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Most Commonly Searched Fetishes

A fistful of research

By Aaron DennisPublished 4 years ago 7 min read

On a rainy day with nothing to do and nothing to watch, I got to wondering…what is the most common fetish?

Running a Google search yielded lacking results. The top article was by Allure, which listed 11 fetishes claiming the first was anal sex. First of all, I don’t think wanting to bone butt is a fetish; if it were, the most common fetish would actually be vaginal. Most people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, will enjoy vaginal sex.

Straight women love it. Gay women love it. Straight men love it. Many trans people love it. I firmly believe that enjoying any part of a human body can’t be a fetish. A fetish is stuff like bondage, fur, smoking, leather, or even piquerism.

Model Kimberly from

In order to refine my search and obtain actual results, I decided to run a Google search on the most commonly searched fetish.

According to Bustle, the top five most searched fetishes were BDSM, public fornication, role play, toys, and spanking. I can get on board with all that. Those are definitely fetishes, but I wasn’t really satisfied. I’m sure you ladies can relate…

I refined my search again by looking for the most commonly searched fetishes in America.

According to Lioness.Io, foot fetishes were among the most searched in America.

I have a hard time arguing with this one. As I mentioned a moment ago, I don’t know that a preference for a body part can qualify as a fetish, but foot fetishes are considered true fetishes among people who fancy fetishes, but does that mean that men and women who most enjoy breasts have a breast fetish? No such thing as a breast fetish to my knowledge, whereas people who enjoy breasts above all other body parts like to do things to breasts: Cover them in chocolate syrup, tie them with nylon rope, pour hot wax on them. These predilections also apply to how people enjoy feet, so I’m going to rule out feet as the most common fetish.

According to Lioness.Io, the next most commonly searched fetish in America was a panties fetish.

There’s a fetish I can get on board with. Being turned on by panties whether while wearing them, seeing them, touching them, smelling them, stuffing them, or stroking into them is certainly a fetish. This, however, I found surprising.

I like panties. I don’t wear them, but I like them, and I like seeing women in them, but I’ve never seen panties as a mode for arousal. This, of course, is me, but I can understand how people can be aroused by panties since they are, probably, the most feminine representation. What screams woman louder than panties? A bra? I doubt it, and I have never heard of a bra fetish…but it exists.

The article did explain that their ranking of fetishes was based on search terms in America, so I got to wondering about other countries.

An article from The Porn Dude went on to show that in Japan, school girls in uniform is the most searched term.

To set the record straight, all models who perform this fetish in Japanese porn are adults. Japan has some very strict porn regulations, so don’t think for a second that this is pedophilia. That’s not a fetish. That’s a sickness.

I do have to admit that while I also like the whole school girl in uniform thing, I think it’s so sexy because it implies youth and innocence. Good girls aren’t supposed to do naughty things like have sex, which is why I love a nun fetish, but here’s the thing…we’re really back to role play or even cosplay.

Adult performers pretending to be school girls and nuns are truthfully role playing and dressing up, so I have to argue that if school girls in uniform in Japan is the most searched term then in reality, cosplay/role play is the most common fetish in Japan.

After looking at Japan, I decided to delve into Russia. I couldn’t find much, unfortunately, probably because Russia has banned Pornhub. You still believe that the rest of the world has a healthy view towards sex, social rights and justice, and transparency? How would you feel, as an American, if the government decided to ban certain websites?

Actually…I know that they do….

Next on my list of fetishes was India, a country that has created the Kama Sutra and banned sex toys. According to Times of India, body piercing is the most common fetish.

That was surprising.

I enjoy some tasteful piercings and tattoos, but I don’t understand what’s so sexual about them. That said, I totally can see this as a fetish. I mean, more often than not, a fetish isn’t something overtly sexual.

Maybe, it’s the idea of tolerating pain or deriving pleasure from pain. Maybe, it’s the idea of penetration of flesh. Maybe, it’s something I can’t fathom, but that’s a cool fetish. Much kinkier than feet. I mean, most people have feet.

From India, I traveled back overseas, rounded a coast, and checked out South Africa. I didn’t find anything overwhelmingly decisive, but after perusing a few articles, it seems that…I’m so sorry, poo is the most searched fetish in South Africa.

Surprise! Surprise! There's tons of furries in Germany!

You know, what's strange to me about furries is that they all look so similar. Look at the eyes and eyebrows, the shape of the snout. I know there are numerous "animals" but if a cat and a narwhal have similar features, then what is the point? I don't know, and moving on to friendly Canada.

According to Vice the most commonly searched fetish was lesbian. Is that a fetish? What straight guy doesn’t want to see chicks go at it? What lesbian doesn’t want to see chicks go at it? Oddly, cartoon and Eskimo were highly searched terms in Canada.

I can see how toon porn might be a fetish, but I don’t feel it’s definitive.

Eskimo, which I’m pretty sure is now considered a derogatory term, isn’t a fetish either; it’s a preference. Lots of people—gay, straight, lesbian, male, woman—prefer Asians.

Being aroused by specific ethnical features can’t be a fetish. African women who prefer Latin guys don’t have a Latin fetish, so I’ll say Canada is kind of a bust, but it was fun to learn they like toon porn. I mean, we know how much the UK loves hentai.

By the way, SJW, UK seems to prefer bondage and dom/sub roles. My, how they value equality until it’s in the bedroom.

I traveled south of the border into Mexico. According to Gizmodo, the bulk of Mexico seems to enjoy MILF porn.

We’re back at the earlier debate, though. Is being attracted to older women, moms, really a fetish? Perhaps, if the idea is that they are in fact moms—whether they are truly moms or not—is a fetish, but then the age shouldn’t really matter. I don’t know; I enjoy some of those step-mom and son skits. I mean, who doesn’t love Kianna Dior?

In the end, I think we can all cum together and agree that no matter what excites you, no matter your vice or fetish, so long as everyone involved is a consenting, adult human—please, no animals, and I don’t think corpses can consent—all that matters is open, honest communication. Have fun! Have sex! Now, my partner and I are going to watch some SFM Overwatch porn.

Thanks for reading. Don’t take anything too seriously. None of the results that I obtained are definitive since some people with fetishes don’t search for them through Google.

So long as you’re not hurting anyone, yourself included, and everyone involved is an adult, just do your thing. It’s just sex. It’s just doing whatever feels good enough to induce an orgasm. We all love orgasms, right?

Be sure to drop by my NSFW18+ tab for more adult themed articles. You can also shop from trusted sex toy shops!


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