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The beachcomber

by Timothy E Jones 2 months ago in erotic
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A beachcomber finds the greatest treasure anybody could find

Jason waved his metal detector back and forth as he walked down the beach, he wore old army fatigues that were cut down to cutoffs and wore beach shoes on his feet. He had found a few odd and end coins and the like from the day before. On his hands was a pair of tac-gloves with the rubber knuckles, after all he was a bit of what some would consider walking around in the LGBT community. He loved girls to no end, but there were some guys who gave him a hardon that wouldn’t quit. He had sex with a few guys too, much of it oral but he always went back to the girls, that was the thing with being bisexual at least the way he played it. He had a few friends who were lesbians; the county sheriff Brolin had a younger surfer girl wife named Buffy who was named after the television character of the same name and leaned towards the looks of the character to boot. And there was down by the lighthouse an interracial lesbian couple.

Jason found himself behind the beach houses along the northern more private beaches of North Cape May where he was allowed to wander around the private beaches as a welcomed guest, and the residents didn’t mind and even welcomed his presence by leaving change and even used jewelry half buried in the sand for him to find like treasures where he could take them to a pawn shop or even use for his own use if so desired.

He noticed something going on at the first beach house, there was a 21-year-old girl’s birthday party, but police were around but it wasn’t in concern of the 21-year-old with long brown hair in the black bikini, even though her presence was predominant.

“I wouldn’t marry you if you were the last fluxin’ man available to me on Earth you are a fluxing rapist--.” Mary tossed the engagement ring out into the sand.

“I’m not,” a pretty-boy male with makeup on cried out, “I’m not.”

“You fluxed my 18-year-old sister.” Mary cried out for all to hear.

“18 is legal…18 is legal.”


“Cape May…18…legal--.” Mary’s rapist boyfriend Mike looked onto the beach, to see Jason fixing brass knuckles onto his hands. “OH GOD!”

“Have fun,” Mary noticed the brass knuckles, “just don’t kill him.”

“He’ll wish I would.”

“Do this and there’s a big reward for you,” Mary smiled.

“Are you sure,” Jason said.

“Yes,” Mary kissed Jason, “now deal. I’ll talk with Brolin for a few minutes.”

“Kiss her if you want, she likes young ladies your age.”

“OK,” Brolin let Mary divert her attention as Jason moved towards Mike.

“So,” Mary took Brolin aside, and talked with the female deputy “how’s the wife--?”

“Please don’t!” Mike cried out as Mary’s father pushed him towards Jason. Brass knuckle hit him in the jaw. “Ow!”

“Mother fluxer,” Jason dragged Mike down to the beach on the breaker rock, a few officers looked on.

“Don’t interfere, go back to your cars,” Brolin looked at the officers, “we don’t see this, we’re not supposed to see this.”

Jason looked up onto the deck. Paramedics were giving Mary’s 18-year-old sister attention it was obvious she was beaten until she was black and blue and raped. “Take off your pants.”

“No!” Mike tried to talk, but his jaw was broken, a tear came down his face as his jeans were forced down revealing his ass.

“Wanna know what it feels like to be raped?” Jason shoved his 12-inch dick up Mike’s tight little ass, causing Mike to scream. He hardened inside his ass.


“Isn’t that what Cindy said? Stop.”


“Thought so,” Jason moved his 12” long 3” inch round dick in and out of Mike’s ass with the intensity of an engine at full throttle, the whole time Mike was crying like a baby.

Mary let Brolin kiss her, knowing that her lesbian friend waited for the moment, and yes Jason was going to be properly rewarded.

* * *

A few short minutes pass, and Brolin “allowed” herself to be diverted long enough, and it was time to go into arrest mode. She noticed that Jason had carved the letters rapist across Mike’s chest and back. She let the regular officers deal with Mike as she dealt with Jason.

“You done?” Brolin asked.

“What’s going to happen?”

“I am going to have to arrest you. But Mary’s father already agreed to pay your bail if it even goes that far. Besides, it’s probably only going to be for show.”


“Just so you know, I’m going to be putting you two in the same cell as a motorcyclist that makes even you look small, but it’s only going to be until I process you, which I will personally do. Depending on the circuit judge, which has already been apprised of the situation, you may have to pay bail.”

“Which I will pay up,” Mary’s father said.

