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Late Night Fantasy (Part 1)

by DALIL1NE MINION 4 years ago in erotic · updated 5 months ago
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(Hoodrat Chronicles Erotica Edition) Sarah, a young hard-working woman, who has made her way up the corporate latter, receives a phone call that will change her outlook on power. Will Sarah be able to endure it and eventually like this strange co-worker, who is blackmailing her into a submissive sex slave?

Fictional Character

She lays on her bed trying to settle into sleep, exhausted from working into the late night; her body was sore, her bones ached all over. Reaching over to her nightstand, she grabs her remote, turns on her TV; nothing of interest is on she see's the reruns of I Love Lucy. Looking to her left, she see's no one, her bed is cold, she is lonely. She hears a vibration from her cell phone, she looks at it, and the caller ID says unknown, she hesitates but reaches over and picks it up. "Hello," She says in a light voice. "Hello, Miss Sarah." The other voice warm and gentle. She took a deep breath and adjusted herself on the bed, wincing from the pain. "Who is this?" She told, her voice firm in its conviction.

"You don't need to worry Miss." The voice on the other line chuckled, she could hear the person moving in the background. "Who are you, what do you want with me, how do you know my name?" Alert now to this realization. "Oh, Miss Sarah, I know your deep dark secrets, how you like to watch lesbian porn and cum from it, I know you want a woman to dominate you for once."

"What the hell are you talking about." Her heart skipped a beat. No one could have known that, not even her boyfriend. She had taken so many precautions while he was off at work or at his place to only do it then, her curtains closed." Miss Sarah, you are a filthy slut when you think no one's watching." She heard the person chuckle. "What is your name!?" She said this time frustrated.

"Well, if you want to call me anything, you can call me Kim." She could tell that she was enjoying tormenting her over the phone and somehow it started to make her wet. "I'm going to hang up, Kim." She wanted to, but as she slid her hand to the end button she hears Kim yell."IF YOU HANG UP, I WILL LET EVERYONE AT YOUR JOB SEE YOUR PIC OF YOU MASTURBATING UNDER YOUR OFFICE DESK!" Sarah froze and her mouth was open, how could she know that, she must be a co-worker, and she only did that once for god’s sake. Her dumb ass boyfriend wanted her to do something risky and she is paying for it.

"I won't hang up Kim, you don't have to yell, I won't hang up." She swallowed hard. "Now you promise to be a good girl for me, Miss Sarah?" Sarah's heart was beating fast and her womanhood began getting moist; she could feel her arousal start to stir from deep within." I know you want to cum good and I want you to cum for me, so I want you to let me play with you."

"Okay, you can play with me Kim." Shakiness was in her voice." I want you to go to your freezer and get two ice cubes and put them in a cup." She could hear Sarah shuffle around a bit. "Y,es Kim." She walked herself to her kitchen, grabbing her cup out of the counter and her ice cubes. She goes back to her bed and fixes herself so that her sore body does not ache.

"You know, Miss Sarah, you're a beautiful woman. I am not bad looking myself, I would love to help you relax some. I know your body must hurt with all you do on a day-to-day," she said kindly. "How do you know all this, you must be from my job," Sarah said, not too sure if she could narrow her down, there were a lot of women in her work office. " I am, but out of all the employees working in their little cubicle you would not know who it is, so do as I say, Miss Sarah." All Sarah could say was "Okay, Kim."

"I know you are used to being the boss bitch, but tonight you're going to be my bitch, my slutty little bitch, I know how dirty you are, you hide it under your facade." Kim chuckled loudly this time, likely because she was pleased to have her in this vulnerable position. "I want you to take that ice in that bowl and put it on your breast and nipples. I want you to pinch and pull on your nipples, do this five times." Kim groaned a little "tell me how it makes you feel, slut."

"Yes, my Goddess." Sarah peels off her shirt, exposing her brown breasts and hardened nipples. She was surprised at how responsive her nipples are exposed to the cool air. She took the ice cube that was sitting on by her bedside. She slowly rubbed the ice cube on her breast and areola and then her nipple, she gasped and Kim chuckled over the phone." Sarah shivered from head to toe, but had a burst of arousal." It feels cold, goddess, and it is making my nipples hard, it is making my skin tingle, getting wet, goddess."

Sarah was not expecting to have this reaction at all, her body responsiveness surprised her. She felt ashamed she could be feeling like this from such a brazen act, she crossed her legs not knowing this would only cause more friction in between her legs." Now, slut, I want you to pinch and pull your nipples for me. Put the ice back on then repeat this four more times, then twist your nipples hard for me. Sarah did as commanded, pulling and pinching her nipples, shock waves of pleasure shot through her spine, tingles ran up her legs. She soon found her stomach clenching and her walls started to contract and, to her surprise, she came around the fourth time from teasing. Kim laughed and scorned her.

"What a little eager slut you are, making it seem like you did not want what I am offering you. You seemed to like this. I will leave you for now, but make this the last time you cum without me saying so or I will punish you slut." With that Kim hung up. She laid there, her body aching from pain and pleasure. She was frustrated sexually and yearning for more. She went to the bathroom to clean herself up. She came back to her bed relishing over what just happened. Her body ached from work and tingled from the pleasure. She was confused, but knew she had to get ready for the day ahead. She wondered who in that office just gave her the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced so far. Sarah wanted more, but her head full of questions, she managed to close her eyes to get sleep...


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I LOVE TO WRITE, I AM A PRODUCER AND HIP-HOP ARTIST (been producing since 15) follow me on FB, and Instagram dalil1neakaminion my twitter @dalil1ne_minion

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