Masturbation Proclamation Pt. II

Where sex leads. The promise of the body. The utter realization of do's and don'ts.

Masturbation Proclamation Pt. II

Staring at the nudist I've become, I wouldn't truly understand actually why I was afraid of this. Why would I ever want to hide exactly what I came into the world with during birth!

I've decided it was time to remove the towel, remove the clothing and get right to my destiny. My sexual understanding of self, just how well I am able to control my body, just how well I am able to speak to her and she responds with pleasure and sure delight.

I opened my legs and there she blows. My vagina is plump and firm. She's here knowing that I am presently guiding her to achieve what it is she was truly meant for. Orgasmic bliss and comfortably ejaculating to my command. This was what self-exploration felt like: running through the highest mountain throughout the tropical rain forests and examining the most exotic birds resting above me. The birds chirping along side of me, the winds blow through the leaves of the trees allowing them to cackle. I rise above them all by swinging my soul along the strongest vine. I'm no longer resisting the paradise meant for me. I'm flying by, passing through and acclaiming the sexual throne I was offered from myself and to myself.

My body appreciates the gentle touch I pronounce to her. My body accepts the softness of my spoken word. I received the messages from my mind to inhabit the perfect time to cum. The purpose is not for me to disregard this, hopefully allowing my referral to lead me to the birth of my greatest idea.

I'm not a singer but I'll go to town for you. What makes my body safe? Singing the deepest most erotic tunes to her. We (my mind and body) work together to accomplish what couldn't be done for a very long while. The opening of the female urethra pegged its way into exposure once I groomed the life I gave my vagina. Keeping up with her and what she admired.

Many of us happened to be so aroused by the sensation of sex that we shoot into action without acknowledging the reactions our bodies have towards it. I would regret certain casual lovers in return, feeling completely dissatisfied. With the dissatisfaction, I lost a bit of my body every time. Mainly because this sex wasn't asking my body "how am I able to fulfill you?" "what does your body respond to?" "what does making love, having sex, or any other forms of the matter mean to you?" As much as we may happen to pass off these certain questions, the more our bodies feel deprived to wonder and actually even happen to care. We just initiate readiness when it's time.

I've accepted that sex is a gift. Not a blockage, not as harmful as it seems if you maintain the after sex care. The nurturing aspect to the after care is all that you need to remain balanced, tactful and ready to increase concentration and a focused mind.

The focus is not to remain focused on the idea of sex or ponder on the person once it happens but to realize that you've enjoyed yourself and the get on with your life after the time has been shared. The energy now has to find its own outlet. Whether this outlet be writing, drawing, singing, dancing, fighting (which should be done in an arena with a professional trainer), yoga, etc. Even masturbation deserves an outlet for release to be found because all energy that enters should be able to flow, not be backed up or harbored on.

The more the energy is able to be cleared efficiently, the more we're able to announce, take hold of and claim who we are as sexual beings. Can never put a label on a sexual woman who has admitted her awareness and blockages from her sexual past. This causes true liberation and excitement from one's mind, body and soul. To reunite all over again no longer sounds like an agonizing process. But radiance of what seems to be going right in that portion of her (the liberated) life.

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