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Office Discipline (Part One)

The new female head of department takes charge.

By Alexa MartinezPublished 7 years ago 14 min read

I couldn't believe it. Anger doesn't go anywhere near describing how I felt. I'd been working here, in this office, for five years and I'd done pretty well. Maybe I could be a little outspoken at times but if people don't perform then they need to know about it. If they don't then performance dips, doesn't it? In the world of finance you only get split-second chances and if you miss them you lose millions. I know that I was not officially in charge of the department but I took on the role naturally. A born leader.

So with the department's success, thanks to my methods and skills, I had expected the promotion and official confirmation that I was to be the new Head of Department. The old fool had finally retired, burnt out I guess. I had kept him afloat if the truth be told. The job should have been mine. Instead I was standing here in the open-plan office listening to the MD introducing some young inexperienced piece of skirt as the new department head. They didn't even have the courtesy of speaking to me first.

When she addressed us, I couldn't even hear her soft voice from where I was at the back of the room. What did she say her name was? Jenny? Weak name and I give her a week. What is she, five-two, five-three? 28 maybe 29 years old? No meat on her scrawny boyish body. She was dressed in a grey power suit, pencil skirt to her knees, fitted jacket. Looked expensive. I guessed she had a rich daddy. Or sugar daddy. I saw that her shiny black four-inch stiletto heels would still fail to give her any benefit of height over me. I chuckled silently wondering how she had found them in a child's size, so tiny were her feet. A young girl amongst alpha males. I like to think of us as being like Silverback gorillas. When you're trading millions of pounds a day you can't have indecision. You need to be confident and assertive. You need to be aggressive. You need to be male. She'll be eaten alive. Just what was the MD thinking of?

Luckily she didn't speak for too long and I could get back to what I did best, making money for the company. I calmed myself down over the course of the morning. I thought it best to carry on showing the bosses just how good I was so I could be ready once Jenny failed. They'd come running to me as the department saviour. Yes they'd learn.

The morning passed and I thought little about the new manager Jenny. I was sure she'd be gone within a few days.

“Hey Adam. You'll break that keyboard.” I glanced to my left. My colleague Steve's forehead was creased in concern. I'd been stabbing at the keys with some force. I hadn't calmed down as much as I'd thought. I continued typing into the spreadsheet with more gentle deliberation. I didn't want to show how I was feeling.

“What did you think of Jenny?” It was Steve again. I wasn't sure I was in the mood to talk but he wasn't the worst person in the office.

“Just a girl.” It slipped out betraying my feelings instantly but I didn't mind.

Steve's forehead creased up further, a serious look on his designer stubbly face. “We should give her a chance, don't you think?”

Actually no, I didn't think that but maybe it wasn't the best thing to say out loud. “We'll see.” That was the best I could manage.

Steve leant back in his chair. He wanted to chat, I guessed he could see my disquiet. “I've already spoken to her,” he said after a moment of thought. I hadn't expected that and my surprise must have shown. “Yes,” he continued. “She's calling everyone into her office to have a chat. She seemed switched on.”

“Did she.” It was a statement not a question. I wasn't going to be convinced. Clearly she had sweet-talked Steve somehow. He was obviously star struck after getting the attention of the new boss.

A pressure on the back of my seat caused me to look round. I was shocked to find the smiling face of Jenny greeting me from behind metal-framed glasses. Her toothy smile was as wide as the Thames but it didn't flow up into her cool eyes. I instantly replayed what I'd just been saying in my mind. What might she have heard? I was relieved. I'd stopped myself saying what I'd really thought.

“Adam isn't it?” Her fixed smile unnerved me and I choked out a “yes.” She had a confidence which took me by surprise. She'd won the first round, I'd have to be on my guard.

“Shall we have a little chat? In my office?” A moment passed and I didn't move. “Now?” She may have spoken softly with a rising tone but it wasn't a question. It was an order.

