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JUST FOR ME-Fanfiction-Ch*14 (We are One) 18+

by Stormeseye 4 months ago in lgbtq


Taehyung pov:

We walk into the bedroom hand and hand. I am nervous and I can tell he is too. We walk until we reach the bed then he turns around to face me. I take the lead placing my hands on his face and bring his lips to mine. I take him in a kiss that is filled with passion. We move in sync with each other. I move my hand to his waist while the other cradles the back of his head pulling him closer to me. I lick his bottom lip asking for entrance which he gives me. I taste the inside of his mouth slowly savoring his taste. I can still taste the alcohol we drank but also a sweetness that can only be him. I move my hand from his waist to his back pulling him even closer. He whimpers as our bodies align and his pelvis rests against mine.

I break the kiss and look into his eyes. They sparkle with a need I can only assume is mirrored in my own. I place both of my hands at the hem of his sweater and look at him asking for permission. He nods at me and I pull it over his head baring his upper body. I look him over. He takes a breath and looks away his cheeks turning slightly pink.

"Don't look away. You are absolutely breathtaking."

He looks back at me and begins to unbutton my shirt. I caress his shoulders and back while he finishes unbuttoning my shirt. He then pushes it off of my shoulders and it falls to the floor. He looks at me tracing over my chest and abs with his fingers.

"You have the nerve to call me beautiful have you seen yourself?"

I laugh slightly shaking my head at him. I lean in and kiss him again with a hunger I have to maintain control of. As our chests meet and I feel his warmth I take my time tasting him again. I move my hands to his belt undoing it and the button on his jeans. I place my hands inside sliding them over his hips. I nibble on his bottom lip as his jeans fall to the floor. I break the kiss and pick him up. He gasps and holds onto me. I place him gently on the bed. He blushes again as I get a good look at him, but he doesn't look away. I see the bulge forming in his boxers as I continue to savor him with my eyes. Looking back into his eyes I unfasten and remove my own slacks letting them fall to the floor. I watch as his eyes trace over my body as his lips part slightly.

"I know what I said earlier but if you decide you want to stop at any time I will."

"Thank you but I don't want to stop. I want you."

We are now both only in our boxers and I climb onto the bed hovering over him. I look into his eyes before taking his lips again. This kiss is harsher full of passion and want. I trail kisses across his jaw and down to his neck. I hear his breath hitch as I place open mouth kisses on his neck sucking and biting here and there. I suck at the juncture of his neck just above his collar bone and he gasps and bites his lip biting back a moan. I know I've found his sweet spot.

"Don't hold back your moans. I want to hear you, so I know what feels good."

He nods at me and releases his lip. I return to sucking on his sweet spot creating a hickey there as he releases a beautiful moan. I want to hear more of. I move down to his right nipple and suck it into my mouth hearing him whimper slightly as I begin to nibble on it. I move my pelvis, so our members are aligned. We both gasp at the friction and I can feel us both harden more. He thrusts up into me causing us both to moan, as I take the other nipple into my mouth.

"Tae please."

I'm not even sure if he knows what he is asking for. I pull back a bit and trail kisses and lick down his abs. I place an open mouth kiss just above the band of his boxers before I place my hands there and look up at him in question. He understands what I want and nods at me to continue. I remove his boxers baring him to me completely. He is by no means small in any way. His gaze is intense as he looks at me biting his lip waiting for my next move. I wrap my hand around his fully hardened member and stroke it from base to tip. His back arches as he shuts his eyes. He lets out a strangled moan as I massage the tip.

"Oh god, that feels good."

I look up at him and wonder aloud.

"You are very sensitive when was the last time you touched yourself?"

He blushes as he looks at me. It's so cute. I can't help but smile.

"I don't touch myself. I really haven't had a need to."

His eyes widen slightly as his mouth drops open in a silent moan as I stroke him again.

"So, have you never had an orgasm?"

I ask as I continue to stroke him. He shakes his head at me in answer. I smirk at him at that.

"Well, you are in for quite a ride then."

He blushes and covers his face as I stroke him again.

"No, no, no don't cover your face. I want to see you."

He moves his hands from his face. I look him in the eyes as I lick him from base to tip. His back arches again as he lets out a moan.

"Tae please I need ...ngh ahh!"

His words cut off into a moan as I take him into my mouth. His eyes widen as he watches me. I apply gentle suction as I taste him fully watching for his reactions. He fists his hands in the sheets and begins to pant as I pick up my pace applying more suction.

"Ahhh Tae...oh!"

His words cut off as I again increase my pace. I want him to cum. I want to watch him lose control. He continues to moan, and I watch as his abs clench and his grip tightens even more.

"If...ngh...y you do...don't stop I'm...ah...I'm going t to...ah Tae you're going to m make me cum!"

That's exactly what I want so I move even faster taking him in completely, so he hits the back of my throat. He arches again and whimpers. I know he's close and the idea causes me to hum around him. That takes him over the edge as he cries out and cums in my mouth. I swallow it and continue to move slowly letting him ride out his orgasm. I let him slide from my mouth as he pants and tries to recover from his orgasm.

I move up and move his sweaty bangs from his forehead and place a kiss there. Then I look into his eyes.

"You are so beautiful. Do you want to continue?"

He looks at me and nods.

"Do you have any lube by any chance?"

He blushes with a slight pout and shakes his head at me.

"That's ok. I have some in my bag give me a minute to get it. Just relax I'll be right back."

