupting cock tight between her lips as she felt twin rivers of cum filling her throat, and strangely, her cunt. “What?” She thought, “How can a machine be cumming in me?” not realizing that Max included a pump and fluid which made it feel just like a real spurting cock. She hit the buttons on the controls and the machine's motion stopped immediately, still buried deep inside her, pumping away. At that point, Monika realized she didn't care. The sensation was all that mattered, and she cheered silently as both cocks filled her insides and her own orgasm washed over her in long intense fluttering waves... and she nearly fainted.

Monika barely heard the cheers that went up when Arsène pulled out and a camera zoomed in to show her gaping mouth, her face covered in her own saliva but only the slightest bit of Arsène's cum on her lips as testament that she had swallowed every drop.

“How was her cunt, Max?” Arsène asked.

A camera zoomed in to focus on a gigantic load of cum oozing out of her cunt as Max, the fucking machine rolled away, several spurts of his pseudo cum shot onto her stomach, tits, and face from his artificial cock. She cautiously licked at some of Max's “cum” and was surprised to find it tasted like strawberries and cream.

“Nice!” She mumbled to herself.

Monika heard a strange series of beeps and squeals as Max was pulled away and assumed it was his reply to Arsène's question.

“Sounds like Max had fun too.” Arsène continued with a hearty laugh. “Ladies and gentlemen... “Let us take a short break while our Queen recovers. Please attend to her. The fourth act will begin in thirty minutes.”

With that the lights dimmed again, and Monika felt tongues, too many tongues to count, frankly, licking the cum from her face, body, and cunt. She soon fell asleep in the darkness.

Monika learns about Pain and Pleasure

Monika woke with a start, her ass cheek smarting and feeling two strong bodies holding her in a standing position.

“Owww, what was tha...?” She cried as she felt another sharp stinging blow on her ass cheeks. She opened her eyes and realized she couldn't see a thing. “What now?” She thought, realizing she was blindfolded.

“We see you are awake again Monika,” She heard Clarisse in her ear again. “Nod if you remember the safe words. Let me set the stage for you. If you will... try to move your arms and legs...”

Monika nodded quickly, “yellow and red” She said to herself, and she began to struggle a bit and found that, while she could move about to some degree, she couldn't move much. She could vaguely hear what sounded like the tinkle of chains.

“ will find that you cannot.” Clarisse continued, “You are securely chained.”

Monika struggled harder, realizing quickly that she couldn't escape. She could tell she was standing, and that her legs were spread apart and chained. Her arms were stretched out as well, tightly, and just enough to hold her upright, but not uncomfortably so unless she pulled hard.

While Monika struggled, she could hear the audience rustling about. By now, everyone was fully nude or wearing only lingerie or other fetish clothing. Before them in the center of the pit, Monika was blindfolded and was standing chained facing the central stairway. Her arms and legs were cuffed and stretched out widely with her feet chained to fixtures in the floor. This prevented her from moving beyond a carefully constrained degree. She too, was totally nude, and on one of the monitors, the audience could see two dark handprints rising across her left ass cheek.

Behind her stood a tall buxom raven-haired woman wearing a red leather basque with her breasts exposed. She wore a matching garter belt with straps attached to black mesh stockings. Her ass and bare cunt were totally visible. Her lower legs and feet were encased in an exquisite pair of impossibly high red stiletto boots, which reached all the way to her knees. On her arms she wore matching red leather fingerless gloves. In her left hand, she held a matching red riding crop.

She tilted her head slightly and with a smile, gave Monika two swats on her right ass cheek with the riding crop.

“Owwwww!” Monika screamed, as two new handprints, perfectly matching the ones on her left ass cheek, began to rise.

“My Lords and Ladies,” the brunette began, “As you all know, but which our Queen certainly doesn't, my name is Mistress Ruby. We are gathered here to teach our Lady, Queen of Hearts about the sensations which her largest sensory organ, her skin, is capable of feeling and enduring.”

“Do you have anything to say, my Queen?” Mistress Ruby asked.

When she did not answer immediately, she heard Mark’s voice from close beside her, “Do you wish to continue babe?”

