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Late Night Fantasy (Part 2)

by DALIL1NE MINION 4 years ago in erotic
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(Hoodrat Chronicles Erotica Edition) Sarah, a young hard-working woman, who has made her way up the corporate latter, receives a phone call that will change her outlook on power. Will Sarah be able to endure it and eventually like this strange co-worker, who is blackmailing her into a submissive sex slave?

Sarah No copyright intention (fictional character)

It's been three weeks since the call. Sarah always had in the back of her head that this woman could call at any given moment. She was not going to let that stop her from doing what she does best, being a boss of her worker bees in her corporate office. She had to meet her deadlines by next month all the files for the corporate accounts had to be done before the new quarter. The last few months were stressful the company had made more than the expected income from their previous investments, so that meant even more work for her staff and department. Sarah walked the floor still thinking of this so-called Kim, who could she be and if she was watching her. She wondered who was in the office that night and had access to her as she was taking the pic for her boyfriend that night alone in her office or at least she thought she was.

She was on the floor looking at all her worker bees she made her way to the front of the office floor. "Hey guys I just want you all to stop for a moment, I have something I want to say this morning before we begin our day." Everyone became quiet and looked up at her as she stood very embolden with a smug smirk on her face.

"Well guys and gals we have a lot of work to do before the quarter is over we need all reports in on time and done correctly, I personally must go over every report, so please try to make them so it is less work for all of us."

She looks at her co-workers with strain and dread in her face "Also, I will be bringing in breakfast and lunch for you all because we are doing so well this quarter this department can afford it." With that, she left heading to her office, and they went back to work.

Sarah began putting her files in order and reviewing all the financial reports from the quarter previously they had increased the income of the company five times over, but this time they have seen double that. She wondered what investments have given the company that much in sales and in revenue did the CEO take her advice on investing out of the country. Either way, she had to account for every dollar made and every dollar spent.

Her assistant knocked on her office door, Sarah waved for him to enter and gave her an envelope with her name on it. She froze what kind of letter was this could she be getting a promotion or being cut from her position because she was too hard on her workers.


She looked out into the floor wondering who sent that letter she called her assistant in her office and asked him. "Who left this letter?"

Her assistant shrugged "it was in the mail slot this morning when I came in I have no idea, Miss."

her head began to pound "Vick can you get me some coffee, please."

He nodded "Yes Miss right away, I know how you like a mocha iced latte with four sugars and cream." He left her in her office as she reread her letter over and over.

Sarah was hesitant, and her power of superiority began to sway, she thought that this Kim was done with her on some level it had been three weeks since the last time she heard from her. Flashes of that night came back it flooded her mind, the ice, and her coming for someone on the phone, being blackmailed and not having any control over the situation made her feel helpless. Thinking about it made her nipples hard and aroused her to the point she was crossing her legs and making friction against her clit, she would do as Kim told her she would have to wait for lunch to do what was instructed.

She was going to catch whoever it was she will wait in the stall and see who'd come to retrieve it, then give them the ass whooping they deserve. But for now, she had to keep her cool. She took the letter and folded it and placed it in her purse for evidence if she had to involve the police later.

It was 12 pm, so lunch was brought into the office, people had the option to go out or stay in for their hour and a half lunch, mostly everyone stayed for the free food. This made her situation worst she needed to have privet time to do this. She left for her lunch hour, her home was at least twenty minutes away. She had enough time to drive even if there was traffic to did what she needed to do and make it back.

She ate briefly to keep up her appearance to this Kim that she was still somewhat in control of her situation. The lunch that was delivered was nothing big just subway catering, turkey, ham, cheese. A variety of chips, five two oz bottles of Pepsi and Sprite, she made small talk with a few people and headed out the door to her car.

Parking outside in front of her condo she had a whole hour to get what she needed to be done. Her phone rang, it was a privet number, she answered and there the voice was. "So, I take it your home and got my letter you little slut, how did it feel when you finally got word from me?" she could tell Kim was delighted and somewhat turned on by the way her voice was, she seemed to purr rather than having a stern tone.

Sara sighed into her phone not from resentment but more so from having to tell a stranger how she felt about them not calling, how would she word this right without making them agitated." well Kim I thought you had your fun and was done, so I did not feel anything besides uncertainty because I would never knew if you would be doing what we are doing now blackmail."

Kim chuckled, she was pleased with herself she was satisfied on how she had this pull with her boss no doubt. “Listen, you whore, I want you to take a candle and a bowl of ice and go to your bedroom, I will face time you from my phone, so I can see this as proof that you are doing as I asked okay slut. Let me know when you have the things I asked for.” Her voice was relaxed and bright with pleasure.

