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Kara and the Surfer girl

by Timothy E Jones 2 months ago in erotic
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Story takes place between "Kissed by an Angel" and "Beachcomber"

Kara Brolin of the Cape May Sheriff’s Department was a 28-year-old Sheriff who loved her job; on many days the job was in name only. The town was a playful seaside town that had become a tourist trap. On this particular evening, she was called upon by a friend Camille to marry her to a girl 13 years her junior in her role as a Justice of the Peace, the girl was 22 and she was OK with that.

Now, after the throwing of the bouquet she caught it, but she wasn’t the only one. A cute female surfer of around 18 with long dirty blonde hair wrapped the hand that held the bouquet. “You know,” surfer girl said cockily, “neither one of us have to let this go.”

“I know,” Brolin had said wishing she knew the girl’s name, while the girl appeared to be around 10 years her junior, she was as attractive as could be. The girl stood around 5’5” tall with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair. She wore a black wetsuit that had the distinct smell of fresh saltwater; a 6’5” professional surfboard was standing out of the sand. She let out a mild seductive whistle which came out as a high-pitched airy sound that went in and out. After realizing she flirted with the girl, she bit her lips playfully.

“Let’s get out of here,” Lara the younger of the two brides had said, she was a little anxious to finally have sex the right way, she began towards their beach house.

“Ok, we have all night,” Camille told Lara as she turned towards her Sheriff friend, “by the way her name is Buffy.”

“As in the Vampire Slayer?” Brolin teased

“Cute,” Buffy realized she could let the bouquet go, and let Brolin hold it, “actually my mom named me after the character.”


Buffy’s hand reached up and touched at Brolin’s face, namely the dark blonde hair with brown roots that was kept up in braids

“Yo,” the deputy who was with Brolin said toward Buffy, “hands off the sheriff.”

“Arnie,” Brolin groaned, as she looked at the young deputy that was with her only because he tagged along with her like a lost puppy who couldn’t find his own patrol route.

“I don’t think it’s unwanted,” Buffy stepped back from Brolin just to be sure, “want a girlfriend?”

“Are you asking?” Arnie popped in.

“She’s not asking you!” Brolin looked at the bouquet suggestively, then at Buffy, who was in her skin-tight wet suit that revealed all the contours of her body. She looked hungrily at Buffy’s breasts, wishing she wasn’t such a closet lesbian. Maybe she needed something to knock her out of the closet.

Buffy reached up and slowly undid the zipper that covered her large and inviting breasts and revealed as much as she dares in public.

“Oh shit, you are going dyke!” the deputy said without thinking.

“That was a derogatory term, and you know it, and in front of a dozen people some with cameras pointed in our direction.”

“Neither was meant to be that way.”

“You’re OK,” Brolin looked Arnie in the eye, then down at the bouquet she was holding, then at Buffy, “just remember those trigger words I don’t like, especially around a potential girlfriend!”

Buffy ran her fingers through her long strawberry blonde hair as she looked at Brolin, she was looking for a slightly older woman to marry, who could look after her. Brolin looked like she could be that candidate. Her soft hand touched lovingly at the hand that held the bouquet. “I do want to be your girlfriend.”

“OK honey,” Kara Brolin leaned in for a kiss, then let Buffy hold onto the bouquet, “give me a kiss if you’re serious.”

Buffy didn’t hesitate, she raised her hands to Brolin’s face and pulled her in for a kiss, it was a big messy wet kiss, one that she hoped would knock Brolin out of the closet once and for all.

“You two deserve each other!” Arnie said with a viciousness.

“ARNIE!” Barked Brolin, “That’s strike two.”

Arnie reached out and touched Kara sensually with the palm of his hand, her skin was soft and warm against his very masculine touch.

“Strike three,” Kara took the hand that touched her without permission and bent the fingers back until one of them broke. “I want you to get the hell out of here. Report to my office in the morning where I will bring you up on sexual harassment charges.”

“You can’t prove it,” Arnie nursed his broken finger.

Brolin motioned to her body cam which she did have running the whole time and had a microphone attached to it, “Body cam and microphone…Arnie Spencer. Arnie Spencer…body cam and microphone!”

Meanwhile, Buffy who wasn’t totally unaware of what was going on mumbled so that only Kara could hear. “Are you sure this guy is a cop?”

“Fresh out of the academy rookie, got those very toxic masculinity vibes.”

“I see,” Buffy cracked her knuckles, hoping Arnie would get the hint, and he was supposed to hear what was said, for she secretly hoped that the guy did, cop or no cop.

“Arnie, get into your car and go home,” Brolin escorted Arnie to his squad car. “NOW! Happy trails to you, until we meet in my office tomorrow at 8:00 sharp I don’t want to see you on patrol. Got it? GOOD!”