Knowing that Mark was close at hand and realizing that she was being given a chance to stop, Monika thought for a couple of seconds, and feeling a stirring in her stomach and anxiously anticipation of what likely lay ahead, felt the beginning of a tingle in what she now knew as her cunt.

“Yes,’ and “Purple!” She replied clearly.

As she processed her feelings, the audience watched a thin young man, totally nude except for the chastity cage he wore on his cock, wheel in a large table covered with various objects, positioning it just to Monika's left side.

“Mistress,” he spoke clearly in a timid worshipful voice, “the implements are prepared and ready for your inspection.” Then he fell to his knees and crawled to Mistress Ruby's feet as she began to inspect the articles on the table.

“Well done, dick!” Mistress Ruby said with a laugh. “Isn't that a delightful name for my young slave here, considering that he rarely gets to use his... his dick that is?” She chortled, turning, and addressing the audience, before lightly striking his chastity cage with the riding crop.

dick winced slightly, but otherwise barely moved, knowing if he reacted, another much harder blow would fall, “Thank you Mistress, Thank...”

“Yes dick, yes. Take your position!” She replied quickly, cutting him off while motioning him away. dick quickly scurried to the back side of the table.

“Let's seeeeeee, what should we start with?” the audience and Monika could hear Mistress Ruby asking herself as she ran the tip of the riding crop across myriad items before stopping and tapping one.

“This should do nicely.” She said, “Do you agree?” She asked, as dick held the item aloft.

Monika heard cries of “Yes!” and “Perfect!” from the audience and began to wonder what was coming. Her stomach tightened as she prepared herself for another painful blow of some kind. She almost jumped out of her skin and managed to jostle the chains when she felt the first contact... and it turned into.... an incredibly soft and sensuous... caress... gliding across her stinging ass cheeks where the crop's strokes had fallen.

Mistress Ruby ran the rabbit fur glove all over Monika's body paying careful attention to the bruises caused by her bare hand.

“Oh, this feels good!” Monika thought, as the silky fur moved down and around each leg lingering ever so lightly under her knees and then across her toes. Next, she felt the fur caressing her lower back as Mistress Ruby moved upward briskly rubbing her back and arms. When Monika sensed Mistress Ruby moving away and heard her move to the front of her body, she thought she knew what was coming next, and relaxed in anticipation of the heavenly fur moving to her breasts.


Monika's body convulsed in agony.

Mistress Ruby smiled and held up the red and black plaited snake whip up for the audience, who were all clapping in appreciation, as a long thin bright red welt appeared wrapping fully around Monika's abdomen.

“That my dear... is a lesson to take nothing for granted,” Mistress Ruby proclaimed as Monika's body slumped and twisted in a futile attempt to escape the pain.

“Stand up Madame Queen!” She commanded, “Stand... UP!” and swatted the riding crop up between Monika's legs.

“Fuck” Monika screamed, “fucking owwww” as tears which no one could see swelled in her eyes... but she slowly complied, steadying herself on quaking legs.

She heard the audience catch its collective breath and steeled herself for another strike just as she felt the fur caressing her breasts. She almost sighed with relief before catching herself.

“I can't show her how good this feels and how much I like it.” She thought and stood steady as the fur worked its way all over the front of her body. As it grew closer and closer to her cunt however her pleasure betrayed her once again and just as she let out an almost inaudible moan, she felt the riding crop strike her left breast.

“God da...” She began thinking when she felt a breath near her right ear.

“You MUST control yourself Madame Queen. We have barely begun and if you continue to slip it will just take longer. “ Mistress Ruby continued, “Do you understand? Nod your head if you understand.”

Monika nodded haltingly.

“Are you sure?

Monika nodded again, this time more steadily.

“Excellent!” Monika heard Mistress Ruby say as she sensed her moving away.

“dick, next.”

By this time Monika knew better than to react and barely moved when she felt sharp pin pricks rolling across her breasts.

Mistress Ruby skillfully worked the Whartenburg wheel across Monika's breasts, paying special attention to her erect nipples.

