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I Can't Get Over My Tinder Hookup

by Ankita Upadhyay 4 years ago in relationships
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We only hooked up once but I've been thinking about him ever since.

It was March 3, 2018, a typical Saturday late night where I was doing homework when I decided to open up Tinder after receiving a notification. "You've got a new match!" it read on the screen. This wasn't new to me—I had gotten many matches, that wasn't even the exciting part. It was when he first messaged me, "Wow, a cs major who enjoys being out in nature!" This was in response to the declaration of love I had for nature written on my profile. I found this particularly funny since it seemed like he was reinforcing the stereotype of computer science majors being indoor loving workaholics who only encounter daylight when walking to class. I was going to type a sassy, witty rebuttal like always until I took a closer look at his profile. It turns out he was a computer science and mathematics double major. Okay. Never mind, I thought to myself. I decided to continue the conversation normally and asked him about his interests and hobbies. Apparently, he loves being in nature too and is a beach bum. So that's why he commented about me liking the nature; he likes it too!

Usually, I'm not this meticulous when it comes to examining conversations I have with random men on Tinder but there was something special about this one. For one, he was HOT. I know this may make me sound superficial... but it's true I was primarily drawn to his looks. Him being an intellectual was just a bonus. To this day, I still can't believe someone as attractive as him can be a computer science major, not to mention a mathematics one too. I know, it's ironic that I'm giving into the very stereotypes I was going to refute earlier, but still. He was a hybrid of Taylor Lautner and Shawn Mendes, two of my biggest celebrity crushes. Not to mention, he was 6'3"... which is a massive turn on for many women—including me.

As I iterated before, getting the match wasn't nearly as exciting as him actually initiating the conversation and making plans. We agreed to meet up at 8 PM the following Sunday. Usually, Sundays are reserved for last minute ditch efforts to complete homework and study but we were both busy the rest of the week, so Sunday night it was. It turns out he actually went to a different college and was just visiting his hometown (my college town) for spring break.

He came over to my place a couple of minutes early, which was slightly embarrassing because I had just gotten out of the shower and my hair was still wet. But that wasn't the only thing that was wet. The minute I saw him I was blown away by his chiseled face, distinct jawline, and of course, by his height. I jokingly reprimanded him for being too early and asked him to wait in the living room while I got my hair situation and, um... the other situation, handled upstairs. Finally, I came downstairs and we decided to go for a ride. He knew all the places to go; after all, it was his hometown.

We decided to get boba since neither of us really wanted a full-blown dinner (foreshadow perhaps)? Afterward, he proceeded to show me one of his favorite beach spots in the city. It turns out he used to be a lifeguard there—not surprising as he did resemble a fit, toned Ken doll. Our conversation was PG for the most part and it was a cute date. It got even cuter when he offered to lend me his jacket after he noticed I was shivering almost the entire time since I was wearing a little black dress and a light cardigan. I declined because I would've much rather he put his arms around me and cuddled... and he did.

He asked what we should do after: spend some time in his car or go back to my house. I then knew what the night entailed. Now, even though I really wanted to make out with him and jump his bones I played it cool and let him initiate the moves. I'm submissive and go wild for guys dominating me... in a sexual but consenting way, of course. We then retreated to my house and began watching Netflix... You can only imagine what happened next...

Look out for my next article to find out in detail what happened that night. Yes, I will disclose in depth the details of the very events that two months later still have me fantasizing about this guy and the way he pleased me in bed. It will be called Taurus + Libra Sexual Smut...


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