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JUST FOR ME-Fanfiction-Ch*15 (And again) 18+

by Stormeseye 2 months ago in lgbtq


Jungkook pov:

I open my eyes and the first thing I see is Tae’s sleeping face. He has me wrapped in his arms still from the night before. Who would have thought I would like snuggling? I giggle to myself. It must just be him. I shift slowly so I can unwrap his arms and sit up. He pouts in his sleep but releases me. He is so cute like this. He really should take more time to look at himself in the mirror. His beauty is out of this world.

I shift slowly to the edge of the bed to get up. I’m expecting to be in pain from what I have heard and from the memory of his size. I shake my head slightly at the thought. I stand up and am surprised that I am only a little sore. I take a couple of steps just to test if that is the case. A little sore but nothing I can’t deal with. I look down at myself and gasp. How could I forget we were naked!? I hear Tae chuckle behind me and turn to look at him.

“What’s so funny?

“You forgot you were naked, didn’t you?

“Um, maybe. How long have you been awake?”

“Since, you moved my arms from around you. I can’t sleep without hugging something and well I think you are now my favorite.”

I look away when I feel my cheeks heat up. Dammit, why does he make me so soft? I hear him get up and the next thing I know he wraps his arms around my waist in a back hug.

“Um Tae, we are very naked right now. I also was about to go into the bathroom and shower. I mean unless you want to go first?”

“We could always shower together. I just want to hold you for a little bit longer though. How are you feeling?”

“I’m good actually. I’m a little sore but nothing like I was expecting. You are not a small man Tae. I was expecting to be limping for at least a day. What was that magic ointment you used?”

“It wasn’t magic ointment.” He says with a laugh.

“It was a combination of cleansing, numbing and anti-itch properties that seem to flare up whenever anything heals. I know I can get rough sometimes and since it was your first time I thought it would be best if I used it. I keep it with my lube in case I am in a submissive mood or I’m using one of my toys. Always need to be able to function properly in the morning. No matter what happened the night before.”

I stiffened a bit at the mention of toys. I was hit with a very vivid image of him fucking himself with a toy and how he would look if I replaced the toy. The effect was instantaneous. I looked down at my hardening member. Shit, I can’t let him see that.

“Tae, we are still very naked so maybe we should just go ahead a get ready. If you want to hop into the shower first, you can while I get my clothes ready.”

I say as I take his hands and start to remove them from my waist. I need to be quick enough, so he doesn’t notice. I’m surprised when his hold tightens instead of loosens and I can feel that I am not the only one affected by our state of undress.

“Hey, Kook, why don’t you take a look through the bathroom door.”

I look up and see a reflection of us staring back at me. I stare at Tae and watch his tongue as he licks his lips.

“Are you sure you don’t want to share the shower?”

I watched him in the mirror for a few seconds longer. I could feel myself harden as well him. If we are going to make love again though I’m going to do what I want this time and what is the one thing I want right now. I turn in his arm and lick my lips.

“We can but I’m going to tell you now it won’t be me screaming this time.”

I watch him as his eyes widen and he gulps. I thrust my fingers into his hair pulling slightly as I lick my lips.

“Are you ok with that?”

I watch as he gulps again making me smirk. Then I grab his hand and lead him to the bathroom. I let him go to open the shower door and turn on the water. I step back so he can step in first. I am so glad this suite has a big shower. I step in behind him and close the door. We fit easily. We both get drenched as the water pours over us heightening our sensations. I mirrored his hold from the night before grabbing the back of his neck and his waist as I step into him forcing him to step back against the shower wall. I crash our lips together as I take him in a hungry kiss. I can taste him fully since the alcohol we consumed the night before is long gone. He tastes so sweet. Like ripe strawberries. I can get addicted to him easily. I rub my hardened member against his and he moans into the kiss.

“Turn around and place your hands on the wall.”

I watch as he does as I ask. I slowly and gently rake my nails down his back and watch as he shudders. I use my foot to push his, so he separates his legs. I rub my hands up and down his back and squeeze his waist.

“Damn, you are so beautiful.”

I lick my lips while I look at his ass. It is so plump I’m mesmerized for a moment. I rub his ass kneading his cheeks and he lets out a whimper. I realize we don’t have lube in here, but I don’t know if we need it.

“Tae? The lube is still in the room.”

My voice is so gruff and has deepened with my need for him.

“It’s ok we are wet, and you probably won’t need it. Just do what you feel and if I don’t like it or feel uncomfortable, I’ll tell you.”

I nod though he can’t see me. I kiss the back of his shoulder and move to kiss his neck while still massaging his ass. I separate his cheeks so I can see his pink hole. The sight makes me growl a bit watching as the water slides over it. I hear his breath hitch. I get down on my knees and taking a lesson from him I swipe my tongue against his hole, and he hisses.

“Fuck, Kook…. ah, you don’t have to do that.”

“Neither did you but you did. I want you to feel as good as you made me feel.”

I resume eating him out and watch as his hands fist against the wall. I insert a finger inside and am surprised at first to find little resistance. He is tight though. I guess it's different since he has done this before. I insert a second finger and he moans as I begin to scissor him open. Before long I am thrusting three fingers in and out of him while he moans continuously. The sounds he’s making are music to my ears. I lean back and look at him.

“Turn around and lean back against the wall again.”