“Look my Lords and Ladies!” She exclaimed, “look how perky and hard our Madame Queen's nipples are.”

Murmurs of approval rose around the audience.

“I wonder?” Monika heard Mistress Ruby say, just before she ran the wheel firmly over her nipples again.

“Very good Madame Queen!” She said to Monika as tiny pin pricks of blood appeared on her even tighter nipples.

Suddenly Monika felt a hand pressing firmly on her cunt.

“So, so, wet. Madame Queen you are positively dripping! dick... attend!” Mistress Ruby commanded, as Monika felt the hand pull away.

“You've been a good boy so far.” Monika heard her say “Attend me!”

Monika heard slurping but naturally could not see dick kneeling in front of Mistress Ruby, licking Monika's cunt juice off her fingers.

“dick... collect” Monika heard, before feeling a small pair of hands rubbing her wet cunt and inner thighs.

“dick... serve!” Mistress Ruby ordered and dick scurried off to the audience and turned her attention back to Monika as dick moved around the crowd, letting several lucky patrons taste the juices he had collected from Monika's cunt.

When Monika heard several people whispering about how good ‘it’ tasted she realized what was going on and must have blushed because she heard Clarisse's voice in her ear again in her ear.

“You are doing splendidly sweetie, and you DO taste delish!”

Monika felt a fresh stream of fluid running down her inner thighs.


She felt stinging blows falling across her ass cheeks and breasts, but to her credit, Monika tensed up just the tiniest amount and uttered not a sound, though she was screaming with pain inside.

In front of and behind Monika, stood two slender red-haired women. Both were nude except for matching red high-heel boots. Each was armed with a large matching red flogger which they proceeded to use, in perfect synchronization, on Monika's tender flesh. On and on the flogging and cropping continued, raising, and falling in intensity at the wordless command of Mistress Ruby, who was standing by, directing the action.

Monika felt herself becoming accustomed to the blows and, after several periods of lighter blows, realized she was beginning to enjoy, even relish, the harder and harder blows.

“What am I becoming?” She asked herself as she found herself suffering through another lull.

Just then, as if the women wielding the floggers could read her mind, the intensity of the blows rose to new heights and Monika gave herself over to the experience and the entire world faded away except for the delicious blows.

The audience watched as Monika's head bent back and her mouth opened in a silent cry of utter abandon... and the flogging stopped.

“What the fuck?” Monika instantly thought, just as she felt the kiss of Mistress Ruby's snake whip again. Only this time, there was no pain, just an instant activation of her pleasure center.

Mistress Ruby swiftly followed the first strike with a vicious barrage for a full two minutes, each time wrapping the length of the whip around Monika's rigid body. The audience could see that her aim was perfect as each time the tip fell it struck the alternating nipple. Monika's body was crisscrossed by red welts and her nipples grew darker and darker with each stroke.

Monika, by this time, was in a state of near rapture, when suddenly she felt the whip wrap around her leg and almost screamed from surprise, when the tip struck a perfect blow on her clit.

“Oh my god!” She whimpered as three quick blows found their mark and her world exploded in a shattering orgasm.

The audience cheered as Monika's body convulsed and her weight fell to her arms while her hips shook uncontrollably until two nude men, on cue from Mistress Ruby, moved forward and took her down from the flogging stand.

“Bravo!” Bravo! BRAVO!” She heard as applause swept through the audience as she heard a soft classical melody rising around her and she felt herself being laid upon a padded surface of some kind upon which she promptly passed out.

“Is she going to pass out every time?” someone yelled from the audience, and quiet laughter followed.

“I seem to recall that you passed out too after your first session like that Samuel,” Mistress Ruby laughingly replied to the quickly chastened heckler, as Mark appeared next to her.

“My Lords and Ladies... I give you the incomparable Mistress Ruby!” Mark announced as Ruby bowed and moved out of the pit, leading dick by a leash attached to his chastity cage.

Monika, Sasha, and Mandy

When Monika awoke this time, she found herself lying on a large round mattress. Her blindfold had been removed and she could feel, and see in the mirror and monitors above her, that she was no longer restrained.

