Promise To Be Tender: Part One

My time with a friend and her lover.

Promise To Be Tender: Part One
Confession time; I have been couch-surfing at the homes of different friends for several months without much effort made to find my own place. All but one are unattached guys like me. I never stay long with any of the guys if I have a chance to stay with my one female friend, Kris.

It isn't that she's hot, we both know what time it is on that subject. I'm nearly 60, and I work out to stay super-fit. She cooks my favorite foods and we like hanging out, and I know she's crazy in love with me. She is quiet, and I dominate her world when we're together. She's a bigger gal, twenty years younger than me, and she gives the best head I have ever had. I know it would screw her up to be with me. She likes to call giving me blow jobs "compassionate relief," and she keeps her clothes on. I think she likes it more than I do, though. She is the only woman I've ever known that can climax without someone touching her, so she would probably explode or catch on fire if she was on the receiving end of my attention.

The last time I was away, I called and she told me about meeting the daughter of another friend. I thought, 'Cool, whatever', yet she began to describe her to me, and I listened about her showing up at Kris' door wearing only a large shirt and a smile, bringing tea from her Mom and introducing herself. Her name is Jenny, and Kris tried to tell me they had an 'instant spiritual connection.' (Oh, boy. Okay?)

I heard Kris say, "She's beautiful, Mac. She has long, strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, sweet smile, and she's curvy; NOT fat; nice, real nice...I think she is around 30. She doesn't look it, though."

I had never heard Kris talk like that. Then she said, "She's blond all over, Mac."

Did that mean...? I had to ask, "How would you know that?"

Kris cleared her throat. "Oh, after we were here awhile, we went to her Mom's and did body painting in the back yard. That was when I found out for sure there was nothing under Jenny's shirt, just Jenny."

Here I was, hours away, and being tortured with images of women outdoors, naked, and painting each other. "You're killing me, Kris. It doesn't do me any good to get all worked up when I'm 300 miles down the road."

She laughed a little, and assured me she was "there for me," and I told her I'd be around in a few more days.

I forgot all about it by the time a few more days passed and I was kicking back at Kris' dining table with a beer. Kris was in the shower, and there was a knock at the door. I don't like answering the door at someone's place, so I looked around the edge of the blinds...

Jenny. It was her, exactly as described. I had no problem letting her in, and she knew me, too. "You must be Mac."

"Every day. Want a beer?"

That's the first rule of Mac; charm a pretty woman with beer.She smiled and accepted a beer. We talked a little, and she kept looking towards the bathroom. Finally, Kris came out wearing a robe and towel on her hair. Jenny jumped up and greeted her with a hug, and they went into the bedroom, leaving the door open. I wasn't listening, and there were no voices at first, but then Jenny said Kris sure smelled nice, asking what she had put on.

Kris said, "It's body oil. Sesame oil."

Then I heard, "Open sesame."

They were kissing! I could hear them. I shook off my surprise. I had to be wrong. There was soft laughter, and rustling, and quiet talking. A couple of minutes passed, and they both came out, with Kris fully dressed. She suggested we go over by the river for awhile, so I loaded a cooler, and the three of us headed out. Kris drove since I was three beers in.

At river's edge, the girls lifted the arms on the front seats, and as I watched from the back seat, Jenny turned her back to Kris and leaned back against her. Kris kissed her hair and face, turning her head and locking their open mouths, stroking the neck and body of the younger woman. They stopped and looked at me, smiling.

"Are you alright with this?" asked Kris.

I was flabbergasted. I guess that's the word. Or else shocked as fuck might be more accurate. "Who me? Oh, wow, yeah, it's great! You girls are gonna put me in a world of hurt, though, let me tell 'ya. Whoo!"

I shook my head, smiling and slapping my hand on my leg. "Kris! I have never seen you like this! I"

Jenny announced she had to pee, and headed to the public restroom.Kris looked at me hard, but a smile played around her lips. I told her I had thought she was going to try and set me up with Jenny, not that she herself was with her. She reached out and took my hand, and said, "You know I love you, Mac. I want you to make a promise to me."


"I want you to promise when you are with Jenny, that you will be tender... Mac?"

She looked at me as I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on."Mac? I am only asking for you to be tender. Do you understand? If we get to that point, I am trusting you."

I got my shit together fast. "I promise, Kris. I would never be anything but tender with her. My God, she's so sweet, of course I would be tender."Jenny came back, and we switched seats, so that I was in the driver's seat. Kris rubbed her girl from behind, touching her shoulders and arms.

Quietly she told her that I liked her. I leaned close to Jenny and she turned and looked at Kris, who nodded and smiled. Her kiss was light, nothing like the ones shared with my friend, which puzzled me. I just didn't see Kris as sexy. Why was this lovely, sweet girl so into my friend? What had I missed about her? I kissed her again, touching her breast, her belly, hip, leg. She broke off and said Kris' name.

Suddenly, for the first time ever, my friend was calling the shots."Come on, Mac, let's go home. I'll drive."

It was a whole new side to my friend. I thought it might be good.

When we got home, we sat around the table, but Jenny pulled her chair all the way over next to Kris. They touched and kissed as we all talked, and I couldn't concentrate. For the first time, I felt shy about telling Kris I need one of her blow jobs. So, I waited and watched. When Kris went into the kitchen to make dinner, her girl soon followed, with Kris pausing to push her against the counter, pulling her hair to tilt her head and kiss her from mouth to breast while Jenny moaned and wiggled. Kris' hand went from hip to crotch as they kissed and rocked.

My dick was so hard I thought it would break.

"Girls, girls, should I finish making dinner?"

They broke apart laughing. Kris washed her hands and completed the meal. We ate without tasting, talked without saying anything. Kris and Jenny cleared the table, then Kris said she was going to give Jenny a shower.

I turned the TV on with the volume low, lost patience, then put music on instead.

There was silence for about five minutes, followed by the unmistakable sounds of their passion. I pulled my clothes off until I wore only my boxers. I called out that I could hear them, and that they were driving me crazy. There was laughter, and the shower water was turned on. I walked towards the bathroom door, listening to their squeals, moans, and sounds of washing. I looked in the mirror through the two inch opening of the door, seeing Kris bent over the wet, naked body of Jenny, sucking her breast. My voice came out in a croak, "Girls...I am waiting for you."

I went back to the table, trying to choose another song. A few minutes later, they emerged from the bathroom, Kris shirtless, and Jenny naked. I walked over, and we were finally all wrapped around each other, dancing and kissing, touching. Kris put her hand in my boxers and rubbed my ass as she stared into my eyes, then she kissed Jenny deeply as she stroked my ass and tickled my balls and thighs from behind. My body pushed forward, and her hand moved to the front, lightly touching the head of my rock hard dick. She turned and looked in my eyes, and asked Jenny if she wanted me. Jenny said she didn't want to cause any problems between us by getting in the middle of us that way. She and Kris looked at one another. Quietly, she asked Kris, "Do you want me to do it? I will if that's what you want."As she tenderly stroked my dick, Kris leaned close to Jenny. She said, "Love him, Jenny. I want you to let Mac love you. I promise he will be tender with you."

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