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by Scarlett Callohan about a year ago in fiction
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Erotic Fiction

“Please, Gina, you never do anything like this.”

“For good reason. Nothing ever happens at these kinds of things expect a bunch of drunk people getting together and acting stupid.” Gina watched as her friend Chloe swiped mascara first on one eye, then another. She was getting ready for the nearby masquerade; an annual event held every year. Her mask was sitting next to her on the sink, an explosion of teal, pink, orange, and lime green feathers. Chloe’s dress was similar in color, a black strapless top with a teal and blue skirt that flowed to her knees. On another it would be too much, on Chloe it worked.

“I don’t even have anything suitable to wear. I don’t even own a mask.”

“I might have an extra mask,” Chloe rooted through her belongings, glittering scarves, four-inch stilettos, and lace dresses forming piles around her. How she managed to find anything specific was beyond Gina.

“Ah ha! I got this last year at a craft show. I just couldn’t pass it up even though it wasn’t my style.”

Gina braced herself for the worst. She’d seen many items that Chloe had claimed on her trips. “Here it is,” Chloe dropped an object into Gina’s lap. It was covered in feathers, but unlike Chloe’s peacock mask the colors were muted in various shades of brown and gray. The nose curved out into a silver beak and tufts of feathers sprung up from the top like fake ears. “It’s an owl,” Chloe smiled, “I thought it’d fit you.”

The mask was formed perfectly to her face, the velvet lining soft on her skin. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you planned this,” she grumbled to Chloe.

“So, you’ll go?” Chloe squealed, hands clapping rapidly.

She rolled her eyes. “Yes.”

“Remind me why can’t I look at what you’re doing to me,” Gina sighed as her friend dug through her collection of makeup. After she’d agreed to go, she’d found herself pushed into their tiny dorm bathroom piled with a strapless dress, tights, and ankle boots. As soon as she emerged Chloe had pushed back in, sat her down on the toilet and started to work on her makeup.

“Because it would ruin the effect, now look up and stop blinking,” those last words were punctuated by Chloe jabbing the eyeliner at her. Gina tilted her head and did as she was told. With Chloe it was better just to go along with what she asked. They’d become close friends at freshman orientation where they’d gotten paired up for one of those ridiculous getting-to-know-you-team-exercises.

Their sophomore year they requested to room together, it was already Halloween and Gina couldn’t imagine a better roommate. Even if she was dragging her along to the nearest frat party for their annual masquerade party, one of the biggest parties of the year, something she would normally avoid at all costs.

“Alright, all done,” Chloe said stepping back. She handed her the mask. “Put it on and tell me what you think.”

Gina tied on the mask and looked in the mirror. Even though the mask covered most of her face, Chloe had done her eyes in light bronze, sharpening the blue color of her eyes. The mascara coated lashes blinked, making them look wider. The gray dress was strapless and had fake buttons down the front. Paired with the dark brown belt and ankle boots she looked different than normal, and yet it worked. “Wow.”

“I know, I’m a genius. Well, no time like the present. We have a party to get to.”


The music was a loud pulsing mess, which set the tone for what the rest of the night would be like. Gyrating masked co-eds were clutching various plastic cups and glass bottles tight and the smell of sweat prevalent as she followed Chloe across the sticky floor toward the keg. After grabbing drinks, they made their way back to the main room where the speakers were blasting techno and party lights were spinning.

She’d almost finished her drink when Chloe said something to her. “What?” She screamed.

“I said I’m going to go dance, is that ok?”

“Go ahead, I’ll be fine.” Gina nodded for extra emphasis. Chloe smiled, “Remember what I said, have some fun,” and snaked her way through the crowd.

It didn’t take long for Chloe to start chatting with a gentleman dressed in a black cloak with a mask done in the Phantom of the Opera style. Her friend was twirling the blonde curls of the wig and biting her lip. Grinning, Gina left, she already knew where this was going, she had seen the show before.

She found the keg, miraculously devoid of a line. Refilling her cup, she started to edge back to where she had been. Seconds later someone slammed into her, spilling the cup all over her boots. “Shit!”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Watch where you’re going!”

The guy was wearing a simple button up shirt, leather jacket, and brown leather mask. “I’m really sorry, can I get you another one?”

“No, it’s fine, I’m going to get some air.”

“Let me join you, walk with you.”

“You’re not going to take no for an answer, are you?” Gina sighed.

“If you really want to be alone, I won’t bother you. I just want a chance to be around you.” He started to turn and walk away.

Gina paused, considering. Normally it was about the time she would ditch the party and go watch movies, or study for the next test. I’m not Gina, tonight, she thought, with this mask I could be anyone. “Join me,” she said.