“Monika, please lie back and relax.” She heard Clarisse's voice in her ear, “We trust that restraints are no longer necessary. Nod if you agree.”

Monika nodded quickly and found herself examining the marks upon her body. Her breasts were both perfectly reddened by the action of the floggers, and she could feel a warm yet pleasant tenderness in her ass cheeks. She could clearly feel and see the welts caused by the whip and could feel the lines across her back, sides, legs, belly, and breasts. She couldn't make out any marks on her cunt, but she could feel a deep sting which just served to heighten her awareness of how wet she still was. As her hands explored her wounds, she winced slightly each time she touched one of the welts. When her fingers found her nipples, they hardened instantly at the renewed pain.

While Monika examined herself, the audience watched a small nude woman walk forward and begin climbing onto the mattress above Monika's head. Monika watched her as she glided sensuously forward over her face.

“Hello, my Queen,” the young woman said gaily, “my name is Sasha.” before kissing Monika on her forehead and continued gliding forward until her pert breasts surrounded Monika's face. Moving side to side she began rubbing her nipples across Monika's mouth and the audience cheered when the monitors showed Monika's tongue darting out to lick the passing nipples. In the meantime, she realized that Sasha was licking and suckling on her own nipples and was disappointed when she felt Sasha stop and begin moving forward again, moving her legs over Monika's arms until her slick cunt was resting just above Monika's lips.

As Sasha rose upright, she lowered her cunt onto Monika's lips and the audience could see that Monika's tongue was already eagerly probing her first cunt.

“Oh Marky, our Lady Queen, is really getting into...” Sasha moaned. “Oh yeah baby right th... right there... right, right, right, th-th-there!”

“Wow, she really tastes wonderful,” Monika said to herself. “No wonder Mark likes eating my cunt so much.” She dove in with abandon, licking and probing with her tongue, eagerly stabbing the tip of her tongue into Sasha's wet hole, licking the folds of her cunt, and flicking her hard little clit.

While Monika enjoyed eating her first cunt, she watched, in the monitor above her head, as a second nude woman approached and crawled between her legs, and promptly began lapping at her dripping cunt.

“That's Mandy,” Monika heard Sasha saying, “She absolutely loves eating royal cunt!”

As Monika watched the monitors, they began rotating between views of herself licking Sasha and Mandy’s long tongue darting in and out of her cunt.

“My god this feels so fucking good!” Monika’s mind moaned in growing abandon and exquisite pleasure, and she dove into Sasha's cunt with abandon. She reached out with her left hand and began playing with Sasha's left tit, and with her right hand, reached down to grab Mandy's hair, pushing, and guiding her tongue as her passion took control.

After several minutes, it became abundantly clear to the enrapt audience that none of the trio would last much longer, and a hush fell over the room just as Monika felt her orgasm strike her like an earthquake. As Monika's body shook, Sasha's legs tightened around her head, and a flood of sweet nectar flooded her face. Mandy too, who, unknown to Monika, had been fucking herself with a vibrator, came as well.

Monika slowly began to relax, while Sasha and Mandy moved up to snuggle with her, running their hands all over her as they whispered to her about how well she had done.

“I'm Mandy, my Queen” She heard Mandy whisper. “Your cunt is delicious!”

“And you did a great job eating my hot little cunny, my Queen,” Sasha whispered. “Thank you!

“Thank you, Mandy. That felt so fucking good! And Sasha, I never knew a woman's cunt tasted so good. Thank you!” Monika whispered, still a bit hesitant with certain words, in reply just before the lights dropped and the room was plunged into complete darkness. She felt achingly sad when she felt Sasha and Mandy move away.

“I wonder what's next?” Monika murmured to herself anxiously, as the gong sounded again, and when the spotlight lit upon her, she realized she was absolutely craving the next experience.

Monika, Colin, Alastair and More

Monika didn't blink when two young blonde nude men walked forward to pull her off the bed. She couldn't help but notice that they appeared identical in every way... right down to their long uncut cocks. She watched as the bed was rolled away and a thing that looked something like a large, padded sawhorse was wheeled into the center of the pit. While the two women moving the horse into place secured it to the floor, Monika's eyes flitted between the crotches of her two attendants. Both long thin cocks were fully erect by this time, and she found herself wanting to touch them.

