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Stranger pt. 12

Short story

By JadedPleasuresPublished 4 years ago 6 min read
Stranger pt. 12
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the next morning.... things just didnt seem right.

I dont know what it was or why I was feeling this way but something in the pit of my stomach said, " Now things have changed." and for the life of me I couldnt figure out why i was feeling this way. Yes, he was being aloof and distant acting like we didnt do any thing that was of massive importance last night and maybe i could be reading to much into it all. But, I thought that maybe he would have wanted to open up to me more and make things different and by different i mean in a good way but the way he was acting it was as though he didnt want to care. That i was just another virginity notch in his belt that he could slide into when ever he wanted to.

He had woken up this morning and when i was woken up because of him moving he looked like he was disappointed and i wanted to ask with who me or him self but i just couldnt bring the words out of my throat and mouth to ask him. We had gotten dressed in silence and then he had me get into his car. It had been weeks since the accident and i still get a little nervous with him driving up and down the roads like a mad man but he seemed in a hurry today. But, a hurry for what, what was so important that we had to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to get out of his house and go into town. He pulled up to a coffee shop and stopped the car.

"I need to go do some things here is some money for you to eat and get coffee with some more to get a taxi back to your house. I'll meet up with you later if i have any new information about my cousin."

He said and handed me a wad of cash. So this is it, the big rush to get me out of his house so that way i can go back to mine. I was just another notch in his belt to use and then loose. I have seen some similar things happen on tv shows. The guy gets his jollies and then dumps the girl off and never speaks to her again, well fine so be it i didnt need to be his charity case. I put the money on his dash board and open the car door and get out. Im to prideful of a person to feel like a charity and im not going to let him see how much he is hurting me and my feelings right now. I knew i had gotten to attached and i was foolish to think that he would be able to get attached to me in the same way at the same time as me.

I opened the car door and stepped out onto the cold and rainy streets in front of the coffee shop. You know what i will go have some coffee and something to eat since this is what i am guessing to be a good bye from him, and when i get home i will paint and get through my anguish with some art and music. I havent been in the town for about a month or so due to the accident and then going straight back to his place. Over the time Don and i had spent together i thought he would have started to actually care about me at some point but i guess not.

"Hey, dont do anything stupid."

He said to me before i slammed his care door shut hard and turned around to walk away. I would have looked over my shoulder as i walked but it wouldnt have mattered cause as soon as the door was closed he was gone. No see ya around. No i had fun. Nothing just poof like that was all he truly wanted out of me. Just a good time then for him to ditch me the next minute.

As i walked into the busy coffee shop i was weary cause something felt off i felt as though some one was staring at me from some where with in the coffee shop. I moved to the counter after the person infront of me and order a muffin and a large coffee with a double shot of expresso. Once i had received my coffee and muffin i had contemplated on just going back to my apartment to eat but instead i found a table in the corner and sit down to eat with my back to the wall. A number of people looked like they could be a bad guy but i tried my hardest not to judge a book by its cover even though a lot of them were looking at me cause i was alone in the corner, I dont know if they are thinking horrible things about me or if they are just thinking how sad i look sitting over here with my muffin and coffee.

"Hey, would you like some company.?"

Some one said to me and when i looked up i saw my ex and all i could do was hold back my anger for him and what he did that night. How dare he come to me now. And before i can give him a piece of my mind he pulls the chair out and sits down.

"So who was that guy that dropped you off.?"

He shot his question at me leaving me flabbergasted at how bold he was being this morning.

"Is that really any of your concern seen as you were fucking some other girl the night we had our date, In your house where we were going to be that night."

I shot back in a not so happy tone.

"Well if you didnt have your panties in a bunch all the time it could have been you under me that night getting your brains fucked out. But, instead you want to be an aloof bitch that thinks your better then the other bitches in the streets that i could get to do my bidding. But, if you want another shot you could always come over to my place and i can put you in positions you never thought you could be in."

He said with a have smirk and i visually and audibly gagged at his offer. Its not that he is an ugly man but after hearing all of that why in the fuck would i ever want to be under some one that just thought of women as a fuck toy.

"Hard pass on that bud. Now if you dont mind im trying to not loose my breakfast so im going to be heading out."

I said as coolly as i possibly could and got up but when i walked by him he grabbed my arm and squeezed it tightly to the point where it was hurting.

"You'll regret that you fucking stuck up artsy bitch."

He growled out lowly to me so no one else could hear and i ripped my arm away from his grasp. And, headed out with all my belongings in tow. But, as i left something didnt feel right. While walking down the street i felt like i was being followed, but when i looked behind me no one was there. What the hell is going on.? I had thought to my self before i was grabbed and a cloth was placed over my mouth and nose. I struggled and fought the best i could before every thing just went completely black.

(To be continued thank you for the love and support please share my stories and get me out there and if your feeling lovable please leave a tip thank you.))


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Hello, Greetings, hi, Its been a minute. Just wanted to put a little reminder that my things are for 18+ only. Mainly because they are all Fan Fiction ideas that i write about. THATS ALL FOLKS!!

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