“I just wanted to let you know that I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world,” Arnie sat behind the driver’s seat of his car, his hand throbbed, and he needed to see a doctor, but his heart throbbed for her even more.

“That really is a sweet thing to say,” Kara sighed, impressed by Arnie’s words, “but you don’t wait to show your affection to me when I decide to give it to someone else.”

Buffy stood by holding the bouquet as she watched Kara iron things out with Arnie.

“I’ll call an ambulance for you, they’ll check out the finger,” Brolin made a call out for a paramedic to come to the lighthouse, then turned back to Arnie. “Now, take yourself home; put some porn on and get it out of your system.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Look, I get it, just back off and I’ll let it all slide.”

“No,” Arnie said, “I mean what are you going to do about getting into a relationship with surfer girl over there?”

“That’s up to Buffy, but I want to go home, order a nice pizza, drink down a few beers and--.”

“Maybe we can play with your handcuffs?” Buffy suggested.

“Handcuffs are not a toy,” Arnie barked, “they are an important part of police work!”

“Arnie,” Brolin turned and walked away, besides, the paramedics were there for him, “shut…up…NOW!”

Buffy felt confident that she had Kara’s affection, then she remembered where they were, which was at the Cape May Lighthouse, and the moon was full, the air was warm and in the background, the ocean gave the gentle sounds of beating against the shore. There was a perfect wave she wished she were on, but she could see that one of her surfer friends had ridden it instead.

“I’m betting you wish you were out there right now,”

“There’ll be other waves,” Buffy unzipped her wet suit all the way down to her belly, then motioned to a duffel bag she had, “if you don’t mind, I would like to find a place to get changed.”

“So do I,” Brolin knew where to go to get changed, and as she made her way to the ladies’ bathrooms, she noticed an old man standing near the lighthouse door. She let out a gentle wave as she passed by, “Hey Popeye.”

The old man was a tall almost anorexic man with forearm muscles and one eye, the right of which was lost during some sea accident years ago. He had gotten a job as the lighthouse keeper and was the place’s sole resident. While the tours were a 10 – 5 job she knew that he sometimes opened the lighthouse to late night tours, especially to certain romantic types for some unreported money.

Everybody knew of Popeye, including Buffy, and she too knew of what might have been ahead. She didn’t think about it as she entered the bathroom and began to peel off the wetsuit as fast as the situation would allow. Her breasts bare and firm perked up as she allowed Brolin to get a long look at them. “Like what you see, Brolin?”

Brolin looked at Buffy, then smiled flirtatiously. “My first name is Kara, and I politely expect all of my friends to call me that, especially when I am out of uniform.” As she spoke, Kara took off her bullet proof vest and shirt revealing her breasts, which were somewhat smaller than Buffy’s voluptuous breasts.

Buffy wanted to touch Kara’s breasts but there seemed to be some sort of hesitation. She let out a mild humm.

“Aw come on, I’M NOT A FRUCKING NUN!” Kara playfully yelled as she grabbed Buffy’s hands and pressed them onto her breasts. “You’re not Arnie.”

“If you’re sure,” Buffy kneaded at Kara’s breasts playfully.

“Listen babe, if we’re going to be sexual we’re going to have to be touching one another and having sex without touching people only happens in “Showgirls”, know what I mean?”

By this time Buffy had a pair of frayed high cut Daisy Duke jeans and a blue unisex shirt, she splashed on a body splash that made her smell like strawberries on a warm summer’s day. Kara had her street clothes on which was a little less revealing with full jeans and a proper blouse. She placed her police uniform into her duffle and headed towards the door.

“Ready for this?” Kara looked at the lighthouse.

“Ready for WHAT?” Buffy glanced to the lighthouse

Popeye has the door to the lighthouse open and he was standing next to it, as Kara and Buffy put their things in the back of the cruiser pretending not to notice him, he waddled his way towards them, his leg too was severely damaged.

“Oh, shit!”

“Ladies,” Popeye said in a broken voice, like he was forced to find an alternate way to talk, “I was just wondering if you two would like a special late-night tour of my lighthouse,”

“Popeye,” Kara sighed, “you know how I am with your after-hour tours and being paid under the table for it. You need to start keeping record of all these after hour tours and the money you make.”

“OH,” Popeye blurted out, “how can I be making money this time when it’s free.”


“Yeah, didn’t I tell you?” Popeye said with a discrete gulp, knowing how much money he was going to lose on this deal.


Buffy looked at Kara. “I would love to go up there, the moon right over our heads, the surf below, in between the night birds playing in the sky.

“OH,” Kara really wasn’t going to do anything to the sweet old guy who was old enough to be her father. Besides, he needed the extra money, of that she was sure of. “OK. Just this once though.”


* * *

Kara and Buffy walked the 199 steps to the top of the lighthouse, the moon did indeed play over their heads as the light spun like a beacon of hope. Down below late-night surfers surfed the waves. The stars were bright and full.