“May I?” She asked, and both men nodded and smiled when she wrapped her fingers around their cocks.

“This is so wicked!” She muttered, “but it's so fucking hot! I love how these pricks, yeah... they are pricks... not penises, not even just cocks... but pricks... feel in my hands!”

As if on cue the men started moving forward, her hands still encircling their pricks, and helped her kneel on the padded shelves on either side of the horse. They moved forward on either side, and loath to let go of them, she was coaxed into a position where she was on all fours, her knees on shelves at one end and her elbows on similar shelves at the other end, while she kept a firm grip on the two men's pricks.

“Does that feel good boys!” She asked, looking at each in turn. Both were smiling broadly, and each nodded yes.

“We are Colin” the one on the right said in a clearly British accent, “and Alastair” the one on the left continued automatically, “We are here to begin the next phase of your evening. You like our knobs?

“Yes!!! Monika exclaimed. “I love them. They are so hard and hot.”

“Will you fuck me with them? Monika asked excitedly and heard a laugh behind her.

“What did I tell you Monika?” She recognized Mark's voice, “I told you that you were a slut earlier tonight and you didn't believe me. Do you now, Slut?”

“Yes Mark, yes! I’m a slut and I want these two beautiful pricks in my hot wet cunt hole. I want to suck them... I want them to fuck me! I want...”

“Whoa Monika... you're on overload... but you are about to get both of these and more.” Mark replied, laughing again and she heard a rustling in the surrounding darkness as Colin and Alastair pulled away from her hands. Monika lost track when one moved behind her and the other stood before her.

“Before we continue,” She heard Mark saying, “do you want them to use condoms? Of course, there's no chance of you getting pregnant since you had your tubes tied, but they'll use them if you like. I will add that everyone here has been recently tested and is clean from STDs.”

“You know I hate those damned things Mark” She replied, “No, no condoms as long as you're sure it's OK.”

Mark nodded in agreement and moved off.

“Which one is which?” Monika found herself wondering, laughing to herself, and opening her mouth wide in anxious anticipation of the British knob she so desperately wanted to suck.

As the prick in front of her slid across her cheeks and lips she felt a hand rubbing her cunt then pull away. She wondered again which was which.

“I guess it doesn't matter,” She murmured.

“You must really want this SLUT.” She heard Mark say and she could see him, out of the corner of one eye, and she realized the hand she'd felt must have been his when she saw him holding his glistening fingers up for the audience to see.

Monika felt a sudden sense of calm when she realized that Mark would always be there and was taking great care to make sure she was ok, despite the trials he was introducing her to.

Shouts of approval rose around her as Mark placed his fingers into his mouth, licking them clean.

“You've never tasted so good!” Mark said as the cock behind her began rubbing up and down along her slit. She opened her mouth wide and the cock in front slid smoothly into her mouth at precisely the same time as the one behind slid into her wet cunt. And before she knew it both pricks were fucking in and out in unison.

“I am Alastair, my Queen,” the man who's cock she was so blissfully sucking revealed.

“And I am Colin,” the other continued, “You like how my knob feels in your tight royal honey hole?” Nodding vigorously, she reached around Alastair's ass and grabbed both of his ass cheeks in a momentary panic as she tried to catch her breath between thrusts.

“Remember” She heard Clarisse coaching once again in her ear, “breathe through your nose.

Monika nodded slightly and took in a deep breath through her nose and felt herself relax and she began cumming in waves. As her orgasms began to subside, she felt both pricks swell and begin to throb filling her throat and cunt with cum. She tried to hold onto Alastair's ass as he pulled away, spraying several spurts of cum onto her face as he pulled free, and she soon felt Colin's softening prick sliding wetly out of her dripping cunt.

Feeling a bit disappointed and closing her eyes, she thought “It can't be over so soo...” just as she realized there was another cock probing her cunt and still another rubbing across her lips. Opening her eyes and her mouth eagerly she began sucking a new and totally unknown cock.

