Loner's Retreat: Santana & Jonas, Part 6

by Sharlene Alba 3 years ago in fiction

Erotic Short Stories

Loner's Retreat: Santana & Jonas, Part 6
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He couldn't tell if he was having another mind-blowing wet dream, but it felt real enough to make his dick hard. Jonas could feel the pulling of the tip of his cock into someone's mouth and the sensation left him speechless, rendering his body helpless against whoever was giving him such pleasure. When he decided to open his eyes to see who it was, he was disappointed to see nothing but darkness surrounding him. His wife was sound asleep next to him, wearing one of his t-shirts, her naked behind sticking out of the comforter, tempting him to take her from behind like he was dying to.

Should he wake her up for another round? He didn't feel like jerking off tonight. Not when everything had been cleared between them and now there was no shame stopping him from getting what they both needed.

Jonas pushed away the comforter off of his legs, which caused more of Santana's legs to show, giving him a full frontal view of the soft wetness between her thighs, being illuminated by the moonlight coming from the window. His mouth watered at the thought of sticking himself right into her, and his balls tightened and hardened in response.

"Hmmm...Jonas..." he heard her mumble his fake name in her sleep, and it made him smirk with pride. She was dreaming of him now. Instead of his brother. Who he still had to deal with in the morning. For now, he just needed to get some release so he could sleep peacefully.

He started by caressing her ass cheeks softly, scooting closer to her as he lowered his head to kiss her neck. She was too deep in her slumber to notice his touch, but her body responded to him anyway. She'd told him the first week of their honeymoon that being taken by him in her sleep was one of her fantasies and he figured now would be a good time to cross it off her list. Jonas continued kissing her neck as his fingers pulled her shirt to her upper stomach, and made their way in between her legs from behind. His cock ticked slightly as he felt how warm and completely moist she was, ready for him to take her.

An idea popped into his mind then, and he reached into the side table beside the bed for her vibrator. Once he switched it on and turned it to the lowest setting, he placed the tip of it against her slick folds, making her even more wet as he slipped inside of her. She was slippery and tight against his shaft since her thighs weren't parted, but clamped on top of each other as she continued to sleep in a fetal position. Her hips responded to his slow thrust, moving back and forth, testing his self-control. He wanted to pound into her so bad, he couldn't think straight. His mind was polluted with dirty thoughts, and things he wanted to do to her. But he had enough time. They had the rest of their lives to explore each other sexually and for once in a really long time, Jonas was looking forward to his future, instead of living in the nightmare that was his exhausting past.

As he slipped out of her and shoved in the vibrator instead, another moan escaped her mouth, this one louder than the previous one, and deeper. His dick was glistening with her juices, and he used it to pump himself as he fucked her with the vibrator.

"Fuck," he grunted into the silent room, with only his wife's moaning and the low hum of the vibrator he was fucking her with bouncing off the walls. He was close to coming now. He could feel his cock swelling, and the pre-come already dripping from his tip. The more he stroked his member, the deeper he drove the vibrator into his wife. But he didn't want to come in his hand. He wanted to be deep inside of her when his climax came, to enjoy how incredible it felt to be this close to someone who trusted you with not only their body, but their love.

He hissed as he felt the beginning of his orgasm fill him and he kept the tip of the vibrator at her clit while he dove right into her, thrusting his cock straight towards her g-spot. Her face was now buried into her pillow as he fucked her from behind, not bothering to slow down his thrusts as he came hard inside of her womb. He felt his hot liquid bounce off her slick walls and onto his own cock as he kept still inside of her and threw the vibrator onto the floor.

Her hips still swayed against his dick, letting him know she was on the brink of her own orgasm. So he held her hips still and covered her mouth, just like she described in her fantasy and slipped his dick out, then pummeled hard right into her soaking wet opening. Her breathing grew rapidly, as he began to pound into her, and he could feel her stirring awake now. Her teeth captured one of his fingers into her mouth and she took it in as she would his cock, sucking it in as deep as she could. It turned him on faster than he had imagined and his cock was now hard again and ready to finish her off.

She whimpered into his hand as he pumped hard into her core, making him curse a million times as he felt her river of juices overflowing against his stiff member as she finally came. When his hips slowed down due to exhaustion, he slipped out of her, and removed his hand away from her sinful mouth.