Outside it was cold, typical Ohio October weather, but it seemed worse after heat within the party. She couldn’t help but shiver. “Would you like my coat?” Her escort asked, already starting to unbutton it, and shrugging it over her shoulders before she had a chance to protest. They had already spent the last few minutes exchanging small talk. Nothing personal, both avoiding an unspoken agreement of anonymity.

It had a residual smell of tobacco and peppermint. She ducked her nose into the jacket and allowed herself a deep sniff. She made sure it was quick and immediately dropped the collar down, but she blushed when she saw he had caught the movement.

He closed the distance and kissed her, dragging his hand through her hair. He was careful not to disturb her mask. His tongue slipped past her lips and swirled inside her mouth. Pulling him against her she kissed him back feeling hot and cold prickles running down her spine. It deepened, and their hands were exploring different parts of each other’s bodies.

He braced her against a nearby tree, pinning her hands against her sides. His lips covered hers and they kissed. He sucked on her bottom lip until she let out a moan.

“Are you sure?” He asked, pausing for a moment. “We can stop anytime you want.”

“Keep going,” she managed to gasp out as her muscles quacked.

“Your wish is my command,” he followed that up by nipping her neck and collarbone. His fingers traced the edge of her dress, his fingernail lightly scratching against her skin. She shivered, goosebumps following him in his wake. He dipped his finger down the front of her dress, pinching the nipple and making them stand at attention.

Thoughts spilled through her mind, one after another. She wasn’t usually this type of girl. One-night stands weren’t her thing, especially out in the open. The excitement of doing something this naughty was turning her on, and her lips were dripping wet. This was so unlike her, and she wanted it so badly.

His hand trailed lower, tugging on the hem of her dress before he snaked his hand up. He brushed his hands briefly against her damp silk panties before plunging his finger into her honeypot. She squeaked and dug her fingers into the bark of the tree. He withdrew the finger and sucked on it slowly.

“You taste divine. I need more.” As he said that he dipped his finger deep inside pumping in and out. He shifted after a second, breaking his rhythm and slowing down but adding a fluttering motion. She grasped his shoulders, hanging on for dear life as everything began to tighten. Her orgasm broke over and crashed in mini waves that left her crying out in pleasure.

She slumped against the tree, his arms and. “That was amazing,” she sighed.

“Don’t think it’s over yet,” he whispered in her ear.

“Do your worst,” she teased. As soon as those words came out, he lifted her up using the tree to keep her level with him. He leaned into her and they were kissing again. She felt her dress being lifted until it was bunched around her waist. She reached one hand down to his bulge slowly drawing the zipper and releasing him.

He was big, bigger than she expected. Bringing her eyes back to his she grasped his penis, slowly sliding her hand up and down. It was thick and curved slightly and she gave herself time to caress and get to know every piece of his manhood. Squeezing slightly until he shuddered, she pumped up and down faster feeling pre cum coat her hand making the movement easier.

He stopped her, clamping one hand around her wrist. “Did I do something wrong?” She asked.

He kissed her gently. “No, I just wanted to make sure it ended like this.” He barely made it through that sentence before he hoisted her higher against the tree. He moved her panties to the side and lowered her onto his sword. She felt herself stretch as he entered filling her completely. She moaned as he shifted and lifted her back up and slammed into her again.

This time when he lifted her up, she pushed off him and unwrapped her feet and slid down until she was standing. Behind his mask she could see his eyes crinkle in confusion. She spun around, spread her legs, and looked back and gave him a wink. “I’m waiting for you.”

He wasted no more time, wrapping his hands around her hips and driving into her from behind. He thrust several times and she felt her muscles contract as her own release came. His fingers dug into her skin as he shot his seed deep inside her. Soaked in sweat they caught their breath; the only other sound was the music that filtered out from the house.

“That was great,” Gina sighed.

“Agreed, shall we do this again?” The guy asked.

Smiling she shook her head. “No names let’s not ruin this moment,” giving him a final kiss she slipped off into the dark.


When she got back to the dorm, she was surprised to see Chloe had beat her home. “I didn’t expect to see you this early,” she dropped the jacket onto the couch.

“And I expected to see you here, guy was a total bust,” teased Chloe, “Did you spend the night studying in the library? Please tell me you at least had a little bit of fun.”

Gina glanced back at the jacket and blushed. Chloe followed her eyes. “Is that a guy’s jacket?” Gina turned even more red. “You weren’t in the library, were you? Oh my god, you little minx!”

“Chloe, chill,” she grinned sitting next to the jacket, “I didn’t exactly get a lot of sleep last night.”

“Fine,” Chloe rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she plopped down next to Chloe. “Tell. Me. Everything.”


About the author

Scarlett Callohan

Hi, I'm Scarlett!

When I'm not busy writing I'm drinking a large amount of coffee while reading or working on new recipes.

Thank you for all your support!

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