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By JadedPleasuresPublished 4 years ago 8 min read
lets talk.
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Lets talk about this fun life style called BDSM..

Now i have been in the life style for many of years but in all truthful honesty i am no pro. I still have a lot to learn and a lot to understand about this life style. But, I want to write some things that i have learned about and share them with others.

Now if you dont know what BDSM stands for and correct me if i am wrong but i believe it stands for . Bondage Dominate Sadacist and Masocist.

But there are also many other deviations on that as well. So let me break some of it down for you with what i know.

Bondage: Aka Rope bunnies, Riggers, ect.

Now for those that dont know what most of these are i will do my best to explain.

Rope Bunnies: Are Men and Women that enjoy to be restrained by ropes, belts, ties, leather straps, hand cuffs, ect. they find personal enjoyment from having their freedom being removed during sexual play time. It is the partners responsibility to understand and make sure that the one that is getting tied up has enough room in the restraints to feel comfortable with the experience such as enough air flow to the lungs and brain. None of the rope is on any vital arteries where it could harm or kill someone they are playing with. The rope bunnies enjoy being tied and bound when giving their partner sexual pleasures. ( again i could be missing a lot of information this is just what i have learned through out my years it is always best to do your own research and check into things before you take my word for it.)

Riggers: As with this part. A Rigger is the main person that a rope bunny will go to. Riggers find enjoyment in tying up their partner in different ways that give both them and the partner pleasure. Riggers have messed with ropes a lot or have done a lot of research in order to know how to place the ropes on their partner so as to not hurt them and also avoids any vital areas that could cause harm to them or their partner. Their prime directive is to make sure that they get pleasure while tying their partner up in safe ways that give them a sense of full fill meant as well.

Next is..

Dominate: Mommy Domme, Daddy Dom, Degrader, Primal Dom, Ect.

Mommy Domme/ Daddy Dom: Yes believe it or not there are Female Dominates not all are just as black and white as this and there are many many more Dynamics to the lifestyle which i encourage you to go and read and find out more on your own instead of taking what i say and running with it, it is always best to be well informed on many things and as i have stated before i am still learning and not a professional about this. But, a Domme is a female that particularly likes to have the Dominance over some one. A Mommy Domme is a form of dominate that likes to take care of Littles ( Will go over them in a little bit.) And just because she is a Mommy Domme does not me she sticks just to boys there are Dommes that prefer a female to a male submissive but their role is the care giver to the little one they set the rules and the little must follow them this is the same with the Daddy Dom. Now Not all Daddy Doms Or Mommy Domme's have sexual interactions with their little that is the littles choice on whether they wish to have a sexual relationship with their Daddy Or Mommy Dom. Which is all talked about before being taken on for consideration and training.

Degrader: A Degrader is a person that finds enjoyment out of calling their partner humiliating names such as but not limited to. "Slut" "Cum Dumbster" and many more. Mostly while in the thrawls of passion and sex do they do this. Some times it can be taken farther and those terms can be used in front of others that the Degradee (Will discuss more on later) has chosen that it is ok to do so around.

Primal Dom: This kind of Dom was one that i have never really experienced in person so i do not have much info but the info i do have i will do my best to share. So a Primal Dom likes and enjoys to let his or her primal instincts take over where fight or flight is a real thing for them. They love the thrill of the chase and enjoy hunting their partner like they are prey ( Yes primal prey is a form of submission and i will get into that as well hang with me.) The Dom gets pleasure from ensueing SAFE AND CONSENTUAL! fear into their partner. They get excited and giddy about it. But Again i say this for the people in the back that are hard of hearing. SAFE AND CONSENTUAL!!! Meaning that the Submissive party in this sinario has agreed to let the Dom treat them as the prey and is willing to put on a good fight and be forced into a submissive sexual state.

Now before i go any further let me give an example of what safe primal play is. This is where that bit CNC comes into play.

Consent Non Consentual is where you give the Dom consent to be rough and forceful with you while you are still in a safe enviorment. The Dom WILL NOT!!! and i repeat WILL NOT do anything that has not already been agreed upon prior to said sexual experience. This means but is not limited to He will NOT hit their partner unless partner has stated other wise that it is ok. He will NOT put his partner in ANY situation that could harm or endanger them to the point where it could cause sever mental unwellness.

