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Lifting. Part 3

Butterfly Nerves

By Thavien YliasterPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Lifting. Part 3
Photo by Akhil Lincoln on Unsplash

Once again, throwing herself over his shoulders, Joane wrapped her arms around him, burying her head past his by tucking her chin upon his shoulder. She could’ve wet herself out of sheer embarrassment in that very moment. Keeping her knees clenched together, she sat right between Lucian’s legs. His arms laid resting on the pilot chair, not knowing whether or not to embrace her.

“Touch me please,” Joane's voice softly broke the silence in a small, quivering, tone. And so, he did. The tactile sensation of breaking the anticipation from his hands sent a quick jolt through her. Like a surprised kitten, she tensed momentarily.

Much like before, one Lucian's arms slid up her, meanwhile the other slid down Joane's leg. As his left hand climbed her spine, Joane's trembling rapidly increased. Sensing this, he slowly rubbed her back, till he returned towards her buttocks yet again. Upon gingerly caressing her for a minute, in the hopes of calming her nerves, he left and proceeded to the small of her back.

Leaning to look back into Lucian's eyes, Joane dove deep into his pupils, as she had bared her body to him for he had bared his heart to her. Pulling his legs together, Joane was made to straddle him once again. His eyes slowly left hers, looking from her face as the trail of his gaze descended. Joane's eyes followed his, peering upon her own nakedness. With both of Lucian’s hands being wrapped around the small of her back, Joane proceeded to grab his right hand and started guiding him. Ever so diligently, she moved his hand from above her buttocks towards the inside of her thigh. Feeling the warmth radiating from between her thighs, dangerously close to her sex, his fingers almost froze with apprehension. Guiding him past her hip, along the length of her stomach, she moved him towards her ribcage. Sensing the hills and valleys from her bones just beneath her flesh he could've lingered there for hours before where she took him next.

Their final destination, her left breast, as Joane led Lucian’s hand up, his thumb spread apart from his fingers, enveloping it within his grasp. Moving his thumb in a clockwise motion just around the outer edge of her areola, he caused her nipple to stiffen, desperately desiring to be touched. Her other nipple responded in kind to the stimulation. However it remained bare, yearning for physical attention.

Shuddering, Joane sighed as she threw her head back, her luscious locks of hair undulating with its motion. Regaining control, she looked Lucian in the eye again, and began tilting her head towards the right. Opening her mouth, parting her lips, she leaned in. Following her lead, Lucian did so likewise, and the two locked lips in a passionate, innocent, kiss. They parted for a quick breath before Joane pressed her head forward in a bobbing motion three times. Moving his right hand up towards her neck, his thumb was caressed her chin before pushing lock of hair behind her left ear. Kissing her full on the lips again, he then moved to kissing her cheek, and then pecking her ear. Kissing the lobe of her ear, Lucian blew warm air into her ear canal. Nibbling on her ear lobe, he then continued his descent down the length of her body.

He kissed the underside of her jaw. He kissed and nuzzled and nibbled her neck multiple times; Joane moaned, throwing her head back as Lucian as did his arduous task of love filled passion. He then climbed down her neck into the ditch of her collarbone before further proceeding. Coming across her breast he kissed around it, circling his tongue around her soft, tender, flesh until finally her nipple found its way into his mouth. His lips enveloped her areola, his tongue danced on its edges, playfully circling the tip of her teat. Having never felt such a feeling before, all Joane knew was that she wanted more. Her excitement was starting to get the better of her. Gripping Lucian’s back from over his shoulder, she balanced herself as she started to bounce her hips upon Lucian’s lap as he toyed with her breast.

Wanting more stimulation, she decided to pinch the tip of her exposed nipple, rolling it between her fingers. “It’s nothing compared to his touch,” she thought, but still, even her own self-arousal was stimulating.

Leaving Joane’s left breast, Lucian had left her nipple shimmering a glossy pink in the SUV’s roof light, as he went to kiss her betwixt her cleavage. Stopping to look up at Joane, she stopped as well. Drinking her in with his eyes, her eye color, her cheeks, her hair, her everything, he began starting to gaze upon the rest of her nakedness, as her eyes followed his, their gazes tracing upon her landscape. Once they reached her nether region they both stopped. Looking back up at each other, they repeated the eyeing process of making and breaking eye contact only to return to the sight of her nether region several times. Without smiling, a slight nod of her head nod was all the consent he needed. Shifting his right arm from grasping her buttocks he placed it near her lips.

Feeling the heat and moistness radiating from her crotch, Lucian stopped, patiently waiting. Looking from his hand to her face, she lowered herself into his palm before sliding back and forth. Pressing her arms up against her chest, her hands balled up into fists as they laid tucked beneath her chin. She began to moan. The soft, sweet, flesh of her femininity warming his hand, moistening and covering it with the sticky sweetness of her love nectar. Lucian couldn’t prevent himself from going back to kissing her breast, followed shortly by having his kisses travel back up to her neck once again.

Whispering in her ear, he asked her “Do you like that baby?”

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