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Mistress Manor

by Marie Ross about a month ago in erotic

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

In the wee hours of the morning Marcus stood in the shadows and watched Conner slip back into the manor. Furrowing his brow, he stepped from the shadows.

“Where the hell have you been all night sub?” He asked causing Conner to start before he turned to face Marcus.

“None of your business lapdog.” Conner sneered and went to continue to his chamber.

Marcus grabbed Conner’s arm and forced him to face him.

“I’m no lapdog, and you damn well know it. If I question you about where you’ve been going at night against the rules you answer the fucking question.” Marcus stared at Conner waiting with his hand like iron wrapped around the man’s forearm.

Conner jerked his arm trying to get free of Marcus, but the man had a steel like grip on him. So, he lied.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I went for a walk. Now let me go lapdog.” But he couldn’t quite get rid of the sneer.

Marcus held on for a bit longer before releasing him with a warning.

“Watch it sub you’re on thin ice with both me and the Mistress.” And he walked away.

Conner watched as Marcus left the front hall heading to the back of the manor. He couldn’t believe that man thinking he wasn’t a lapdog for the bitch of a Mistress, he must say she trained the dick well. Conner shook his head and went to find his bed; killing really took the energy out of a man. Though he would have beautiful dreams this morning as he recalled the sounds of Lilith’s screams as he carved up her luscious body.

Marcus returned to his chamber to find Bridgett sitting on the couch gloriously naked holding a cup of tea.

“And where did you run off to this morning love?” She asked before taking a slow sip.

“Conner’s been sneaking out of the manor; I wanted to see if he had done it last night and to talk to him about it.” Marcus said collapsing onto the couch next to her.

“Really, and how have I not noticed this.” Bridgett commented.

“Because you’ve been wrapped up in dealing with Grace and Lilith, love.” Marcus laughed.

“Oh right. So, did you get any answers this morning?”

“No, all I got was snide remarks and comments, and something about going for a walk because he couldn’t sleep.” Marcus sighed as he leaned his head back against the couch.

“There’s something about him that picks at the back of my mind.” He continued with his eyes closed.

“He looks at me like I’ve done something to him, but I don’t know.”

“Well have you asked him about it.” Bridgett nudged his thigh with her foot.

Marcus quirked his lip slightly and grabbed her ankle to bring her foot onto his lap to start stroking her calf with light rhythmic caresses.

“I don’t think it would be that simple.” He said

“You see I didn’t take the time we were apart really well love, and I spent most of that time at the bottom of a bottle. It could be that I maybe took a lover that was his, and even more than three sheets to the wind I can still charm a lady into my bed and out of her clothes faster than most.” He cracked an eye open to peek at her.

“I’ll agree that you’re a charmer alright.” She laughed

“But what makes you think you stole a lover from him?”

“The way he looks at me when he thinks I don’t see him. Then there’s the picture I found in his room when I searched it one night. It’s a woman I remember, she was a pretty red headed sub that obeyed all my drunken commands with an eagerness I hadn’t seen in a long time, but in my haze, I didn’t realize she already had a Master, and when he confronted us one night, she was killed in the fall out.” He set her foot back on the couch and rose to pace.

“Where is Grace.” He asked

“She’s still asleep in the back room.” Bridgett said rising to stand next to him.

“Marcus what happened?” She rubbed at his back as he stared at nothing.

“I was killed too love, and this cruse brought me back next to a bloody ravished body I barely recognized, what was done to her in a rage…” His whole body shuttered.

“I’m so sorry Marcus, when was this?” she placed a soft kiss on his shoulder blade still rubbing his back in soothing strokes.

“It happened just before I came and found you again; I sobered up after that night, and then went to get you.” He turned around and wrapped his arms around her warm body.

“I know it’s hard love, but we’ll get through this.” She rested her head on his chest wrapping her arms around his back.

“Come back to bed.” She whispered after a bit.

Marcus sighed, kissed her hair, and lead them both back to the backroom where they curled around a sleeping Grace and fell back to sleep.

As Marcus slipped back into sleep the dream hit him like a sledgehammer.

He walked into his top floor penthouse to a glass shattering scream, and he ran to his playroom stumbling drunkenly against the walls as he went. Opening the door, he found his latest sub hanging from a hook in the ceiling with blood seeping from dozens of shallow wounds and smeared over her shaking body. Another scream ripped from her lips, and he shifted to see the man standing behind her with a barbed flogger.

“This is what happens when my subs try and leave before I’m done with them.” The man said striking her again.

“Awe so your savior has arrived.” He smiled viciously with her blood coating his skin.

The man moved like a flash striking Marcus unconscious. When he woke, he was tied to a chair, and the sub was crying as he heard her being fucked roughly, and he screamed around the gag in his mouth as he watched the man slit the subs throat before coming at him and slitting his throat.

Marcus awoke with his heart pounding. Getting up quietly he left the girls sleeping and went to get a drink. Where had that come from? He shakily downed two fingers of scotch then went to take a long hot shower.


Marie Ross

Marie Ross is a new author just starting out, living in Washington. Stay up to date by fallowing me on Facebook. Looking for the missing chapters of Mistress Manor? you can find them on Amazon, it is free through kindle unlimited

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