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Queen of Hearts - Part 1

at Le Cirque du Erotique

By R.R. MichaelsPublished 4 months ago 41 min read

Part 1

©2024, Riley Michaels

MF, FF, MM, BDSM, Ms, Femdom, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Orgy, Bukkake, Anal


Monika Frasier let her eyes sweep over the opulent furnishings of the restaurant. She'd been trying to get her new husband, Mark, to bring her here for months since they got married. The King's Arms Tavern was unquestionably the best restaurant in town. They'd only been open for a few months and everyone was positively raving about it. She had been ecstatic when Mark told her he'd finally gotten a reservation, especially on Valentine's Day.

“So, my Queen, what is your pleasure tonight?” Mark asked teasingly.

Monika smiled and blushed before returning to her menu and mulling over her choices... “Hmmm, the Gruyère Crusted Lobster Thermidor or the Black Pepper Filet Mignon with Scallops?”

“Well, you know me Babe, I'm having the Prime Rib.” Mark said.

“Big surprise!” Monika replied laughing, “You always have the Prime Rib. I think I'm gonna be adventurous tonight and have the Lobster.”

“You? Adventurous?” Mark replied with a strange note to his laugh as he motioned for the waiter.

“Little does she know though,” Mark thought to himself as he ordered their meals and a bottle of Dom Pérignon Rosè.

“Dom Pérignon, Mark?” Monika whispered, “Isn’t that terribly extravagant?”

“Nothing is too good for you, my Queen!” Mark replied with a strange gleam in his eyes.

“Speaking of that, Thank you so much for my spa day today. How do you like the nails?” Monika replied, holding her hands up so that Mark could see the red over white heart design on her fingernails, “Just like you asked for. And my toenails match.” She added with a grin.

After their salads arrived and they began eating, Monika kept finding her gaze drawn to the couple sitting across the aisle. The woman's hair was a deep raven black, and she was wearing a skintight cocktail dress. Her companion was a tall blonde man in an immaculate black tux. The table, on a slightly raised platform, was half round just like theirs, so the two were sitting side by side and appeared to be deeply engrossed in a conversation. As Monika's eyes adjusted to the lighting, she absent-mindedly realized she could see their laps under the drape of the ornate tablecloth. This didn't really strike her as particularly odd until she realized that she could see the woman's skirt was hiked up and she could clearly see her playing with herself. Monika blushed a deep red and grabbed Mark's hand.

“Maaaaaark… that woman is playing with herself!” She muttered through gritted teeth.

“Who? What?” Mark replied.

“That woman, right there!” Monika replied, hiding her hand, and pointing frantically. When she raised her eyes and looked across the aisle, she saw the woman staring straight at her with a strange smile on her face. Monika's eyes moved of their own accord, and she saw that now the man's hand was rubbing her pussy as well. Monika gasped audibly when she also realized that the man's penis was exposed and hanging heavily between his legs.

“Mark, we have to get ou...” Monika growled under her breath before Mark placed his hands firmly over hers.

“Monika hon, they’re not hurting anyone. Let's eat!” and she realized that the food had arrived.

Try as she could Monika couldn't help but steal occasional glances as she ate her lobster. It was delicious but she found herself very addled and unable to concentrate until the couple finally departed. Unable to look at them as they walked past to leave, Monika didn't notice the strange smiles they exchanged with Mark.

“The champagne is perfect with this lobster, Mark,” Monika remarked with her eyes lowered.

“I thought it would... and it goes well with the prime rib too,” he replied, “Babe, they're gone! Pay attention to your lobster!” Mark added under his breath laughing softly and smiling at her.

An hour later they were enjoying glasses of ice-cold spring water with their dessert, a delectable orange sorbet served inside of a large half orange hull.

“Do you trust me, Babe?” Mark suddenly asked.

“Of course, I trust you, hon!” Monika replied, “Why?”

“You know those fantasies you've been telling me about?” he replied, “Well, let's just say some of them may not be fantasies after this evening.”

“Maaaark? What are you up to?” She asked haltingly.

Mark laughed, “Finish your dessert and let's get out of here so I can show you.”

Monika finished her sorbet and pushed back slightly from the table, “Sooooo?”

“Patience Babe!” Mark laughed as he took care of the check. Soon Monika was settling contentedly into the passenger seat of their Mercedes.

“Put this on.” Mark ordered, handing her a leather blindfold as he pulled into traffic.

Welcome to Le Cirque du Érotique

Monika lost track of how long they drove, and Mark had turned so often and so erratically that she had no idea where they were when she felt them come to a stop and the engine turn off.

“You can take the blindfold off now Babe.” Mark said.

After removing the blindfold, Monika could see they were in a parking garage and was surprised when her door opened, and a hand reached in to help her out. She looked up and accepted the hand of the tall blonde man standing there, hearing Mark get out on the other side of the car.

“Your highnesses... If you will follow me.” the man who had helped her out of the car said in a deep voice, as he handed Monika's hand to Mark.

Reaching an ornate door, their blonde escort opened it and motioned them into a dark passageway lit only by lights along the floor. Mark steadied Monika and they soon reached a dimly lit round platform containing a large semi-circular sofa with a matching back covered in luxurious red satin coverlet. Looking around Monika could dimly make out several similar platforms and she realized that the sofas must be some kind of recliner, since several were laying back at different angles. There was even one which was fully reclined. The couple lounging on it returned her gaze and smiled.

About three feet in front of the sofa there was a low thin rail. Beyond that, Monika could see nothing, though she vaguely sensed a significant large space in the darkness.

“Have a seat, Babe!” Mark directed, before walking to the right and whispering in the ear of the short brunette cocktail waitress standing beside the rail.

“What the?” Monika blurted out to herself when the woman turned and, as she walked off, exposed the fact that her outfit left her entire back, including her firm ass, uncovered.