I kiss him then get off of the bed going into the other room and getting the lube from my bag. I walk back into the room to see his breathing has slowed down.

"Since this is your first time it will be a bit weird and uncomfortable at first. It does get better but if you want me to stop at any time let me know and I will."

He nods his head at me and bites his bottom lip. I move back onto the bed and spread his legs gently. His pink puckered hole comes into view. He is so beautiful. I kiss him just above his hole and his breath hitches as he looks at me slightly confused.

"What are you...ah!"

I swipe my tongue against his hole and he lets out a moan. I then continue to lick and suck on his rim. He starts to squirm and by reflex begins to close his legs. I place my hands on his thighs holding him in place as I continue to taste him.

"Ahh...Tae ...fuck!"

He says as I insert my tongue into his tight walls. I move back a bit and place three fingers in front of his mouth.

"Suck for me."

He does as I ask and when my fingers are coated enough, I take them out of his mouth. I move back to his hole and taste him again. I insert one of my fingers slowly with my tongue. He clenches a bit and I pull back.

"Try to relax. It's a reflex to want to clench but I don't want to hurt you."

He nods his head and I feel him relax his walls. I slowly move my finger in and out of him watching his expression as he gets used to the feeling of something inside him. Once I am able to move my finger easily, I take it out receiving a whine from him. I chuckle a bit.

"Don't worry I'm just getting started."

I pick up the bottle of lube and generously coat my three fingers. I watch as I insert my finger back into him. It slides in easily with no resistance this time. I push in and out of him and watch as he begins to harden again. He has started to grab onto the sheets again as well. When I think he is ready I then insert a second finger. They are a little harder to move. I go slowly as I watch his expression. When I see his face begin to relax, I start to scissor him to stretch and loosen him more. My fingers move in deeper now.

"Tae...mmm...ahh .... ngh!"

I push in with my fingers farther and watch as he shudders. I continue the motion as I watch him fully harden. He is panting again and locks eyes with me as his mouth drops open in a silent cry. I then slide in the third finger and begin to stretch him, even more, to prepare him for me. I am able to move all three fingers freely now and slide in as deep as I can. I watch his back arch as I find his prostate and continue to rub my fingertips against it.

"God Tae, please...I need...ngh ...ah please!"

I remove my fingers and he whines at me again. I smile at him as I get up and remove my boxers. I watch as his eyes widen as he takes a look at my naked body. He bites his lip as he takes in my size. I pick up the bottle of lube and generously coat myself.

"Don't worry I will go slow and wait for you."


I climb onto the bed between his legs positioning myself at his entrance. I hover over him and take his lips in a passionate kiss as I slowly push in. I feel him whimper into the kiss and I stop moving. I break the kiss and look down at him. His brows are creased eyes shut in pain.

"It will get better, but I will stop if you want me to."

He shakes his head at me and takes a deep breath. He then looks me in the eyes and our gazes lock.

"Go ahead."

I nod and slowly push in until I am seated fully. I kiss him again and remain still. He grabs the back of my neck and kisses me passionately. We continue to kiss while I wait for him to adjust. He breaks the kiss and looks at me again.

"Move please."

I slowly pull out almost completely and thrust back into him. He gasps and arches his back grasping my shoulders. I move in and out of him slowly watching his face as it relaxes. I move a little faster and he begins to moan. I love his moans. His voice is so beautiful just like the rest of him. I keep a steady pace as I watch him. He tightens around me and my breath hitches. I move into him deeper and he does it again causing me to gasp.

"Please Tae harder..."

I thrust into him deeper and he moans again. I pull back and change my angle a bit before thrusting into him faster and harder. He lets out a little squeak and looks at me as his eyes widen and his mouth drops open. I smile at him knowing I have found his prostate again. I continue to thrust into that spot.


I move even faster knowing he is getting close. I want us to cum together and need to catch up to him. I continue to watch him as his cries get louder. I know I'm not going to last much longer.

"Shit...ahh...Tae...I...I'm g...going...ngh...ahh!

"I know me too...cum for me Kookie!"

I slam into him as fast as I can hitting his prostate. He cums with a loud cry and clenches around me. The pulses of his body pulls my own orgasm from me as I cry out too. I slowly move in and out letting us ride out our orgasms.

I kiss him slowly as I pull out of him. He whimpers and I break the kiss and look down at him.

"Are you ok?"

He looks up at me and smiles.

"Yes, a little sore but I'm wonderful."

I kiss him again before getting up he frowns at me a bit. I lean over and kiss him on his forehead.

"I'll be right back I want to clean us up."

He nods and I walk into the bathroom to get a warm washcloth. I wipe myself off then get another warm washcloth and bring it into the room for him. I clean him off and go into my bag for a different tube. I gently part his legs and apply some ointment to his slightly red hole.

"That should help with the soreness."

I watch him and listen as he sighs in relief. I put the ointment away and bring the rag into the bathroom placing in into the hamper. I then walk into the front room and grab our water bottles. I hand him his as I return. We both take a drink of water. I don't want to assume so I ask.

"Can I sleep in here with you?"

"Of course. I would hope you weren't planning on sleeping on the sofa bed after that."

He chuckles as I smile and shake my head at him. He moves over to the side of the bed making room for me. I lay on my side next to him then kiss him gently. I pull him into my chest and snuggle him.

"Is this ok?"

"It's better than ok."

I smile and watch as he drifts off to sleep. I really don't want to move into my own room tomorrow. With that thought fresh on my mind I drift off to sleep.

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