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Old vs. New ... Which One Do I Want to Do?!

Contemplating 'New Dick' vs. 'Used to' Dick!

By Kai StormPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Shout out to Saddi Khali, an extraordinary photographer that you must know and checkout!

This latest blog is coming again from the many confession files I own. Whether they be my confessions or from others, whether they be true, false or dressed up to tickle your fancy, I present them to you for your enjoyment. This particular confession is one that I can relate to personally as I am now single. Offers from what seems like available men are coming forth and the dilemma of which one to choose is at hand. Let's dive right into this confession and at the end analyze what would you do in this situation:

"I haven't had a man in my life for about nine months now so I'm absolutely ready to be in a new relationship. New hands, new body smell, new lips all over me, new dick to ride n suck on, all of that! I need all of that in my life right fucking now. I'm telling you, lol. But at the same time I have this one guy that I've known for years that if I need to get my rocks off I can call him and arrange a get together. I just don't want to sometimes because he does have a girlfriend and therefore he can't make himself available when I need him. That shit frustrates me. Yes it does sound like I want dick on order but it is what it is, right? With dick on order (that's his name now) I know when he comes through ... His presence alone has the pussy on waterfalls ... From the minute his full lips touch mine I cum automatically. I don't even bother wearing clothes when he comes over because he automatically rips off everything to get at me. His first slide in is always slow n deliberate as he stares deep into my eyes to ask me, "This is what you called me for right?" The "yes" gets stuck in my throat every time. He does exactly what I need him to do—come over, ravage me furiously, then leaves. I love that shit ... But I want something new! I want to experience a different type or level of sexual penetration, aggression and passion! I want to feel a new base n treble whispering on the tip of my clit, I want to hear a new voice moan my name out as I swallow his dick whole. I want to feel a new man's hands massaging n grabbing my ass as he's pulling me onto him! It sounds like all I want is sex but not so, I want a mental connection, a union, something I can have whenever I want and count on. Dick on order belongs to somebody else, I want something that belongs to me. Dick on order knows my body, knows my moves, knows exactly how to make me cum, but at the same time I want someone new to learn all of that and maybe even teach me new ways to cum! Old or new ... A real dilemma right?!"

I would say so, especially depending on what's on the menu. New can be exciting, fresh and wonderful. But, then again, new could be a complete disappointment versus what you know to be a winner so to speak. In the above situation though, "old" has an owner a.k.a they're already in a relationship. So, in all intents and purposes he's not really on the table. You might have better chances with "new" than "someone else's."

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