“You like Lisa's uniform?” Mark asked with a bit of a laugh, “She'll be right back with our drinks.”

“What is this place, Mark?” She asked loudly, noting that her voice seemed to echo slightly, confirming her suspicions about the size of the space.

“You'll see.” he replied with a strange grin on his face as a small heart shaped table was placed in front of them by the man who had escorted them from their car. Lisa soon returned, delivering a large bottle of champagne and two glasses.

“My Lord Mark. So nice to see you again.” Lisa remarked as she deftly removed the cork and offered it to Mark to inspect. ‘The Moët & Chandon Dom Pérignon Rosé’ compliments of the house.”

“My Lady, I am at your service.” Lisa said, turning to Monika and curtseying, after Mark nodded his approval. Lisa began carefully pouring their champagne and Monika barely suppressed a gasp when she noticed the front of Lisa's skirt dangling and realized again, she was totally nude under it. After pouring, Lisa curtsied again before placing the bottle in a chilled tub by the rail. Monika noted a distinct wiggle in Lisa's hips as she watched her bare ass, missing the quick wink Lisa aimed at Mark as she walked back past them and moved around behind the sofa.

“Again, Mark?” Monika whispered loudly, “And why would they give us a bottle of Dom Perignon ‘with compliments?’”

“You'll see.” Mark replied lifting his glass to her. Monika lifted hers in reply and they shared a silent toast just as a loud gong rang... the sound echoing around the darkness. “And I’ve been here before and actually know the owner well. I’ll explain in good time. Just relax and enjoy yourself.”

A spotlight snapped on and Monika saw a tall elderly red-haired man in an immaculate black tuxedo, standing in the middle of large circular space. Around the edges, in the dim reflected light, Monika was just able to make out several rails like the one in front of her.

“Welcome, my Lords and Ladies, to Le Cirque du Érotique! I am Sir Arsène, your host and Master of Ceremonies.” the man began, in a distinct French accent, “And a special welcome to our guests of honor for the evening, the most gracious good Lord Mark, and his lady, our good Queen, Monika.”

Applause erupted around the room and a spotlight fell upon Mark and Monika. Mark stood and bowed, motioning for Monika to do so as well.

Monika stood and nervously bowed several times. All the while wondering, “Le Cirque du Érotique?” “The Erotic Circus?” She thought, remembering just enough French. “What’s an Erotic Circus?” As they sat down, the gong sounded again and the general lighting in the room began to brighten until Monika could finally make out the space clearly, though even at its brightest the lighting was still dim.

The floor, about four feet below the floor of their platform, was a round pit, about thirty feet in diameter. There were several levels of platforms, she could not tell how many since beyond the fourth level the lighting was too dim, and the height of the ceiling was entirely indiscernible. Directly across from their platform the symmetry was broken by a wide stairway leading into the pit. The audience was arrayed in several wide circular tiers. Monika remarked to herself that it resembled the Senate chamber from the Star Wars prequel films. Nearly a hundred men and women, a few singly, most in groups of two or three, sometimes more, were lounging around on the platforms, all of which were equipped with sofas like her own. Everyone's eyes were on her and Mark. When she looked around at the platforms closest to her, several people bowed or curtsied to her before moving onto their own places.

The gong sounded three times, and everyone settled down quickly. Monika looked at Mark, who nodded toward the center of the pit, where she saw a large round bed had appeared.

Jacque and Clarisse

Monika watched as two people walked slowly down the stairway opposite their platform. They paused several times to greet people on the platforms. When they reached the bottom and walked up to either side of the bed, she realized they were the couple from the restaurant.

“Are they going to do what I think they are going to do?” She leaned over and whispered to Mark, feeling strangely excited and slightly nervous, “Are we really going to watch them?”

“You bet!” he replied, “Look.”

Monika turned and the couple were undressing and handing their clothing to attendants standing close by.

Once they had disrobed, they walked forward, stopping about halfway between the bed and Monika and Mark's platform.

“We hope you enjoyed our little show at the King's Arms, my Lady.” the man began, “My name is Jacque, and this is Clarisse. It is our immense pleasure to welcome you to Le Cirque du Érotique. I hope you enjoy your experiences tonight.”

While Jacque spoke, Monika found her eyes running up and down his firm body, finally stopping and staring at his monstrous flaccid cock. It hung nearly to his knees, and Clarisse’s hand, which rested lightly upon it looked like a child’s hand in comparison.

“Babe!” She heard Mark saying, breaking her out of her trance, snapping his fingers in front of her eyes with a laugh. “Close your mouth and stop drooling. Jacque has that effect on lots of people the first time they see him like this.”

She shook herself and tried to look nonchalant as the lights around the audience, including those on her own platform dimmed until she could not make out any of the other platforms as more than slightly less dense shadows. Feeling a bit of relief to be out of the spotlight, she watched Jacque and Clarisse walk back to the bed and climb on.

“Look up slightly Babe.” She heard Mark say and she saw that several large monitors had been lowered above and directly in front of the audience platforms. Each played rotating views of Jacque and Clarisse.

Jacque laid back and Clarisse snuggled up in between his legs and began rubbing his penis.

“Here Babe... take these.” Mark said, handing her a pair of opera glasses. “In case you'd rather watch that way instead of the monitor.”

When Monika held the glasses to her eyes she was surprised when she saw that Jacque's penis was now fully erect and Clarisse was slowly licking from the base to the tip. Without even realizing what she was doing, Monika pulled her legs tight and began lightly rubbing them together.

Mark, who was watching his wife carefully, smiled, and looking at Lisa, winked.

“You like what she's doing to his cock, Babe?” Mark whispered, and she nodded her head unevenly.

“Um hmmmmm!” She replied with a soft growl.

Jacque tapped Clarisse's shoulder and she slid her lips over the head of his cock and pivoted her body until they were sixty-nining. Then ever so slowly she began sliding his cock into her mouth.