"Thank you," she whispered in gratitude, as a hot tear streamed down her flushed cheek. He licked it away with his tongue, then continued to kiss his way towards her mouth when she craned her neck to face him. The kiss felt as warm and tender as her opening must've been and all he could think about now was eating her out. Would he ever get enough of her?


"Let me return the favor," his horny wife offered as she broke away from the kiss and turned to meet him chest to chest.

"You don't have to. I know you must be sore," he whispered gently against her eyelashes as he kissed her closed eyes, then her nose.

"I still have a mouth," she said with a grin, and it was all it took for him to get hard again.

Morning came too soon, and so did he once again as he fucked his wife up against the shower wall. They were wild animals, free from the hibernation of their past, taking advantage of their insatiable appetites to enjoy their last day at Loner's Retreat.

Santana needed time to recover, but she offered to drive him up to see his grandmother and brother one last time before they headed back home to their condo in Dallas. He thanked her and regretted taking her up on her offer when he saw what she had decided to wear to tease him with on their trip into town. A bright red strapless sundress that came up to her knees and showcased her thick thighs and long legs.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Jonas asked his wife as he helped her zip up the dress from behind.

"It's just a dress." she argued as she rolled her eyes and bent over to reach for some of her white lace panties and placed them on underneath her dress.

"That could give anyone a nice preview of what I come home to every night," he countered with a raised eyebrow, which only made her chuckle and kiss his cheek.

"Stop. I'm yours and always will be," she claimed as she swung her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"Promise?" he asked as he slipped his arms around her waist, holding her close to his body.

"I promise. Now lets go. We have to make it back on time to say goodbye to everyone."

His grandmother's house made him feel guilty all over again when he saw how badly it was falling apart. The overgrown grass in the front yard made him grimace as he escorted his wife up the driveway and to the front door. The floorboards of the front porch creaked as they made their way up the steps and Jonas sighed in resignation, knowing he failed once again to do better for the only family he had left. His parents had died a long time ago during an immigration raid gone wrong, and he could still remember his grandmother sobbing uncontrollably as the officers delivered the news of their death to her. He'd been seventeen at the time, and had been staying with her until his parents returned to pick him up for his birthday surprise.

They never returned again and it had been the last time he bothered to celebrate his birthday.

"I can't do this." Jonas blew out as he shook out his arms and began to make his way down the driveway again.

"Hey, yes you can." Santana consoled as she took his hand and stopped him in his tracks.

"I've been so focused on my life that I abandoned them in the process. The only family I have left..." Jonas trailed off and his wife took his face in his hands and made him look at her.

"I'm your family now, too. And when I tell you you've got this, then you've got this. Now, go on." she said stubbornly, smacking his behind as he pouted. It made her chuckle and push at his back until they were back on his grandmother's porch.

"Pushy one, aren't you?" he mumbled underneath his breath, which caused her to pinch his butt and make him jump.


"I heard that." Santana let him know, then raised her hand to ring the doorbell. They waited a few minutes before his brother, the real Jonas, arrived to open the door for them.

"Welcome, baby brother. Santana, looking beautiful as always." his brother greeted them, with a hint of sarcasm in his words, as he stepped aside to let them in. The place still smelled the same, like peppermint and cigarettes. Probably due to all the smoking his brother did, polluting Grandma Carmen's house with second-hand smoke.

"You could've cleaned up a bit before we came, you know." Jonas scolded, while his brother tore his gaze away from his wife long enough to roll his eyes.

"I didn't know you were coming until ten minutes ago. Forgive me for not laying out the red carpet for you and your wife." Daniel said bitterly as he entered the kitchen to grab a few beers.

"You're a dick." Jonas claimed as the annoyance of being in his brother's presence fueled his anger as usual.

"And I'm still bigger than you. Just in case someone was wondering." he retorted as he opened the bottles using the edge of the kitchen table and handed one to each of us.

"I wasn't." Santana answered with a glare as she refused the beer and Daniel raised an eyebrow, along with a cocky grin from the corners of his mouth.

"Funny how you thought I was talking about you."

"That's enough. Both of you. Danny, porque decidistes venir?" Grandma Carmen's sharp and hostile voice interrupted the bickering and Jonas swallowed hard. It had been so long since she had called him that, it brought back too many memories of being scolded and hit by her countless times for the minimal of things. She'd been raised by strict parents herself but when they died, she didn't run towards freedom. She embraced their brutal traditions instead, passing it down to her kids and grandkids.

