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10 of the most unusual sex toys.

by Sex Stories about a year ago in sex toys

These are the most unusual sex toys I have ever seen before in my life.

10 of the most unusual sex toys.
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We all like to try new things with our partners. It can be difficult to find something new to have fun with together. I think it is great to have a healthy sex life and I would like to help you along the way. Listed below is 10 unusual sex toys that you can try with your partner:

1. Emojibator Banana Vibrator- This banana vibrator is fruity and fun—with 10 different settings to excite your partner. This vibrator can be found on and It is priced at £29.00

2. Clone-a-Willy -You can use this Clone-a-Willy to create the perfect treat while your partner’s away. This toy will give your partner the orgasms she needs and deserves in the bedroom. I am sure you will have great fun with this unusual toy while your away with your partner. £38.99 and it can be found on

3. Lovin’ Lamb Inflatable Doll- We’re really hoping this inflatable lamb doll is used primarily as a gag gift. It is the perfect way to keep your partner quite while your fucking her hard and fast giving here the seeing to that she deserves. This toy is priced at £12.99 and can be found on

4. Octopussy Dildo - They say that the octopus is one of nature’s smartest animals, so maybe it’s a smart move to use this octopus dildo on your partner. I am sure it will work wonders for your partners pleasure. I think she will be squirting all over for you after having been pleasured with this great toy. This toy is priced at 78.00 and it can be found at

5. Dueling Dicks Inflatable Sword Fighting Game- You’re sure to have hours of fun playing with this naughty inflatable sword game. Just think about the amazing fun you and your partner could have with this toy. I am sure you would be able to satisfy your partner in many ways and it is for sure to keep you busy. This toy is priced at £19.27 and it can be found at

6. Adjustable Flesh Loop -For all your cowboy-lovers out there, this adjustable flesh lasso is for you. Just imagine the fun you could have with your partner using this toy. It will for sure get you both excited. This toy is priced at £6.90

7. Anal Plug with Long Tail- his furry anal plug is clearly made for a very specific type of play. This is a great toy if your thinking about experimenting with anal play with your partner. It is for sure to make the whole experience more exciting for you both. It is priced at £3.99 and can be found at

8. Sweet Snow Body Powder- This sweet snow body powder is available in five different flavours your partner is sure to love. It is a great way of dusting your partner and playing together. I am sure you will love the amazing smell of each other and it is eatable to which makes the powder more exciting for you both. It is priced at £17.99 and it can be found on

9. Alpha One ‘The Ring’ 24K Gold Masturbator- This luxurious gold masturbator is made from a 24-karat, gold plated metal ring and a stretchy rubber-gel padding. This toy is great for when you are looking for the extra expense when pleasuring your partner. This toy is priced at £392.88 and It can be found at

10. Cock Soap- Scrub-a-dub-dub with this clean (but dirty) cock soap. Help your partner clean his cock while having some cheeky fun together. I am sure he will love it. This is priced at £6.99 and it can be found on

I hope you enjoyed reading through some of my unusual and fun sex toys. I am sure some of these toys will blow your mind in the bedroom. I would love you to give them a try and have your partner moaning in pleasure for you. I hope you enjoyed my content. I would love you to check out my other content the support would be great!

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