He turns around on shaky legs and does what I asked resting his back against the wall, feet slightly spread. I look up at him and we lock eyes. I watch as he shudders, and I lick my lips again. I grab hold of his fully hardened member and stroke him from base to tip just like he did with me. I watch him the entire time so I can read his reactions. He bites his lip briefly as I continue, he lets out more of those beautiful moans. I decide to taste him and take him fully into my mouth in one long suck. He grips my shoulder and looks at me wide-eyed. I continue to bob my head as he moans out.

“Kook, fuck that feels so good.”

He runs his fingers through my hair as the water continues to pour down over us.

“Kook, I …. aah shit Kook I don’t want to cum yet. Stop.”

I let him slide out of my mouth.

“You made me cum twice why not you?”

He blushes and looks away for a second.

“I wanted to make sure you felt good and I really wanted to see you come and taste you. I know my body though and if I cum before you’re inside me I may be too tight for you to do anything and all the prep you just did will go to waste.”

I stand up and look at him slightly nervous. I don’t want to hurt him, and I know I am nowhere close to cumming. Just going by the experience from last night. I’m not as sensitive as when he was touching me.

“Tae, I don’t want to thrust you raw though and I’m plenty aroused and hard, but it feels like it will take me a while to cum. I’m not sure why.”

He licks his lips and gives me a sheepish look.

“I, um. I’ll be ok. I can take a lot I guess because I conditioned myself to it using my toys. I can actually cum more than once when I’m being fucked too.”

He rubs the back of his neck and looks away.

“Oh, ok I didn’t even know that was possible. Come here.”

He takes a step forward and I place my hands on either side of his face and pull him in for a passionate kiss. I slide my hands down his body to his waist pulling him close to me. We are close in height and I break the kiss wondering how best to do this. I look into his eyes and then scan my gaze down his body. I watch as his cheeks turn pink. I rub my hands down to his thighs squeezing lightly which causes him to moan. I step in closer to him.

“Jump for me.”

He frowns a bit at me then his eyes widen, and he does as I ask. He wraps his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck.

“Um, why are you so light?”

He blushes even more and looks away from me.

“I’m not light you just have a lot of muscles.”

I step forward until his back hits the shower wall and he gasps.

“That’s a good thing then I guess comes in handy right now.”

I smirk at him. He turns to look at me again and we lock gazes. I really want to be inside him right now but I don’t want to hurt him and I’m nervous. I think he can read the tension on my face.

“Please Kookie, make love to me. I want to feel you.”

I nod at him while looking into his eyes.

“Let me know if you’re uncomfortable.”

He nods. I position myself at his entrance and slowly push in. He throws his head back with a moan and I am able to push all the way in until my hips are resting against his ass.

“Oh god Tae you’re so tight.”

“You are bigger than your fingers Kookie…ahh please move.”

I began to thrust slowly. Our bodies are so close together in this position I am not able to move as much as I want to but damn, he feels good. He moans as I continue my pace.

“Faster…ahh faster please!”

I listen and start to move faster. He begins to move with me and oh does that feel good.

“Damn Tae you feel so good!”

“Fuck Kook I’m going to cum already!”

My eyes widen as he cums with my next thrust. I slow down afraid he will be too sensitive.

“No, shit…don’t stop you can keep going.”

I shift a bit and thrust into him again. He is clinging onto me and I take a breath wondering if he is really comfortable. I make a decision and reach to turn off the water. He looks at me a question in his eyes and I kiss him. After breaking the kiss I carry him out of the shower still connected and move into the room. We are still dripping but I don’t care. I climb onto the bed with him in my arms and lay him back onto the pillows.

“Ngh…ahh Kookie we are going to get the bed all wet.”

I shrug a bit and thrust into him again. He throws his head back and lets out a strangled moan locking eyes with me. Oh, I’ve found his prostate in this position.

“Kookie…ahh fuck me please fast and hard…ahh I need you…please.”

I push in and out of him at an insane pace as I watch him shudder beneath me. He cries out as he cums again. I keep going remembering what he said and watch as he clenches the sheets in his fist and fists his hair at the same time.

“Oh god, Kookie…yes just …. ahh like that!”

I push myself to move even faster as he looks at me with wide eyes flushed cheeks and mouth open in a silent cry. He looks so beautiful beneath me and I wonder if this is how he felt looking at me last night. I can feel my orgasm coming fast now as I continue to slam into him. I lean in and take his lips in a harsh kiss pounding into him. He throws his head back breaking the kiss as he screams and cums again. I follow him this time his clenching bringing my orgasm shooting out of me with a cry of my own.

“Fuck Tae!”

I slow my thrust while I ride out my orgasm while he slowly comes down from his. I pull out of him and shift gathering him into my arms and pulling him, so he is laying on my chest while I’m on my back. We are both trying to steady our breathing.

“That…oh that was so intense Tae. Are you ok?”

He looks at me and giggles.

“I’m awesome!”

I pull the covers over our slick bodies that are starting to cool down as drowsiness sets in.

“I know we need another shower now, but I really just want to lay here and hold you.”

“He looks up at me and places a soft kiss on my lips.

“That sounds like a great idea. Let’s just lay here and hold each other.”

I wrap my arms tighter around him holding him close. He drifts off to sleep and I think to myself. He will get his own room today. I sigh, I really don’t want him to leave. That’s my last thought before sleep claims me as well.

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