I jumped up too quickly then controlled myself. I breathed out slowly and silently. Jenny's head tilted to one side and her eyes scanned my entire body from foot to face as she appraised me. Her false smile melted away as her eyes met mine. Small neat ears poked out of her short straight blond hair. I raised myself to my full six feet, pushed my chest out and looked down on her. She didn't cower and it was as if my chest had hit an invisible force field around her. She had something despite her elfin frame.

Jenny turned towards her new office without another word. She took one step and her head looked back across her shoulder. Her eyes narrowed and a delicate hand raised before her face. Her hand balled into a fist and a single index finger raised and indicated twice towards her as if she were pulling me on an invisible thread. She walked towards her office, her narrow hips and bum rocking. A short moment passed and I moved towards her as I saw Steve smirking back. Jenny stopped at her office door and faced me, hands on hips.

I strode to her, putting on an over-exaggerated air of normality and cockiness by looking everywhere but at her. My arms singing loosely by my side. I understood that she had won the first battle but I wasn't going to show it. Maybe she was smarter than I'd given her credit for. Her physical looks were deceptive. I guessed that the sugar daddy she had somewhere in the business allowed her to wallow in his reflected power.

Once in the private office room, Jenny sunk into her high-backed black leather chair as if she were much bigger and heavier. I'd not seen the chair or dark mahogany desk before; she'd wasted no time replacing the previous manager's furniture. I scanned the whole office which had been cleared out over the weekend. Clearing away the old, bringing in the new.

“Be a good boy and shut the door behind you Adam.” She was shuffling papers as my body went rigid. Boy? Nevertheless I did as I was asked, thankful no one outside could hear what she'd called me. I went to sit down in the plain chair in front of her desk. “Did I say you could sit Adam?” I froze in a semi-sitting position and then stood again.

“I assumed I would be sitting down Jenny.” I was confused with her odd manner.

“Ms. Armstrong,” she grunted. I didn't understand why she had said that. She looked up from her papers. “You'll call me Ms. Armstrong.” Her eyes dropped back to the papers again.

“OK,” my voice was shaky. This wasn't how I expected any discussion with my new manager to go. I was quickly in danger of losing our second battle.

“OK what, Adam?”

I had no idea what she was on about now. “OK, I will if you want?” A smirk came onto my lips. She was a strange one and if she thought I was going to play her games then she would soon learn.

“OK Ms. Armstrong.” She spoke to me as if was a naughty schoolboy standing before the headmistress.

I watched as Jenny came round her desk and stood in front of me. Her body moved into my personal space and she looked up into my face. I smelt musky expensive perfume as I looked down at her chalk-white face and wide grey eyes. Light smoky make-up darkened her lids. Her hands went to her hips and she remained motionless for a moment, her head leant closer into me and mint toothpaste now mixed with the perfume wafting around inside my nostrils. Suddenly her hand swiped up and across my cheek. My hand went to my cheek and my eyes widened.

“Adam, Adam. I was warned you were disruptive and I'm not going to allow that. Do you understand me?”

Disruptive? Me? I was a high achiever. What was she on about?

“I was also told you have a lack of awareness which I can see.”

“You hit me. You can't strike employees. I'll go to HR.” I hated what I'd said as soon as it came out. I sounded like a whining schoolboy.

Jenny stood away from me. I looked at her from the side of my eyes.

“HR are considering terminating your employment. They have quite a case against you. Bullying, sexism, bad language, drunkenness. Nothing that your previous boss didn't warn you about verbally and in writing. You're on your final warning Adam”

I started to explain that this was a man's world where only the strong succeed and survive. My explanation was cut short by another slap to my face. I had a dilemma. Should I slap her back? Maybe not the best approach after what she'd told me. But she had slapped me. Twice. I was, for the first time in my life, feeling utterly indecisive. I was facing the unexpected and I didn't know how to react. I'd been struck by a woman at work! I'd been slapped many times in my social life, that's par for the course. You've got to try it on or you'd get nowhere. Besides the girls love it really. But, being slapped by my boss in the office was something different. If I went to HR, whining to them it would make me a laughing stock. Mr. Tough Guy slapped by his diminutive boss and then he goes running to HR like a little girl? Not a good approach.