What Monika couldn't see was two long lines of people, each of whom were patiently waiting their own turn. Each stood quietly and patiently, slowly stroking their hardening cocks, and choosing the line to their liking, one to use her cunt and the other to use her mouth. When each man reached her cunt, most wasted no time with foreplay, instead immediately sliding their cock’s home. Others gave her cunt a few licks before fucking her in their turn. Some fucked her cunt furiously, others smoothly and slowly, still others with maddeningly erratic tempos, but Monika found herself loving each one. The men and women preferring her mouth and throat behaved similarly, some of the men holding very still and others virtually fucking her throat like a second cunt. Monika found herself eagerly licking the cunts presented to her, thoroughly servicing each one with her tongue, whether it was hairy or bald, fresh or caked in some man’s cum.

Whether in her cunt or her throat though, most came within short order since everyone was under strict instructions not to waste any time. They were to use their Queen's cunt or throat to their mutual enjoyment, and then to move on, making room for the next cock. Others fucked her for their allotted time and pulled out without cumming. Most returned to the audience platforms to recover, while others got back in one line or the other, some repeatedly, until they added their loads to the others drenching her cunt or face. Monika herself came several times, she quickly lost track of how often, and frankly she no longer cared. Each orgasm came when it came, and she welcomed each as a new gift.

Something that Monika couldn't see was that there were several women wearing strapons in the fucking line. She eventually figured this out after a particularly unusual feeling cock had fucked her. Between blowjobs at the time, she noticed a woman walking past her rubbing a still slick and dripping strapon.

“Did you like the Terminator?” the woman asked Monika while laughing and rubbing the large dildo that looked for all the world like what could only be a robot's metal cock. “I'm Mistress Ruby by the way. I'm sure you remember me from earlier,” and she snapped her whip.

“Yes ma’am, I remember you,” Monika mumbled, feeling each welt on her body in a delicious mix of pain and pleasure while she watched Mistress Ruby stroll back to her place in the audience where without a word, a slender young man, who Monika realized had to be “dick,” got on all fours and accepted the metal cock, still covered in Monika's juices and the cum of several men, into his ass. Monika watched Mistress Ruby fucking him in fascination until another man walked in front of her waving his hard cock which she quickly took into her mouth, all other thoughts forgotten.

Eventually Monika heard the gong sounding, and the man fucking her as well as the one she was sucking at the time, both pulled out of her holes, quickly jerking off till they came, adding their sperm to the rest. Once they moved away, she saw there was a monitor in her direct line of sight, and she was able to see herself for the first time. After moving around her body, the camera zoomed in on her face, which she could see was covered in cum. Next it zoomed in on her backside where she could see a large pool of cum covering the small of her back. Her cunt and asshole were covered as well and cum dripped everywhere.

“My Lords and Ladies... I give you, once more, our Queen of Hearts, Queen Monika... our undisputed royal SLUT!” She heard Mark announcing as he walked up and with the help of Colin and Alastair, helped her up off the horse.

Close your eyes and hold your arms out” Monika heard Clarisse instructing, complying immediately before feeling a warm flow of water wash over her and gurgling down the drain she could feel at her feet.

The audience watched as Mark, Colin and Alastair gently washed all the cum and sweat off Monika, being meticulously careful not to mess up her kabuki mask application.

Once she was squeaky clean, they dried her with soft fluffy towels and Mark told her to follow Clarisse, who was standing by the door opposite the stairs.

“By this time,” Clarisse told her as she drew close, “our Queens always need a little break.” and she opened the door onto a well-appointed restroom, and motioned Monika in.

She had to admit she needed to relieve herself and began her ablutions. After finishing she used the bidet and noticed the enema nozzles hanging close by. One was marked “Cunt” and the other “Ass.”

“Monika,” She heard Clarisse speaking in her ear, “Please give yourself a thorough cleaning in your ass. Clean your cunt as well if you wish, but that is up to you. Knock on the door when you are ready to rejoin us.”