“Listen,” Popeye said, “uh, I’ve got things t’ do inside. If you two want to stay out here fer’ a while…”

Kara smiled a big toothy smile as Popeye walked away. “Oh, you half blind crippled up fool; you see more with half the vision of your good eye than most people with 20/20 vision. You don’t skip a beat.”

Music came on as the Bill Frisell music only version of “Surfer Girl” began to play.

“You don’t skip a beat at all.” Kara took Buffy in her arms and swayed her back and forth to the gentle music, as the words came to her, she began to sing them out, “do you love me, do you surfer girl? My little surfer girl?”

“Yes,” Buffy swayed to the arrangement of the song as she moved around the small deck in Kara’s arms, the music had a very romantic feel to it, and as they danced they fell into a kiss.

Popeye had another surprise for them, inside the lantern room, he pressed a remote that set off 1001 fireworks that were set to go off, they popped and cracked around them in a brilliant rainbow of colors.

* * *

After a few moments the music stopped, and so did the fireworks, then after making the journey back down the 199 steps, the two loaded Buffy’s surfboard to the roof of the cruiser with bungee cords then headed towards home.

Home for Kara was a small 1 floor home around the center of town, which was a 1-bedroom cottage size house with a queen-sized bed a living room and a kitchen/laundry room. On the front was a wrap-around deck that had several chairs arranged.

Kara led Buffy into the house and dropped her bags, her clothes came off, all of them, and she noted the mild surprise at the sudden display of nudity on Buffy’s face. “Oh yeah, around here it’s clothing optional,” she undid the braided hair and let it hang down to the natural length and fanned it loose. She had a special rack for her vest and shirt, and after spraying them down with Febreze she put them in place, “with the exception of my uniform and weapons there is nothing that is off limits.”

“You keep a bullet in the chamber?” Buffy looked at the gun with caution.

“Always. While Cape May is a safe little town that is the next best thing to Mayberry and not as crime infested as Philadelphia or New York, we do get certain elements coming down from those cities, especially during the summer.”

“Maybe one day you can teach me how to use that,”

“Oh, I fully intend to,” Kara said with extremely serious overtones as she made sure the safety was on.


“Now I have nothing against you being younger than me,”

“I’m a Taurus, turned 18 on May 11,”

“May 8, we’re two Taurus’ hooking up,” Kara lightened up, as long as Buffy was over 18, “just one more thing. Any birthday presents from any guys?”

“HELL NO!” Buffy gave a playful yell as she pointed to her naked body. “Gay here.”

That was the final nudge she needed, she pulled Buffy’s naked body into hers, their breasts rubbed together. “Gay now.”

* * *

Buffy and Kara lay on the bed embraced in a kiss, both girls were fully naked, as the kiss ended, Buffy lay on her back as Kara began to explore her breasts with her lips hitting every point. That’s when the handcuffs came out.

“Ready to play?” Kara asked, as she dangled the handcuffs so Buffy could see them.


“Good,” Kara gently cuffed Kara’s naked body to the bedpost.

“Be gentle!”

When Kara was done handcuffing Buffy to the bedpost, she pulled out a can of whipped cream and a dish of cut strawberries.

“What are you going to do?”

Kara squirted the whipped cream all over Buffy’s breasts, filling her cleavage with it, then dropped the strawberries over the cream so she could eat her way down to Buffy’s breasts.

The whole time Buffy squirmed and churn in pure delight.

* * *

The days pass, and the day turn into a week and Buffy and Kara decide to get married at the same spot where she married Camille and Lara, the only difference was they had Kara’s superior oversee the wedding. The whole ceremony took only five minutes, and they were married as Kara and Buffy Brolin.

A lot of people were there, including Mary Blackwell a beauty in her own right, she had long dark hair, and was standing uncomfortably with a man next to her. Kara approached Mary after the ceremony.

“Is everything OK??” Kara pulled Mary aside.

“Uh, I don’t know,”

“Is everything OK with you and Mike?”

“He seems to want to want to ask me to marry him,”

“Tonight?” That’s great.

“No, it’s not. Something seems a little off.”

“How off?”

“Maybe he’s waiting for your birthday, to pop the question.”

“Maybe,” Mary sighed, she noticed that he was spending time around her younger sister, “but something seems to be a little…weird about him.”

“And the way he seems to be bonding more with your sister.”

“Meh, I think I’m overthinking it,” she looked at Mike dancing with Cindy, who did not seem to appreciate the gesture.

“It is a wedding, and maybe he’s just dancing with her to be nice to her.”

“Could be,” Mary sighed, as she kissed Kara, “well congratulations to you on landing a wife!”


About the author

Timothy E Jones

The 1st thing you need to know about me I recently shed "toxic masculinity" and found what I believe is to be the proper ying/yang balance between my male and female nature. My writing comes from a male lesbian perspective.

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