Jenny broke the silence. “I can see you're thinking about your poor behaviour. The problem is that your assessment results were the highest in the office. You have high intelligence, and excellent numerical, writing and speaking results.” I straightened in my self-regard. “Unfortunately you fail on the personality side of things Adam. Because of your high scores I'm going to give you one more chance, against the advice of HR and management.”

I hadn't expected this. At the start of the day I was thinking I should be the new head of department and by late morning I'm being told I might be dismissed.

“So what do you think I should do then?” I asked as Jenny looked at me from under black eyelashes. I added, “Ms. Armstrong.” After a hesitation.

“Good boy.” Her smile reached into her eyes for the first time since we'd faced each other. I swallowed in humiliation. Good boy?

Jenny walked over to the office door and shut it with a gentle clunk. The noise from the open-plan office outside subsided into a background buzz, like a wasp trapped against a window pane, trying to get in.

“So what you're going to do for me Adam is anything I tell you to do.”

My mouth opened and shut like a landed fish gasping for air. No woman had ever spoken to me like this before. And no one so physically small. I wanted to know just how she had got my job and what had she done before this? I'd never heard of her. I was sure I would have heard of someone successful in the close-knit world of London's finance sector. But I never had. Just where did she come from?

“Drop your trousers and underpants Adam.” Jenny's instruction brought me out of my thoughts. The surprises were coming too fast for me to process. “I said undo your trousers and drop them to your ankles along with your underpants.”

She had to be testing me. “You're joking. Ms. Armstrong.” I managed a weak smile.

Jenny's face tightened, no hint of the earlier smile. “I never joke Adam.” She folded her thin arms. Blue nail polish against stark-white blouse sleeves. Her foot tapped on the floor. Beating out her rhythm of impatience.

I stood still. She had disoriented me. Not only with the revelation that the company didn't value my immense contributions but also with her increasingly odd instructions. Slap. Her palm swept across my face again. “Final chance boy. Trousers and underpants to the floor. Now.”

My mind flooded with the implications of dismissal. I'd counter the dismissal with claims of bullying by Jenny. She'd slapped me, told me to remove my trousers. Would the tribunal believe that? It would be my word against hers. A six foot, thirteen stone / 182 pound sports playing man complaining of physical bullying by a five-foot two woman almost half my weight. They would never believe me. My fingers went to my belt. A small nod from Jenny's hard-set face.

I undid my belt and undid the top button of my trousers, my fingers felt heavy as Jenny's foot tapped out the countdown. I stopped and I saw her body tense. My fingers went to my zip fly and I pulled it down link by link. Was she really going to expect me to pull down my trousers or was this some kind of test? In some ways it was like a rutting contest and I saw the challenge in that. I'd done that many times. But it was all wrong this time, a woman being my challenger in these stakes of who was the leader of the pack. It was most certainly wrong to be removing my trousers. It had to be a show of power and, unfortunately, she had that power. She was determined to demonstrate it to me.

I slipped my zip down and let my hands fall away from my trousers. Their slim-fitting style allowed them to remain up, clinging to my thighs and hips. One of her hands lifted from a hip and she motioned with a downward wave. She did expect me to take them down. Another long moment of hesitation as I watched her hand raise in readiness to strike my cheek. I hurriedly pushed my trousers over my hips and they fell around my ankles, the belt buckle tinkling like a tiny bell tolling the defeat of my alpha-male pride.

Her eyes fell to the bulge in the front of my underwear. It was as if electricity had run from her eyes to my penis and a zing of excitement passed along its length. It surged into a semi-erection and her lips twinged with the perception of a grin.