Knowing better, by this time, to resist, Monika gave herself a thorough douche and enema until she was as squeaky-clean inside as she was outside.

“At least they let me do that in private.” She muttered, feeling apprehensive but excited by the future implied by the need for the anal enema, as she knocked on the door.

Monika, Mark and... well... Everyone Else

When Monika re-entered the pit, it was filled with several round mattresses and there were naked people everywhere, all fucking and sucking in every combination. Monika turned when she felt a hand on her shoulder. “Follow me my Queen.” Clarisse whispered and, taking her hand, began to lead Monika through the crowd of naked writhing bodies to a waist high mattress in the center. On it, Monika could see someone getting a blowjob. As they drew closer, she realized the person getting sucked was Jacque and her breath caught when she realized it was Mark sucking him.

Mark patted the platform beside him, and Clarisse helped Monika clamber up. Soon she was inches away and watched in fascination while Mark licked and sucked Jacque's long cock.

“Hi Slut... he said laughing. “So, are you enjoying yourself?”

“You're gay?” She asked in confusion.

“Fuck no,” he replied, “I bisexual. You can't seriously believe I've been faking loving to fuck you for the last three years.”

“Well, I guess not,” She replied sheepishly.

Mark motioned her closer and soon they were both licking Jacque's beautiful cock. Each time they reached the head of his cock, Monika could see a hungry gleam in Mark's eye as their tongues met and fought for the fresh drop of precum that had inevitably accumulated. Then they would slowly slide down his slick pole and find themselves each sucking one of Jacque's large balls.

While they took care of Jacque, Monika watched Clarisse move in where she began rimming Mark's asshole while another girl sucked his cock. Feeling a tongue on her cunt she looked down and saw a red-headed woman licking her pussy.

“I could really get used to all this!” She whispered to Mark as she gazed at the woman eating her out.

“Helen has been begging me for a chance to eat your cunt for months!” he replied.

Helen winked at Monika and went back to eating her cunt, occasionally running her tongue lightly across her puckered asshole, which sent an almost electric jolt through Monika's body each time.

After a while Jacque stood up and moved off to the side, silently motioning for Monika to lay on her back. Mark climbed onto his hands and knees and looked down at her as he crawled over her, straddling her at a slight angle so as not to interfere with the woman eating her cunt and positioned his cock right over her face.

“Ease on under here” Mark ordered, straddling Monika at a slight angle so as not to interfere with Helen and positioned his cock right over her face.

“Suck my cock slut... and watch while I get fucked in the ass. Oh, and thank you Clarisse... for lubing me up so well... I love how you rim my asshole.”

“It was my pleasure!” Clarisse replied as Monika slid up a little and began sucking Mark's hard cock. A black man whom Monika had not seen before crawled onto the platform, knelt behind Mark, and began stroking his cock and rubbing it alternately on Mark's asshole and on Monika's forehead. As she watched, the long fat black cock swelled until it was as large as an ear of corn.

“Hello, my Queen,” the man spoke, smiling down at her, “I'm Vincent. Would you like to suck my fat cock before I fuck your Lord and Master?”

“Oh yes, Vincent!” She answered, releasing Mark's stiff cock, “I'd love to!” She added, nodding vigorously.

Vincent placed his hands on Marks ass cheeks and leaned forward slightly and Monika opened her mouth wide and ran the tip of her tongue along his piss hole and under the glans of his cock head. Reaching around his legs she cupped Vincent's big balls and ran her tongue up and down his shaft, slickening it and preparing it for her mouth and for Mark's ass. Finally, she bent her head back as far as it could go and opened her mouth wide. Vincent smiled again and slowly slid his fat cock deeply into her throat.

After several minutes Monika reluctantly let him withdraw and watched as he positioned his cock head directly on Mark's puckered asshole. She watched in wonder while Vincent began to push, and his cock slowly disappeared into her husband's asshole. Before long Vincent was buried balls deep in Mark's ass and her tongue shot out of its own volition and she began licking both pairs of balls that were dangling in front of her. And when Vincent pulled out, she slid down slightly and took Mark's dripping cock into her throat once again and simply held still anticipating what she was sure to come next. She had a perfect view of Vincent's long fat cock as it slid once more slowly into Mark's asshole. Soon Vincent's cock was smoothly sliding in and out, and each time Vincent slammed into his ass, Mark's cock slammed deeper into her throat. By this point Monika realized she was breathing easily through her nose and found her gag reflex had vanished.

