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Just One More Taste

To continue the fantasy

By Friday VibesPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

It's been about 3 years since the last time they slept together. It was around this time of the year when the romance first started. Both women were in relationships. One with a woman and the other with a man. Both were unhappy in the relationships that they were in, so they took a chance on each other. I want to paint a picture of how this goes for my readers so I hope you all enjoy.

They lived in a small town. So small that the same people you passed in the local grocery store were more than likely members of your church or a co-worker. These two ladies worked together. I will give them names to protect the identity of the parties involved. Chante and Juliet. Chante was in a whole relationship with a man. She had been with him for a while now, but we all know that overtime, a relationship can grow old and stale. Juliet was with her girlfriend for years. Maybe 2 or 3, but things were not good. They moved in with each other and it was almost like you could see the true colors of each other. It wasn't meant to be. Her girlfriend was military so she often went into training that would have her gone from home for about a week or 2 at a time. Perfect time to explore other options when you are in a relationship that you don't want to really be in as it is right?

Chante was more of the curious type. She had been with the same sex before but she only did it once. One drunk night around the holidays. Nothing serious and they never talked again. Juliet on the other hand was "seasoned." She had been in relationships with females over the years so it wasn't a new thing for her to find another female attractive at all. One weekend, her girlfriend was going out of state for the updated basic training and Juliet was going to need a ride to work. Chante offered to stop by and pick her up since it was on the way. It was perfect. Juliet got a ride to work and Chante didn't have to ride alone in the mornings for about a week or so.

The weekend leading up to the carpool, the two decided to hang out at Juliet's apartment. Just movies and food with some drinks. Basically, Netflix and chill but the chill part wasn't planed at all. Chante went over and offered to help prepare the food. She left for a few moments to get her hair fixed and then returned. Her spouse was out of town and they had a huge argument just days before, so she wasn't really in a space to care about how her relationship was really going. The two ate dinner and made drinks. Laughed and shared stories about what was going on at work. Who was sleeping with who, only to end up together later on.

Later that night, Chante needed to go by her moms house and check on the property because they were out of town for the weekend. She promised she would stop by and make sure the house was still in one piece. Juliet didn't want to be alone so she tagged along. No big deal, Chante didn't plan on being there for long. Just long enough to make it look like someone was at home. They walked in and ended up looking at old baby pictures of Chante. Juliet thought it was cute and funny but in a sexual way. She grabbed Chante's breasts but she didn't stop her. They started making out right there in the living room floor.

One thing led to another and Juliet was naked on the bed in the guest room. Chante started with sucking on her nipples and sliding her fingers into the warm and wet vagina of Juliet. She pulled them out to taste her sweet juices in that moment. They were sweet, sticky but oh so good. Juliet moaned for more and Chante delivered. She went between her legs head first. Licking up every drop as it rushed from her lips. She made Juliet orgasm and it was like she hasn't had that feeling in while. After that, she wanted to return the favor. Chante wanted to make her wait. She knew that they had every morning to be together before work for the next week or 2 so why not have each other for breakfast before work.

The next morning, Chante showed up around 5:30 to pick Juliet up for work. She answered the door in nothing but a bra and no underwear. Chante removed her clothing as soon as the door was closed. The kissed each other until making it to the bedroom where Juliet proceeded to return the favor. She tasted the warmth of Chante. Complimented how sweet she tasted and loved the fact that she was completely shaved.

Days went on and the two decided to continue this morning routine. They went to work as if nothing happened and sometimes they were able to get a taste of each other on lunch breaks.


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Friday Vibes

I'm a somewhat single mother of 2 boys. 3, if you count my husband. Born and raised in Texas. I love anything with food, diy, love & relationships... I've been there and done that on so many topics :)

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