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Indecent Desires


By Tom BakerPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read
Sharon Kent as "Ann" in the 1968 sleazoid pic INDECEN T DESIRES.

Indecent Desires is a Doris Wishman flick filmed under assumed names (for everybody, one supposes), and that is quite something, consideringWishman made "nudie cutie" films, which at the time, were controversial sub-porno flicks where pulchritudinous beauties stripped down to their mounds of doughy bare flesh, revealing bodies that would be considered Plus-Size in today's mondo meat market.

It's a film that titillated my titties when I saw butchered clips of it on the mid-Nineties era show "Reel Wild Cinema," where hostess with the mostest Sandras Bernhard commented on the fact that it was a REAL FUCKING SICKO that thought this shit up (actually, she didn't go quite to that extreme). The clips were on the episode called "Psycho-a-Go-Go" and they are somewhat disturbing as some shlep that looks like a cross between Seymour Krelboin and Harvey Murray Glatman strips and fondles a baby doll. The only thing missing, I think, was a soundtrack by Whitehouse. (Which, of course, would have rendered the film unwatchable.)

Okay, dig it hep cats: some meshuggah guy that weighs ninety-eight pounds and gets sand kicked in his face at the beach (hey, don't believe me? Just read Blue Bolt Action Comics Issue Three from 1952; it's all there in four-color, pal!) wanders around looking downcast because the kittens don't meow, dig me? In other words, he is what we would call today, an "incel"; i.e., an "involuntary celibate," someone who feels the frustration, way down deep within, of not being able to GET LAID. And that "incel" (invariably it is a male), seems to take it personally. (Okay, I know, how else could such an individual take it? you're asking. Well, I'll get back to you on that.)

Anyway, so he finds this toy baby doll (creepy), and he sees Babs and ...uh, Babs and, uh...her friend (can't remember the name right off) walking down the street, and he envisions the baby doll superimposed on the image of her friend. They are both secretaries and good-looking (by 1967 standards) and they strip down nudie cutie style for the cameras, revealing massive white thighs and huge meter-wide derrieres and pendulous but most assuredly au naturel breasts; and they both have the same boyfriend, Tom. No relation.

Just shlepping around": The menacing "Trom Little", Master of Incel Voodoo.

So what he does to the doll (and I don't recall him having a name either), happens to Babs's friend. So he fondles the doll (creepy, creepy) and he fondles...Mary? Was that her name?

So somehow this gives him psychic powers and he follows the duo around, and Mary or whoever starts freaking out feeling "invisible hands touching her!" The little put-upon shmuck lets his voodoo mojo go and has created a connection via "sympathetic magic" (i.e. using a doll or some other symbolic device to work your will against an unsuspecting victim) to Babs's friend, the blonde. Can't recall her name.


Anyway, so he gets PO'd when he finds out about Tom who is shtupping both Babs and the blonde, and he does some sadistic shit by burning the doll with a cigarette. And so the blonde gets a burn on her face. You get the idea. At one point, the blonde doll molester's victim is walking around a huge outdoor body of water that looks suspiciously like the reservoir or whatever Alex threw his fellow Droogs into at the beginning of A Clockwork Orange, and the haunted magic voodoo dolly is teetering on the edge of the table, and you wonder if the blonde looker is gonna dive in. Close. But no banana.

Cult Films and Midnight Movies

"From High Art to Low Trash" Vol 1


Tom Baker

To reveal any more would be to reveal more, and that would spoil the fun of this sick, raunchy dive into the sewer cinema of yesteryear. Suffice it to say, the image of "Trom Little" fondling a baby doll is one that will leave even hardcore sleaze enthusiasts a little creeped out. Or a lot creeped out.

It's a swinging picture, Dad. And it's got a jazzy, jangling soundtrack. That, most assuredly, ain't Whitehouse.

Note: I was going to run this by Little Buddy Chat, but I'm afraid he'd shit his cyber breeches and say it might "violate their terms of service" due to the subject matter. You get enough of those warnings, I hear Open AI sends Molly Millions over to your crib to give you a foot massage. (Ouch!)

Note: I can't seem to find a trailer for Indecent Desires or even any clips on YouTube (a first), so here's the episode of "Reel Wild Cinema" I first saw it on. The film can be viewed for free at any number of freaky Russian streaming sights. And the bonus is: no Slavic guy is talking over the action. (Don't you hate that?)

Reel Wild Cinema - Episode 14: Gals & Ghouls

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock3 months ago

    Fun, fun, so much sick fun.

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