“So go, do your three hours,” Mary suggested

“Not even that,” Brolin smiled

“You are my hero,” Mary said, “and heroes are always properly compensated.”

“If you have anything like knives, tac gloves and the like, it may be quicker if you simply leave them here,” Brolin said as Jason unloaded all of that kind of stuff.

Mary looked at Mike, “you know we could have been magic you and I, but you had to flux it up by fluxing my sister.”

“I…sorry…” Mike found it hard to speak, even his voice was a mess. “…sorry…God.”

“Shut the flux up,” Mary poured alcohol onto the word that was carved onto Mike’s chest just to watch him scream.

“OK,” Brolin said to Jason, “we’re going to put him in the special car. You can ride in the back of my cruiser no cuffs no partition. We may as well as make this as friendly as possible. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” by this time Jason had left all of the knives, tac gloves and brass knuckles behind, and let her pat him down. He turned to Mary.

“Here’s a preview of what to expect when you get out,” Mary gave Jason a tender kiss.

“Another thing to think of you may not even be charged, because at the end of the day, charges would have to come from Mike, because at the same time he’s being brought up on rape charges.”

“OK,” Jason looked at Mike, he was not in a good way, but then again that is how you deal with a rapist, especially the rapist of the sister of the girl you are interested in. Pictures of Cindy’s status as a victim were taken, and a strong saline solution dealt with any sperm that was definitely injected into her. “Can I have a second with her.”

“Sure,” Brolin nodded, “just a minute.”

“Cindy, I know this is hard to deal with right now, but the guy that did this to you is being dealt with.”

“I want to say something to Mike,”

“Uh--. I don’t know about that one.”

“Just for a second,” Cindy pleaded.

The officers leaned Mike over Cindy.

“Listen dumb-flux if you would have gotten my consent instead of beating me into submission, we probably could have come to terms.”

Mary cried, “but you fluxed it up by raping her when you didn’t even have to.”

The officers pulled Mike away, as they did, he cried out. “Forgive…me…please.”

“Have a nice rest of your life,” Mary stepped in.

“Let’s go,” Brolin said, “Bubba’s waiting for you.”

“Bubba--?” Mike cried, “Who…the hell…is…Bubba?”

* * *

Bubba was a very large brutish man. When he stood erect, he stood at 6’6”, weighed in at 300 pounds of pure muscle. He was a motorcycle rider who was brought in for a drunken disorderly at a local tavern. He looked up at the near naked man that was thrown into the cell with him like somebody who was thrown into the lion’s den. He saw the word rapist carved into the guy’s skin. He then saw the other guy, who was more gently escorted into the cell, he noted he was done so without the use of handcuffs.

“What’s he in for?” Bubba nodded to Mike.

“Raping my girlfriend’s 18-year-old sister.”

“What are you in for?”

“Showing him what it feels like to be raped,”

“I can deal with that,” Bubba said as he motioned for Jason to stay out of the way, he then looked Mike in the eyes, “so you like to rape 18-year-old girls?”

“Oh…God!” Mike cried as a giant fist came down on him, it was like being hit by the incredible hulk, and hulk did smash.

“Help--.” Was Mike’s last words.

“Officer Brolin,” Jason called out, “we have a problem!”

“What is it?”

“Mike tripped over his two left feet!”

Brolin checked out the body. “Wow. What a shame.”

Jason looked at her hopefully.

“Don’t have to worry about him pressing charges, and I’ll tell you this, we have nothing against you. After all you didn’t kill him, and in my book you dealt with Mary sister’s rapist proper. There may be a brief investigation, but nothing worthy of doing jailtime over.”


“As far as Bubba. If you’ve slept the drinks you had off, you can go.”

“Wanna talk about Karma,” Jason said, “guy raped a girl he didn’t need to rape who would have actually been a willing participant, gets it in return, then ends up tripping over his own clumsy ass and breaks his own neck.”

“And that’s what’s going on the incident report,” Brolin said as the paramedics arrived to carry away the body

“All Mike had to do was ask and she would have been OK with him fluxing her.”

“I heard,” Brolin said.

“What about me raping Mike.”

“Huh?” Brolin teased. “What? When was this supposed to happen?”

Jason shrugged. “I guess I imagined it.”

* * *

Barely an hour went by from the time of the arrest to the time of the release, Jason wasn’t even formally arrested, and as he stepped out of Brolin’s cruiser, he stepped to the beach side of the deck.