Monika could also feel movement around her lower body, but at this point she no longer felt any apprehension or even wondered what was going on. She was content to know that she was being enjoyed by whoever was between her legs, while she enjoyed the face-fucking-by-proxy she was getting from Vincent and her husband.

What she couldn't see was the steady stream of the audience as they moved past in turn, some of the men and women licking her cunt, some of the men fucking her, some offering their cocks to Mark's eager mouth. Many of the men splattered her cunt or Mark's face with cum and each time that happened, several women and men would swoop in to lick things clean.

Once she felt a tongue exploring her own asshole.

“Ummmm, that does feel really, really, good.” She thought, remembering earlier introduction to the feelings, and enjoying the sensations as the nerves around her asshole tingled, before returning her primary attention to Mark and Vincent.

Some minutes later she felt a finger probing her asshole, then what felt like two or three.

“Oh yes,” She moaned incomprehensibly since her mouth was full of Mark's cock, “stick your fingers in my ass, stick your fingers in my ass!”

Mark, of course, was watching closely while the tall muscular man he was sucking, finger fucked his wife.

Reluctantly letting the long-wet cock slip out of his mouth, Mark asked, “Is she ready Daniel?”

“Oh yeah Mark, she is ready and more. Her asshole is nice and tight, but see how she is lifting her hips to meet my fingers?”

“What are you waiting for then?” Mark asked laughing.

Not having heard the conversation consciously, Monika was disappointed when she felt the fingers withdraw, but the disappointment disappeared when she realized there was a cock pressing against her asshole. Before she really knew what to think, Daniel had sunk his long-thin-copiously-lubed cock deeply into her ass.

Daniel proceeded to fuck her in long slow strokes and Monika quickly realized he was fucking her in rhythm with Vincent fucking Mark. Every time Vincent's cock slid home in Mark's ass, Daniel's cock slid home in hers. Next, she felt a vibrator slide into her cunt and her body began to quiver and shake. Within seconds, the cocks fucking her, and Mark's assholes were flying in and out, fucking her furiously, and she felt Mark's and Daniel's cocks begin to swell and pulse, filling her throat and ass with cum. Monika's world responded by exploding... her body visibly quaking as the strongest orgasm she'd ever experienced, crashed over her and suddenly…everyone...froze.

The next thing she knew the room around her had erupted into thunderous applause. Vincent pulled out of Mark's ass, and Monika watched a heavy load of cum drip out of his distended asshole. She could also clearly feel, the nerves of her own asshole were so sensitive, a similar amount dripping out of her as Daniel's cock withdrew.

Mark slid sideways and several people helped him turn around. Monika practically purred when she felt him put his arms around her and draw her close. She was so exhausted that she was soon asleep and never felt it when Clarisse and Sandra cleaned her and Mark's bodies, carefully removing every drop of cum and dusting them both with a lightly scented powder before finally covering them up. Finally, Clarisse removed Monika’s earbuds and the room slowly emptied, many of the audience bending down to kiss Monika's hand or forehead as they filed past.


Monika Frasier woke with a start and sat up in bed. She was momentarily confused and disoriented but drew comfort and calm from the gentle sound of Mark's even breathing next to her. Looking around she realized she was in her own bed, in her own familiar bedroom.

“What a dream,” She muttered quietly to herself, “it was so strange, but seemed so real. Whatever has gotten into me?”

Feeling pressure in her bladder she got up and stumbled to the bathroom. Fumbling for the light switch she flipped it on.

There in her mirror was a face in a kabuki mask...

“It wasn't a dream... SLUT!” She heard Mark whisper in her ear.

And she saw a smile spreading across the face of the girl in the mirror...


The End... or is it really... The Beginning?

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