"Yes, Miss Kim, whatever you say." Sara walked to her kitchen grabbed a vanilla scented candle next to her flashlight from out of her junk drawer. Opened her cabinet taking out her bowl, walking quickly to her fridge she grabbed 4 cubes of ice and made her way to her bedroom. "I have done what you asked Miss Kim."

"Good little slut, now I will face time you and you will show me as proof, I want to make sure you’re a good corporate slave bitch." Kim laughed hard this time. Sara thought she will get to see Kim’s face this time with her luck she can nail her to the wall and give her the ass whopping she deserves, plus put her behind bars for blackmail.

Sara walked over to her bed, she placed the candle and bowl on her nightstand next to her window. The phone rang for face time, she answered it, the screen was black of course she thought to herself, why would she show her face. Sara showed her the candle, a bowl of ice. "See Miss Kim everything is here."

"Good, very good whore." The screen was covered in back tape Kim made sure she covered all the basics. "Now I want you to place the phone facing you, so I can see your body, I want you to undress all the way down to your bra and underwear." Sara did as she was told she placed her phone against her nightstand lamp, so Kim could see her get undressed she was getting turned on being exposed to this pervert. Her face turned red and Kim laughed."I can tell you are embarrassed, well you should not be you are attractive, bet you like this shit deep down you want to be controlled for once slut. Tell me yes Miss."

Sara bit down on her lip and rolled her eyes at this bull shit why should she build up this dirty fuck’s ego. "Yes Miss Kim, deep down I want to be controlled." Her face was flushed, Kim was making her wet and her nipples became hard, was there some truth to this her body was responding to Kim in a way that surprised her.

"I can tell slut your nipples are poking out through your bra, I know that pussy is wet, I want to see, so show me how wet you are, stick your fingers down there, show me how wet you really are slut." Sara was in shock at first, she looked away and hesitated.

"Do it before we have to get back to work slut, time is ticking bitch, make sure you do it nice and slow for me." Sara did as she was commanded she slid her right hand down her stomach and into her underwear. She caressed her lower lips and down to her wet center and withdrew her hand, showing Kim her wet fingers covered in her juices.

"That's not wet enough for me slut, take that candle, light it. Then drip some wax on the tops of your breast." She did just so, letting out some faint hisses and cries, she was pleased by this, her flesh jumped and shot pain and pleasure through her body, she never experienced pain and pleasure at the same time before.

"Good slut, now put the ice on the spots that you burned, then show me how wet that pussy is."

"Yes Miss Kim, anything you say." She was surprised her nipples got rock hard, her nipples were rubbing against the fabric of her bra making it somewhat irritating, she was dying to take it offed to free her nipples. She took the ice and cooled off her brow red burning flesh, she let out a sigh of relief and shock from the coldness of the ice. She once again stuck her finger in between her legs but this time she was dripping wet, and showed Kim and was hoping that this time she was pleased.

"Oooh my you’re a real slut aren't you Sara?" she chuckled again "I do say I want to be there in person and do it myself, but you're not broken yet.”

“you will beg me to come and fuck you one day Sara." Sara turned bright red and her breathing became labored thinking about what Kim looked like and how she would feel with a woman fucking her.

"Get dressed slut that's enough for today, I will see you at work maybe you will see me and get wet right then and there, as a slut should." Sara's mouth dropped in disappointment they had just started, why was she feeling disappointed in the first place, she should be happy that this was all, but she was not. Kim hung up, she cleaned up, put the candle out, she got dressed and made her way back to work.

She made her way across the parking lot and into the building, thinking how she could be so turned on and disappointed by a pervert, she must be really missing something in her life, she needed to call her boyfriend and let off some steam. She made her way to the elevator where there was a crowd of people, so many people were pushing up against her and her breast hurt, she wondered if Kim was in the elevator with her it turned her on even more. So many women on the elevator she saw her floor number was an already pushed nine.

Maybe, she will see who comes out with her she still had ten minutes of her lunch left so the odds were somewhat in her favor. But no luck there were several women going out of the same floor as her, she walked over to her office and went over a few filed that were done during the day, she had a whole stack to go through she could see it was way over fifty files that needed reviews and possible editing with corrections before sending off with approval to corporation for monthly figures. Sara would be heading home late once again, sitting at her desk her cell phone went off it was a text that read, “I do say you seemed uncomfortable in the elevator, but you did smell good."


If you want to know how it all started, read from the beginning. Thank you for your reads, love the support, keep reading and i'll keep writing!!


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I LOVE TO WRITE, I AM A PRODUCER AND HIP-HOP ARTIST (been producing since 15) follow me on FB, and Instagram dalil1neakaminion my twitter @dalil1ne_minion

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