I cheated on my partner with my ex partner.

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I fucked my ex partner and it felt so good.

I cheated on my partner with my ex partner.
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I had freaky sex with my ex partner in front of my new partner and enjoyed it.

One day I was thinking in my mind. I was wondering how good it would be to fuck an ex partner. I was so horny. My partner wasn't giving me what I wanted in the bedroom. I couldn't handle feeling this way. He was on my mind and it was driving me crazy.

I felt like i was fantasized with him. My eyes were star struck. I couldn't handle how he was making me feel at this point in time. The pressure was getting to much for me. My pussy was trembling in pleasure and all I could think about was him. He was the only one getting all the attention on my mind. The thoughts were all about him. Why did I feel like this about my ex partner? Maybe it was a fantasy I wanted to fulfil. I just wanted his hard cock inbetween my legs and I wasn't giving up until I got want I wanted and deserved from my ex partner.

He had left some clothes at my house when he left me. He phoned me a few days later asking me if he could come and collect his clothes. I agreed with him. He turned up at my door. I answered the door wearing nothing but my dressing gown. My full body was naked. He gazed with satisfaction of my bueatiful body. I could see his cock getting hard fir me in his trousers. I could see that on his mind he fancied me and that he still wanted me.

I welcomed him inside. He complimented me and told me how sexy he thought I was today. I thanked him and I could feel my pussy tingling for him. He was such a tease. He started walking upstairs. I just couldn't help myself. I spanked his naughty arse to my surprise he asked if we would like to go through to the bedroom together. I agreed and he grabbed my hand and walked me through the door.

We started to slowly undress each other as he pushes me against the wall. My partner walks through the bedroom door and sees us getting freaky together. It turned him on so much he started wanking over us both. My ex grabbed my hair and pulled me closer towards him he progressively got faster kissing me as we started using tongues. The warm feelings in his tongue were very delightful. I was very horny at this point.

We started to strip each other naked. I could feel the warmth coming from his body. His heart was beating so fast in real excitement for me. I moved closer to him. I could feel his rock hard cock rubbing against my leg. I could feel his hands behind my back gently squeezing my arse and it felt so good. He grabbed me and lifted me in his arms.

He laid me on the bed and sat on top of me. He started grinding his cock against my pussy while smothering my breasts with his hands. It felt so good I was so wet for him. His tongue went deep on my nipple. It swirled around in circles. I could feel him gently pinch my nipples and I had never felt so horny in my life.

I grabbed his cock and started to wank him off. He grabbed my vibratotor and started to rub my clit. The tingling sensation was really working for me and it felt amazing. We were both on a different planet and it felt so good to finally be able to fulfil my fantasy.

He got on his hands and knees. I was hoping for the unexpected from him. He grabbed his cock and shoved it down my throat. I was gagging on his cock and screaming for him to stop. He was for sure going to teach me a lesson. He made sure he was sucked off enough before I got what I wanted. I sucked his cock like I've never sucked a cock before in my life. He deserved it.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me down. He spread my legs wide open and moved him self on top of me. His big mighty cock inside me. I could feel him moving around inside me and it felt so good. He thrusted nice and slowly, going nice and deep inside me. It was so dreamy. He picked up the pace and I was screaming so loudly. It was making my partner so horny. He wanted to join in with us.

My partner started fucking my arse. I had two cocks inside me at one. I was getting the double fucking and I was very happy. They were both fucking me hard giving me what I deserve while kissing each other. I heard them both shout I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum. They both pulled out from me.

I watched in amazement as they both sucked one another off. I was in shock. I could feel the cum dribbling down there face. They had both had a mouthful of cum and it was all from fucking me. I was happy that they were happy with our sexual experince. We cuddled together and shared many cuddles and kisses with each other.

Since the experince that we had together we have been seeing each other nearly everyday. We have been having many threesomes together and it's been amazing. It's nice to have two lovers at the same time. It is very exciting and I'm one lucky girl!

I hope you enjoyed my story. I really appreciate your kindness of reading it. I look forward to making more content in the future for you.

Best wishes to everybody. Stay safe.

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