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'May I Kiss Your Feet?' (Part Three)

First time foot cookie discovers the eroticism of feet.

By LP SteinbeckPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
The shy young man that had asked if I would let him kiss my feet only a short time ago had transformed once he had his mouth on them. His eyes remained locked with mine as I settled back after the orgasm he had brought out of me. He stroked his thumb deeply into the center part on the bottom of the foot he still held. That sensual fire coursed into my pussy again, and I let out a rough moan. Marcus lowered his head, eyes closed, and licked lavishly between the toes he'd already sucked, then took the next one in line and sucked. His tongue would flick and lick beyond the toe, up onto my foot. I panted and moaned.

Then, Marcus put my second and third toes in his mouth, flicking a few times, then sucking, and finally making his tongue dart rapidly between the toes, penetrating the sensitive space there over and over. He held my foot at his mouth, continuing as I came, and putting my other foot against the fabric of his briefs. Under my foot, I felt his rock hard penis pushing against my foot, and he seemed extra warm, rubbing me by rocking his pelvis in an arch. He held my foot to his cheek, eyes closed, thrusting against the other foot. It was highly erotic, and I felt my nipples through my clothes as I watched him. He suddenly stopped and took my foot from his crotch. He put his lips around the large toe of my foot he had already been licking and began sucking on it powerfully, then licked and sucked the other toes more, and back again.

I had never been given so much attention, or had so much sensual pleasure, and in such a short amount of time. The sensations from having my toes in his mouth were so amazing, as if his mouth was linked to everything between my legs.

I know my body was writhing about on the Gatorade boxes, and my cheeks were wet from tears as I had an orgasm again while he sucked my large toe, and he kept his eyes on me the whole time, which intensified it.He put the leg down after, and the change of position was positive. I didn't know how long we had been in the storage with the store closed—a violation of contractual obligation to the corporation.

I did not care.

He sat down and had my ankle and foot across his bare legs, bumping a little against his hard penis. He looked tired for a young man. I asked,"Has anyone ever done this to you?"

He nodded, tracing his fingers back and forth on my foot's surfaces. He kept his gaze down.

"What did it feel like when it happened, Marcus?"

He laughed a small laugh, and looked at me. "It felt like I had ten dicks instead of toes, and they were all connected to the one I already had. It felt so good. "

I mulled it over in my mind. It was much the same for me, as if my feet and toes were linked to my genitals, and I had never known. Marcus spoke,

"Do you want me to tell you about it, Miss Lara?"

"Yes, but you can call me Lara now."

He smiled. "Okay, cool, I guess it makes sense...Lara."

He laughed nervously. "My aunt would 'gobble my toes' from before I can even remember, and tickle me, too. She lived here until I was about nine, and then moved to Arizona. She came back for a Christmas, but I didn't see her again until I was twelve. It was my first time to ride in an airplane, and alone, and I went to spend a month right after school let out for summer. She took me to see anything she could think of, and after one hot day, we took showers, and chased around like we did when I was little...she caught me, tickling me, but I was bigger, so I tickled her right back. Then she threw her leg over mine, pulled a sock off and started on my toes, just the same as when I was little, except it was different. It felt different. I kept laughing, but I was getting excited, you know? I started saying I had to pee, so she let me go. I went in the bathroom until I wasn't hard anymore, and we watched a movie when I went back out, then slept because there was a lot planned the next day."

Marcus paused. I asked, "Was that the last time?"

He shook his head. "Three days later, we were in our pajamas, and made popcorn to watch a video before bed...but I wanted her to suck my toes, so I threw popcorn at her and told her she couldn't catch me. She ran after me, and I ran around for a minute, then let her catch me. She didn't try to suck them, so I said I was going to gobble her toes, and she grabbed my slipper off and started sucking my toes. I wanted her to, and then she saw my pajamas stuck out because I was hard. She said I was too old to play that again. I begged her, and she sent me to bed. She was upset. I asked her about it a few more times. I told her I would suck her toes, so she could know why I like it."

Quietly, Marcus said, "she sent me home early."

Continued in part four...


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