“Mary I’m home!” Jason said a little prematurely.

“Wow that was quick!” Mary said. “I guess Mike is sitting in jail with his new buddy, huh?”

“No,” Brolin said, “guy tripped over his two left feet, broke his fool neck.”

“Wow brutal,” Mary observed, “so he’s dead?”

“Yeah, he’s just going to be cremated and that will be that.”

“By the way,” Jason slipped out, “Brolin and I are in a relationship!”

“What?!” a look of horror and despair washed over Mary’s face.

Brolin let out a laugh because she knew what was going on.

“Yeah, I asked her to be a sort of a pseudo-sister to me.”

“Oh,” Mary, let out a laugh, “I get it.”

“HA!” Jason said with a laugh.

“Listen,” Brolin turned to go back to her vehicle, “I need to get going.”

“OK,” Mary kissed Brolin goodbye, “tell Buffy I said “Hi”!”


“Give her a big wet kiss on my behalf!”


“I have a few questions for you,” Mary turned her attention back to Jason.

“Go on?”

“I know you like me, but for what reason?”

“I’m not interested in your family’s popularity or their money, like I think some people are. I want you…for you.”

“I know you like Cindy, so what is your interest in her.”

“She’s very attractive and has been nice to me, and I do want to spend time with her, just not in the same way I want to spend time with you.”

“One last question, I don’t think all of this beach combing is your full-time work, so what do you do?”

“I do work at one of the local shops in the mall,” Jason picked up the metal detector, “this is only a side hustle.”


“I’m not homeless, I am employed. While I do live in subsidized housing in the northeast part of town in one of those quarter houses, I am self-sufficient.”

“So, you’re not looking for a sudden place to live?”

“What made you think I was homeless?”

“I saw you camping out on the beach the one night,”

“I tend to do that, but I can show you my address,” Jason showed his state ID, and it did say he lived on Illinois Avenue, which was in the northeast part of town,”

“I know where you live now, right down from that motel by the marina,”


“And there are some small but nice quarter houses,” Brolin said.

“But I want to get involved with you for you, not anything else. Even if we just start off as friends.”

“You want friends with benefits?”

“Friends with benefits?”

“You know,” Mary leaned in for a kiss, “friends with benefits.”

As Mary leaned in for the kiss, he got the full effect of Mary; the long brown hair, the perfectly formed body with the nice hourglass figure with the distinct smell of the perfumed suntan lotion. Her eyes were a soft blue, and her breath had the mild smell of mint. “I’m honored really. There is a part of me that wants to take you out on the breakers and flux you until the cows come home.”

“And the other part?”

“Wants to gain a mutual respect for you.”

“A bit old fashioned, but maybe we can meet in the middle. We’re friends, we can have recreational sex, just use a condom. I’m itching to know how a dick feels inside my virgin pussy.”


“Yes. Dad!” Mary called out

Mary’s father came running out of the house.


“Jason is out of jail,”

“That quick?” Mary’s father asked.

“Yeah, the official story that the police are going with is that he tripped over his two left feet 10 seconds after entering the holding cell.”

“The unofficial story,”

“The fact that I carved 12 letters into his chest after I showed him what it was like to be raped may have had something to do with it.”

“Well,” James, Mary’s father exclaimed, “I like the way you came to my daughter’s rescue.”

“How is Cindy, by the way?”

“No permanent damage, thank God, most of it cosmetic. They did take her to the emergency room, they’re keeping her for observation, no visitors until she settles down though.”

“I’m sorry,” Jason then turned to Mary, “and I’m sorry that a guy like that tried to be your friend.”

“Speaking of friends,” Mary smiled as she slipped her hand into Jason’s, “Jason and I are going to be friends.”

“Friends with benefits,” Jason reached into a container of condoms and pulled one out, “but what about boundaries?”

“You can kiss whoever you want, any guy, any girl, and yes when she allows it, you can kiss Cindy, but no sex. That’s with me and me alone, even then only recreational, until such time we go into a full relationship.” Mary then turned and brought her father up to speed on certain things


“Well,” Mary’s father said, “I know it’s a bit late to join the party in full as it’s been going for a couple of hours, most of the guests have already left and we may have to scrape you together some food.”

“But it’s all good,”

“Sorry your party had to be cut short,” Jason said as if it were his fault.

“Don’t be, I got the best birthday present ever.