Jonas prayed that his upbringing never affected his future kids. He would never want them to grow up with fear instead of love.

"We came to say goodbye. We're heading back home in the morning," Jonas explained and intertwined his fingers with Santana's, absorbing as much as he could from the strength she wore so well.

"You could've called instead of coming all the way here to bother." Grandma Carmen responded harshly and he could feel his wife's hand tense against his own and he saw her transform before his very eyes straight into lawyer mode.

"Listen, Señora Carmen De Jesus, born summer of sixty-eight, with four divorces under her belt and two warrants stamped with your name due to public indecency. I wont allow you to speak to me or my husband, or your other jackass of a grandson like that anymore. Now, if you'll be nice, I'll tell you the real reason why we came here," Santana threatened, with fury and determination in her eyes, rendering his grandmother speechless as her jaw hung open.

"A warrant for what now? Public indecency?" his brother asked as he turned to Grandma Carmen and she looked away as she fixed her shawl wrapped around her sagging shoulders.

"Okay. I'll listen. Let's just calm down and sit." Grandma Carmen surrendered and Jonas looked at his wife in shock. He'd never seen anyone make his hostile grandmother back down before, but it certainly made him proud to have someone like her by his side.

"That's...never happened before. What do we do?" Daniel asked incredulously, as he stared after Grandma Carmen.

"What do you mean by the real reason why we're here?" Jonas asked his wife suspiciously and she only winked at him in response before dragging him into the open living room, to sit across from his grandmother. His brother sat on a solitary old and brown recliner as he spread his legs and slouched into his seat.

"Your grandson has told me all the hardship your family has gone through, and since I know you wont accept my offer upfront, I've taken the liberty of going through with it anyway." Santana explained as a twinkle of mischief swam in her dark eyes.

"Santana..." Jonas began saying her name in warning, worrying she'd done something that would only add fuel to the fire that's been burning each member of their family to the ground for decades.

"I've paid off all of your medical bills and made sure to hire a full time home attendant to care for you so that your grandson here," his wife began again as she gestured towards his brother, who watched her with an intensity that was starting to bother him, "can get a full time job, with benefits, so you can get the proper medications that you need." she finished and raised her chin up slightly, not in a condescending manner, only to dare his grandmother into challenging her.

"We don't have anything to repay you with." Grandma Carmen replied with a softer voice, one he didn't recognize. One that humbled her in a way he'd never seen before as she looked at Santana.

"I'm not asking you to. You guys are my family now and we have to stick together. Even when we hate each other. And I know you hate me, Grandma Carmen. I can see it in those beady eyes of yours." Santana added with a smile, which only warmed his as he watched his grandmother boil with anger in her seat.

"Fine. We accept your offer. But, as for a job for this pendejo over here," Grandma Carmen started, pointing her finger towards his brother, "no place will hire him with the police record he has."

"I've ordered a judge to expunge both of their records, based on the fact that they've been contributing nicely to society by Jonas becoming a full time Psychologist, and by Daniel helping third world countries gain access to food and water and technology through donations from all around the world," she continued to explain, again causing his family members to stare at her in shock.

"But I'm not doing any of those things..." Daniel reminded his wife and Santana smirked.

"You will be. There's a liaison position within my parents' company that they're looking to fill. With your lovely street skills and persuasiveness, it wouldn't hurt you to show up with a suit and a tie at that interview tomorrow and show them exactly what you can offer to the younger generation."

"Santana, you didn't have to do all this." Jonas told her firmly and she only held his hand in response.

"You're my best friend. Of course I did," she said, and he felt the sudden urge to kiss this woman's breath away, to thank her for her generosity and for having the kind of woman he was lucky to have.

"Oh, so that's why you married her? Because she's hot and loaded? Picked a good one this time, brother." Daniel chimed in with his rude comments and it made Jonas want to snap his neck in two. Santana ignored him, of course. She was getting used to his unpleasant personality.

"He sure did." Grandma Carmen agreed, but not in a rude way. There was the slightest hint of pride in her smirk that startled even Jonas.

Santana was definitely part of his family now. There was no going back.

Sharlene Alba
Sharlene Alba
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