If you wish to have more info on this please look it up i encourage it to the fullest. I am only telling you this from what I have personally experienced and what i have read. If you want to double check and read more into these topics i emplore you to do your own research. Cause again this is only info that i know about from my own reading and context clues.

Submissive: Little, Sub, Slave, Sex Slave, Leather boy ect.

Littles: A Little is commonly with a Mommy or a Daddy Dom or Domme, the gender does not matter it is what both parties choose on after having intense communication with the other party. Littles against do not have to have any sexual attraction to or with their Dom or Domme. It can be platonic, where the little is just there to keep the Dom or Domme company and help with making life a little easier for them. Now falling into the line of the little catagory there is a thing called a Brat. Now a brat is a little that likes to be forced into their place they will not willingly submit unless they want to and prefer to have a little fight or wrestle with their partner before becoming submissive. Please do more reading on that cause i too amd still figuring this out.

Sub: Is a person that only wishes to have a power exchange for a short period of time which usually coinsides with bedroom play. A sub can say no and the Dom will listen to them because they do not have a 24/7 power exchange and in so with that there is NO changing or forcing them to do things they do not wish to do and do NOT let any one tell you that the Dom is the one with all the power. Cause that is NOT true. A Dom or Domme can NOT be a Dom or a Domme with out the consent of the submissive. If the sub does not trust you or wish to be with you they have the right to say so. As a Dom or Domme it is their responsibility to make sure that the sub feels safe in the position that the Dom or Domme wants to put them in and the sub should not feel forced into anything. If the sub feels this way then it is time to end the session and get out. No Dom will tell you that you do not have any control because then they are not a Dom they are a wanna be and i recommend that you leave while you have the chance.

Slave: A slave is a submissive that decides that he or she wishes to give full control over to their Dom or Domme 24/7. In this instance slaves have no choice say or control they are to follow the Dom's or Domme's every wish down to the T. A slave can suffer punishments if things are taken out of hand or gone to far. From my understanding a slave is a 24/7 power exchange where the Dominate chooses what he or she wears, what they eat, the excersize they do, how long they do it, and when they do it. The Dominate has all the power in this role and the slave must ask permission from their Dominate far more so then a sub.

Sex Slave: This one is pretty self explanitory but i will go into it to help the best i can. In this Dynamic the slave is used for sex only there is no bonds being forged or emotional attachments being formed. The sex slave is there for just that . SEX. I do not have much information on this so if you wish to delve more into this or i am missing something please feel free to look it up.

Ok now here is where things get a little tripped up for me and i do not have much information on this. The Dynamic of BDSM is so vast and large that there are a lot of ins and outs to it that i havent fully been able to experience and not sure i want to.

the S and M in BDSM stand for not just Submissive and Master there is something more to it.

Sadacism and Masocism Spelling may be wrong and for that i apologize

and to be truth full i dont know which is which so please inform yourself.

I just know that one likes to give pain to their partner during sex and one likes to recieve the pain during sex. Again this is all based off of my knowledge and i am not trying to lead you down the wrong path just to help guide you a little.

But, in ANY dynamic this life style has you must always remember that if there is no Consent then nothing will happen unless stated prior above to other dynamics. AND if you are going to be in this sort of sexual life style explore but do not ignore. ALWAYS HAVE A SAFE WORD!!!!! Before any sexual encounters you will always make sure that you have established your safe word. Also establish your HARD and SOFT limits.

Now let me explain that last part.

Hard limits: are things that you will absolutely NOT do while having sexual experiences with your partner.

Soft limits: are things that you are not sure about but are willing to try as long as you are comfortable with your partner doing so.

and i can not stress this enough.


that is all for this talk today stay classy and sassy you beautiful beasties.

(( Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed please feel free to leave a tip if your feeling loving to help me keep creating stories for you to read. Thank you for all the Love and support . Mwuah))


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Hello, Greetings, hi, Its been a minute. Just wanted to put a little reminder that my things are for 18+ only. Mainly because they are all Fan Fiction ideas that i write about. THATS ALL FOLKS!!

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