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10 sex dolls that your able to have fun with your partner.

by Sex Stories about a year ago in sex toys

these sex dolls will provide you with so much fun.

10 sex dolls that your able to have fun with your partner.
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

I have always wondered if anybody really used sex dolls. It turns out that there used by many people but hidden away out of views. It is such a shame we don't use them often as they really could provide us with so much pleasure. Imagine being pleasured everyday in different ways by a sex doll. It would be such a turn on and I would love to try it myself. I have listed below 10 different sex dolls that you are able to enjoy and try out with your partner. Check my list out below:

1) Nadia realistic blond transsexual blow job doll-

Men absolutely love our realistic blow-up doll. By bringing home an inflatable trans doll, you’ll also satisfy your partner, as this blowjob doll features an erect penis.

Nadia is an incredibly charming doll. Her blue eyes are glamorously made up, with smiling, slightly-parted lips that are always ready to gobble up your penis. You’ll love her incredibly sexy lipstick. This affordable inflatable doll also has golden blond hair. This blow-up doll also has ultra-authentic hands and feet, making this doll impressively realistic. She also has a voluptuous chest that is just waiting for your penis for delicious titty wanking sessions. This extremely flexible and easy to blow up, Nadia can be taken in a number of different positions. You’ll love running through the Kama Sutra during your cheeky sex session.

Nadia loves sex more than any other blond blow-up doll! She loves having sex during long, steamy bedroom sessions. Nadia’s gorgeous mouth and elegantly made-up lips are always open for offering you out-of-the-ordinary fellatio, but may not be able to swallow your sword whole if it is too big. Her 4-inch-deep mouth is authentically textured and will gently massage your penis during your incredible penetration session. Your new favourite inflatable doll also has two other orifices, which makes her perfect for a double penetration session. The two other orifices are a vagina and an anus, both 4 inches deep. But the truly original feature of this luxury blow-up doll is her massive PVC dildo! Nadia has both parts, for your pleasure: a vagina and an erect penis. Both men and women will love this gorgeous doll. Her inflatable penis is 6.75 inches long when it is erect. This doll can be found at and It is priced at £36.99

2) Bryan the inflatable male sex doll with big penis and anal- Feel like being endlessly pounded by a handsome, rock-hard stud? It’s time to meet Bryan, a Male Blow Up Sex Doll with Big Penis & Anus.

At 5’2” tall, this Male Sex Doll has all the right moves and features to do the raunchy job right. Bryan's ultra-realistic detailed face will make your encounter all the more exciting. Downstairs, he’s packing a powerful 6.75"-long penis that can’t wait to get up into your private business. His 1.5"-wide, vibrating manhood is sure to be the right fit for your love canal.

Your new favourite guy also has a lifelike anus and loves taking it in the back. Whether you’re on the bottom or on top, you’ll fall hard for this irredeemable bad boy.

You can control the vibration setting for Bryan’s massive penis by remote control. You’ll have a blast being taken by (or taking) this gorgeous guy. Bryan also has a sexy five-o’clock shadow and studly chest hair, not to mention ultra-realistic feet and hands. This doll can be found at and it is priced at £89.99

3) blow job nurse love doll- You’ll add some excitement to your nights in when you spend time in the company of this lovely Blow Job Nurse Love Doll. She’s treat all of your most urgent needs.

Totally loyal and devoted, she’ll ravenously swallow your massive member whole and deliver the most delightful hummers you can imagine. Her ample breasts are waiting for a proper fondling from your loving hands. This Blow Job Nurse Love Doll is just waiting to swallow your erect rod for a deep-throat session that you’ll never forget. This doll can be found at and it is priced at £45.99

4) Silicone Blow Job Sex Doll Amy- You’ll love spending time in the company of Amy, this magnificent Silicone Blow Job Sex Doll. At 22.5" long and weighing 17.75 pounds, this lovely little lady has a number of incredibly attractive attributes that will make you feel head over heels. Amy's ultra-realistic beautiful face has full eyelashes, crystal-blue eyes, and a pulpy-lipped mouth ready to swallow your knob with relish.

Run your hands over her well-proportioned body and plunge into her for some true-to-life intercourse. Slip your manhood between her swollen, pink vagina lips and you’ll discover a deep welcoming orifice that feels just like a real woman’s. Her taut anus is always ready to take on your member for endless anal sessions. She has an amazingly round and perky rack, complete with blushing pink nipples that love to be nibbled and sucked while you’re pounding into her. She also has a lovely round bubble butt that is just crying out for a good spanking.

Blow jobs, anal sex, doggy-style, and missionary – this gorgeous gal is up for any and every position that you desire. She’ll never refuse to accompany you to the outer realms of sexual ecstasy. This silicone sex doll offers 17.75 pounds of pure tactile pleasure. Amy’s always up for a fantastic sex session in your company. She loves taking on your vigorously thrusting manhood in any of her welcoming holes – mouth, anus, or vagina! She also loves to have her bouncing breasts fondled and caressed. This doll can be found at It is priced at £189.99

5) new silicone bust with a blow-job mouth Angela- Angela, our new silicone bust with a blow-job mouth will be happy to have your erect penis in her half-open mouth. With her realistic anatomy, this silicone bust has all the erotic features required to make your penis sing with joy. Have fun with this life-size bust and enjoy lots of moments of pleasure with Angela! With Angela, you will be so turned on it will be difficult to calm yourself down!

With perfect dimensions, this Angela silicone bust with a blow-job mouth will give you moments of intense pleasure when and where you want. Very docile and with very sexy curves, Angela loves you to thrust deep into her mouth. Her very realistic anatomy will instantly allow you to be immersed in an erotic atmosphere of wild seduction! With this silicone bust, you can alternate positions and enjoy the sensations of her mouth - tremble with pleasure and discover the joy this fabulous blow-job bust can offer.

With her lovely blue eyes, Angela will make you crazy for her! With her large breasts measuring 41" and 33" below the bust, Angela is always ready to please! Her wonderful (46D) breasts love to be touched, licked and nibbled.

The inside of her mouth is also ribbed to reproduce the wonderful sensations felt during a blow-job. Made of very soft TPR, Angela has a mouth with an expandable diameter, meaning she can adapt to different penis sizes. This makes penetration even more realistic thanks to the pressure applied to the penis.

With her lovely finish, every thrust will allow your erect penis to experience every rook and cranny of her mouth and experiment with different positions. The silicone bust measures 22" x 14" x 8" and weighs 2 st 5 lb. With her flat tummy and very sensual curves, Angela will accompany you in your naughty moments for very hot nights. Made exclusively to please you, Angela is sure to make you come every time! This doll can be found at and it is priced at £ 229.99

I hope you enjoyed my selection of sex dolls. I hope your thinking about giving them ago and impressing your partner. I am sure they wont be disappointed with you.

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