Monika watched in amazement as the enormous cock disappeared inch by inch and she gasped out loud when Clarisse's lips struck the base of Jacque's long cock.

“How can she do that, Mark?” She asked, “His penis is so long!”

“Babe, a penis is something a guy uses to piss. When it's hard and in a woman's, or a guy's throat, it's a cock.” Mark whispered, “Call it a COCK, Monika!”

“His cock is so long!” She repeated quietly.

“His what?” Mark asked.

“His Cock... his COCK!” She repeated with more assurance, surprising herself with how guttural she sounded when she said it the second time.

“Very good!” Mark replied, laughing quietly, “Now, pay attention.”

Monika looked back into the pit and realized that the bed must have been rotating slowly because now she was looking directly at Jacque's tongue lapping at Clarisse's pussy.

Jacque wrapped his lips around Clarisse's sensitive clit, pulling it into his mouth and nibbling on it with his teeth. Monika could see Clarisse's body reacting, her back arching as she ground her pussy onto Jacque's mouth.

“And what is he licking Babe?” Mark asked.

“That's her vagin...I mean, her pussy,” Monika said, never taking her eyes off Jacque and Clarisse, but correcting herself, realizing that Mark wanted her to use vulgar terms tonight.

“That's good Babe,” Mark replied, “but a better word, especially when it's as dripping wet as Clarisse's is, and when a tongue is lapping at it like that... is CUNT.”

“I can't use that word Mark, it so demea…” She started to reply.

“It's a CUNT Monika. And it's what you are rubbing between your legs right now. You are rubbing your CUNT. Look how wet the front of your dress is.”

Tearing her eyes away from the enthralling scene in the pit, she looked down and realized Mark was right. The front of her dress was soaked.

“Pull your dress up!” Mark ordered. Surprising even herself, she complied immediately, pulling her dress up around her waist.

Mark leaned over and ran his fingers across her panties over her pussy mound. They came away wet, and he held them high and then placed them on his lips.

“Your cunt is so wet Babe! See?” he said quietly.

“Lisa” She heard Mark command, and Lisa appeared in front of her.

“My Lady, if you would please open your legs slightly?” Lisa asked before she reached up and deftly pulled Monika's panties down, leaving her black garter belt and hose, and exposing her wet and glistening pussy.

“Now that's a cunt!” Mark growled softly. Looking over at him Monika realized he had his cock out and was slowly stroking himself to hardness. “You're missing the show though.” he continued.

Monika looked back into the pit where Clarisse was crawling into the center of the bed, which had stopped rotating, where she got on all fours sideways to Monika, and lowered her chest until her pert breasts were grazing the fabric and raised her perfect ass high, presenting it, as if in supplication, to her lover. Jacque moved in close behind her and Clarisse reached between her legs and grabbed his long cock and began to rub the head up and down on her cunt lips. Monika could see, on the monitor, that Jacque's cock was leaking copious amounts of precum. She almost cheered when she saw Clarisse center Jacque's cock head on her waiting hole. Monika glanced around furtively hoping no one could see and lowered her left hand to her cunt and slid three fingers slowly into her cunt and began rubbing her clit lightly with her thumb.

Clarisse wiggled her hips and looked directly at Monika. Then Monika realized that Jacque was looking at her too.

“How can they see me up here in these shadows?” Monika asked herself, suddenly worried that everyone could see what she was so wickedly doing with her hand. Slowly though, an understanding what they were asking struck her, and she gave a small nod and silently mouthed... “YES!”

With a sudden and powerful thrust, Jacque plunged into Clarisse's waiting cunt.

“Oh, FUUUUCK Yes!” Clarisse cried loudly.

Jacque grabbed Clarisse's hips tighter and holding on, pulled her back each time he thrust forward. Their bodies slammed together over and over. All the while Clarisse stared steadfastly at Monika who was just as intently staring back, fucking herself with her fingers in synchronization with Jacque's thrusts into Clarisse.

Jacque was soon fucking Clarisse's cunt with abandon, randomly slowing down, or speeding up. Sometimes soft and gentle, other times pounding her furiously. Sometimes he would stop altogether, his cock barely inside of her, other times he stopped buried to the hilt. This repeated countless times and Monika slowly began to understand that Jacque was almost torturing Clarisse. Finally, after what seemed an eternity to Monika, Jacque pulled almost all the way out and paused briefly, before plunging back in again so hard that Clarise almost collapsed on the bed. Then he froze, fully engulfed in her cunt and Monika saw Clarisse's hand reach between her legs where she grasped Jacques balls and began squeezing.

Monika could feel her own orgasm growing closer, and she smiled broadly when Clarisse smiled at her and nodded... Monika closed her eyes and pinched her clit.

Seconds later the room was filled with their matching screams as they came together, followed in seconds by Jacque’s own guttural growl of release.

Monika slumped onto the sofa in exhaustion and opened her eyes. She was just in time to watch Jack pull out of Clarisse before shooting a great fountain of cum onto her ass cheeks and back. In the afterglow of her orgasm, Monika closed her eyes, trying to relax before feeling someone placing a warm soft blanket over her.

As she relaxed, she heard Jacque and Clarisse walk over to their platform.

“I take it she enjoyed that.” She heard Jacque say.

“Ohhhh, I'd say she did,” Clarisse added, “It was almost like we were reading each other's minds.”

“It was amazing watching her,” Mark replied, “I kept looking back and forth between the two of you and she was totally engaged. She didn't even feel me slide over to put my arm around her to hold her up.”

As a smile spread across Monika’s face, Jacque and Clarisse laughed. “Well, we better go clean up some.” Jacque said slapping Clarisse on the ass before taking her hand and walking up the stairs opposite Mark and Monika's platform.