I guessed she would be happy now. She had won the battle and got me to stand in her office with my trousers around my ankles. Humiliated and defeated. My mind was only on the prize of keeping my job, for now. I wasn't about to throw away £150k per year plus 50% bonus. I'd look for another job while I kept this one. Then I'd show her, this Jenny Armstrong, that I didn't need her stupid job. I'd show the company how much they would miss me. Yes, what a pleasure that would be. Here's my resignation letter Ms Jenny Armstrong. See how you can cope without me. I'd take their customers away to the new company. Revenge would be a dish served cold as they say. I'd bide my time, it wouldn't be long.

“Underpants.” My head snapped up and I heard Jenny's tapping foot. “Underpants. Down.” She spoke tersely.

“Really. Jen… Ms. Armstrong. You can't be serious. You've won. I'll try to act as you asked.”

“Underpants. Down. Now. I won't tell you again boy.”

This couldn't be happening. She wanted me to drop my underpants? I faced another problem. My penis had had a second spurt on hearing her tell me to take my briefs down and it was now fully erect. This was crazy, turned on by the thought of standing here in the office of my new female boss with my dick out? She was a woman I wouldn't have given a second look at if I'd seen her in the pub. Yet here I was, excited by the prospect of being humiliated by her. This was something new. A mix of horror and incredible excitement. My fingers went into the sides of my black cotton briefs. My erection pressing out the front like a partially collapsed tent, held back by the tight heavy cotton.

I slid the briefs down to the base of my erection and stopped. My pubic hair neat and trimmed. I looked over at Jenny waiting for her to tell me that it was over. That I could stop now. Instead a loud sigh of exhaled air of frustration at being kept waiting. All the time that tapping foot beating out the countdown. Like a ticking time bomb. I pulled down with my two thumbs and the briefs slid along the shaft of my penis and then it bounced free into the cool air-conditioned atmosphere of the office.

Jenny glanced at my straining erection. I wanted to put my hands over it but assumed this would elicit another slap around my face. Or worse. Jenny moved around behind me and pushed my head onto her desk. My forehead touched the glossy surface, a hint of lemon and wax furniture polish. She moved to one side and slapped my exposed bum with her hand. Slap and slap again. Her whole body thrown into the strikes. A warm stinging sensation rose from my bum cheeks and leg tops. It was painful but in a strange way, not unpleasant.

Jenny stopped and returned to her chair and sat down. “Now Adam. Leave your clothes where they are for a moment.” She was at eye level with my straining erection. I'd never felt this level of exhilaration or humiliation. Ever. “I'm giving you one chance to redeem yourself here. But… you are going to have to do everything and anything I tell you.”

I said, “yes Ms. Armstrong,” rather too readily. I wanted this but I didn't.

“Now pull your clothes up, go back to your desk and I want you to be a quiet and well-behaved boy around the office.”

I nodded. That had been my plan. Keep my head down, stay out of Jenny's way and jump into a new job. I was sure that companies would be queuing up for my services once they knew I was available. All it would take was a few calls and emails to contacts and I'd be inundated with offers.

The experience I'd just had in Jenny's office had been interesting though. Yes it had hurt my male pride that was sure. Yet, there was something sexually intensive in what she did to me. She wasn't attractive for me but she had something. Anyway it didn't matter. She had shown me she wanted to take charge and she had that HR threat over me. I just had to keep my head down. How difficult could that be?

As I headed to the door I put my hand on the handle, about to escape from this whole surreal incident.

“Adam?” I twisted round to hear her. “Tomorrow I will want you to be wearing a pair of women's panties under your trousers. Go now and shut the door behind you.”

She had answered my question. This was going to be very difficult.


Alexa Martinez is an author and blog writer on Femdom, Forced Feminisation and Female Led Relationships. She has published a series of erotic novels under the pen name Lady Alexa which you can find on Amazon and Kobo. Or head over to her blog at


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