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By Aaron DennisPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

The title should say it all.

I watch a lot of porn, and I love seeing butt stuff, and I loved seeing butts stuffed especially when a lovely lady is stuffing her own butt with anal beads. Anal beads look great in porn, but the regular kind of beads are not quite so amazing during sex.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of anal beads and various anal toys in general. Each toy is designed for the kind of pleasure you like most, but how can you know what you like most without trying them all? I’m going to help you out by introducing a few products.

See, my partner and I were looking for something to buy, but we didn’t really know what we wanted, like most people. We looked through a few sites and landed on She decided to look up anal toys, which I thought was just wonderful. Numerous items showed up on the site, and I mentioned anal beads because they look so awesome in porn. All kinds of toys showed up!

To be honest, I only knew about regular anal beads, likes these.

So this was a brown eye opener for me.

These are your most basic anal beads, and they can be a lot of fun, but from my perspective, they’re best for foreplay. You lube them up, slide them slowly and carefully inside your partner, or yourself, and enjoy how they look going in and out, but you have to be deliberate, or you can cause your partner discomfort, and that’s no good.

While stuffing beads looks amazing in porn—you sit there, touching yourself as someone slowly stuffs each bead inside that dark, little hole, see it pucker, spread, and accept the next bead, and the next, and then watch the rectal participant carefully remove each bead one at a time—during sex, as the stuffer, it gets kind of boring.

You can, of course, have sex with beads in your butt, but using anal beads for their intended purpose is only fun for about five minutes. Then, you want to bone and have an orgasm.

Fortunately, variants of anal beads exist, like these vibrating, silicone anal beads.

They provide strong vibrations to either stimulate a prostate, or they vibrate on the backside of a woman’s vagina, and because of the little handle, they can be rammed in and out like a dildo. They’re closer to butt sex. These beads are fun to use on someone, I think, but if your partner is more of a tight end than a wide receiver, it’s very important to go slowly and communicate.

Whether a rookie or ten year vet, offers many kinds of anal beads, or anal toys, like this ultimate booty toy.

This thing vibrates, too, and it’s flexible for optimal comfort. I still prefer applying the silicone beads because they don’t move all around; it’s easier to control the toy, but my partner really enjoyed this booty toy because she felt it gave her more control while playing with herself.

How can I complain about that? I got to watch!

If you’re new to butt stuff, I suggest you take a deep breath, relax, and explore your backside. Try a lot of lube and play around with your finger. A butt hole needs to be warmed up and stretched to relax all the muscles before accepting penetration, so if you enjoy your finger, and you think you might like butt sex, start with a small, comfortable toy all by yourself.

No one needs to know.

Get comfortable with your sexuality, your body, your pleasure, and do whatever feels good, so long as everyone present is a consenting adult. Check out sex shops online in the privacy of your own home. Watch some butt stuff on PornHub to get an idea. Keep in mind that toys are designed specifically to enhance your pleasure and help you to find new ways to enjoy your body.

It’s your body. You enjoy making it feel good. Make it feel great with sex toys!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to drop by my NSFW18+ tab where you can find more product reviews, adult themed articles, and trusted sex shops like!

Don’t forget to tip me, so I can buy a new toy and tip someone else.

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