A few minutes later she felt someone take her hand. When she opened her eyes, she saw Mark holding her hand, the one she'd used to masturbate with so wantonly, and she was surprised when he raised it to his lips and licked her fingers.

“Oh Mark,” She moaned, somewhat flustered.

“What?” he replied smiling, “You taste great!”

“Excuse me, my Lord?” Monika heard Lisa saying from behind her, “Perhaps our Lady needs to relieve herself.”

“Right.” Mark replied. “Babe, do you need to visit the lady’s room after that?” he asked Monika.

“I guess I probably do.” She replied, accepting Lisa's outstretched hand, and following her off their platform.

Angus, kathy and steven

When Monika returned and sat down on Mark's right side, she saw that three figures were standing in front of a large X-shaped wooden frame. The central figure was a tall muscular black man wearing only a black military campaign cap with a chrome silver hat band, a leather chest harness with chrome fittings and a blindingly polished pair of calf-high boots. On his right, stood a young petite buxom and nude white woman. On his left was a young slender and nude white man. Monika noted with surprise that both were bald and appeared to have no body hair whatsoever. All three turned toward Monika and bowed.

“I'm Master Angus, my Queen.” the man said, while the man and woman stood on either side of him casually stroking his cock. “These are two of my slaves!” He pulled slightly at a leash that Monika had not noticed before, but which was attached to a black leather collar around the girl's neck.

“slave kathy, my Queen.” the girl added, smiling.

Master Angus jerked the other leash which Monika realized was attached to the boy's similar collar.

“And I am slave steven, my Queen.” the boy finished.

“slaves... Tench-Hut! Present yourselves for inspection!” Master Angus barked, unclipping the leashes from their collars, and pointing his right hand toward Mark and Monika. “

steven and kathy marched smartly up and onto Monika and Mark's platform and stopped directly in front of them at the position of “attention,” steven in front of Monika, and kathy in front of Mark.

“slaves... Pah-Raaaid--Rest!” Angus barked.

Monika felt her eyes running up and down their smooth bodies, taking in steven's striking pale skin and the utter lack of hair. Her gaze lingered on kathy's bald head and realized it suited her.

Mark pulled Monika forward on the sofa and grabbing her left hand in his right, he placed it firmly under stephen's balls, while cupping kathy's pussy with his left hand.

“steven?” Mark asked.

“Good evening my Queen. My name is steven and I am 27 years old and have been in Master Angus' service for almost five years. Master has been so kind as to have all my body hair removed by electrolysis. I hope you like it.”

“He's so soft and smooth!” Monika remarked to Mark smiling and lightly exploring steven's hairless cock and balls with her left hand and running her right hand across his baby smooth chest.

“And feel kathy's cunt!” Mark replied, moving Monika's left hand away from steven's cock and to the girl's hairless pussy. Monika resisted slightly, but finally allowed Mark to press her hand firmly against the girl's pussy.

“My lady Queen, I am kathy. I am 25 years old and have been in Master's service for almost seven years. Master has had all my hair removed by electrolysis too. Our baldness is a symbol of our service.”

“Wow!” Monika replied surprised, pulling her hand away and then placing it on her own hairy pussy, “It does feel so different...”

Mark and Lisa shared a quick secret smile.

“My Lord Mark,” Master Angus asked in a crisp voice, “Do my young slaves meet with your approval?”

“Perfectly, Angus, perfectly!” Mark replied.

“Excellent my Lord!” Angus replied smiling, “SLAVES! Fall in and get your asses back over here.”

steven and kathy both snapped to attention and ran quickly back into the pit. Monika noticed as they darted away that each had a tattoo of a raging bull on their left ass cheek.

When they reached Master Angus, they resumed their previous positions on either side of him and after reattaching their leashes he placed his hands on their heads. They immediately sank to their knees and, while he held the leashes, began licking his cock. Monika could see that his cock was not especially large, certainly, not much longer than Mark was, though maybe a bit thicker but the head was huge... half again as big around as his shaft and a glistening blackish purple. She realized she was licking her lips when she felt Mark's hand on her shoulder.

Monika turned and noticed the audience shedding their clothing. Mark looked at her questioningly, and began removing his own clothing, finally pulling off his underwear, letting his hard cock spring free. Monika turned and let him remove her clothing until she was down to just her garter belt and hose, which Mark insisted she keep on. At first, she felt a strong urge to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands but as she relaxed the urge dissipated. As they settled down to watch Angus, kathy and steven, it became obvious to Monika that Mark was resisting a strong urge to stroke his cock, and feeling a sudden urge to help, she reached out but when she tried to touch him.

“Not now Babe, we need to wait!” Mark growled, pushing her hand away.

“Wait for what?” She asked, “Wait for what?”

Mark and Lisa just laughed.

After his slaves had licked him for a few minutes, Master Angus pointed toward the cross and kathy marched up to it, turned around and stepped backward up onto a couple of footrests which were about a foot off the ground. Her legs were spread wide and steven knelt quickly at a nod from Master Angus and fastened a set of cuffs around her ankles. kathy raised her arms along the upper arms of the cross and steven reached up and fastened a set of cuffs around her wrists as well.

After checking to make sure the cuffs were secure, steven slid a long bench between the legs of the cross and laid down on it with his head pointing toward Master Angus.

“How can steven not be hard by this time?” Monika asked, turning to Mark.

“He is not allowed to get an erection without his Master's permission, Babe.” Mark replied, “And if he does get hard, without permission, his punishment can be... well... rather severe.”

Monika watched as a large table was rolled into the center of the pit behind Master Angus. On it, Monika could see all manner of things which she had heard of but never seen. She recognized several whips and some things that looked like horse-riding crops as well as things that she assumed were floggers, long bundles of straps of leather attached to leather-wrapped handles. Most of the rest of the objects left her guessing, having no idea what they were or what purpose they served.