* * *

Mary lay naked on the bed face up, her breasts the size of grapefruits perked up in anticipation.

“Ready,” Jason began to tease at her pussy with his finger.

“Yes,” she felt him tickling at her, “oh.”

He leaned forwards and cupped his mouth over her pussy.

“What are you doing?”

“You’ll see,” Jason said, “and just let what happens happen.”


Jason hardened his tongue and inserted it into Mary’s pussy stroking in and out with it. He could only go in an inch or too, but it was enough.

Even with just the tongue bobbing inside her she could feel things happening, even though it wasn’t full in, he looked up to see if she was satisfied, while she dripped her preliminary juices she was ready for something more and he could tell. By this time his dick was getting hard, as this was something to do until that happened. He checked for the size, even though he could estimate it to be a little over 9 inches.

“Please,” Mary said, “I want something more than your tongue.”

Jason presented his dick and rolled the condom onto it, he let Mary touch it and encouraged her to feel it in her hand full on. As he did it continued to grow.

“Ready for this?”

“Do it.”

He wrapped Mary’s legs around his waist and slowly began to insert the still growing dick inside her, slow at first until he found “the path” and so he until could use the juices as a lubricant.

Pain when the dick went in she felt pain and yet…it wasn’t a bad pain. “More,” she found herself gasping.

Jason slid the dick in and out first slow all the way in, then out until he got the rhythm, now for the momentum. In and out he slid the dick with each thrust he moved it in and out it swelling even more. He now began pounding it in and out like an engine.

Mary looked down at the dick that was going in and out as she felt the bed move with their motion, there was no stopping now even if she wanted him to. “God!”

The condom was at its stress point then all at once there was no stress point. “Flux!”

Mary looked down at the ripped condom as a tear streamed down her face.

“Stop?” Jason was prepared to stop and pull at Mary’s command.

Mary took only a second as she looked down at the broken condom, it was her desire to ease into this, but she was having a good old time. “No.”

“All the way in?”

“Might as well let it happen.”

Jason felt the burn as he reached the point of no return, he reached the right spot as he let the fluids flow

* * *

Mary’s father couldn’t help but seeing what happened, he also noticed Mary’s permissiveness and invitation he also noticed that as Jason pulled away he let a full load into her. “MARY!”

“DAD!” Mary looked at her father. What the hell was he doing watching her having sex. “It’s OK.”

“Cheap condom.” Jason explained

“What happened is not the end of the world,” Mary watched as he put his clothes on, “and is not the same thing that happened to Cindy.”

“I know.”

Jason was a little scared about what was going to happen next, he looked up at Mary’s father not sure of what to say, he made his way out to the deck with a “Fruk.”

“Play nice. After all EVERYTHING was consensual, and he is not an unwelcome presence in my life. And--.”

* * *

Jason grabbed a lager from the ice chest, the ice had long ago melted, but the lager was still cold enough to drink. He went over to his belongings that were gathered at the step. He noticed something in the sand. It was the ring that Mary had tossed into the sand two hours before. He picked it up. At the pawn shop they would give him a few dollars for it but he had other plans for it.

Mary’s father arrived on the deck with a double shot of whisky and held it out to Jason. “Looks like you could use this.”

Jason palmed the ring as he silently took the glass.

“No need to be afraid,”

“I know, Mr. Blackwell,” Jason took a sip of the whiskey, “it’s just that I wouldn’t even be venturing up here this far if it weren’t for the goodies I find in the sand.”

“Who do you think put them there for you to find and chased other beach combers away.”


“Of course, and I think she is looking to get married,”

“So am I,” Jason had his hand wrapped around the ring, he slowly opened his hand to reveal the ring, he looked at it, there were no engravings , “I wouldn’t keep coming back if there were no interest in Mary.”

“Is that the ring from Mike she tossed into the sand?”

“Shhh!” The whisky was beginning to take effect. “Our little secret.”

Mary found her way out to the deck, she walked a little funny from having a 12 inch dick inside her. “What’s your little secret?”

Without hesitation he drank down the last shot of courage and maneuvered himself, so he was on one knee and presented the ring. “Mary Blackwell, will you marry me?”

Mary reached into the ice chest of lukewarm lagers and popped open a can, as she did she studied the ring. “This is the second proposal today with that same ring, but the only proposal I will say yes to.”

