Making of a Synthetic Girlfriend

There's no need to waste time finding a girlfriend when you can order one off of Ebay.

Imagine creating your dream girl who doesn’t argue, complain, PMS, nag or say “I’m too tired” when you’re looking for some action. Its a concept that seems almost impossible to conjure up in your mind. But synthetic girlfriends are more popular than ever. The sex doll market makes billions of dollars every year. Many well known stars make good bank on their sex doll molds. Belladonna and the notorious Sasha Grey, two of the most well-known porn stars in the adult entertainment industry, have their own sex dolls on the retail market. Hell, Lady Gaga teamed up with a sex doll vendor to make a Gaga sex doll. While those dolls are designed to resemble your favorite porn and pop stars, Realdoll creator, Matt McMullen has made it possible for you to create your dream girl, from head to toe, and everything in between.

McMullen’s life-like sex dolls started out as an outside-the-box mannequin prototype, but after people started inquiring whether or not the dolls were anatomically correct, McMullen knew his business was taking a different route. Starting with molding vaginas in a box, McMullen saw that every part of the doll was perfectly and realistically created and assembled to guarantee a perfect silicon lover. From eye and skin color to breast size and pubic hair tone, customizing your own sex doll allows you to have your perfect girl in your bed, night after night.

Though for some, its more than just a sex doll. Its not just a sex toy you toss into your bedside drawer when you’ve finished. People plan for months for these dolls, give them names and prepare a safe place to store them in their home. Taking a stroll on one of the thousands of sex doll vendor sites, I was shocked to see how intense sex doll TLC and fantasy life gets.

Here’s how the FAQ section of a high-end sex doll store shakes down:

What is the difference between a realistic vagina and a removable vagina?

The removable vagina as the word states can be removed from the doll. This makes it much easier to wash after use. The removable vagina is made from a durable high elastomer material. The realistic vagina is very aesthetic. Realistic vaginas cannot be removed. The outer lip is very delicate. Therefore, we recommend it being well lubricated with copious water based lubricant in order to reduce friction.

Now, let’s get one thing straight, if females didn’t have vaginas, we’d be extinct, which is the implicit message in one of my favorite jokes: Why do women have vaginas? Otherwise, nobody’d talk to ‘em. Yes, it’s misogynistic, but it’s also true, and that’s what makes it funny. If women held zero sexual attraction for men, would there be one of us alive today? Would there be a human race? What will the year 2400 look like? Stepford wives with detachable vaginas? That would make for a great MILF to have sex with.

What kind of extras come with the doll?

When you purchase a doll the following accessories are included: Wig in your choice of color, lingerie outfit. Washing kit, lotion, hairbrush, powder, repair kit and most importantly, the instruction manual. Don’t worry, the instructions are in English, although Japanese is recommended because if you need instructions to fuck, then you shouldn’t have sex. When articulated, hands include flexible metal rods inside the silicone. The dolls' hands can grasp light objects such as a cup. All natural hand positions are possible. Without this equipment, the hand is “soft,” since it is only made of silicone.

Is it okay to spray perfume on my doll?

There are a variety of perfume compositions, all of which are more or less concentrated in alcohol, which can damage the silicone. We recommend scenting the dolls at parts which are not visible (behind the head, behind ears, under the hair) or on clothing.

How do I clean my doll after having sex?

After use, simply clean the inside of the vagina with warm water, and your doll will be ready again. For the removable vagina, you simply remove the vagina and put it under warm water, then let it dry. Put it back into the doll, and it is ready for use again!

Yep. This shit gets real, after reading through the most frequently asked questions. Way too real! From Google’s top doll shop. So, let’s answer a few of our own FAQs:

Who the hell buys these dolls?

More men than women and more than you think. The sex doll industry is a multimillion-dollar global market. Research through manufacturers reveals the primary sex/age of customers to be males, 40-65. Japan has a particularly large market share. The majority doll-owners sampled are: (a) males, (b) middle-aged, (c) white, (d) single, (e) employed, (f) hold a high school degree (or its equivalent) or higher, (g) identify sexual orientation as heterosexual. Why they have dolls: 70% sexual stimulation, 30% companionship. Many report experiencing fewer sexual functioning issues with dolls. Most of these users are very secretive about their sex doll use, sharing it predominantly with an online community. Research shows that having a doll is often a therapeutic transitional object for those who’ve lost a partner or spouse.

Where is the best place to go Sex Doll hunting?

Good ol’ eBay. There’s a man pimping out these sex doll honeys for 1k up to the 20k range.

Do you think there’s a common thread among sexual assault serial killers, necrophiliacs and sex doll lovers?

It seems there can be for some owners, and it may be expressed in one word: control. Control, with no challenge, is comforting. These dolls are the idealized versions of love-objects, are not fickle, and won’t abandon you. Doll owners might be on to something. Dolls can act as an anti-depressant, in the fight against loneliness and boredom. Certainly, unlike the will to necrophilia, whipping out your Amex to buy a doll falls into the healthy-if-wayward column. But underlying the urge to engage with an inert “partner," there’s a base in common here, I think. One word, Control. Most serial killers confess that the urge to kill is to have utter control over the person, that the person shall never “leave” them. Necrophiliacs are sexually attracted to this utter control as well. A supreme dominance, the ultimate dominance, or the Frankenstein syndrome – being in love with your own creation. That’s control or lust for control as well. I don’t think it has anything to do with the fetish of sexual objectification, or the act of treating a person merely as an instrument of sexual pleasure, making them a “sex object”. Objectification more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object, without regard to their personality or dignity. Objectification is most commonly examined at the level of a society, but can also refer to the behavior of individuals. There's a give and take with sexual degradation role play. The dominant likes to feel the reactions from the person in the sexually objectified role. The doll craze, however, does not have this same give and take to it, leaving it a bit more of a mystery. This trend has become so heavy in Japan that girls are starting to photoshop their dating profiles to look like Dolls to attract men. Modern Giesha chic. Or suicide chic, looking lifeless and frozen.

There’s even a doll forum, since 2001, on which doll owners chat with each other and share pictures and stories of their favorite doll partners. A thread post on from a sex doll owner:

“Hello all, a new slideshow vid of the very recent arrival of my Virgin Rose Doll. unwrapped and met by Joyce my Cassi doll. She was cockblocked by a GF upon arrival to the original buyer. I made peace by buying her.”

Two things to note:

  1. His GF is ANOTHER doll
  2. This thread is NOT unusual for sex doll forums.

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