“At your pleasure, my Lord Mark?” Master Angus asked, looking at Mark after selecting one of the floggers from the table.

Mark nodded and Master Angus turned back to his slaves.

Monika gasped as she watched Angus back muscles ripple as he drew his right arm back, suddenly swinging, and striking kathy's left breast with the tips of the flogger's falls. He swung again, this time in a backhand motion and the falls struck kathy's right breast.

Monika watched, with her mouth agape as Master Angus proceeded to flog kathy's breasts, shoulders, and thighs as the central portion of the pit began to slowly rotate. As it turned counterclockwise, she got another surprise, suddenly understanding why steven had pulled the bench into place.

Stifling a gasp, she watched steven, lying flat on his back with his head thrown back, with his Master's hard cock deep in his throat.

Glancing up at the monitor she could see that neither Master Angus or steven were moving in or out, it was like the master's cock was sheathed in his slave’s throat. The only movement was steven's Adam's apple moving regularly up and down.

“How can he breathe Mark?” She asked quietly.

“Superb self-control.” Mark replied.

“And a lot of practice breathing through his nose.” Lisa added with a slight laugh.

Noticing that Monika's hand had moved down toward her cunt, Mark called to Lisa. “Lisa, I think we're going to need the restraints.” grabbing Monika's wrists.

“We can't have you playing with yourself for now Babe.”

“Why?” She asked, pouting rather dramatically.

Mark and Lisa just laughed again, and Lisa handed Mark a wrist cuff which he placed around Monika’s right wrist and attached to a strap that he pulled from a crease in the sofa. While he was putting that cuff on, Lisa placed a similar cuff on her left hand and attached it to the bed as well.

Monika pulled and found she could barely move and though she felt very frustrated that she couldn't play with herself, she also found that her excitement was even more heightened, and she resumed watching Angus and his slaves.

When Monika looked back, she realized that Angus had switched to a riding crop and was using it to slap kathy's cunt and nipples. As each stroke fell, Monika could see the kathy's nipples and cunt mound reddening and darkening.

Occasionally, Master Angus would aim a sharp blow at steven's still flaccid cock. Monika found herself wincing at each strike, almost feeling each one in her own flesh. Her nipples were rock hard, and she could feel that her cunt was soaked.

“My Lords and Ladies,” She heard Master Angus saying and watched as he pulled out of steven's throat, whose chest heaved as he caught his breath.

“Young steven here has exceeded all my expectations tonight. Seldom has he managed to keep from getting an embarrassing hardon, while my cock has been buried in his throat like that. Shall I reward him?” Master Angus asked the audience.

A round of applause rose around her and looking around she saw people nodding and holding their thumbs up.

Seeing and hearing this assent, Master Angus turned back toward steven and kathy and motioned with his left hand. A young black girl, wearing a collar like kathy and steven’s, also bearing Master Angus' tattoo, appeared in the pit, and kneeling beside steven took his flaccid cock into her mouth, and began licking it, sliding the tip of her tongue across the tip. Monika could see on the monitor, despite being flaccid, steven’s cock had been leaking copious amounts of precum.

It only took seconds for the fluffer’s attentions to achieve results and steven's cock swiftly grew into a slender firm shaft.

Motioning the fluffer away, Master Angus suddenly swung hard with his riding crop, striking steven's cock three quick times.

Monika almost screamed at the ferocious and unexpected assault before realizing that steven was smiling manically.

“He likes that my Queen!” She heard Lisa explaining in her ear.

Sensing movement Monika looked back at the monitor and watched as a slender hand, she assumed that of the fluffer, was wrapped around steven's cock which was moving upward. After a few seconds, she saw kathy's cunt coming into view and realized that steven's cock was about to pierce it.

She caught her breath as the monitor zoomed in to focus on the head of steven's raging red shaft contacted kathy's engorged cunt lips. She held her breath as steven's cock head slid into kathy's cunt. She let out a long sigh as his full length slid into kathy's depths.

Remembering to breathe again, Monika looked back into the pit and watched as the far end of steven's bench began going slowly up and down, allowing steven to fuck kathy without having to move.


“What?” Monika asked, before seeing Master Angus' arm moving in a fast blur and watching as a bright red welt appeared across kathy's left leg.


A welt appeared on kathy's left tit, and Monika realized that Master Angus had switched to a whip.

A sudden closeup of kathy's face appeared on the monitor, as if intended to sooth the fears growing in Monika's mind, showing her looking completely relaxed with her eyes closed and with her tongue slowly licking her slightly parted lips.

The view on the monitor changed and split. On one half she could see a pale pair of hands wrapped around Master Angus' cock and on the other half she could see steven's cock sliding in and out of kathy's cunt. Looking into the pit she could see that steven had reached out and was vigorously jerking master Angus off while his own cock slid up and down in kathy's cunt.


steven's face convulsed in agony as the end of the whip struck the base of his cock. Monika was amazed to see his face relax and the smile reappeared.


Master Angus unleashed a vicious barrage of strikes, spreading blows across both kathy and steven and Monika began to understand as their smiles grew wider with each blow.

Suddenly, Master Angus stopped and arching his back, let out a load groan and his cock erupted, and he screamed as he shot geysers of hot cum onto steven's face, chest, and belly and onto kathy's cunt, belly, and tits. At the same time, steven's bench ground to a stop and his cock slipped out of kathy's cunt spewing his own cum. kathy shuddered and began to shake, her own orgasmic fluids gushing onto steven's cock and belly before she slumped down in utter exhaustion.

Master Angus stepped back while a young raven-haired male stepped forward with a towel and helped steven up. Wrapping the towel around him, the attendant hugged steven close and slowly escorted him out of the pit. Master Angus stepped forward, as the bench was pulled away by someone unseen, and helped kathy down from the cross and after wrapping her in a towel, gathered her up into his strong arms, and carried her out of the pit, nodding and smiling at Mark and Monika as he passed by.