Brolin came back to check on a few things with Jason merely for closure on the “investigation” on Mike’s death. She saw Jason on one knee holding out a ring. “Looks like my services are needed, but not as sheriff.”

“Yeah,” Mary sighed, “so when can we do things.”

“Let me go over some paperwork with Jason,” she waved a few pieces of paper at Jason, “just a few places you need to sign indicating that you were a witness to the fact that he tripped.”

“OK,” Jason quickly signed a few papers.

“There’s also a bag of ashes,”

“Mike had no family,” Mary took the bag, “we’ll look after it.”

“I have an idea,” Jason took the bag to the breakers and dumped his ashes out over the water, “oops!”

“So irreverent,” Mary scolded playfully.

“Let me go to my cruiser and get a few things and we’ll see what we can do.”

* * *

It was only a few moments later that Mary was wearing the ring, with Brolin concluding the impromptu ceremony. “…ladies and gentlemen I present to you Mary and Jason Holmes.”

* * *

The next morning found a new beach comber scrounging the beach for change and dropped jewelry, only this person had no benefit of a metal detector. Jason approached the comber with his.

“My friend,” Jason handed the beachcomber the metal detector, “I think you’ll find using one of these much more productive.”

“I wish I had one,”

“That’s why I am giving you this one.”

“Won’t you be needing it?”

“I found my treasure with it,” Jason looked back at his wife, then back at the beachcomber, “maybe one day it may bring you the same luck!”

At that, Jason left the metal detector where the beach comber could get to it and turned and made his way back to Mary.

* * *

Cindy was finally released from the hospital and sat out on the deck drinking a cup of coffee, some of the swelling from the beating went down, Jason had decided to give her a little TLC and made her an omelet and bacon.

“Here you go.”

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

“Cindy, I’m one of the good guys. What Mike did was the most horrible thing that he could do to a person, but he won’t be back.”

“How do you know that?”

“You don’t know…” Jason frowned.


“He’s dead. His ashes are spread out over the breakers. You can go out onto those breakers and yell at him any time you so desire. But trust me, not all people are like him.”

“I’m never trusting a man again,” Cindy frowned, “well you and dad are the exceptions to the rule. And you only because you are my sister’s husband.”

“Fair enough,” Jason looked out onto the public sector of the beach, the beachcomber, he encountered the other day was a woman in her 20’s with short red hair, he pretended to be looking at her, but only enough to get Cindy’s attention to her.

“What are you looking at?”

“She’s cute.”

“WOW!” Cindy caught a look at the woman.

“Why don’t you go and introduce yourself to her, invite her up here for some breakfast?” Mary suggested.


“It won’t hurt,” Jason said.

“Well--.” Cindy felt at her face, bruises were still there.

“Oh, don’t worry about that little bit,” Jason said, “go after her!”

“Well, I do think she’s kinda cute,”

Jason noticed the girl looking at Cindy.

“Hi,” Cindy called out, “my name is Cindy, and we were about to have some breakfast. Care to join us?”

“Well--,” the beachcomber got a glance of Jason, then Cindy in turn, she smiled. “Just so you know, I’m only into girls!”

Cindy smiled, “so am I.”

Jason got up and gave Mary a nudge. “I think it’s time we gave these two some space.”

“Agreed,” Mary joined.

“Hey where are you two going?”

“I don’t think you two need us around,” Jason said.

Mary looked at the beachcomber and smiled. “I don’t even think you even want us around.”

Cindy looked up at the attractive woman that stood before her as she handed the woman a fresh cup of coffee. “Hi, my name is Cindy….”

“I think we already covered that bit,”

“Oh…yeah. What’s your name?”

“Nikki,” the woman’s hand reached up to touch at Cindy’s bruised face, “care to talk about it?”

“Nothing much to tell, my sister’s EX beat and raped me, but someone took care of it.”

“I see,”

“But I don’t want to talk about it, I just want to move on.”

As the conversation went on so did Mary and Jason, they found a place on the beach where they could watch the sunrise and swarm of seagulls in their morning feeding frenzy. Mary looked back at the beach house where she noticed her sister getting close to her newfound girlfriend and…enjoying every minute of it.


About the author

Timothy E Jones

The 1st thing you need to know about me I recently shed "toxic masculinity" and found what I believe is to be the proper ying/yang balance between my male and female nature. My writing comes from a male lesbian perspective.

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