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Is It Rude To Be Nude?

Do you get nude?

By EnsenadaPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Is It Rude To Be Nude?
Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Do you get nude?

If you don't there is something wrong with you. We all have to be nude sometime.

So why is there a problem with nudity in our society. This question came to me when a streaker displayed his wares at a cricket game here in Australia. Consequently he was dealt with by the full force of our law enforcers.

But, instead of the media turning it into a truly laughable matter it turned into a main news/chat story.

So why the offense with nudity? I mean the guy has the same tackle as every other bloke. Ok, it may be a bit bigger or small than other guys - but who really knows given the air temperature of the day and nobody else game to stand next to him for comparison purposes?

I mean cricket is so incredibly slow to watch, a streaker would have given the audience a little wake up call and giving the spectators something exciting to watch.

More amusing still one of our illustrious cricketers took it upon himself to tackle the streaker. Now consider how would such a situation pan out should he have grabbed "the tackle" of the streaker? Would the cricketer be classified as the hero of the day (as he was) or would the streaker be within his rights to complain?

Yeah I know we live a world of fear and a streaker could be a threat - but how??? Where was he keeping the bomb/gun/weapon? Well I will leave that one to your imagination....

I have often wondered what would happen if I worked nude. Let me get this straight - I am not an exhibitionist or a nudist. Just puzzled at the perceived problem people have with nudity.

I own an Art Gallery so I reckon that I could just legally get away with being nude because I would be doing it in the name of art. Of course there would have to be some precautions.

When framing I would have to ensure I was wearing protective covering. I would have to ensure I did not walk out the door naked. I would have to put a note on the door stating if nudity offended please don't enter.

I think that would all be quite fine if I chose to be naked in my own place of work.

Now considering my previous places of work - having being in offices most of my life being nude would take on a whole new slant.

Of course in this time of equal opportunity I don't see how my employer could deny my working nude - particularly government departments as I could take them to court for discrimination. Their only way around this could be to give me my own office - not so bad.

I would have to ensure high hygiene standards as I would be sitting all day so a fresh towel every day to sit on would be appropriate. If I had to greet clients or attend a meeting a suitable outfit would have to be available to quickly slip on.

So here it is - nudity at work cannot be exempt when employing somebody as long as they are discreet enough not to offend the sensitive people. Should they not allow nudity in the workplace you can take them to court for discrimination as you are not doing anything that could be classified as abnormal. We all have to get nude sometime.

By Mickael Gresset on Unsplash

You are lying if you have ever taken your clothes off and sighed with relief at the freedom you encounter.

It is fantastic to be nude on a hot Summers day. It feels heavenly to dive naked into water nude. It feels divine to curl up to somebody special nude. It is sheer bliss to stand under a shower nude. Come on admit it.

Yeah I know nudity does offend some people but blame the fashion world to some extent for that. The fact is we come in all shapes and sizes and that is the way it is.

Clothes hide your curves and your lumps and bumps. You hide in your clothes and every time you put them on you change your attitude.

Nude is you. Nude is freedom. Nude is Nude.

Ok I know if you are in a cold climate it makes little or no sense not to be wearing clothes. But, if you have central heating it is perfect to be nude.

Be yourself and be free - be nude and be proud of your body. Who cares what others think? If you love your body, your partner loves your body snub your nose at those pathetic comments about the offenses of nudity and tell them all to lighten up.

Lets face it there is no hiding when you are nude - we are all the same underneath our clothes.


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