Monika and Mark take the Stage

“That was incredible Mark!” Monika said, while futilely pulling on her restrained wrists... “They looked like they were really enjoying themselves, even though it had to hurt terribly.”

Mark just smiled mischievously.

“So, what's next?” Monika asked enthusiastically.

“That's us Babe.” Mark announced laughing and unfastening her wrist restraints. Helping her up, he motioned toward the opening of their platform.

“Us? Oh wait... You don't mean...” Monika replied as he led her into the pit.

“You don't mean WE are going to have sex in front of all these people?”

“Why not Babe?” Mark asked, “We've been enjoying watching other people do it for us... besides,” he added, “everyone has been watching us all night. No one missed your connection with Clarisse, and everyone could see you struggling against your wrist restraints.”

“Well, I guess...” She answered haltingly. “So that's why you wouldn't let me masturbate or let me touch your cock?”

He nodded. “You'll be fine!” Mark told her, “In fact I think before we're done, you'll be thoroughly loving the experience. First though, we have a treat for you.”

Mark escorted her up to a large, raised chair that had been placed in the center of the pit and helped her onto it. He placed her legs on a set of padded supports which began to rise and spread slightly apart when he pushed a button on the side of the chair. She started to object when he strapped her ankles down but thought better of it. She also noticed that there was a large mirror directly in front of her, so she was able to see herself clearly.

“Mark would never hurt me or let anyone hurt me.” She told herself. When Mark added straps around her wrists though, she began to wonder.


“Nothing to worry about Babe, this is just to make Clarisse's job easier.” he answered.

“Huh?” She asked in confusion.

Mark pushed another button and Monika felt the bondage chair reclining slightly . She noticed that the mirror was moving upwards in sync with the chair so that she could always see herself. Hearing a noise between her legs, she looked down and saw Clarisse standing between her legs and pulling a towel off an instrument tray. On it, Monika saw an old-style straight razor and a bowl of shaving cream. She pulled a towel out of a steaming container and Monika winced as she laid it over her pussy mound.

“We have to make sure you are nice and smooth down there.” Clarisse said, as she ran the razor across a leather strop. “You did like the way kathy's slick cunt felt, didn't you?”

Monika nodded slowly and began to squirm a little when she saw Clarisse sit down on a stool between her legs. She soon felt the razor being pulled across her skin.

“This isn't as good as electrolysis, but it'll get you nice and smooth.”

Monika's beautiful red pubic hair quickly surrendered to the sharp razor. She watched as Clarisse pulled the skin around her pussy tight, deftly removing even the shortest stubble. After just a few minutes, Monika's pussy was as hairless as the day she'd been born except for a perfect heart shaped patch of red hair just above her slit.

Clarisse dusted the area with a glistening golden powder and rubbed it in briskly.

“There we go,” Clarisse said as the platform began to rotate and the audience leaned forward to inspect her handiwork, some even using opera glasses which for some reason sent a naughty thrill through Monika's body.

Mark reached down and ran a finger across her cunt. His finger came away with a hint of moisture.

“I think she's getting a bit excited by all this,” he announced, holding up his moistened finger and then licking it. “And the honey dust makes her even sweeter.”

Clarisse then inserted something like a hearing aid in Monika's left ear before stepping back and turning away. Monika almost jumped out of the chair when she heard Clarisse's voice clearly in her ear.

“Can you hear me my Queen?” Clarisse said. “Nod if you can hear me. This will make it easier for me to help you out during the rest of the evening.”

Monika nodded quickly.

Next Clarisse brushed out Monika's long red hair and tied it into a ponytail that she ran through a hole in the headrest.

“Have to keep that out of the way so everyone can see. Please try to hold still.” Clarisse said as she began applying makeup to Monika's face.

Clarisse turned Monika's head until she was looking straight at the mirror and winked at her.

At that point four large monitors appeared above her head. As she watched, two of the monitors began rotating between views showing her from different angles. The other two monitors zoomed in steadily on her face and cunt.

Monika could see that her face had been transformed into a kabuki style white mask with bright red lips and a small red heart on her right cheek.

“The makeup is absolutely waterproof.” Clarise explained as Monika turned her head from side to side to inspect it. “It’s resistant to a lot of other things too.” She added mysteriously.

Monika heard the gong again and realized that it symbolized that a new scene was to begin.

“I guess it's my and Mark's turn.” She remarked to herself as the audience lights dimmed, and a hush fell around her.

“My Lords and Ladies... Ladies and Gentlemen... please attend.” She heard a much louder voice announce from somewhere behind her, “ I give you Monika, tonight's Queen of Hearts! Our guest for the evening is now prepared, and the entertainment will continue momentarily. I assume everyone is ready to continue?”

A murmur of agreement rose in the darkness around her, and Monika instinctively tensed up.

As this voice spoke, and the lights were raised a little, Monika was able to make out people in the audience milling about all around her. She noticed that Jacque and Clarisse had taken the platform where she and Mark had been.

The gong sounded again, and the audience began to settle in while Mark, totally nude she noted with a mix of apprehension and anticipation, began to speak.

“My Lords and Ladies... I would like to present my wife Monika for your entertainment tonight. Monika is 29 years old, 5' 10” tall and her measurements are 36-26-34. She is a natural redhead as you can see. She has always been good in the sack but her experiences, up to now anyway,” he chuckled, “have been mundane. But since we got married last summer, has recently begun having some interesting and naughty fantasies. Tonight, we are going to do our best to fulfill as many of them as possible, and even stretch her boundaries with some things she’ll enjoy, but which she may not consciously realize she'd ever consider.”

Again, the gong sounded, and Mark turned from the audience and strode toward her. At this point, she wasn't surprised when she saw he was nude, his cock slapping softly against his thighs.

“Are you ready, Babe?” Mark asked her coolly.

“I don't seem to be in a position to object, do I?” She replied laughing.

“Well actually, you could say no right now, and I would unstrap your arms and legs and we could leave. Somehow though, I don't think that's really what you want, is it?”

“No... no it's not.” She replied meekly.

“What do you want Babe?” he asked.

“I want you to fuck me in front of all of these people.” She whispered.

“You what?” he asked with a hint of irritation in his voice. “A bit louder, Babe... so everyone can hear you.”

“I want you to fuck me in front of everyone!” She said in a clear, loud voice.

She heard a round of applause rising from the audience, and surprising herself, she smiled and began to relax.

“That's good, Babe!” Mark said smiling, “Only one more thing to take care of. You need to learn your safe words. If you want to slow down or ease off from whatever is happening, all you need to do is say ‘Yellow.’ If you want to stop whatever is going on, say ‘Red.’ Can you remember those? Don't say ‘No,’ or ‘Don't,’ or ‘Slow down,’ or ‘Stop,’ or anything like that... Just say Yellow or Red. Do you understand?”

“Yellow for slow down... Red for Stop!” Monika repeated back.

“Great!” Mark said smiling before reaching down to push another control on the chair.

“Wait!” Monika suddenly blurted.

“Yes?” Mark asked.

“What… what if I want more, or to speed up or go harder?” She asked.

Mark laughed, and Monika heard a ripple of amazed laughter spread throughout the room.

Mark turned to Lisa and Jacque, who had just walked up, and they conferred for a few seconds.

“No one has ever asked that my Queen,” Jacque replied, turning to her with a smile, “We’ve decided that the word for that will be ‘Purple.’ So, if you want it harder or faster, just say ‘Purple!’”

“I can remember that!” Monika announced, remembering the purple bruises she’d seen raised on kathy and steven’s flesh.

Mark nodded in agreement and began pressing buttons on the control for the chair.

Monika felt the supports for her legs rising and straightening out and spreading slightly while the back reclined until she was laying back at about a 45% angle. She realized, with appreciation, that she was quite comfortable and that she could see all the monitors clearly. All were showing images of her, her face, her tits, and most of all... her cunt.

“Clarisse did a great job on my makeup,” She found herself thinking, “and the heart shaped patch of hair above my cunt...looks quite nice.”

Monika and Mark

After a few moments, Monika heard a noise, and tearing her eyes off the monitors, looked down in time to see Mark move in between her legs. She smiled when she saw his cock was hard and that there was a pearl of precum hanging onto the tip.

“Hello SLUT!” Mark chortled softly as he began running his hands along her legs, hips, and tummy.

“Why are you calling me that Mark?” She begged between clinched teeth, “I'm not a slut.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, “You just announced, very clearly, that you wanted to be fucked in front of all these people. You are a SLUT!” he said smiling and slapped the side of her hip with his open hand.

“Ow!” She cried in pain, “OK, I'm a slut, I'm a SLUT!” She laughed hesitantly.

“Relax, Monika,” She heard Clarisse coaching in her ear bud, “No one is going to hurt you... Nod if you remember the safe words.”

Monika nodded and said “I'm a SLUT” slowly and evenly while she watched a smile spread across Mark's face.

“My Lords and Ladies, I believe we can now begin” Mark announced as the audience lighting dimmed slightly.

Mark knelt between her bound and spread legs, gently placing his mouth against her cunt. “Is it a cunt now?” Monika thought to herself as waves of pleasure washed across her. She'd always loved how Mark ate her pussy... her cunt… her inner voice said again, as she closed her eyes and began to relax and enjoy the sensations.

What Monika missed seeing was the view on the monitor which clearly showed Mark's tongue ministering to her sex. He ran his tongue along her outer lips. He drove it into her innermost depths. He flicked it across her clitoris. The more he licked, the more Monika reacted. With her eyes closed, she didn't see the monitor showing the growing ecstasy on her face, or her tongue licking her parted lips.

She also couldn't see the people in the audience, all of whom were watching closely, while the last few were disrobing and settling back to enjoy the show. Several of the men and women were licking women's cunts themselves, while some of the women, and even some of the men, licked and sucked various cocks.

Mark continued to eat Monika's ever wetter cunt, and she opened her eyes briefly when she felt him reach up to cup her tits in his hands before taking her nipples between his fingers and pinching them harder and harder.

“Ahhhhhh, YES!” She cried, “Harder Mark... ‘PURPLE!’ Pinch my nipples hard... Ohhhh FUCK!”

Mark pinched harder and sucked Monika's engorged clit between his teeth and felt her tense and spasm as her second orgasm of the night passed through her.

After her body relaxed, Mark stood up and Monika watched as a slender blonde walk up to him. Monika gasped when the girl began kissing him and licking her juices off his face. She was also surprised to see her hand wrapped around and stroking his cock.

“Mark?” She asked in a weak voice.

“Easy my little slut,” he almost moaned, Sandra is just cleaning your slut juice off my face and getting me ready to fuck you. Do you want that? Do you want me to fuck your cunt with my hard cock?”

“Yes Sir” She replied instinctively, “Please fuck me!”

“Goooood girl,” She heard Clarisse saying in her ear again.

“Sounds like she’s getting into the spirit of the evening!” Mark announced to the audience.

Monika heard a round of applause as Mark moved forward and Sandra guided his cock to the entrance of her cunt. As his cock slipped into her hole, she thought, “he feels so much harder, and even bigger, than usual.”

She watched the monitors in fascination when she realized they were showing close ups of her Mark's cock sliding in and out of her cunt from every angle. She could see a dainty hand fondling and squeezing his large balls as well, and she assumed it was Sandra. She also watched a finger slide into his asshole and found herself wondering about it, until the feel of his cock in her cunt became the center of her world and thoughts of anything else fled her mind.

Mark proceeded to give his wife a long and thorough fucking, speeding up then slowing down when he felt her getting close to coming, pulling out and rubbing the head of his dripping cock on her clit, running the underside of his cock along her cunt lips and in general driving her wild and keeping her on the edge. Eventually he could feel she was going to come soon and that nothing he could do or not do was going to prevent it. So, with a smile, he gave way to his own rising passion and began fucking her hard and fast until he felt her cunt tightening around his swollen and eager cock. This pushed him right to the edge and he growled in anticipation.

Sandra was paying attention too, and could tell Mark was getting ready to cum. As she sensed his impending orgasm, she squeezed his balls hard and bore down on his prostate with the forefinger she had in his asshole.

“Arggggghhhhhhh!” Mark and Monika both screamed in unison as they slammed together in a simultaneous orgasm, Mark drenching his wife's cunt with his hot sticky cum, and her back arching to meet his final thrust.

“My god!” Monika, feeling strangely elated, found herself thinking... “People I don't even know just watched my husband fuck me while another woman played with his balls and fucked his asshole with her finger. And I came harder than I've ever come before? What is happening to me?”

As her rapture subsided, she noticed Sandra once again cleaning sex juice off her husband, only this time she was licking and sucking his softening cock.

After she’d thoroughly cleaned his cock, Mark patted Sandra's head and said, “Next.”

Monika was just beginning to process that “Next” when she felt a tongue on her cunt. Figuring that Mark was cleaning her off she looked at the monitors and realized it was Sandra, the long blonde hair unmistakable as she hovered between Monika's spread legs.

“Wait... Don't... I'm not...” She cried.

“Not what?” Mark asked, “not into women? That doesn't matter tonight and from the way your body is reacting to Sandra's tongue, I think you may not know yourself as well as you think you do. I know your inner desires far better than you ever have.”

“Mark knows what he's talking about,” She heard Clarisse whisper in her ear. “Monika... just relax and enjoy the ride. If you want to stop though, remember to use the safe words. Do you need them?”

Monika shook her head and settled her fears and slowly relaxed while Sandra cleaned every drop of Mark's spunk and her own juices off her skin and from inside her hole. She found herself feeling increasingly aroused and had begun to anticipate another orgasm when she felt Sandra pull away.

“Noooooo, please don't stop. Please dooon't stop nowwwww!” She pleaded. “Purple! Please Purple!”

Sandra winked at her, and whispered, “Sorry my Queen, Orders! Besides, you're not near done yet.”

“There's more?” Monika moaned. “God, I hope so!” She thought, her breathing ragged, “I think…” She found herself thinking as the lights blinked out totally.

Monika Gives and Receives Service

After several minutes, Monika couldn't tell how long, she felt the back of the chair lifting and hearing a rustling in the audience, watched as a tall elderly red-haired man in a black tuxedo, who she recognized as the Master of Ceremonies, strode down the stairs into the pit. Her jaw dropped when she noticed that the crotch of his pants was missing, and his flaccid cock was bouncing against his inner thighs.

“Ladies and gentlemen... Again, I give you tonight's Queen of Hearts... Thank you, Lord Mark, for providing such a beautiful Queen and for... well… getting her in the mood, shall we say? Shall we continue?”

“My pleasure Arsène!” Monika heard Mark cry from somewhere in the audience.

As Monika watched, the monitors showed two long very stiff cocks rising out of nowhere from the darkness below and on either side of her chair. Each floated upward until they slid between her fingers. She was a bit startled when she felt them contact her skin. If she looked closely enough, she could tell that the cocks were naturally enough attached to real men, however, they were all but invisible in their black body suits. Their shafts seemed to burn in her hands, and she heard Clarisse whispering in her ear, “Monika, you will find that you can move your arms slightly now so it's time for you to jerk off these two beautiful cocks!”

“You want me to jack off two complete strangers?” Monika replied,

“That's exactly what we expect you to do Babe” She heard Mark's voice saying. And suddenly one of the monitors showed Mark sitting in the first tier of the theater with two women slowly stroking his cock. As she watched, Mark reclined back onto a cushion, and she saw a third woman swing her leg over his face and a camera zoomed in to show Mark's tongue lapping slowly at her pussy.

“Mark?” She gasped, “what are you...”

Then she realized that there was a tongue lapping at her own pussy. She tore her eyes away from the monitor showing Mark and looked down between her legs. A man’s head was buried in her crotch, and she realized she was getting aroused despite the unusual situation. Then, as her passion began to grow, she started moving her hands, slowly stroking the cocks on either side. As she watched, the man eating her cunt reached up and began squeezing her tits. She instinctively began jerking the cocks in her hands harder and faster as the fingers kneaded her tits, and she felt her nipples hardening. When the bald man's fingers finally found her nipples, he began squeezing and pinching them with all his might.

Monika winced in pain, but just then the tongue lapping at her cunt wrapped itself around her clit, the nipple pain turned to ecstasy, and her body exploded in another orgasm. She realized that the cocks in her hands were both pulsing and watched as two of the monitors zoomed in to show each cock erupting, spewing huge ropes of hot cum onto her body as she continued to jerk them off feverishly. She felt the bald man stop licking her and looked down to see him standing up, jerking his cock off fast and quickly adding a third source of cum to her tits and face. A third monitor zoomed into her face where several drops of cum from all three men had landed right on her lips.

A cheer rose from the audience as Monika's tongue darted out to lick the drops from her lips.

“Wow,” Monika thought to herself, “that felt great. I guess I've really been missing something.”

“OK, I admit that was great! So can I get up now?” Monika announced, grinning.

“Oh NO, Monika,” She heard Clarisse say behind her, “we have barely begun this evening.”

Monika felt the back going down on the chair as she was laid back horizontally, then Clarisse lowered the headrest until Monika's head was thrown far back and her throat was stretched tight.



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